Raw Probiotics 100 Billion CFU Organic With Prebiotics, Digestive Enzymes, & Whole Food Fruits & Vegetables

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100 Billion CFU of 100% RAW Live Organic Probiotics, Organic Prebiotics, Organic Digestive Enzymes, and Organic Whole Food Fruits & Vegetables. We saw a need for a probiotic supplement that actually works with potent ingredients to back it’s claims. That’s why we formulated the most powerful and diverse synbiotic supplement on the market today. Our broad spectrum probiotics contains a diverse mix of the most clinically studied raw probiotic strains, prebiotic fibers, digestive enzymes, and fruits & vegetables that work together synergistically for a multitude of positive health effects. We are so confident that you will love these probiotics that we offer a no questions asked 365 day 100% money back guarantee. 

Doctor Formulated For Immunity, Skin, Gut Health, Digestion, Weight Loss, Diarrhea, Mental Health, Mood, Cognition, Heart Health, Allergies, and Other Probiotic Health Benefits. Our gastroenterologist doctor formulated probiotic includes 34 of the most clinically effective probiotic strains that have been shown in studies to positively effect your health. Each probiotic strain has been shown in clinical trials to positively help with everything from gut health to skin health and even weight loss. Prebiotics, literally food for probiotics, have been shown in clinical trials to be beneficial for probiotics. And did you know digestive enzymes and fruits & vegetables also affect your gut health? Our doctor aimed to formulate the most powerful  complete probiotic gut supplement ever and looking at the ingredients you can see that it is more powerful than multiple probiotic, prebiotic, digestive enzymes and gut supplements combined.

100% Shelf Stable Probiotics & No Refrigeration Required. Each probiotic capsule contains a special mix of live probiotic strains and food for the probiotics like prebiotics, digestive enzymes, fruits and vegetables that work together to keep the probiotics alive and stabilized making the probiotics shelf-stable and removes the need for refrigeration.

Medical Grade, Organic, Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free, Live, Vegan Probiotics with NO: Binders, Soy, Gluten, Dairy, Milk, Egg, Wheat, Peanuts, Shellfish, Fish, Additives, Hormones, Pesticides, Herbicides, or Preservatives. 

Made in USA in an FDA, NSF, and GMP certified/registered manufacturing facility. Third party lab tested for purity and potency. With only the highest standards of practice in mind, our product is manufactured right here in the United States. Our facilities are in compliance with all applicable current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and regulations. The strictest quality control and guidelines are followed as we perform rigorous testing on each lot to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Backed by a 365 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

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Customer Reviews

  1. MCJ - Verified Buyer

    I have been working for the last two years to heal my gut from ignorant years of antibiotic use (for acne) as well as a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates. Had I known then what I know now I could’ve prevented many frustrating health issues that finally reached a point where they could not be ignored. Part of regaining my health back (and fighting candida overgrowth) has been the use of probiotics; I am thankful to finally have found one with such a large variety of strains, enough of the good guys to occupy my gut, food to feed them (prebiotics), as well as the added benefit of digestive enzymes. Its all-in-one, affordable, but not cheap so that you might question the quality. I love the convenience of taking it only once a day. I have noticed a continued improvement in my digestive health – regularity and more efficient digestion – along with the fact that the symptoms of candida overgrowth have dissipated, my favorite being that my complexion looks great!

  2. carrieann schlau - Verified Buyer

    A month ago, my dad was diagnosed and confirmed to have Alzheimer’s disease, and while it was just in its earlier stage, my siblings and I have started out planning on how we can prolong the onset of the disease. My dad has one of the brightest legal minds and to see it fade away slowly is just very disheartening. Being aware of my dad’s love for reading and music, we have prepared a schedule give our dad a book to read and let him listen to his records to solidify his memory and comprehension. Our sister bought our dad probiotic supplement to further enhance dad’s brain health. We believe that with these, we can prolong the onset of the disease.It is now up to us to be diligent enough to remind dad to take his probiotic daily and to keep him in schedule with regards to his reading and listening. So farm everything has been going fine. It is now exactly two months since we started with this routine and we are proud to say that up to now, we have not seen dad to take a step back when it comes to his mental prowess. He is still as sharp as ever and we as his sons and daughters are willing to do this for as long as possible. Let’s just hope that we do not run out of Probiotics.

  3. Sam neace - Verified Buyer

    It sucks to admit, but I’ve lived a not-so-healthy lifestyle. I’m not indulgent in eating vegetables or committing to physical exercises that significantly contributed to my health’s decline. These realizations forced me to make radical changes and bring back the vigor in my life. I tried to learn and be accepting of maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. But it’s easier said than done. Some things transpired due to this negligence, and one, in particular, is my metabolism. Well, I have myself to blame for its decline. But thanks to this probiotic supplement from Wholesome Wellness, I was able to reboot my failing metabolism and promote the better conversion of food to energy. This probiotic assisted me in burning calories and establishing healthy energy levels. In less than two weeks of carrying out healthy practices and supplementation, I lost a significant amount of weight that I can’t even believe is possible. There are also positive health markers like better bowel movements, energy levels, and mental balance, contributing to making this radical change a success. I am in awe of the effects this probiotic provided. Indeed, a worthy, quality supplement that fits my needs. I recommend you try this product and witness the difference it brings.

  4. Manuel Figueroa - Verified Buyer

    Easy to swallow, excellent value for the price. About a year ago, my bowels started to act very irregular with episodes of diarrhea most of the time. I visited a gastroenterologist who ran many tests and procedures, and laboratories. She could not find anything and just gave up. Kaopectate was my only friend until my family doctor recommended I try this product. I started taking these ones about a month ago and there is no diarrhea! Wholesome Wellness have transformed my life.

  5. R.L. - Verified Buyer

    I have an irregular bowel movement since time immemorial. I have not really made a big fuss out of it as I have never been really affected by my bowel movement. More so, my bowel movement is the constipated time. I remember that there was once that I lasted a week without any bowel movement and it was fine by me. Mind you, I have no feeling of discomfort or pain at all. It’s just that my movement is so irregular. There were times that I’d go everyday and there were times that I’d go for days without any. One thing I noticed though recently is that I’d get bloated. This, I do not want. I have tried taking laxatives and it does work however after a few days it goes back to being irregular.I started to do some research and eventually discovered this probiotic supplement. It was saying something about balancing good and bad gut flora and with this; I got curious enough to give it a try. When my package was delivered, I wasted no time as I popped a capsule. I continued to do this regularly and as if by way of a response, my bloating has started to subside and bowel, despite being still somewhat irregular my bowel is no longer constipated. Soon enough, while still continuing my probiotic supplement, my bowel movement has now regularized. I plan to continue taking this just to ensure that my gut and digestive system is healthy and working properly. So this is how it feels to have a balanced gut microflora. It seems so peaceful as everything is well balanced and working accordingly. Thanks in big part to this Probiotic supplement. My long time predicament has finally been given a solution.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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