Raw Probiotics 100 Billion CFU Organic With Prebiotics & Digestive Enzymes

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  • 100 BILLION CFU, SHELF STABLE, 34 STRAINS: Our probiotic contains a shelf stable 100 BILLION CFU & 34 STRAINS per serving. We saw a need for high-quality supplements that actually work and stand by their claims, our probiotics comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Professional grade NON-GMO vegan probiotics with NO: Binders, Soy, Gluten, Milk, Egg, Wheat, Peanuts, Shellfish, Additives, or Preservatives.
  • 100% RAW LIVE ORGANIC PROBIOTICS, ORGANIC PREBIOTICS AND DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: Our probiotic is made with genuine prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. A complete once daily probiotic supplement for ultimate digestive health naturally helps to support the free stomach digestive environment biotics condition, and supports the natural stomach balance.
  • SPECIALLY FORMULATED PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT: Our one-a-day whole food probiotic with digestive enzyme & prebiotic fiber is specially formulated for gut health.
  • ONE OF THE BEST PROBIOTICS FOR ADULTS WITH 34 STRAINS: Our prebiotics and probiotics are HIGH POTENCY and intended now for use by you a female and male adult. Acidophilus probio with pre-biotic pills including 34 symbiotic good strains, fungus, & absorb cultures. Lactobacillus acidophilus, casei, paracasei, salivarius, plantarum,  bacillus, bifidobacterium lactis, bifidum, longum, saccharomyces, fermentum, boulardii, and more see full ingredients below. Easier to take than powder, gummies, liquid, & pearls
  • ASSURED STANDARD OF QUALITY & SAFETY: Made in the USA in a FDA, UL, GMP certified registered facility labs. Probiotic for women, probiotic for men, probiotic for adults – Gives 100 Billion CFU – More than products of 3, 5, 10, 13, 15, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 80 Billion CFU! Shelf stable non refrigerated platinum pro-bio-tic, pure no refrigeration pro-biotics, Lactobacillus acidophilus, ultra vegetarian probotics activated hyperbiotics supplement assist advantage.




Our raw probiotics are shelf-stable and require no refrigeration. Certain strains of probiotics are used as stabilizing ingredients, making the product shelf-stable and removes the need for refrigeration.


Our raw live probiotics contains strains that enable it to have a more stable shelf life, and makes it better suited to withstand environmental factors, while also enabling it to have greater potency when consumed.


Probiotics are meant to be taken orally on a daily recurring basis. This formula works best on a cumulative basis over time to support overall digestive health and immune function.


With only the highest standards of practice in mind, our product is manufactured right here in the USA.


We believe that natural is safe and that natural is better. As such, our process includes using ingredients that are not in any way genetically modified. All components of our product is made from natural and organic substances that are safe and effective. It is also vegan safe and makes use of no animal by-products.


When it comes to “living healthy,” don’t let nervous butterflies in your stomach stop you from trying endless possibilities. That’s because the quest for “a happy and healthy life” comes in various shapes and sizes. It is said that our understanding of what a healthy body and mind feels like stem from our very own experiences. So, give yourself a chance to forge your own narrative and anchor this belief in evaluating what healthy living feels like for you!

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121 reviews for Raw Probiotics 100 Billion CFU Organic With Prebiotics & Digestive Enzymes

  1. Hazel

    This product is great! It helps me with my constipation issue.

  2. Frank Cohen

    I’ve used a few of the newer probiotic products in the market, but this one is truly the best. I never thought I’d need such a high potency, but this is the only one that consistently helps me control appetite and lose weight. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. A truly exceptional and remarkable product.

  3. Stephanie

    This probiotic works. My stomach has not been upset while taking it. I like that it has streptococcus thermophilus in it. It’s harder than you think to find one with that strain. I would like to try the women’s probiotic next.

  4. SALA F

    I bought this for my husband who has been having digestive issues for the past months.
    I read the reviews and thought to give a try. I have to say…works wonders. My husband hasn’t had any complains about his digestive system since.

    Thanks great product.

  5. Chad

    Received this about two weeks ago. Had problems with constipation for years. I tried everything. Started taking this and after two weeks the constipation is gone. Will definitely be getting this from now on. Thanks

  6. Dana

    This is by far the best probiotic I’ve taken. I think the digestive enzymes were key to helping my digestive issues. I’ve tried so many and finally found one that works for me and works well. I didn’t realize they were organic as well! Wow!

  7. Sterling R.

    Recovering from COVID19 and severe GI symptoms. This product was THE ONLY probiotic to make a difference (along with Previlli – which I recommend highly as well)
    Taking one in the AM and one in the PM. THE BEST.

  8. Linda

    One of the BEST. I use these everyday and so does my husband. I noticed a difference in my abdominal discomfort after 2 days! I have lots of GI problems and this has helped me enjoy my day.

  9. Angela

    Seems to help with digestive issues. My problems have been greatly relieved. Will be ordering another bottle.
    Thank you!

  10. Jessica L.

    Love the quality! I started taking these and already feel an improvement in my gut. It has helped reduce ‘bloating’ that I get once a month too. Im 30 and this has helped boost my mood and help with sleep. I also really wanted to start taking a probiotic but what is amazing is this has the probiotic AND prebiotic with digestive enzymes all in one. This makes for a strong immune system which I strive for-especially these days! The capsules are tasteless with no aftertaste. I have had no side effects-just great results! Easier to take than powder or gummies. Also shelf stable so I don’t need to refrigerate like I did before. Highly recommend Wholesome Wellness Probiotics!

  11. Coartney Schneider

    Absolutely love this best one I’ve been on. Completely cleared up my biggest symptoms with my gut issues. I’ve also lost 11lvs in a month of taking it. No bloating. No horrible cramping. No rrhea lol my stomach is comfortable again. Just ordered three more bottles and recommended it to my sister who also has stomach issues

  12. Shawn Vitu

    This organic probiotic has been helpful to rebuild my gut and keep me regular as I have been healing from a health crisis. I would recommend anyone to take it whether ill or wanting to prevent illness.

  13. Amazon Customer

    The Wholesome Wellness Raw Probiotic was has been great to use. I love that the capsules are shelf stable which means that I don’t have to put them in the fridge. I always found it hard to travel with probiotics because they had to be kept cold. The Wholesome Wellness probiotics are so easy to take on all my travels. I have been using the probiotics for 2 months now and I found that they have helped my digestion immensely. All I need is one capsules a day and my stomach doesn’t get upset. They have been a life saver for me. I have tried numerous different probiotics and this is by far the easiest to travel with and one that my my body loves. This first bottle I purchased came in a glass amber jar and the second bottle I purchased was a plastic amber jar. I was disappointed to see the plastic jar. I appreciate the glass jars and I hope that you make a switch back over.

  14. gypsycmtg

    Calmed stomach issues (diarrhea, constipation) and gave me my life back. Before I could not plan anything because of constant issues. Bloating is gone and I have lost inches and a few pounds. I was gifted a bottle and started having results in about two weeks so I had to place my own order to keep a supply of my own. Thanks!!

  15. Hillary

    I have traveller’s diarrhea. I have proven this time and again as in the 5 times that I have travelled so far, I have suffered from TD and therefore I have not enjoyed the food wherever I went. I have started asking around for possible remedies and the unanimous recommendation I have gotten has always been Probiotics. As I know that I will be travelling to the Philippines soon to visit our plant in Batangas, I have time to prepare and fix my TD because I hear that the coffee in that place is to die-for for coffee fanatics like me. I ordered the Probiotics and as soon as I received it from the delivery guy, I started taking it.In two weeks’ time, the probiotic has managed to get my gut cleaned and my bowel movement regular. My bloating has been fixed and even my abdominal cramps were gone. I was finally ready for my trip. As I arrived in Manila and boarded the SUV to go to the plant in Batangas, my excitement grew as I was too excited about the coffee. After my plant visitation, I asked my Philippine teammates to let me taste their famous “Kapeng barako and kakanin” (coffee and Filipino pastry). Feeling confident with my probiotics, I survived the ordeal with flying colors for at last, I am cured!!

  16. Tonya

    I am a firm believer that any sickness that involves the gut would always mean an inbalance between the good and bad microflora. This often happens to me hence my supposed “expertise” on the matter. On of my most common symptoms is indigestion. As soon as I start feeling that pain in the abdomen or that uncomfortable fullness, I already know what the problem was. My usual first aid to this was an antacid. However, it does not cure but merely pacifies the problem. I’ve tried lifestyle changes but still not the solution.It was when I read about probiotics that mind started telling me that I should give it a try. As the package was delivered, I quickly checked the label where it showed the ingredients that made me more excited to give it a try. It had not been long since I started using the product when I felt it actually taking effect. My indigestion had stopped and I no longer feel the pain in my upper abdomen. I also no longer feel the discomfort and my upper abdomen. I also no longer feel the discomfort and my bowel movement had started to become regular. I was so amazed of its fast action and numerous benefits that since then I have taken the supplement regularly. I for one would not want to pass-up any of its helpful benefits. This product has brought a solution to my long time problem and is now starting to fix and improvements immune system, brain and heart. At this stage of my life, I must grab any opportunity that may in one way or another improve my health.

  17. Mama’s Family

    This product has been great for the short time I’ve been taking it. I am currently on a Black Mold detox regimen and taking probiotics is a part of that. I have been instructed to alternate brands on a regular basis to increase the possible diversity of the bacterias. I am currently taking this product and I find that it seems to be working better than some of the other products i have used. I also believe that the added digestive enzymes are contributing to improvements in my health. I am very pleased with my experience so far.

  18. Anonymous

    I’ve been struggling with psoriasis on my eyelids and around my eyes — it’s been there every morning when I wake up for several months. I began taking Raw Probiotic about 3 weeks ago in the morning on an empty stomach, with some other products to help boost my immune system and heal my gut: L-glutamine, vitamin C, nascent iodine drops, selenium. I know it’s not very scientific to try several new products at once, because technically, there should only be one variable; however, that’s what I did. (I also take 10,000 IU of Vitamin D on a regular basis w/ my meals, but I’ve been doing that for awhile.) This product only says to take it once a day, but the other supplements I take at the same time say twice or 3 times, so about a week ago, I began taking them more frequently, and slipping in an extra Raw Probiotic here and there. The morning after I doubled up, I awoke with no flakes around my eyes. It was a very dramatic difference, so definitely something was working and causing the skin to heal. For 3 more days I kept taking everything, and my skin stayed 95% clear. Then to test it, I stopped use of this and the other supplements, and within 2 days the psoriasis was bad as it was before, causing the skin on my eyelids to crack. I resumed taking them, and it has cleared up completely again within 2 days. Wow!

  19. woodruffjen

    I have been very careful with what I eat. Not getting any younger I have shied away from the usual foods that I absolutely love eating, pork belly, deep fried food, cold cuts, processed food, etc. Instead, I have started to introduce myself to fruits, vegetable and white meat and fish. What bothers me is that even if I have turned away from those “toxic” foods that can get me in trouble; I am still somewhat in trouble as I still suffer from gas and bloating. The bloating itself is bad enough already as it not only doesn’t look good but it’s also uncomfortable, but the gas? My God, it’s embarrassing. I’ve asked my friend who’s a medical practitioner and said that maybe I should try to have my gut cleaned. She then suggested me to take probiotics. Looking up the product as I got home, I was intrigued and placed an order.Wasting no time once it was delivered, I started taking the product. Not long has passed and I already started to feel the probiotics at work. I have started clearing my gut from toxins as it has gone on to replenish the missing good bacteria in my body. It was probably during my carefree days of eating that has actually disturbed the balance of microflora in my stomach. Days passed as I started to notice that I am no longer bloated and that my gas has started to diminish (forever hopefully). That itself was a welcome change for me. I have started to feel lighter and even my bowel movement has started to regularize. Now that my gut is healthy, I feel better than ever as I continued with my diet and my probiotics of course. There is nothing that would separate me from my probiotic supplement. It has earned a spot on my daily diet.

  20. cusegurrrrl

    My body digests food so very slowly that my stomach takes a long time to empty making me bloated and full of gas. Even when I eat just a little snack or small meal, it still takes my digestive system some time to fully digest the food. Because of this, I look sicklier than I really am. You can easily spot me in a crowd as I have this big stomach with long, thin arms and legs. I have been the topic of many gossip mongers and how I wish to put a stop to it soon. First, I have to fix my digestion problem.I was recommended to try probiotics and out of my willingness to put a stop to this dilemma I agreed and ordered a bottle. By the end of the first week, I have already excreted what was in my stomach thereby reducing my bloated stomach. The gas has been likewise released. The second week showed that my bloating is completely gone as my stomach has gone back to its usual form. By the end of the first month, I started to feel that my body metabolism has started to go faster as now; my bowel movements have become regular. My gut has been cleaned and my immune system has been fortified. I can now start to eat regularly as I am assured that my food intake will be digested now. I have a feeling that with continuous use, someday, I’ll be healthy looking soon enough. I’m confident as I have probiotics with me.

  21. Melissa L McFadden

    I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS, its side effects are thick hair, facial hair on my upper lip area, acne, weight gain and slow metabolism. Fortunately, I didn’t experience any acne breakouts.It was really hard for me to lose weight though because of that condition and my diet. I used to exercise once a week but I wasn’t consistent when I got busy with school. Because of that, after a week of school, work and everything, it became really tiring. I just want to rest and do more school related activities. So, I stopped working out.But once the holiday season arrived. I noticed that I had been gaining weight. Even the people around me noticed and tells me the same thing. That’s when I started to think that I wanted to lose weight and be confident about myself.Luckily during my vacation, I came across a blog on the internet by someone who fixed their slow metabolism and achieved weight loss with the aid of a supplement, Probiotics, to be specific. I got curious and decided to order the product online. I have done the same thing as I had read online, doing the same special diet.In a few weeks, I had lost 8 kilograms and that’s a lot. I kept continuing taking these Organic Probiotics with the special diet and have reached my desired weight. I really feel that I have fixed my metabolism with these probiotics which enabled me to lose weight. I also became more energetic with the probiotics and alleviated my tiredness, which had led me to go back on working out.Since taking these probiotics, I had lost weight, lost my belly fat, my arms, waist and legs got slimmer. I can now wear my old clothes, especially my old pants and shorts. I have some pants and shorts that was so tight, but now I can remove them without unbuttoning them.I wouldn’t be able to lose my excess weight with the special diet alone. I had to fix my metabolism first with these Raw Organic Probiotics first. And the weight loss wouldn’t happen if one doesn’t have the other, so I followed them all strictly. But I also have some days where I can eat whatever I want, but I tend to limit it for once every week or so. I recommend these Organic Probiotics if you have metabolism issues, especially ones you can’t avoid having and I am sure that it will fix it as it did to myself.

  22. Danny

    I was hesitant to buy these because of some reviews, but I’m so glad I did. I noticed a difference after about 12 hours. I’m on a vegan and gluten free diet, so it’s very high fiber. I took this probiotic in the morning, and that night I didn’t have bloating and gas like I normally have every night. I will definitely be buying these again.

  23. R.M.K.

    Update: I reached out to customer service recently and learned this is a family-owned business. The company is extremely customer-centered This is rare in these days. I will be supporting this business, not only because the product is great, but because the heart behind it is evident.I’ve been taking probiotics for many years and recently tried this brand. Love the 100 billion CFU and really like that I only need to take one a day.

  24. William

    Have only been using a few weeks but has helped me with my IBS that I developed after a colonoscopy cleaning, I was never right after that. I will continue to buy. I use to buy VSL #3 which I can no longer get, but these work good at half the price and they always need to be made in USA as you never know what you get elsewhere.

  25. Shannon Emery

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     This probiotic has not only helped my cholesterol but also my GI tract! Thank you so much for my best friend For recommending this! It has changed my life for the better by making me feel light and happy! I’ve added this to my exercise and diet.

  26. haley

    We came from a family with diabetes. Our family loves to eat sweets, and we love to eat with soda as our drink. Recently, my blood sugar has been consistently rising and I’m really scared and sad at the same time hearing about this. Somehow I did anticipate it because of my eating habit. Thanks to insulin that helps regulate my blood sugar, so I can eat whatever I want. I still have to control my sweets intake. Ever since I have been diagnosed with diabetes, I started to monitor everything that I eat because insulin is not cheap. Previously, I eat food with probiotics in it like yogurt and yakult. They said that probiotics can lower glucose and insulin levels for people with diabetes. This is a great deal for me as I also like food with probiotics. The problem is I cannot monitor or count the probiotics intake that I had. I was online shopping and came across the probiotic capsules because I was then searching for food with probiotics. I was amazed because you can have this capsule even if you’re taking maintenance medications. I bought one only so I can test if it will be good for me, according to the reviews this is great as well, and yeah it doesn’t hurt to try. I was happy because now I can monitor my health really well and I don’t have to look for some other food with probiotics cuz this is already good for me. I have also noticed that it causes weight loss, which is good for me since I’m on a diet too. See, it has a lot of benefits, and will surely buy again once I’m done with this bottle.

  27. Larlazenby

    Even though I tend to eat lots of fiber, I still had issues with constipation and general gut malaise. A friend recommended this product to me. I’ve taken it 13 days now. I am happy to report that I can already tell a difference. I do have some gas but I don’t know if it’s the product or the broccoli slaw I add to my lunch salads.

  28. Devon A. Hairston

    I was searching for a prebiotic after understanding it’s importance in the body and was happy to find this Raw Probiotic with an organic prebiotic fiber blend and digestive enzymes. It’s easy to swallow and lasts for a month! The price is in line with similar products.I would be even more excited if I could receive more at a discounted rate like ,30 capsules at full price and 60/90 at a discounted rate; something along those lines.

  29. Michael DeLucia

    I like the product alot. After stepping on a rusty nail and taking horse-pill sized antibiotics for a week, I decided to get some probiotics and prebiotics in my gut. I did extensive research on Amazon and decided on Wholesome Wellness brand because it met my needs and had such a high Amazon ranking. I have been thinking of taking a probiotic and prebiotic for quite some time and the nail in my foot pushed me into it. I’ve been taking these for over a week now and love that just one supplement is all I need to flood my system with the probiotics and prebiotics I need to be healthy

  30. Alyssa

    These probiotics capsules are nice! Ever since I started taking them, I noticed that my digestive system has drastically improved. I used to suffer a lot from constipation and things like that, you know, but now, I’m just so much freer — digestively speaking, if there is such a word. Anyway, my tummy is just so much happier and I can go everyday now. I mean, go, like in the toilet. So yeah, my bowel movement is pretty regular now and i don’t feel heavy at all. My stool has been on the healthy side..long and no long dark colored. I feel light and I also stopped feeling bloated since i started taking this. I’m no longer gassy and bloated and it has changed my life. Also, did I mention that they delivered this to me so quickly? LIke, it arrived the next day. I was so surprised! On top of all that, this capsules are vegan and cruelty free!!!

  31. Ndoye

    I have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome which basically means that my bowels are very irregular. Sometimes it’s constipation, most of the time, it’s diarrhea, other times I have gas and bloating, and food intolerance on top of all those things. I just can’t catch a break. My life is really just damned at this point. I’ve already been suffering this awful nightmare for 2 years when my friend told me about the benefits of probiotics and how it can probably help me with my various bowel problems. I started taking these ones about a month ago and it has been the smoothest month of my life. No bloating, no constipation, no diarrhea! Basically bowel-problem-free for a month. I’m not complaining. I absolutely love it! These probiotics have changed my life for the better and I cannot be happier.

  32. Amazon Customer

    I feel better than I have in MANY years!!!

  33. Lexy

    I love this brand of probiotics because, after reading the different reviews online, everyone was right. I am regular every day like clock work. I feel lighter, not tired , and weigh down without that bolatness feeling. I take them the same time every morning with my multivitamins. I have not experienced any problems. I don’t experience the gas like I used to. Your body will let you know when “nature is calling”. I highly recommend this product if you feel that you’re backed up and need help. Thank you !

  34. YNAM

    I have some issues with my gut regular basis. I have been taking probiotic products foe a few month and tried several different ones. This one is far superior! I think it really works with me and my wife. I hope there is a bigger container that has at least 60 capsules in it.Anyway, it is my new favorite probiotic! They are very easy to swallow and they have pre-biotics as well as probiotics, 100, billion CFU! I highly recommend these and you will be happy to know that you only need to take one per day.

  35. marcella

    It’s my first time to try this specific probiotic brand but i’m no stranger to probiotics in general. Anyway, I just wanna commend the brand coz the item came in just a day after ordering. It was well packaged and had no signs of tampering whatsoever. Within the first 5 days of use, I felt like my bowel movement immediately became more and more regular. I used to always be constipated week after week, which is probably due to my diet which is high in protein but low in fiber. Because I have always had this problem, I have tried probiotics to solve it before but none of them really work as well as I hoped. Only this brand totally helped my bowel become more regular, smooth, and healthy. I am no longer constipated and I feel absolutely free now when I poop. It’s such a great product.

  36. Helen

    Its hard to know when a supplement works but the main thing is to be proactive and take a probiotic and this one appears to have all the necessary requirements. I have yet to receive a free promotional bottle after having paid in full twice, but regardless of promotions I must have felt confident that my body needed this for me to purchase another bottle.

  37. Ant Cweed

    I did a lot of research onProbiotics and what they all do. This one is excellent. In just a few days of taking one pill daily— my stomach feels better, I don’t feel hungry as much— and I do not get a bloated feeling. Love this product. Yes, I am a real person writing this review and haven’t been paid to do this or any other incentive.

  38. asader83

    I suffer from both digestive issues and a probiotic imbalance. After a repeat diagnosis of lacking a healthy amount of lactobacillus, I decided to add a high number probiotic to my regimen. I’ve suffered from digestive issues for years also, so I was hopeful this would also aid in that area. I’ve been using for approximately 10 days, each morning, and while I can’t speak to the improvement in my lactobacillus levels (that would need to be a test redone at my doctor’s office), I can say that I have seen an improvement in my digestion. Having a room temp/shelf stable probiotic is important to me as well, as I live in the desert and I can’t risk losing potency in delivery. Once home, the entire bottle went into the fridge. As long as I continue to see improvements, I would continue to use this.

  39. chris oneil

    I’ve been taking probiotics for a long time. What I like about this particular one is that as opposed to some lesser quality brands, I could feel my stomach being more settled. I can usually tell if one of these is working or not right away. Further, I like that there are 34 different strains; I like to mix up what I’m taking to keep my health optimal. It also has a pre-biotic blend that includes chicory root to help the bacterium thrive.I need to take these even more so in winter due to my eczema acting up in the colder weather and this formulation has worked very well.Overall, I am very happy with this product

  40. Amazon Customer

    I have had arthritis for two years now. It began with quite tolerable pain. I didn’t think it was arthritis at first, i thought it was just normal pain from using my body you know. But it has been diagnosed now and i have experienced it being inflamed, especially on my knees. When it is inflamed and swollen, that is when i experience the worst pain. I cannot even begin to explain how painful it is. Anyway, I have read somewhere that probiotics can help with managing the inflammation and effects of arthritis. And while I already am taking other medications to help me with just that, I still decided to get this probiotic pills to help me with managing the pains and the inflammation of my arthritis. So far, it has been pretty amazing because ever since I started taking these probiotics, i have observed that my arthritis inflammation has gotten less and less common. Also, when it does flare up, the actual flare up have gotten less severe snd much more tolerable in terms of pain. I have not experienced this much comfort ever since i have been diagnosed for arthritis and i am absolutely happy to have found a solution. I have noticed that it works really great with my other medications. Also, on top of helping me with my arthritis, these probiotics have also improved my overall gut health. I also had a really great experience ordering from them — delivery was fast, the item was packed great, and the service was top notch. Overall, I am very very happy with this purchase and i can easily see myself buying it again in the future. Actually, i’m pretty certain that i will buy it again. So yeah, two thumbs up.

  41. Sandra O’C.

    Update:After a week taking them I give them a 5 (stars) they did help me a lot with my gerd, it helps me to digest and to avoid the bloating effect and all the awful things that comes with fermentation in the guts because your flora isnt balanced or isnt there somehow.Wish they have a bigger presentation, there is plenty of space in the bottle to put more pills.Gonna keep taking them, totally recommend for GERD patients.Cant say too much, first time taking them.. started to burp (I have GERD so thats not a good sign), secondly it came with a sticker of 1 free bottle with a web link that takes you nowhere… doesnt make it look like a serious conpany.

  42. Josie from USA

    I bought GNC products at a much higher cost. I bought them for a skin infection that I was prescribed an antibiotic from my DR. I didn’t want to kill off the good bacteria with the bad, so I went to Probiotics! COVID had just begun when I needed these. I took them and built up my Immune System!Taking these, I lost belly fat! I don’t know the Science behind it, but I dropped belly fat and weight as well!These work! I didn’t need to take the antibiotic my DR prescribed and my skin problem has healed on it’s own.When you take an antibiotic, your system flushes out ALL the good and bad bacteria. You have to start over, building the good bacteria. By taking Probiotics, your good Bacteria has a platform to support it.I would suggest this over wearing those silly masks any day, everyday!Support your Immune System!

  43. Depp

    I was looking for probiotics which does not contain glycerin and blah blah stuff.I have been ordering ton of stuff from amazon during quarantine. This “wholesome Probiotics” came in just about one day. These are easy to swallow. I take one with smoothie or green powder drink every day. I am not sure what time you take probiotics. I will keep buying this.All my sugar cravings have started to decrease once I started taking these. I love bread so much but it makes me bloated and sluggish. But taking these every day religiously, my stomach issues are gone. These are good if you are mildly allergic to gluten. All digestive issues will improve.On the weight loss I will come back and update. As in about a month I can’t really say much.Overall I will definitely buy this.

  44. Lorn

    This product really helped with my stomach since I had a very unhealthy food diet. After a week of taking it I started to notice some really awesome changes in myself. My way of thinking became more positive and less negative. My stomach aches stopped, and so did the bad breath I’ve been struggling for a long time. I think that at this point in my life, I had more bad bacteria than good in my stomach from all of the junk food I would consume on the daily. And I was starting to feel all of these negative effects on the inside and outside. I also developed eczema which actually got less severe and better while using this product. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.

  45. Cerina F.

    Usually, lactose intolerance manifests as early as 2-years-old, but on my end, it started in my early adulthood. I love dairy in almost anything—coffee, pastries, drinks, and even in meals. Probably it’s heaven’s curse because of my dairy addiction. The symptoms were actually pretty common, like diarrhea, farting, and bloating. But, things went into a downward spiral when I noticed that every time I consume something with dairy, the symptoms surface. So, I had it checked to my physician, and right there, confirmed that my pleasure for dairy is ending. Though, he mentioned not to worry since there are ways to get my dairy-fixation back on track, and that’s through taking probiotics. Right away, I scoured the world wide web for the best probiotic supplement, and I found my way to this product from Wholesome Wellness.Here’s why I choose this product:#1. It’s cheaper than those high-rated probiotics recommended to me.#2. This probiotic contains the most number of strains, which imply better results.#3. People in the reviews section vouched in its effectiveness. So, all in all, I’m sold.Now, let’s talk about my experiences with this product. Of course, it did amazingly in keeping my gut healthy and bowels in place, especially if it’s dairy time. Honestly, in just two weeks, I’m starting to consume dairy products in small quantities without signs of lactose intolerance symptoms. There’s no more stomach-churning; it’s as if my gut is back at its prime. To conclude, this

  46. Neener

    I knew I shouldn’t have taken the vacation leave that was offered to me. At first it sounded very tempting as I am really overdue for a vacation. I clearly remember that my last vacation was 2 years ago. That is why I quickly agreed when it was offered to me. When I came back, that was the time that I regretted my decision. I was so swamped when I got back that I had to stay for long hours with a lot of overtime and stayed in the office for two weekends before I was able to finish all the backlog. After that, something must have happened as my energy levels have dropped dramatically. I have lost my enthusiasm and my liveliness, I was getting tired easily and I stopped going out with the team to unwind during weekends. Even my boss noticed that there was something wrong with me. Some sort of a negative vibe he says.As I was determined to fix this situation, I looked for a possible remedy and saw this probiotics from WW. As I waited for my order to arrive, I was praying for it to work as I really did not like the new me with the very little energy. As the bottle was delivered, I quickly took a capsule and swallowed it. It has actually taken me 3 days to really show some positive signs. For one thing, I have been a little more agile now than before. As the days passed, my energy levels have reverted back to normal and of course, everything else followed. I’m back to being lively and dull of enthusiasm, I started to be sociable once again to the delight of my boss and my office mates. One thing I’ve learned is that if I ever take a long vacation again, I must at least have WW Probiotics with me.

  47. Scott

    In my circle of friends, I’m known as the poop king. I earned this title because back during my uni days, I have a record of having pooped at all the buildings in the university. And it’s not because I really just planned on doing it or something, but because I often suffered from diarrhea and it’s something that i cannot control at all. I’ve tried taking loperamide or those kinds of meds and you know, eating bananas, not eating fiber ,you know, just trying to give myself constipation to get some solid stool for once but it never works. Anyway, these days, I’m still pretty much like that, but at least I have the cubicle in my floor always available whenever I need it to. However, it can still get a wee bit tiring so I kept wishing for something to come along that would solve my problems. Then one day my girlfriend of 4 years suggested that we start taking these probiotic capsules in an attempt to get healthier.And so take it we did. Now I’ve been having almost no episodes of diarrhea anymore. We’ve already been ttaking it for probably close to 6 weeks and it’s the most regular or normal my bowel has ever been in this lifetime. I’m also not gassy or bloated and my immunity is off the charts! No more common viruses for me! I’m one satisfied user!

  48. Bradley E

    It’s been quite a while since I started taking probiotics. Three years, to be exact. But during that time, I cycled through a lot of brands, trying to find the perfect fit — the one that would really make me want to have it every single day, for the rest of my life. And not too long ago, I switched to this particular one. A week into using it and I just thought to myself, “Wow, this must be the one.” Ok, so actually, I started taking this as well as probiotics in general to achieve a healthy gut. I have always had problems with my bowel and digestion, going from constipated to watery stools, to gassiness and then back again to constipation. It’s like a never ending cycle that I just couldn’t seem to get out of until I finally tried probiotics. To be honest, all the other probiotics brands already helped me so much and improved my digestive health, but nothing can really continuously give me that healthy bowel feeling so I kept looking for something that can do that for me. I eventually came across this brand and it was the only brand that continuously provided me with the effects that I needed. In fact, all the others I tried didn’t have as much colony forming units as I needed.These colony forming units, from what I gather, are the ones that will take over your entire gut bacteria so it’s important that you take as much of them as you can, especially if you have problematic digestion like mine. Anyway, so this particular brand contains around 100 billion CFUs and it really is amazing. I could immediately tell the difference it had compared to the other brands even during the first week of use. The first thing I noticed was how much less smelly my farts were that whole week. Don’t get me wrong — the other probiotics also helped me with a lot of things, but not to this extent. This greatly lessened the smelliness of my farts. Also, the bloating that I was experiencing before was amazingly reduced. I also don’t get constipated anymore and neither do I experience any diarrhea. My stools have been as healthy looking as I ever wanted them to be. It’s pretty amazing.That being said, This probiotics brand is definitely my favorite thus far.

  49. susanajl

    Easy to use and reduces the number of pills that I take. I normally take a separate prebiotic & digestive enzyme on a daily basis. Now, I can swallow just one capsule! This product is a great value as the cost of three separate supplements is over twice as much. The mix & concentration of probiotics are right in line with what my gastrointestinal tests recommend. I will be reordering soon. Please keep up the great work!

  50. cb

    I have ordered different vitamins, including pro and pre biotics. With each order, I get an email requesting a review. Personally, I feel it is close to impossible to rate vitamins most of the time, so I don’t. I was buying both a pre- and a pro- biotic separately – each over $20 a pop. Some MAY have worked better than others. I decided it may make sense to order a pill that had the two combined using this logic: 1/ 1 bottle for over $20 bottle is better than buying 2 and 2/ MAYBE if it is combined in one pill, the combo of strains work better.Having taken this for over a month, only taking 1 pill v. 2-3 pills, it seems to be very effective in the sense that I am now regular- which is not business as usual for me.So, I am writing a review of a vitamin and feeling pretty good about it. Stay well, ALL!

  51. Amanda Pontius

    I’m a foremost advocate of healthy eating. Whenever I’m with friends, they’ll know what to get for me and they are also used to me when I encourage them to eat healthy foods. I think I’m doing a good job in persuading them because out of the 7 of us, only 2 more have yet to start eating right. I’m not as boring as you think; I still have my cheat day. What bothers me most is the fact that despite the fact that I eat healthy foods, I somehow feel that my body is not able to absorb the nutrients that I intake. I still feel a little weak, I still get the colds and somehow, I know there’s something in my gut that has been causing me problems. I tried various supplements to develop my nutrient absorption but nothing has worked. One day, my best friend came and handed me a bottle of WW Probiotics. She claims that it has been super effective to her and recommended I try it. I just hope it’d be “super effective” to me too.I started using the product and so far the only thing I have observed was its ability to give me the energy to last the day. That was a quick and welcome surprise for me. By my first week, my morning routine of sneezing has completely stopped and my bowel movements have become regular. Soon enough, I started to feel healthier and stronger. My gut has started to feel so much better and my overall well-being was so great and in tiptop shape. I now feel that my body is able to absorb the nutrients that I intake from eating healthy foods! What more can I ask for? My body is well protected from harmful elements and now it has started to absorb all the nutrients that I intake. All thanks to my friend’s recommendation and WW Probiotics!

  52. Amazon Customer

    I have been using this product for 19 days now. My first week was very productive. The first two days, I had very loose stools and some cramping. Over the next several days and into week two, my body expelled lots of mucous and what appeared to be parasites. Then, during that second week, my stools became very regular and more solid. I don’t seem to have any of my previous symptoms of constipation, cramping, bloating, gas. I feel like I’m digesting my meals better. I haven’t had any change with heartburn and reflux. That definitely just has to do with eating foods I shouldn’t. I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend this to any adult experiencing any gut issues or taking antibiotics.

  53. Raelynn strozier

    I’m a pretty large man with an equally large appetite. I am so easy to please that my friends will tell you that a nicely cooked meat will surely brighten up my day. Our annual physical examination in our company though has given me quite a blow that it broke my heart. My tests showed high cholesterol, high triglycerides and of course, high blood pressure. That surely ended my happiness. The doctor has prescribed me with medicines and has sternly ordered me to change my diet.I love eating but I love life more. I was about to go to the pharmacy to purchase my meds when buddy asked me to try probiotics first before I waste my money on those medicines. I started to take my probiotics regularly while constantly monitoring my BP and of course following my diet. It was super hard at first but after the third week I started to get the hang of it. By the time I went to the doctor for follow-up tests, I have already lost some pounds. All the tests came back and yielded normal readings for cholesterol and triglycerides. This brought a big smile to my doctor’s face. He had an even bigger smile when he saw that my blood pressure was 127/79. He did not know that it wasn’t his prescription meds that I was taking but probiotics. It’s best that I keep that to myself. As long as my readings are normal then there’s no need for my doctor to know that.

  54. mskitty077

    I often experience Gastroesophageal reflux due to hyperacidity whenever I eat acidic and sour foods. This gave me painful heart burns and burps after eating and chest pains. Sometimes I felt too difficult to swallow when eating and that I was going to puke from sourness in my stomach. I sometimes felt that I’m having asthma. And frequently, I felt that I was getting sleep deprived. It feels like that I’m getting terrible ulcers. I always thought that this was all due to stress but I always doubt it because even on easy going days these can happen to me.Because of this, I always tried to limit my food choices. It made me became more aware with what I eat to stay healthy. And avoid heavy work and stressful environments. This discomfort progressed to happen more and more often as time goes on. I tried to find medical attention and was given medications but got minimal or no major effect at all. I was soon advised to totally change my lifestyle and I did. But weeks go by, my conditions haven’t changed a lot.My medical advisors told me that surgery is my only options now. I was always terrified about surgeries and can’t go with it. By this time, I might have to find a better alternative on my own.I tried to seek a nutritionist’s help and discovered that I do indeed have an unhealthy gut. Some help is needed in my digestion and hoping that it would avoid the needed surgery for my stomach. They suggested that probiotic capsules would help me ease my conditions. And surprisingly, it did help a lot. After a few weeks, I no longer experience heart burns and hyperacidity. I also checked with my medical advisors and told them that my gastroesophageal reflux is easing up. It’s no longer painful for my gut and the urge to vomit is long gone. No more painful burps after eating. I can now enjoy the foods and beverages that I was unable to do. I can now get flavorful juices every day as often as I wanted to. I am not getting sleep deprived anymore due to the pains after eating something sour. As long as I take some probiotic capsules, I would know that my gut would be ensured of all my trouble that I was having. I don’t have the need to follow up with my doctors about my stomach.

  55. Kevin Wallace Emilus

    I can no longer remember how it all started but my IBS has been a very long time problem of mine that I have actually adapted to it already. I can go for days without having a bowel movement and when I do have one, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be one hell of an epic match. I have even been used to the bloating and gas that it usually brings along. I’ve tried laxatives but they do not solve the problem. It’s just like a first aid. Once the medicine wears off, then it’s back to being constipated once again. I have tried supplements and fiber and just like the medicines, it does not solve the problem. Getting pretty riled-up and disappointed, I started to ask around for advice or recommendation. The most common answer I get is WW Probiotics. This must be good to be mentioned this many times.When the product finally got delivered, I started taking the pill and monitored on how fast it could help me. Surprisingly enough, the next day, my body started cleansing my gut my releasing and sending out all the bad toxins that have been stuck in there. I noticed that it finished its cleansing routine by day 5 because “I started to feel that my bloating is goon and so was the gas. By a week and a half, my bowel movement has become regular and my bowel normal. No more going for days without a bowel movement. From here on out, I can guarantee that my gut will always be healthy. Why so? Because I will always have my WW Probiotics with me.

  56. Stormy

    I really enjoyed the product, I noticed I had far less gas and felt overall better when I’d eat. My sleeping seemed to be better and it’s hard to find probiotics this high in billions for this price. I recommend you give it a shot, just wished I didn’t run out so quickly, because I enjoyed it so much.

  57. Peggy

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     I have always been the kind of person to overeat. I would always feel painful cramping in my stomach and I would always take too long in the bathroom because of constipation or sometimes diarrhea. I felt bloaty and heavy with abdominal cramps all the time! I decided I needed to find some kind of product to help me ease the pain.I did some research and tried many products before I found and tried this one. Since it was my first time trying a probiotics supplement, I carefully read the details of each brand available on the market and this particular one offers 100 billion CFUs! So, I decided to give it a try. I ordered it to see for myself if it would help me with my IBS.When I received this product, I immediately started taking it. The first night that I took it, I noticed that the pain eased up and it became tolerable. The following morning, I felt that I was less heavy than before, but I was still taking way too many trips to the bathroom. As I continued using this for the first week, I really started noticing the changes. I was feeling lighter because the excess gas and bloating were gone, I noticed that I wasn’t as gassy as I was before, and I didn’t have out of control burps. The painful cramps were gone. I really felt less stressed because I wasn’t having to take so many embarrassing trips to the bathroom all throughout the day…especially trips that took forever. I was more regular. I feel so much better because I’m not getting constipated or having diarrhea while using this product. My stools are even looking healthy. It has definitely helped me in so many ways! I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone suffering from IBS, or anyone that has trouble with gas and bloating. It definitely helped me…

  58. Ameli_A

    This Probiotic has helped me through get through some very aggressive medications. You must do your research and be conscious of your body in order for it to work for your needs. When I was given antibiotics for a kidney infection I would take the a Probiotic capsule prior to taking the antibiotics. I am currently on Immunosuppressants and Steriods and I take a Probiotic capsule prior to every meal and it really helps with the stomach bleeding, discomfort, constipation, and nausea. At first I experimented and only took one capsule in the morning but I was still having a lot of the stomach issues, then I increased it to two a day and things started to improve, the magic number for me finally was 3 capsules one 20 minutes prior to each meal alleviated a lot of the stomach issues.

  59. Ashley Nickles

    I had been using a comparable raw probiotic from Garden Of Life and was intrigued when I saw this one had the same amount of cultures and strains and was considerably cheaper. I loved that it came in a glass bottle and was shelf stable for convenience. One thing that I was used to from my previous probiotic was how “regular” it made me; my bowel movements were nearly timed like a Swiss train and even after taking this new probiotic for two weeks, that hasn’t changed. I’ve also noticed a reduction in bloating and my skin is clearing up and getting softer. I’ve definitely been won over by this product and won’t be buying the overpriced product from the competitor anymore!

  60. Amanda James

    Waited to write a review because I wanted to give my body time to adjust. I am shocked how much it has helped. I had horrible acid reflux and was taking antacids everyday as well as some uncomfortable stomach issues and I rarely have any problems now. But it takes time for your body to adjust, it was not a week or month process. I would say it took at least two months before I started to see a difference so give yourself time

  61. coco

    I have rosacea around my mouth and on most of my face. It is a very tedious and dare I say, annoying, situation to have because almost anything can trigger it. I have to be careful to moisturize it otherwise, it might get too sensitive or blotchy. It’s just so much effort to take care of and I’m actually at my wit’s end already trying to tame my wild rosacea. My rosacea can get triggered even by the weather or when the weather changes so I really have to be careful and always on my toes to be able to address its demands when it gets irritated. anyway, I tried these probiotics capsules sometime last month because I heard that this can help with certain skin irritations such as eczema psoriasis and even rosacea. I have read amazing reviews about this one, especially when dealing with eczema and psoriasis so I decided to try my luck in using it for helping me with my rosacea. so far I think it’s been doing pretty well. in fact, it has dried up my rosacea faster than anything I’ve tried. faster than creams or balms or whatever. now my face doesn’t get red and irritated anymore due to my rosacea. the area around my mouth also doesn’t need constant moisturization just to avoid the itchy and sensitive feeling. on top of my rosacea, this probiotic capsules also help me avoid getting allergic reactions. I do not get allergic rhinitis anymore in the mornings, I don’t get triggered by dust and pollen, and I just feel healthier overall. now I feel like this is one of the best supplements that I’ve ever tried because of these reasons and I genuinely think that it deserves more recognition. I will highly recommend this product.

  62. Jamie Snyder

    Before starting with the probiotic supplement, I have always had trouble with my gut and digestive system as a whole.  It’s always a choice between the two; diarrhea or constipation.  There has never been a “just right” for me.  It has always been either of the two extremes.  This has brought me so many embarrassing moments that I have already lost count.  It seems as if there is always an abundant presence of bad bacteria in my body than good bacteria.  No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to bring about balance.  When I told my doctor that the last medicine he gave to me was also a “dud”, he said that I should now try probiotic supplements.As my package was delivered, I quickly started to take the supplement and waited for the result.  In just a few days, it has managed to fix my bowel movement.  My diarrhea and/or constipation have stopped.  My once very irregular bowel movement has started to regularize.  I am beginning to feel my gut as it starts to be healthy as I no longer have those abdominal cramps that before I always have.  Finally, I feel that there is now balance between the good and bad bacteria as everything has started to fall into place.  I have never felt so happy and relieved that this long time condition of mine has finally been resolved.  My day will now never be complete without this probiotic supplement.  As can be seen in the attached photo, I now bring it with me (along with my other supplement) regularly.

  63. regib

    I have a very sensitive stomach and also suffer from internal inflammation and leaky gut. A really good probiotic is important to keep me from having painful flare ups. I have been taking this daily for the past week and it has performed very well so far. The fact that it has Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes (which I normal take separately) is a big plus. It is also very important to me that this is organic, GMO Free, gluten and dairy free and has no fillers or additives. Many of the Probiotics from my local store have tons of fillers and even colorings which all destroy my stomach.Very easy to swallow, high quality ingredients, and works well. A little pricey, but since it works well for me it is totally worth the price.

  64. Matthew G. Oddly

    These claim to be live cultures but they are not refrigerated. I have always been taught that live cultures needed refrigeration, I may be wrong but these did not seem as potent as the live cultures I purchase locally with only half the CFU. Dr. Approved huh? I would like to see the White-sheet science behind these probiotics and the so called doctors that signed off. If They wish to send their data to me I will report it honest and faithfully, as for quality I just couldn’t feel it and I was taking them regularly for about two months. I switched to a brand that is proven to be live cultures and felt better the very first day!

  65. David & Nicole Mathis

    Traveling is my passion, but everything came to a halt after this Traveler’s Diarrhea took place. It all happened after my recent trip two months ago. Instead of relaxing and enjoying what our country of choice has to offer, I spent most of my time trying to get my head off my troubled stomach. And yes, it was an unpleasant experience that forced me to take a step back in traveling. It took me a month just to end the discomfort it brought. Good thing, a friend recommended this Probiotic Supplement to put my troubled stomach at ease and end this nasty condition of mine. Thank God, this supplement did exceptionally well in balancing my gut’s issues and providing relief during those horrible times. Here’s the thing. After recognizing this support from this probiotic supplement, I felt nothing to worry about in traveling again. I’m confident that I’m protected since the effects this probiotic brought in my life was too extensive in the sense that my gut’s health is at prime. Well, with all the impeccable health markers I’ve witnessed under this probiotic supplement, I’m convinced that it will work. So, today, I’m set to go on another journey that I’m sure would be a blast since my traveler’s diarrhea won’t be bothering me again.

  66. Brian Monroe

    I have been using the probiotic now for a week. It does not upset my stomach or create any negative reactions. I rotate my probiotic and this one fit right into my expectations. It keeps me regular. It was my first to use many strains in one capsule and at 100 Billion I do not need to take multiple caps in a day. I am looking forward to noticing positive results as I continue to use. The bottle arrived quickly and in new condition. TY

  67. rwendellp


  68. Dev

    I have had ulcerative colitis for 20 years (I am 40 years old now) and conventional medications have all failed me. Within the past 2 years I started buying different brands on probiotics to try to see which combination works best for me. The Raw Probiotic from Wholesome Wellness is one of my top two products that I would definitely buy again. I usually have 2 or 3 days of adjustment to a new probiotic where there is some minor bowel discomfort. After two days of my body getting used to the new probiotic I experienced a very noticeable change in my colitis symptoms. No more unexpected emergency bathroom runs – bowel function is almost completely normal. I will continue to try different probiotics with different strains of bacteria but this product is one I am definitely going to buy again.

  69. Mamamia

    My husband has been suffering from stomach pain, constipation and digestion issues more than 4 months since this January. (Especially his constipation issue was very severe) He had taken a lot of different otc medicines and also prescribed medicines from the doctor’s office but nothing made him feel better. I honestly didn’t expect probiotics would work that quickly and that well. My husband has been taking probiotics about two weeks and his stomach issues and constipation issues are completely gone. I wish he had tried them earlier. It would have saved him from a lot of pains. I know he will continue to take them because I am going to keep buying them. LOL Highly recommended!

  70. JMAP

    I have had stomach issues for years( heartburn, poor bowel function, constant bloating & severe GERD)even after drinking a glass of water I had severe pain. I have always felt sluggish and lethargic since being diagnosed with GERD. I have been taking prescription proton pump inhibitors twice a day for 5 years, now they are sold as OTC drugs, and it can be extremely pricey. I’ve been fearful of taking probiotics as most have mentioned how severe cramping and bloating can occur, and I did not want to add to my current problems. I decided to research many different probiotics, strains, and the effect on your digestive system. I took the leap with these raw probiotics, and placed my order. It was the best decision I made! I can honestly say this probiotic is amazing, and I am kicking myself for not trying sooner. I never experienced any cramping or bloating from these. After one week I started to feel a distinct difference in my symptoms, and after the first week, I cut back one of my PPI’s with no issue. I was also no longer lethargic, had extra energy, and was clearheaded. After three weeks of taking these probiotics I took myself off my second pill, and have not had to take one to date! I can’t say enough about this product. This will be the only pill I take from here on in. Please, if you’re hesitating – STOP – Make the decision to feel better and just order… You will not be disappointed.

  71. jayh

    I like the benefits of this product. I feel like I am getting the probiotics I need. I like the fact it includes digestive enzymes, raw whole fruit & veggie blend, along with organic fiber and wholefood raw probiotics. A great blend of ingredients.

  72. Happy Campers

    I like that this probiotic is 100 Billion CFU – that means a lot to me. Having the prebiotic and digestive enzymes is also very important. I also like that it is gluten and soy free as well as being 100% vegan. I thankfully have not been diagnosed with any particular condition such as IBS or acid reflex. However, I have found that this product does wonders for helping digest meals better as well as maintaining a strong and healthy immune system. This is a great product and certainly buy it again!

  73. Katlin Happ

    This might be a little too sensitive to talk about on here, but many women such as myself have experienced girly issues such as cetlrtain infections in the past and it’s something that i often get. I don’t understand why because i always try to be as hygienic as possible and still I get it. Anyway, i used to rely on yogurts before but it takes quite a while for those to take effect. Now i’ve decided to use probiotic pills to step up my yeast fighting game. So far it has really worked well for me. In less than a week, the yeast infection seems to have cleared. I haven’t had to deal with that issue since I began taking this. I have also noticed that the eczema that i had around my lips was less irritated ever since. I’m not sure if that’s an intended effect though but i’m happy with it. Overall, I would gladly repurchase this!

  74. brian o.

    When I started using this product, I was hoping to address my health, my bowels and not to mention my sleep. I was really constipated, but since having this probiotic capsules everything went better than expected, whenever I go to the toilet I wasn’t constipated, no abdominal cramps, shorter time doing #2 and it led me to a better gut health. My sleeping also improved for some reasons, I didn’t need to find good spots while I wait to fall asleep unlike my past experiences. I just needed to position myself and just fall without breaking my sleep. Overall, my health has become better since I didn’t get stressed out..I can sleep better at night and just wake up in the morning feeling more energized and ready for my daily work, not to mention my gut. I don’t have to be afraid of taking too much time when excreting. Over-all SATISFIED

  75. Jessicag

    I have been lucky enough to be able to acquire a job where I have to travel to Different places(and counties) on a monthly basis. However, I feel that I have been cursed because I cannot taste those wonderful local delicacies offered by the different countries as I have traveler’s diarrhea. I once was foolish enough to try a local food when I was in the Philippines to visit our office there and it ended up as a major disaster. It’s a good thing the Filipinos were very caring and hospitable people as they were all so very concerned and supportive of me. After that nightmare of an incident, I decided to play it safe and never again dated to try that stunt. In our monthly meeting, it was announced that I will be sent to Sweden a month from now to visit our number one customer.Thinking of the upcoming trip,I decided to look for a possible treatment for TD.Enter Probiotic Supplement. Having exactly a month to fix this, I ordered a bottle and so my “treatment” begins. It was so fast-acting that in just a week, it has managed to regulate my bowel movement. My immune system was fortified as I have not caught anything since I started this. I will have to do a test in order to determine if my TD had been cured already or not.With my friend, we ordered some of the foreign foods as I started to taste them one by one.Little by little. Suprisingly enough, I have eaten a whole meal and I not had any symptoms of diarrhea yet. I guess it must have worked! Just to be sure,I now take the supplement daily. A month passed, I have already returned from Sweden, I was able to eat their local food and I have never had traveler’s diarrhea again.

  76. Angela Harrington

    Probiotics are so good for us! Raw Probiotic from Wholesome Wellness goes further! This not only contains 100 billion CFU probiotic blend, but also contains a Prebiotic fiber blend, digestive enzymes and raw whole fruits and veggies blend, most of which is organic! My only concern is that the fruit and veggie blend does not say organic, just The prebiotic blend. I have, however confirmed from the company that none of their ingredients have pesticides used on them, so in trust- I have updated my recommendation to 5 stars. You should always strive to use all organic products!

  77. H. Wilson

    I have had issues with stomach upset, stomach cramps, unexplained diarrhea, heartburn and general discomfort when eating. I would wake up with unexplained stomach cramps and have never been able to pinpoint them to a specific food or food group (i.e. dairy, gluten, etc) I have spoken with my doctor and nothing has helped. I started taking this product and within a couple days I noticed that I wasn’t running to the bathroom with unexpected episodes, and over a week later I haven’t had one issue. I haven’t changed my diet at all, I feel better, I’m not waking up in the middle of the night with stomach pains. My doctor still hasn’t been able to give me an “official” diagnosis about what is going on with my stomach but this has definitely improved whatever it is and I will continue using it faithfully!


    I’ve brushed my teeth 3 times a day for years and I visit the dentist; my breath has always been a problem. Since I’ve been taken this probiotic my acid reflux is under control and breath smells so much better! I had an entire testimonial with my coworkers about this product. I’m very glad I purchased this product.

  79. Kat

    My skin is always itchy, burns and stings. I have psoriasis and it really doesn’t have a cure. My doctor advised me to get mediations just to make my skin look okay and not feel itchy. It was really annoying because the mediators were kind of expensive and it was really not that much effective. There were always scaly patches that really turned off most of the people that were around me. I really felt that they were avoiding me because I had some kind of disease that was contagious and it was really annoying. People were always asking me about what condition I had and some would even tease me that I was affected by some kind of disease. I came up with a solution, I read about what probiotics could do and I took a leap of faith and tried it just to see if it’s a really good mediator too. When I got this, it arrived very early and I was happy because of it. The first day I tried it I felt a little better because they weren’t itching that much but it’s still reddish and scaly so I thought that if I continuously used this, there might be more changes than just the stopping of itching. After a week of using it I felt that the patches were not that much appearing and my skin wasn’t that much scaly. It dried up fast and it was really effective, no more signs of plaques and it was really boosting my confidence. As of now I’m still using it with my mediations but I prefer this one because it helped me more. Whenever it acts up or shows up again, I would just continue to use both of them to mediate

  80. Heidi Harrison

    I used to take different probiotics without the enzymes which was good too, but this product is really awesome! I keep ordering it because it helps me to go to the bathroom. Even when I was traveling internationally, I had to stop taking it a few days before my flight in order to manage hygienic airplane breaks. I recommend this pills to everyone. I like that it’s only one pill a day, it slides down your throat comfortably and doesn’t stick. It really works. I also noticed I have new hair growing. I have baby hair again. And I’m 43. It could be a little bit cheaper though. However, it’s still worth the money.

  81. Kadie

    I like the fact that these contain both prebiotic and probiotic digestive enzymes. The enzymes help with breaking down food while putting good flora inside your gut. Smooth going down and easy to swallow. These are also acid and bile resistant. May beneficial to people who are dealing with heartburn or acid reflux on a regular basis and still want a Probiotic. Tasteless and odorless definitely a plus for me! Price? I believe the cost could come down a bit but “you get what you pay for” so-to-speak. I want the best and I believe these Raw Probiotics by Wholesome is it!

  82. D Johnson

    I was always bloated after dinner. Even after going to bed 6 hours after eating, I felt nauseous and very uncomfortable. My stomach felt heavy. I tried other probiotic products, but they didn’t fix the problem. I started taking this supplement for a week and started experiencing relief. No more bloated or nausea feeling. I will definitely order again! I especially like that it has no taste, its an easy to swallow slender capsule and only have to take it once a day.

  83. Denis T.

    I was on antibiotics for 9 months which totally messed up my digestive track. I have been suffering from IBS now for a couple of years. I have tried many products and nothing worked. I kinda gave up thinking nothing was going to help. Really at my wits end, so tired of feeling bad and having no energy. I was on Amazon looking to reorder probiotics. That’s when I found your product. One of your reviews was a dead on description of my problems. Helped them so I gave it a try. Within 5 days my gas problems and # of bowel movements decreased. Diarrhea subsided substantially. Getting better every day. Thank You Sooooo Much for making something that actually works. I will update as more time passes. Just try it!!! Denis T.

  84. Persephoine Murray

    I have had psoriasis for a while and it has been quite a challenge to keep in check, especially during the colder season. In fact, I have already been taking medications for it, as prescribed by my derma, but it still gets triggered in cold weather. I began taking probiotics to see if it would have an effect on my psoriasis because of what i’ve read online. So far so good. My skin has definitely gotten a whole lot better ever since I began taking this. It does not get as inflamed as it normally would, and from what i’ve read, it’s because the good bacteria helps improve the immune system, thereby controlling the symptoms of diseases like psoriasis. Overall, I think it did a good job with mine so I will be taking it continuously in the future and I will obviously buy it again.

  85. Alyssa

    I used to suffer from constipation and diarrhea often for as long as I can remember. I often would go 3 or more days without a bowel movement paired with uncomfortable bloating the whole time. I bought this product to help me through a bout of antibiotics to keep me more balanced and I quickly realized this amazing change that occurred. Now I am able to have more complete bowel movements without the constipation and straining that I had beforehand. I accidentally went 2-3 days without taking these probiotics and I noticed a decline in my bowel movement activity and the issues slowly coming back. I immediately started taking them again, making sure to never miss a dose. I am so thankful for these, they have changed my life. I just wish there was a bigger bottle supply! Thank you!

  86. Scott

    In my circle of friends, I’m known as the poop king. I earned this title because back during my uni days, I have a record of having pooped at all the buildings in the university. And it’s not because I really just planned on doing it or something, but because I often suffered from diarrhea and it’s something that i cannot control at all. I’ve tried taking loperamide or those kinds of meds and you know, eating bananas, not eating fiber ,you know, just trying to give myself constipation to get some solid stool for once but it never works. Anyway, these days, I’m still pretty much like that, but at least I have the cubicle in my floor always available whenever I need it to. However, it can still get a wee bit tiring so I kept wishing for something to come along that would solve my problems. Then one day my girlfriend of 4 years suggested that we start taking these probiotic capsules in an attempt to get healthier.And so take it we did. Now I’ve been having almost no episodes of diarrhea anymore. We’ve already been ttaking it for probably close to 6 weeks and it’s the most regular or normal my bowel has ever been in this lifetime. I’m also not gassy or bloated and my immunity is off the charts! No more common viruses for me! I’m one satisfied user!

  87. Ann Cummins

    Growing up, our family had a history of eczema outbreaks. From foot to hand and others were even affected in the scalp area. I was conscious because I didn’t like to grow up continuously buying products that could make my allergies heal for a moment. I came up with a solution, since I knew that probiotic capsules could help me, so I decided to look for which was the best product for me and luckily, I found this. I ordered and when this product arrived at my doorstep I calmly opened it and took one. After that I continuously order and take this product. It’s been months since I started and I am at the age where they should be active, but I don’t feel anything within the parts that should be affected and apart from that I’m actually feeling better because I feel I have a faster metabolism because of it!

  88. Richard S.

    I have had issues with digestion and unsettledness for quite some time. It was recommended that I try the probiotics to balance the digestive enzymes in my system. After using this product for the past month, I have a notable difference in the way my stomach and general digestive system as a whole feels. I will be continuing with this product for the foreseeable future, so as to hopefully get to a state of where I was some time back. The product is easy to take (swallow), and for me, has no negative side effects. If you are looking for a way to easily introduce necessary enzymes into your system, without buying expensive drinks, and other products, this is the way to go.

  89. lee a.

    This is the best probiotic I’ve used. After doing a lot of research (with COVID downtime) I was please to find a brand with each body messaging center included. In other words, this blend has a probiotic type focused for brain, heart, digestion, etc. Our bodies have specific probiotic types for different body systems’ optimal messaging. Look this up, I’m just an artist so my explanation may be confusing…

  90. Alexandra Crawford

    I can still remember when we used to have a contest as to who can make the longest, loudest and smelliest fart of all. Those were happy days as a kid. As I grew older, well, it’s still funny to pass gas specially if you do it in the presence of friends and siblings but other than that, it’s not so funny anymore. In fact, it’s more embarrassing. I consider my ability to pass gas as a kid a talent. As an adult, it’s more of a curse. It would have been more acceptable if the gas I pass were in a form of a burp, there I can cover my mouth and simply say excuse me. Unfortunately, my kind of gas does not go in the form of a burp.I’ve had my fair share of close calls and I’ve had my times of embarrassment. Frankly speaking, I wanted to put a stop to it now. Specially now that I have climbed the corporate ladder. It would be very awkward to see a senior manager pass gas in a meeting or convention. I’ve tried lifestyle changes and medicines but it doesn’t seem to be working. I have a close friend in the management team that knows my predicament. One day, as we were preparing our reports for the upcoming national convention, he mentioned something about a probiotic supplement that I should take. I read the write-ups and being satisfied with it, I placed the order. I was so excited that upon delivery, I immediately put it to work. It hasn’t taken long when I slowly started to notice my gas becoming less and less. Further intake of the probiotic has not only put my gas to a complete stop but it has also regularized my bowel movement as I began to feel my gut being reinforced and made more healthier. All of these were caused by no other than a probiotic supplement. This product has definitely saved me from imminent humiliation.

  91. Amy

    I started taking probiotics for only one reason, to strengthen my digestive system. Of course, a strong digestive system would mean balanced microflora in my gut which would mean a strong gut and a regular bowel movement. If my memory serves me right, it took me a little over a month of taking probiotics daily before it brought balance to my digestive system and everything else associated with it. I was actually glad it only took a month because of the way I mishandled my gut, I thought that I’d be lucky if it took a year. A complete gut reset in a month’s time was a blessing. My gut feels healthier and lighter, my bowel movement has regularized, no more gas, no more bloating and most of all, no more IBS. Now that this is done, I was supposed to stop taking my probiotics but my inner self said no, so I continued using it.I was scheduled to have my cholesterol levels taken again because the last time my readings were off the chart. I convinced my Dr to give me 2 months to get my numbers down before I was put on meds. I tried my best to eat healthy foods but there are really times (once I week at least) that I can’t help it. I’m thankful though that everything in my gut stays normal and regular despite my “cheat day”, it must be my continuous dosage of probiotics. The day of testing finally arrived and I was so scared of the results because I really do not want to take medications that have bad side effects. I was literally praying when I got the result, and guess what? It’s normal!! I’m guessing the probiotics has everything to do with it as there was nothing else that I took during that time. Now this is all the more reason for me to continue taking it!!

  92. Dottie Loverly

    What the worldwide virus outbreak people are stocking up on food, water, hand sanitizer etc supplies are running out and it’s difficult to purchase things. I already take multivitamin supplements but I begin to think maybe there is something out there even stronger or more potent than vitamins. My friend recommend this product to me saying that probiotics help our bodies fight in a different way than vitamins does. I have been taking these probiotics for few days now and I feel more energy and I feel more lively and I believe it’s because of these probiotics.

  93. Tiffany Hawthorne

    I’ve suffered from IBS-C and been lactose intolerant for 15 years, and tried every supplement you can imagine. Wholesome Wellness’ probiotic is the best I’ve ever had! I’d typically go several days without a bowel movement with many other supplements. But now that I’ve began taking this product, I have movement every day. It’s not bulk forming, which can cause huge discomfort for those with IBS. It has a prebiotic, all the important strains, vegan, and is shelf stable. I’d highly recommend this probiotic to any and every one.

  94. Leandra Davidson

    I bought this because I did a test for digestive enzymes and cultures and found that I was lacking quite a few. Because I was eating things that were sensitive to me, it caused diarrhea or constipation. The first week of taking these my bloating was BAD and I almost quit because of how uncomfortable I was. Kept taking the second week and became more regular, even lost 2lbs which was completely unexpected. Gas subsided, surprisingly even beans didn’t cause as much bloat or gas. Haven’t had a bout of diarrhea or constipation since.

  95. Bex

    I had a complication in the hospital. A pump was being j alerted into an abscess that he developed after an open surgery, they inserted the tube through my intestine before going into the abscess and hadn’t realized. All that bad bacteria drained into my already infected deep incisional site. I ended up getting severalInfections due to bad gut bacteria in my body. I’m having another surgery next month and I’m taking this to knock some of those bad ones down…and help the good bacteria be strong. I sure don’t want to go through all those infections (anti-biotic resistant ones, too). Just one pill a day and the good guys are growing in numbers and getting stronger!!!

  96. Caleb Lloyd

    I bought this product to support my healthy lifestyle, because I know how important digestive health is. I’m always on the search for a great, high quality probiotic, and this is definitely a good one. It contains a lot more important ingredients that many of the others leave out, and it’s a high enough dose to actually be effective.

  97. Pamela Zenns

    Like every normal person, I sometimes suffer from IBS the constipation edition. Mine however cannot be cured by laxatives. Yes, when I suffer from constipation, a laxative tablet makes me poop and let it out but the next day, it’s back to being constipated. I once tried increase my dosage but it only gave me diarrhea the whole day and you guessed it right, I back to being constipated the next. Let’s keep the idea of taking laxatives daily as I wouldn’t do that. Even my doctor was stumped on my condition. All the medicines he has prescribed did not work.I was at home one afternoon when I got a call from my doctor. He said he was thinking about my condition when he remembered probiotics. He told me to order a bottle and give it a try. Determined to put an end to this, I did what I was told. I have not even reached a week yet when I started to let out whatever was in my stomach as I pooped regularly. Here’s hoping that will be the end of my IBS-constipation and the start of my regular bowel movements. My bloating has stopped and my gas was finally gone. My life has started to go back to normal and I now feel the probiotic this time working on providing me with the energy and my immune system with the strength needed to protect me from bacteria and other pathogens. True enough, I have never gotten sick yet ever since I started using the probiotic. I owe this supplement big time.

  98. Rena white

    This probiotic supplement helped me restore the balance in my gut and manage IBS. Since the exact cause of IBS is yet to be known, discovering triggers is a challenge. Well, if you look at things in a microscope, almost all the food we ate can provoke IBS. In other words, it sucks the joy and pleasure out of eating. Thankfully, this probiotic helped me overcome this grievance and explore flavors that I barred from tasting since I was a kid. Honestly, the relief this product offered is as good as permanent reassurance. Ever since I added this probiotic to my daily routine, things are much more relaxed, better—like everything in my gut finally settled. I’m enjoying everything that’s on the menu, and it significantly improved my quality of life. I’m on my second bottle, and trust me, I’ve never reencountered IBS. I’m no longer bothered by my weak digestive system or gut function, which translates to the positive results I see at work and school. Overall, I’m happy. Without the help of this probiotic supplement, I might end up depressed every day. Hence, I’m glad that this product from Wholesome Wellness came into my life. And I’m more than happy to recommend it to anyone who’s reading this review.

  99. Margretdzn

    I recently went through a bad vase of Thrush… physician prescribed an antibiotic to take care of the fungal infection, and while I was feeling much better, I was still not feeling 100%…. I knew I needed probiotics which were missing from my supplements lately……I wanted the highest count and most strains in a capsule that did not need refrigeration…… Out of all that Amazon offered, Raw Probiotics had the highest CFU and most strains! Started taking it and in a couple of days I’m back to 100%—my energy levels are back to normal and tummy issues gone!!! I recommend this product!

  100. PJL

    I purchased this for my hubby. He had a large cyst removed from his back. The Antibiotic he had to take after, made him feel crappy. We have had problems in the past, when taking Antibiotics, we would get other infections. Probiotics seem to prevent that, from happening. This one has 100 billion CFU’s! Very impressive! He started this Probiotic, before the Antibiotic was finished. It did the trick! He felt much better. No infections! Great!

  101. C. H.

    Indigestion has been a common problem for me. I just can’t seem to shake it off. I’ve tried dozens of remedies but somehow it just comes back. I’ve felt fullness, discomfort in the upper abdomen, and bloating. Each symptom taking turns. I am already getting used to it but still, any recommendation is a welcome sign for me and I am very much willing to try it. I was having lunch with a friend when there it was again ready to ruin my day. I haven’t even reached my meal and somehow there’s that feeling of fullness that made me not finish my food. To top it off, along came that discomfort in the upper abdomen. My friend, who was very much aware of my situation, said that I should start taking probiotics as he feels that I might be in need of a gut reset. Right there and then, he placed an order from Amazon for a probiotic supplement. A day has passed as I received the package. I was so excited to give it a try as this could be the answer to my problem. As I started my process of healing, I am filled with anticipation and excitement as I took the capsules. The first few days didn’t amount to much; it was probably working its way to my body. The succeeding days however have started to show improvement. The bloating has gone and when I eat, I no longer have that early feeling of fullness. I still do feel some discomfort in my abdomen but it’s not as toxic as it was before. After a week of continuous probiotics, my gut has now healed and reset. I no longer have any of my usual symptoms and I’m happy to announce that everything has now gone back to normal…..finally!

  102. Tereasa Brady

    Diarrhea is one of the silent problems that I have. Whenever I eat something new, I literally go to the bathroom to empty myself. I really do not know what triggers my diarrhea as it happens to me right after I eat any meal.. I’ve almost gotten used to it but it is challenging to always have a trip to the restroom right after every meal. I sometimes can’t even leave home right away after eating anything as I know that my stomach would act up in couple of minutes and I have to wait for it, otherwise, I might have to have a stop over even when I’m just driving to a near place. Since I’m getting tired of this situation, I really searched for an alternative supplement that can help me reduce the chances of getting this diarrhea. I read a lot of reviews about certain meds and this probiotic capsule got my attention. I bought one for me and I’m religiously taking this for 3 months now. Good thing it’s now on amazon. Gladly, I haven’t experience d diarrhea when I started to use this. I suggest you take this everyday and treat it like a vitamin if you’re like me who’s very sensitive to food intake “Ever since I started taking this “medicine” I have noticed that my body has definitely improved especially when it comes to food intake and allowing it to pass through my digestive system with no problems whatsoever. Back when I wasn’t taking this probiotics supplement anything and everything that eat can trigger my bad stomach and the usual occurrence of diarrhea would occur and I would be suffering for a while inside the bathroom. It wasn’t a pleasurable experience I can assure you of that but now that I have this supplement with me, I no longer have to worry about anything because my stomache is definitely stronger and more stable..I can eat without having to wait for diarrhea to kick in. On the other hand, I know for a fact that probiotics is good for more than just that..I noticed that I no longer suffer allergic rhinitis daily.. I used to sneeze excessively in the morning and almost as if I caught some colds..but since I’ve taken these probiotics, my mornings are now better and I’m able to focus more at work. Probiotics is truly an almost miraculous supplement for someone like me.

  103. Shaddz

    Dermatitis, acid reflux, along with bloating and gas were getting the most of me. I wasn’t getting enough sleep as the acid reflux would act up during my sleep. After having a discussion with someone at work about gut health, they recommended that I try using probiotics to regulate the bacteria in my gut. Eating yogurt and regular exercise were helping but I knew I needed a little extra to soothe the discomfort I experienced daily. It was recommended that I find a supplement with high CFU and number of strains without refrigeration required. This was the highest combination for a good price. For the past two weeks, I’ve taken it first thing in the morning before breakfast and noticed a huge reduction in bloating, gas, skin flare ups from dermatitis and less burning in my chest and stomach. I’ve also been sleeping better as a result. It was worth the try, I’d keep using it as long as they keep selling it.

  104. Roseanne Stahlberger

    I’ve been known to be an adventurer. Not the one that goes from one place to another trying to learn and experience new cultures, I’m the one that goes from one place to another to taste great food. I eaten so many types of burgers, chicken wings, burritos, donuts, etc. and I still go and look for new variations that I can try. Of course I’m big, no contest on that but also, my cholesterol levels are quite high. My doctor is actually the one that is afraid for me as according to him, I’m a walking time bomb unless I do some serious lifestyle changes. I’ve been prescribed with lots of anti-cholesterol drugs and so far it hasn’t made a dent on my cholesterol levels. My blood test results are still a disappointment despite me cutting down on my eating. I’ve started exercising but still, a very disappointing blood test result. My doctor then suggested that I take probiotics as there might be an imbalance of bad microflora versus good microflora. Being the good patient that I am, I did what was suggested. I ordered the probiotic, continued with my diet and exercise, put my medicines on hold while I started my probiotics.Soon enough, I have started to feel the changes which felt like a purging of some sort as I started to eliminate the toxic substances in my body. I never knew that it can be like this. As the probiotics continue to replenish the good bacteria in my body, I continued to cut down on my “adventures” ad continued on my exercises, I started to feel lighter and better, I’m no longer bloated and the gas that I have been having has started to mellow down. I’m due for another blood exam (cholesterol check) and from there I’ll know what to do next. The inevitable has arrived and as I waited nervously, my doctor smiled and showed me the result. NORMAL!! Well it should be as I lost a lot of pounds during that “cleansing” operation. I haven’t complete quit my “adventures” but now, I don’t do it often and I always have exercise and my probiotics with me.

  105. R.L.

    I have an irregular bowel movement since time immemorial. I have not really made a big fuss out of it as I have never been really affected by my bowel movement. More so, my bowel movement is the constipated time. I remember that there was once that I lasted a week without any bowel movement and it was fine by me. Mind you, I have no feeling of discomfort or pain at all. It’s just that my movement is so irregular. There were times that I’d go everyday and there were times that I’d go for days without any. One thing I noticed though recently is that I’d get bloated. This, I do not want. I have tried taking laxatives and it does work however after a few days it goes back to being irregular.I started to do some research and eventually discovered this probiotic supplement. It was saying something about balancing good and bad gut flora and with this; I got curious enough to give it a try. When my package was delivered, I wasted no time as I popped a capsule. I continued to do this regularly and as if by way of a response, my bloating has started to subside and bowel, despite being still somewhat irregular my bowel is no longer constipated. Soon enough, while still continuing my probiotic supplement, my bowel movement has now regularized. I plan to continue taking this just to ensure that my gut and digestive system is healthy and working properly. So this is how it feels to have a balanced gut microflora. It seems so peaceful as everything is well balanced and working accordingly. Thanks in big part to this Probiotic supplement. My long time predicament has finally been given a solution.

  106. Manuel Figueroa

    Easy to swallow, excellent value for the price. About a year ago, my bowels started to act very irregular with episodes of diarrhea most of the time. I visited a gastroenterologist who ran many tests and procedures, and laboratories. She could not find anything and just gave up. Kaopectate was my only friend until my family doctor recommended I try this product. I started taking these ones about a month ago and there is no diarrhea! Wholesome Wellness have transformed my life.

  107. Sam neace

    It sucks to admit, but I’ve lived a not-so-healthy lifestyle. I’m not indulgent in eating vegetables or committing to physical exercises that significantly contributed to my health’s decline. These realizations forced me to make radical changes and bring back the vigor in my life. I tried to learn and be accepting of maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. But it’s easier said than done. Some things transpired due to this negligence, and one, in particular, is my metabolism. Well, I have myself to blame for its decline. But thanks to this probiotic supplement from Wholesome Wellness, I was able to reboot my failing metabolism and promote the better conversion of food to energy. This probiotic assisted me in burning calories and establishing healthy energy levels. In less than two weeks of carrying out healthy practices and supplementation, I lost a significant amount of weight that I can’t even believe is possible. There are also positive health markers like better bowel movements, energy levels, and mental balance, contributing to making this radical change a success. I am in awe of the effects this probiotic provided. Indeed, a worthy, quality supplement that fits my needs. I recommend you try this product and witness the difference it brings.

  108. carrieann schlau

    A month ago, my dad was diagnosed and confirmed to have Alzheimer’s disease, and while it was just in its earlier stage, my siblings and I have started out planning on how we can prolong the onset of the disease. My dad has one of the brightest legal minds and to see it fade away slowly is just very disheartening. Being aware of my dad’s love for reading and music, we have prepared a schedule give our dad a book to read and let him listen to his records to solidify his memory and comprehension. Our sister bought our dad probiotic supplement to further enhance dad’s brain health. We believe that with these, we can prolong the onset of the disease.It is now up to us to be diligent enough to remind dad to take his probiotic daily and to keep him in schedule with regards to his reading and listening. So farm everything has been going fine. It is now exactly two months since we started with this routine and we are proud to say that up to now, we have not seen dad to take a step back when it comes to his mental prowess. He is still as sharp as ever and we as his sons and daughters are willing to do this for as long as possible. Let’s just hope that we do not run out of Probiotics.

  109. MCJ

    I have been working for the last two years to heal my gut from ignorant years of antibiotic use (for acne) as well as a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates. Had I known then what I know now I could’ve prevented many frustrating health issues that finally reached a point where they could not be ignored. Part of regaining my health back (and fighting candida overgrowth) has been the use of probiotics; I am thankful to finally have found one with such a large variety of strains, enough of the good guys to occupy my gut, food to feed them (prebiotics), as well as the added benefit of digestive enzymes. Its all-in-one, affordable, but not cheap so that you might question the quality. I love the convenience of taking it only once a day. I have noticed a continued improvement in my digestive health – regularity and more efficient digestion – along with the fact that the symptoms of candida overgrowth have dissipated, my favorite being that my complexion looks great!

  110. Audrey Barone

    While using this reduction have had a lot less gas,bloating and have had no acid reflux .Would recommend this o anyone with GI issues!

  111. Rigosuave7

    I used this product to obtain more regular bowel movements and improve my digestion overall, which this product has fulfilled so far. I’ve been going to the bathroom consistently once a day ever since I started taking these which hadn’t happened since I was in my 20’s. I like how nicely sized the capsules are and how they have no nasty flavor. They go down pretty easy. The bottle is pretty nice looking, packaged pretty well. You can easily tell the product was made with high quality materials. I would definitely recommend this product to my family and friends!

  112. T R

    I bought this because I have a lot of stomach upset/diarrhea/IBS problems etc. In the week that I’ve been taking it, not only has it helped all of that, I also have not had an urge to binge eat. This is something I have struggled with for YEARS. I’ve tried so many other avenues for binge eating that haven’t worked. This stuff is awesome! I can’t say it will work for anyone else but THIS HAS WORKED FOR ME. No, I have not been paid or whatever for my review. Just hoping it might help someone else such as myself who has struggled.

  113. Gregorio Garcia

    This is my first experience with taking a probiotic supplement and I was very satisfied with your brand. The first day, I took your product on an empty stomach first thing in the morning to see if I would experience any adverse side effects. Well, guess what happened? No side effects. None. In fact, I noticed after several days an increased metabolism, increased productive bowel movements, increased sustained energy and diminished sensitivity to certain foods like bread and anything containing gluten. The only drawback is that your image gave me the impression that the product was in the form of gummies. Nonetheless, the product is easy to take, easy to digest, gave no negative side effects and serves its purpose. I highly recommend Wholesome Wellness’ Raw Probiotic tabs.

  114. Johnny

    I took two bottles and those two are my second bottles. I used to get bloated from milk, beans and ice cream, so far I can eat and drink without thinking about that thought of ”this and that ”will cause bloating. This is and has worked so well that after my two bottles, I decided to order two more. You’ll get for what you are paying pretty good results. You’ll love the feeling of eating anything.

  115. Renee Gibson

    Be it something we ate, stress, bacteria or viruses, we all have experienced abdominal pain at least once sometime in our lives. Unfortunately for me, I happen to have abdominal cramps regularly. It can be contained by over-the-counter pain relievers which is ok if it happens very seldom but since mine is regularly occurring, what I needed is something that can stop it and not just simple pain management.My mom once mentioned to me a probiotic that might be of help and so my search began. When I finally found the actual brand that my mom said, an order was placed immediately. I had not used it for long when I felt that my stomach is no longer aching. It started to ache again one time but it was so faint that it’s barely noticeable. As I am now on my third week of taking the probiotic, I no longer have or feel any abdominal cramps taking place inside me. Before, anything I eat would give me abdominal cramps after just a few minutes. It’s been three weeks now and I haven’t had any cramps yet. That is very good news. I gave my mom a call and reported to her the wonder that the probiotic she recommended to me did. I even told her that I have now decided to take this regularly as it has indeed done a lot of good for me. This weekend, I intend to go visit my mom and instead of me eating at her place, I’d be the one to take her out on a mother and son date.

  116. chasx1

    3/4 of your immune system is in your digestive tract. Probiotics are made up of good bacteria that helps keep your body healthy and working well. This good bacteria helps you in many ways, including fighting off bad bacteria when you have too much of it, helping you feel better. Probiotics are part of a larger picture concerning bacteria and your body — your microbiome

  117. Neur0n

    I was on antibiotics for a couple of months and felt like my gut microbiome has been compromised. I chose this one because it looked like the best bang for your buck. I noticed random stomach aches and bathroom usages previously while on antibiotics. After using this for a couple of weeks, my bowel movements have become much more regular and normal. Those are what I was easily able to notice. I’m sure there are other areas of improvement, but it’s too subtle and hard to pinpoint what exactly improved. Also there’s the brain-gut connection, that your gut health can impact brain health as well. So that’s another reason why I’m taking this and hopefully have a healthy gut – with help from a health balanced diet.

  118. Traveling Man

    It’s great to have both prebiotics and probiotics together in one product…but then add the digestive enzymes and you have a winner! I am currently working with my gastroenterologist and am very happy with the outcome from this product. I recommend it

  119. Jack

    Best I have ever used. Remarkable difference from what I was using that had 50 billion and 15 strains . This one not only doubled it in potency and variety of strains it doubled its benefits and effects as well .one thing that wasnt doubled is the cost which is affordably priced at a little over a dollar per day.Will continue buying and letting all others know this is the one to get. Being ORGANIC is one of a kind too as there are no others ive seen that have all these great benefits,potency ,strength and cost and also organic which is essential to quality in todays world of fake and convenience.

  120. Dorothy Balchunas

    Years ago I had the misfortune of developing c-diff. During initial medication, I also took a probiotic for years as a preventative measure (at much higher expense) and I continue to today when on any medication especially. This is a great product. It can be taken any time and has no flavor. I highly recommend it!

  121. AaronM

    I was in a lot of pain last time I had traveler’s diarrhea, my diet was fine and my health was proper but this wsas a surprise. I really needed help and I started to order and use probiotics. I patiently waited until it arrived but to my surprise, the delivery was fast, it took me just 2 days for the product to arrive, and because of that I used it earlier than expected. I tried to use it and with a healthy diet to support it. After a few days I noticed that the pain was easing up, not like the last time when it was so painful, I had tears fall off of my eyes. After some time, the pain subsided and I don’t feel gassy, nauseous and bloated, I feel better now. Thanks to the good bacteria that was inside the probiotics, I’m in top shape and I feel lighter. I can do much better at work without the thought of pain. Everything went well, the delivery was fast, the product did miracles and everything went back to normal. After a long time, I’m not feeling scared and I have to confidence again to face problems like these. Problems with the digestive system can be annoying if it’s not treated well. Internal bowel syndrome and traveler’s diarrhea can be a big problem because it will give you gaseous and bloated feeling. Having abdominal pains can be a lot stressful especially if you’re at your workplace. Concentration levels would drop and it would affect how you work throughout the day. Thankfully for this product my problems are now non-existent, I can guarantee that this would help people who are suffering the same problem as I did. I’m very thankful for researching what products like these can do.

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