Women’s Raw Probiotics 100 Billion CFU Organic With Prebiotics & Digestive Enzymes

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  • 100 BILLION CFU, SHELF STABLE, 34 STRAINS: Our probiotic contains a shelf-stable 100 BILLION CFU & 34 STRAINS per serving. We saw a need for high-quality supplements that actually work and stand by their claims, our probiotics comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Professional grade NON-GMO vegan probiotics with NO: Binders, Soy, Gluten-free, Milk, Egg, Wheat, Peanuts, Shellfish, Additives, or Preservatives.
  • 100% RAW LIVE ORGANIC PROBIOTICS, ORGANIC PREBIOTICS, DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, & URINARY TRACT (UTI) HEALTH: Our probiotic is made with genuine prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. A complete probiotic supplement for ultimate digestive health naturally helps to support the free stomach digestive environment biotics condition, and supports the natural stomach balance. Supports a healthy urinary tract to help cleanse and prevent infection
  • SPECIALLY FORMULATED PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT: Our whole food probiotic with digestive enzyme & prebiotic fiber is specially formulated for gut health and more.
  • ONE OF THE BEST PROBIOTICS FOR FEMALE ADULTS WITH 34 STRAINS: Our prebiotics and probiotics are HIGH POTENCY and intended now for use by a female adult. Acidophilus probio with pre-biotic pills including 34 symbiotic good strains, fungus, & absorb cultures. Lactobacillus acidophilus, casei, salivarius, plantarum, bacillus, bifidobacterium lactis, bifidum, longum, saccharomyces, boulardii, & more. UT detox & protection ingredients D-Mannose, Cranberry, Hibiscus Flower, & Dandelion Root.
  • ASSURED STANDARD OF QUALITY & SAFETY: Made in the USA in a FDA, UL, GMP certified registered facility labs. Probiotic for women health, probiotic for adults. More CFU than products of 3, 5, 10, 13, 15, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 80 Billion CFU! Shelf stable non refrigerated platinum pro-bio-tic, pure no refrigeration pro-biotics, Lactobacillus acidophilus, ultra vegetarian probiotics activated supplement assist advantage. Easier to take than powder, gummies, liquid, suppositories, & pearls



Our raw probiotics are shelf-stable and require no refrigeration. Certain strains of probiotics are used as stabilizing ingredients, making the product shelf-stable and removes the need for refrigeration.


Our raw live probiotics contain strains that enable it to have a more stable shelf life, and makes it better suited to withstand environmental factors, while also enabling it to have greater potency when consumed.


Probiotics are meant to be taken orally on a daily recurring basis. This formula works best on a cumulative basis over time to support overall digestive health and immune function.


With only the highest standards of practice in mind, our product is manufactured right here in the USA.


We believe that natural is safe and that natural is better. As such, our process includes using ingredients that are not in any way genetically modified. All components of our product is made from natural and organic substances that are safe and effective. It is also vegan safe and makes use of no animal by-products.


When it comes to “living healthy,” don’t let nervous butterflies in your stomach stop you from trying endless possibilities. That’s because the quest for “a happy and healthy life” comes in various shapes and sizes — even in the form of bacteria. It is said that our understanding of what a healthy body and mind feels like stem from our very own experiences. So, give yourself a chance to forge your own narrative and anchor this belief in evaluating what healthy living feels like for you!

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102 reviews for Women’s Raw Probiotics 100 Billion CFU Organic With Prebiotics & Digestive Enzymes

  1. Brittany

    Ummm yesssss! I’ve been so sick the past several months with Long COVID and my immune system is pretty much shot. Started researching ways to help and one of my doctors pointed me in direction of researching how critical gut health is in immune responses (among many others). Especially as I’ve been struggling with bowel and UTI problems I never had before, so miserable, I’ve been at a loss for solutions. Decided to give this product a try as many similar probiotic supplements didn’t really check out when I began reading the label – ingredients and specific amounts. But wow! After 2 months taking these “little friends” lol there is noticeable difference in my overall health, though I still have long way to go, and no more problems with the digestive and UTI stuff I was suffering! Highly, highly recommend! Thank you for making these and caring about ingredient standards!

  2. Jennifer

    Amazing product. Will purchase again next month!


    Great Product

  4. Pasricha Family

    These are my absolute favorite probiotics. I suffer from IBS so it’s been a tough journey for me to find probiotics that suit my stomach and can improve my gut health. I love how these have prebiotic in them as well as probiotics for vaginal health. 10/10 would recommend these.

  5. Vintage Lady

    Hopefully, they’re doing the job (one never knows with vitamins). Since my digestive system runs well, I believe they’re helping.I dislike the price of these products; but don’t like the cheaper ones.

  6. Emily H

    I’ve been taking probiotics for about a year now, and recently tried this brand. It seems to work just as well as the one I was taking. I would recommend probiotics to anyone with digestive issues.

  7. Sherry Colvin

    For someone that struggles with IBS it’s great to be able to find relief from the constant stomach pain. I have tried a multitude of fiber supplements and at least 6 different probiotics over the years. I’m no longer bloated like before. I Feel that your product has reduced my GI irritability and IBS symptoms. I’m so glad I found something with such good results. I have recommended it to my friends that suffer with the same symptoms.

  8. regib

    After suffering from many health issues, I have been making several changes in order to feel better. Using Wholesome Wellness Raw Probiotics for Women is one of them. It does seem to be a very good improvement over my previous probiotic. I was having many stomach issues that have almost gone away since using this product. In fairness, there were other changes to my health routine such has exercise and a adding good prebiotic powder.I have celiac disease and cannot tolerate gluten, yeast, wheat, coloring, and most fillers used by other companies and I am happy to report that this does not cause me any sensitivity issues at all.I wish the price was lower, but I still consider it a good value because it works well for me and I hope it does for you also.

  9. JH

    I have only been taking it for a week, but, I do feel a little bit better. I just found out I have Lupus, and suspect leaky gut is the problem. After reading that this can be caused by an overgrowth of Candida – I took Oregano Oil for a week, then began probiotics. I spent a while trying to find one that seemed good quality. The swelling and pain have subsided a bit. I feel more energy – but I still have a way to go. I will update if I need to. I chose this product because it has more CFU (100 billion), and it contained digestive enzymes. I do wish it was fermented instead of freeze-dried, and I also wish it has a better capsule that would make it to the digestive tract and not possibly kill so much in my stomach acid – but – for the price – it is great quality!

  10. Ramona Funovits

    Perfect size pill, felt the physical change in days

  11. Dawn Covey

    Amazing product! I have this on subscribe and save because it’s the best probiotic I have found!

  12. Amazon Customer

    I love that it’s probiotic keeps my gut healthy while also protecting my UT!

  13. HeatherLynn

    I have tried many probiotic capsules… really like this one. No aftertaste and easy to swallow. They have improved my condition already, I feel much better. Overall I say these are worth it and I will be using them regularly as part of my daily routine now!

  14. Deborah Schnitt

    This has worked perfectly for my cronic constipation issues. Started with one every other day and saw results immediately. I’ve tried just about everything else. This is a keeper.

  15. Amazon Customer

    I like that this is 100 billion, a lot more than a lot of probiotics, and that it has additional ingredients for women. My gut has been calm since using these – much less gas and bloating.

  16. Michaela

    These probiotics helped calm and regulate my tummy and digestive system. Love that they added cranberry supplements for the women’s probiotic. It’s just another fast track to a clean and healthy system.

  17. Brandi Olson

    I am having trouble with severe inflammation and digestive issues, after taking this probiotic I have had relief and feel much better.

  18. Sheri Thompson

    Great Product and works Immediately! I’ve tried other probiotics and none compare honestly. It will regulate you and also help with shedding unwanted pounds. First week in I feel a major difference with my prior digestion issues. Invest $25 a month in your health and get this amazing product.

  19. Inisha

    Does the job. I have tried different probiotics and I think this one is a winner! The price isn’t high, which I also enjoy. The size of the pill is normal capsule size and it’s not difficult to swallow.

  20. Amanda

    Great product! They are helping heal my gut and immune system!

  21. Lisa

    I was not paid for this review, I genuinelylove these. I’m not joking when I tell you that I felt a difference within 1 day of taking them.I can’t tell you the last time I have felt this normal. Has helped with bloating and gas. I haven’t had stomach pains in a week. 😉

  22. Christina powell

    BEST thing yet!!! I had some big gas issues! I could look at a sandwich and start burping or passing gas for the next 3 hours. Also, yes, I tried to eating slowly and chew at turtle pace but always ended up with gas. Since one pill a day first thing in the morning my gas issues have almost completely stopped!!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend!

  23. Sandy Penny

    Wow, so many strains of good bacteria and enzymes. Everything I need to restore my biome in my stomach. I bought 1 bottle to try and then 3 more to continue using them. A bit pricey, but gives you a lot for the money. So far, so good.

  24. caroline c.

    I’ve tried many, many probiotics in my day and this one seems to fit the bill for all of my continual stomach/digestive issues I’ve had for years. I’ve researched the strains and the ones included in this probiotic are all critical for gut health. Additionally, I absolutely love that there are prebiotics and digestive enzymes integrated as well. So much better than taking separate pills to cover these areas. This is a great choice and I’m going to re-order!

  25. Lauren E. McWilliams

    I had a hard time losing weight and had a lot of bloating in my stomach.this product allowed me to lose weight within the first few days and got rid of all my bloating. i can finally eat and not have any pains in my gut.

  26. Kendall Clark

    This probiotic has made a difference in a matter of days. I have used other more expensive products that have not provided such quick impacts to my health and digestion. I was skeptical as i usually purchase from local health food stores, but I am very pleased.

  27. Kathyjlng

    I really like these! I used to always have IBS and other stomach problems. Since starting these my stomach is not as bloated and I’m not passing as much gas. Happy camper here!!!

  28. Britt

    Great price and great quality ingredients!! I did a lot of research before goin with this one and I am so glad I did!

  29. Kathleen

    Yours is the first probiotics I have taken with 34 strains. It covers it all. Wish it could do something about gas build up in my intestines. I had gas before using product and was hoping it would take care of it. Other than that it’s a good product

  30. Kristen

    I am on several medications for Ulcerative Colitis in which it effects my whole body. I have trouble with bowel issues still. Once I started this I have been more normal than I have been in years bowels wise!!!!!!

  31. Sunny Ariel

    So happy with my choice!At first was skeptical to buy a probiotic online but I saw many women that had similar issues as myself and I decided to give it a shot and so glad I did I take it every morning a lot of my feminine issues excited I just have to stay consistent!!I love that they have digestive benefits to this product

  32. Fabiana Mendes

    This product looks very good to me. I will take it to see the results. Thank you!

  33. julia jones

    This is great product. Works well and words within the first few days.

  34. P. Byrd

    I have tried several preobiotic and probiotics and I must say that the Wholsome Wellness brand is by far the best. After using my 1 st bottle I could tell a difference in the bloat/gas and over all digestive issues.I would recommend this product to everyone.

  35. Dr. Mary Alvarado DC, DABCI

    Very effective at rebalancing your gastrointestinal flora (microbiome).I was extremely pleased that it contains pre-biotics and urinary tract support in thewomen’s formula. Overall, highly effective with 34 different strains. Woot hoo!

  36. Melissa

    I have lost 6.5 lbs in a little over a week! This is a great product for your digestive health. I had my gallbladder removed in June of 2019 and I just seemed to keep gaining weight afterwards. I started taking this pill and all the abdominal bloating is disappearing. I highly recommend this product!!

  37. Tk

    My dr told me to get probiotics. I picked this brand have been taking for a couple weeks and so far I have not noticed any difference.

  38. Lori

    I love this product! It’s helped me to feel so much better. I have more energy and my body just feels amazing.

  39. K. Lyles

    Have only been taking this product for about a week, but it has already started correcting several issues. My constipation and irregular BM’s have improved, along with mood and energy levels that a healthy diet and exercise were having little effect on. Will definitely buy this again!!

  40. Amazon Customer

    I’m feeling more balanced and more satisfied with my digestive processes. Really helps with making better food choices. I think it’s even helping with sleep!

  41. Ro

    Buy this and kiss all your women problem’s good-bye. I spent too much time and money on ineffective probiotics and haven’t looked back since discovering these. My pH has normalized and I still take these every day.

  42. RJ

    I have always suffered from recurring uti’s and a friend of mine suggested a probiotic. This has done the trick. I have not had to use any antibiotics since starting this product. It is a little pricey in my opinion, but worth it to maintain my health in a more natural way.

  43. Amazon Customer

    I have taken these now for 3 months and very satisfied with the results.

  44. gg517

    This is my first bottle and so far it’s good. I tend to get recurrent UTIs. I have found that d mannose does help. I have also dealt with constipation off and on all my life. I love the fact that this is for women and Includes d mannose and other ingredients that help with this and yeast problems. I also feel it has been helping my stomach issues. I will continue taking this to see long term benefits

  45. Nicole G

    I have been taking these for about a week now. I wanted to try something for my constant stomach issues and trouble in the bathroom. So far, the pill is easy to swallow and no nasty after taste. I will give it a couple more weeks to see if there is any change in my stomach progress and update my review.

  46. DeeAnn

    I take one every morning , and my IBS issues aren’t nearly as bad. Cuts my symptoms in half. Keeps me regular.

  47. Suzanne

    I loved Women’s Probiotics 100 Billion CFU with Prebiotics & Digestive Enzymes & UT Protection Supplements! These supplements make my gut health feel like it is finally on point. I have tried many similar products with zero results. My digestive system feels healthy and I feel that I have more energy because of how this supplement has enriched my life.

  48. Diana

    I’ve been using this for over a month now and I like it so far. It’s easy to swallow and has helped my with my digestion. I would go regularly to the bathroom now and I feel healthier in my gut. I take it as directed but I would get a recommendation from your primary doctor first before taking any type of supplements specially if you’re pregnant or nursing.

  49. Afternoontea

    I replaced 30 billion CFU product I used to take with this product because I wanted something more concentrated. I really like this products include not only probiotics but also digestive enzyme and UT health. Very easy to take too – only 1 pill per day!

  50. Elizabeth

    Got this to aid in digestion and I believe after about a week I could really notice the difference.

  51. Vixx B

    These probiotics work magic! I had to go on a round of antibiotics so I purchased these to take in tandem with the antibiotics. I was pleasantly surprised that along with helping to replenish the good bacteria in my gut, they also helped with my regular bouts of constipation. These have kept me regular and feeling better. Will absolutely purchase again.

  52. Kemm Blogg

    So far so good. I think it is helping my stomach feel better. I have only been using it for a little over a week, so time will tell. I had no adverse reaction to it, so that is a plus.

  53. Melissa M

    No issues, happy with the probiotics. I like that it’s only 1 pill per serving since I hate taking pills in general. It’s a big bottle for the amount of pills in it though lol but maybe it’s cheaper for them to package it like that? Either way no complaints so far

  54. SaiNoMoore

    Yes I found something that works with my IBS and other women stuff as well get product easy to swallow and move on with a glass b4 dinner I was cool the next morning

  55. Marlene Plumley

    In general I like the product; I’ve bought it 6 times. It’s easy to swallow and there’s no taste.My only complaint is the packaging; the bottle is 5 times bigger than it needs to be. This is the only bottle in my vitamin regiment that is only filled 1/4 of the way. I’m very certain this is marketing – 30 day supply. I would LOVE the option to purchase a 3 month supply in the same size container.

  56. TexasMom

    I switched from another brand probiotic to this one about 6 months ago and feel that I get more benefit from this one. I’ll continue to purchase this each month.

  57. Hockeymom3288

    I’ve been looking for a complete pre/probiotic all in one that includes many strains and I found it!!! I’ve been taking this for a few months now and love it. Can tell if I forget to take it for a day or two. Love it!

  58. Sayz

    Great product that started working on day ONE! Made a huge difference in my weight loss journey. Easy to swallow with water. I take one a day, each morning and have not had any issues. I plan to purchase more.

  59. Misi

    This is my first time using probiotic and i’ll pick it any day over antibiotic. it has no side effects on me, i use it everyday. I like that it is so easy to swallow and it leaves no after taste in the mouth.

  60. C2Shopper

    I’ve always had digestive issues. These have really helped. They started working within a couple of days. No gas, no diarrhea, no stomach cramps.

  61. Amazon Customer

    I have been taking this probiotic for about 2 weeks now and I love it! It has helped to regulate me and with the bloating I have had almost everyday!! I have tried handfulls of probiotics and nothing has worked until I found this..and now it’s unavailable I am very upset and hope it becomes available soon!

  62. Gigi2three

    Truly a great product. Before taking my digestive system was a mess. Upon taking the product for a little less than a few days I started to notice a difference in how my stomach was feeling. Great highly recommended product for digestive issues. Easy to take and no gross aftertaste.

  63. momEof3

    I highly recommend this probiotic. I started taking it because I am breastfeeding and wanted to boost my probiotic levels to ease my baby’s stomach. This is SO great because I only have to take 1 and it has 100 B CFU! A lot of cheaper probiotics only have like 5-10 B CFU. And most require you take more than one. This one is a gem.

  64. Jayna Davis

    I love these probiotics! They are easy to swallow and really help my gut feel better. I have perioral dermatitis, which presents as a rash on my face, and these probiotics have helped me combat it and keep my skin clear. For the price, I couldn’t be happier!

  65. Denise R. Becknell

    I have been taking probiotics for a long time – and I tried these and was literally blown away. They are so much better than what I took before!

  66. Brianna

    These are amazing. I wish bought more when they were on sale. They are easy on the rummy and you see results within a few days of taking them. Skin looks better, energy level up & body feels in balance.I wish they sold larger qty because I don’t see myself not taking them. They are Amazing!

  67. RF.

    It’s good to take both pro and pri biotics together and that is formulated for women. I think it’s helpful for my digestive system.

  68. GCD

    I decided to try this product because I never had before. I like to switch up my probiotics in this product seem to come with all the bells and whistles! I have been using this product for a couple of weeks and I always notice within a day or two whether or not the product is working well for me. I am totally satisfied with it which is why I’m going back for the free one. Even if I do end up switching it up again to keep my body guessing, I know I will come back to this product thank you 🙂

  69. Lisa tapley

    These have a good flavor, soft. They ‘ve stayed fresh

  70. mzzbee

    Because most of us don’t get enough from our regular diets — at least I don’t

  71. Faith

    Ok… used it twice so far… not bad at all! Works within 2 hours of taking it. Some probiotics do not work right away and when they do it’s like an explosion!! This particular one is very gentle. Hopefully I have found the right probiotics for me because I’ve been going through this for a solid year! I must have about 10 bottles that do not work.

  72. Jnae

    Omg I’m so happy that I found these pills. The bloat is gone and my stomach went down soooooo much. This is my new go2!!!!!

  73. Megan

    I started taking this probiotic to restore my gut health after being on antibiotics for several weeks. Didn’t have any ill effects and my digestion got better after continued use. Highly recommend

  74. Shelli Jones

    I received my order on April 21 and began using this probiotic the very next morning. It has really eliminated bloat, fullness and other digestive issues. I am very pleased with the performance and plan to make it my go-to probiotic.

  75. M Tung

    I had belly ache for a week before I tried this product. After one pill the first day , I could sleep through the night. After 3 pills in three day,my belly ache is fine. Now I just take them once or twice a week to keep the ache from coming back. I strongly recommend this product.

  76. Tamara

    I suffer from IBS. I will need to stay on this product for a few months to see the best results. The deliverywas very timely and the capsules are easy to swallow. I look forward to getting some relief!

  77. Michael Max77

    These really helped with bloating and stomach issues. I definitely felt less puffy when I took these and would buy them again. I took these another time when on vacation since I always have upset stomach when eating out every day and it really helped.

  78. Christie Selken

    I was excited to try this probiotic and am happy with my new choice. Before this I was taking a probiotic along with another supplement for my bladder. I love that this probiotic already has a urinary supplement added to it along with probiotics for better absorption. Now I only have 1 pill to take instead of two. I highly recommend this product and will be getting another bottle!

  79. Dr. Husnu E. Kaynak

    I like the product and it helps with digestion and does not bloat me like some other products do.

  80. Helton Neves

    it has a good price, good presentation, and the FDA approves! This is the most important thing for me!

  81. Mike buss

    I love that it’s a digestive enzyme as well as a probiotic. I’ve struggled with digestive issues for years and this is a great product to have in your arsenal. Buy it!

  82. k.n

    This is a great product! All in one formula for women, easy to take everyday. I have acid reflux and most vitamins and supplements aggravate my stomach further, but this probiotic actually helps with all my stomach issues including digestion and bloat! Love the added digestive enzymes and urinary health ingredients! Has everything I was looking for and I believe the first thing we need to invest in is good health. Try it! No cons for me.

  83. Melissa Hood

    I took these during a parasite cleanse. I’m trying to bring my GI tract to better health. I feel my digestive health is improving.

  84. Momma J.

    I cannot believe the difference in my health since taking a quality probiotic! I have no idea how messed up my system was until a friend recommended taking something. This is made a huge difference in my bloating and overall well-being

  85. Sasha M

    I gave this to a friend that just started taking antibiotics and was having severe diarrhea. Immediately she started feeling better. These really do work. I’m definitely going to start taking these on a the regular.

  86. john m

    34 strains and 100 billion per capsule males these the best for the $$ Wait for deals that pop up occasionally and get on a monthly subscription to reduce the price.

  87. Ellen Papuga

    Worked within a couple of days. Bloating and gas is greatly reduced and already producing more comfortable bathroom habits. I believe it is helping the Urinary tract issues as well. I’ve only been taking for about 5 days so those are the only benefits I’ve noted so far.

  88. Santana

    I have IBS and been trying to find something to make me more regular and reduce gas and bloating. I have tried many different supplements/ drink mixes. This is the first one I have tried that has been consistent. I noticed a major improvement after a week of taking this consistently. I will continue to take this!

  89. Heather Redland

    I like that this product has it all in one!

  90. Merfree

    These keep me regular, TMI, but seriously if you know, you know. It’s been a struggle and I”ve tried many pro-b’s. My immunity seems to be much improved now, as I have stayed well for a very long time. I love these. Better than Garden of Life and less expensive! Highly recommend.

  91. Jessie

    So far i really like these probiotics. Definitely improved my digestion as I feel more energized. I like that they are shelf stable and have probiotics and enzymes as well. I used to take a pre and probiotic as well as an enzyme and UT health blend. I have switched to just taking this with my daily multivite. Thank you for saving me time and money by conveniently bundling these ingredients.

  92. Rachel Patrick

    I would compare it to garden of life, but less costly. I don’t get impressed easily by probiotics because they never have enough strains or CFUs. This product has 100 Billion CFUs and plenty of strains with shelf stability, enzymes, and prebiotics. You can’t get better than that people. And the bacteria definitely survives on shelf because as soon as it started hitting my system, I could feel the benefits immediately.

  93. Misskapibara

    If you are looking to buy a probiotic product- this one is the best I’ve tried so far. It’s great quality, formulated specially for women, has added prebiotics and digestive enzymes. I am very satisfied! It’s part of my self-care now.

  94. SAF

    Keeps my bowels regular and healthy. I have tried many different brands.

  95. Dion Mahan

    I didn’t think this product was going to be any help to me at all, but boy was I wrong it helped me a lot. I had a B.O down stares, acid reflux, and bad breath that wouldn’t go away, after a week of taking this product all those problems are now gone.

  96. Latoria J.

    The probiotics work very well. Usually probiotics make me a little gassy but this one didn’t. I just wish it was a little cheaper especially since you would have to take it daily to see a real change

  97. KC

    I switched to this probiotic a month ago and have already noticed a difference. In addition to what all probiotics are supposed to do, it seems to have sped up my metabalism, which I was not expecting but am thrilled about! The size of the pill is good and it’s easy to swallow.

  98. Oak Island, NC

    I started taking this hoping it would help with my toe nail fungus…nope. But I don’t have nausea or abdominal pain and diarrhea anymore!

  99. Paungmara Reuk

    I expected the bottle to be alittle bigger but this Product really does What it says. At first, I was Skeptical but after a Week of taking them after a meal each day, I noticed my stomach bloating went away and I feel so much better.

  100. janice champion

    So far I can honestly say these probiotics are easy to swallow and I have not experienced any of my normal nightly stomach discomfort since I begain taking them. I love the fact they are time released, I only need to take 1 a day and no refrigeration required. I highly recommend these to all my friends and I’ve already ordered some for my Mom and daughter to try. Best I have tried by far.

  101. Jennifer

    I just received these and am anxious to see how much they help. Probiotics are so beneficial in correcting gut problems and boosting immunity. I took my first dose, which was easy to swallow and will review again after I have had time to see how they work. I really like that they are targeted for women.

  102. Courtney Newell

    I didn’t like these… they caused unfavorable side effects with my body. Even gave my daughter issues bc I’m breastfeeding. Only took them for 5 days and stopped bc of the issue’s they were causing. I think they were just too strong. Not their fault though so still good company/product just not for me.

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