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  • PREMIUM MEN’S WHOLE FOOD FORMULA: Only Natural Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K ★ Natural Organic Fruit, Vegetable, Mushroom, Herbal, Citrus Bio, Digestive Enzyme, Probiotic, Omega, & Green SuperFood Blends ★ Non GMO ★ Gluten-Free ★ Does NOT Contain Soy, Gelatin, Egg, Dairy or Caffeine ★ Veggie ★ No Additives or Fillers ★ Made in the USA
  • COMPLETE MEN’S HEALTH SUPPORT: Supports Immunity ★ Boosts Metabolism & Energy ★ Male Heart, Brain & Prostate Health ★ Reduces Inflammation & Stress ★ Promotes Healthy Synergy Immune Response & Wellness ★ Aids Vision, Digestion & Bone Strength. Extend your health and stay alive and healthier.
  • NATURAL FOOD-BASED INGREDIENTS: Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry (natural Ascorbic Acid), Vegan D3 from Natural Ergocalciferol, B12 as Natural Cyanocobalamin, Active B6, B Complex Fermented in Alive Probiotics, ★ Multiple Minerals Essentials: Plant-Based Mineral Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc & Potassium, and 50+ other whole-food ingredients. All these ingredients are compacted into a natural tablet shape that is easy to take and doesn’t leak or spill, unlike capsules.
  • STRONG ANTIOXIDANTS: Turmeric/Curcumin, Ginger, Ginkgo Biloba, Grapeseed, Green Tea, Ceylon Cinnamon, Lycopene, Lutein, Rutin, Astaxanthin & CoQ10 ★ Extract Herbs, Greens Superfoods, Kale, Digestive Enzymes, High Potency Ingredients & Raw Nutrients. In rare cases, side effects may include nausea, lethargy, cramping, or dizziness.
  • STILL NOT SURE? DON’T WORRY! – As a small family business, we fully understand the uncertainty and risk of trying new naturals multivitamins supplements garden products. This, together with our confidence that you will be happy with our one Whole Food Multivitamins Tablet, we offer you a Full 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Try risk-free!

The Nutrition Designed Specifically For Men

Eating is more than just putting food in our mouth — it’s the synergy of all the nutrients involved to energize your body to overcome daily challenges. However, most men nowadays struggle to maintain proper nutrition, mainly because of two apparent reasons: poor food choices and conflicting priorities. Indeed, this “disconnect” caused many to compromise their overall health and take chances on diets that could not supply the right nutrition their body needs.

We understand that this “health hurdle” must be defeated to bring back the vigor and vitality of our lives. Although “lack of time” and “daily life trials” could lead us to opt with bad choices, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do about it.

Our Wholefood Multi-Vitamin Supplement is specifically designed to power men with the much-needed nutrients to support their overall health and well-being. We’ve formulated a unique approach to nutrition, maximizing over 40 whole food sources and 8 different blends of nutrition — such as vegetable, fruit, mushroom, citrus bio, digestive enzymes, probiotics, omega, green & wholefood, and herb — to obtain the full potential of nutrients present in food

By cultivating nature’s abundance of nutrients, you’ll receive all the essential vitamins and minerals in its purest and cleanest form. Undoubtedly, there’s no other way to restore healthy living than using nature’s goodness. Now, it’s your time to experience “good nutrition” and witness how it could dramatically change your life!


Our WholeFood Recipe For Better Nourishment

It’s indisputable that unhealthy eating habits cause many to lose their grip on wellness gradually. Consequently, this problem led people to accept that “staying healthy” is costly. It’s time to change that narrative and reintroduce nutrition back into your system. Here’s what goes into our WholeFood Multi-Vitamin Supplement to help you make that radical change.


The food you eat does more than just fill your belly — it also provides the necessary nutrients needed to thrive in life. Henceforth, it is essential to think of the nourishment you get from your diet, aside from just fulfilling the need to conquer hunger. Your WholeFood Multi-Vitamin Supplement contains a complete combination of vitamins A to K and essential minerals to supply your body with the required nutrients for optimal health. Plus, we source our ingredients from premium, high-quality, and plant-based nutrients only, to allow you to relish the full benefits of proper nutrition.


If mother nature can talk, she’ll say to consume your fruits and vegetables in whole food form. Why? That’s because foods grown organically packs the richest and healthiest nutrients compared to synthetic ones. Unlike most supplements available today, we stay true to our commitment to providing you with “natural nutrients,” not substitutes, to supply your daily dietary needs. From using organic Acerola Cherries to source the most natural vitamin C to plant-based antioxidants to cleanse and fortify your overall health, we derive everything from nature’s treasured food source.


The primary advantage of using whole food supplements to nourish your body is to harness the vast array of nutrients that are typically not included in your daily diet. For example, mushrooms, herbals, and citrus bio are the kinds of food you occasionally consume, possibly because of inaccessibility or lack of time to prepare. However, these food sources pack the most value of nutrients that are essential in maintaining optimal health. Hence, to maximize the nourishment offered by our WholeFood Supplement, we include premium ingredients sourced from “out of the ordinary dishes” that contain high-value nutrients to increase the nutritional benefits you’ll receive.


Superfoods are what we call the “stars of nutrition.” They pack the most value in terms of nutritional benefits at minimal calories. There are many foods classified as superfoods today, but one thing they have in common is they’re mostly plant-based. Aside from containing the highest nutritional density, superfoods are the most abundant source of antioxidants. Of course, in nourishing your body, it should be the perfect blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and fluids to attain optimal health. Hence, our WholeFood Supplement takes advantage of these “powerful source” of nutrients in delivering the goods in your body. To expand your nourishment even further, we’ve added eight different nutritional organic blends: Vegetable, Fruit, Mushroom, Citrus Bio, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotic, Omega, Green & WholeFood, and Herb.


Probiotics are excellent health promoters and are beneficial in keeping everything balanced, including your heart, mind, and immune system. You see, your gut is your body’s fueling station, “the one” which every organ depends on to supply the required energy to perform their function. It maximizes the nourishment needed to reinforce good health since it allocates the right amount of nutrients to all recipients. Introducing this essential ingredient to the formulation fortifies the break down of food to harness adequate nutrition, which is the fundamental cornerstone of every individual’s health.


We don’t want to waste good nutrition. Hence, to maximize the nourishment you receive from us, it is equally essential to introduce ways to better the nutrient’s absorption. And what better way to do so than taking advantage of plant-based digestive enzymes from fruits and vegetables. Of course, that’s not all the intention of adding digestive enzymes in the formulation. We intend to aid the full spectrum of nourishment to help you achieve a vibrant and healthy life. With better absorption and the proper amount of digestive enzymes, the effect is all interconnected. You’ll get clearer skin, better gut mobility, less stress, and better mental acuity.


The Life-Changing Benefits of Good Nutrition

Not everyone has the luxury of time to carry out “health-giving routines,” especially in today’s fast-paced and demanding world. Our WholeFood Multi-Vitamin Supplement mission is to supply everyone with the right nutrition regardless of the situation and bring back wellness in the most convenient way. Here’s how:


A healthy lifestyle starts with good digestion. And the reason is relatively simple: it breaks down the food we consume into vital nutrients for our body to fuel various functions. However, once the get-go itself starts to fail, most likely, the rest would face the consequences. We understand the importance of proper digestion and its crucial role in the delivery of nutrients. Hence, to support our body’s digestive system and to maximize nutrient absorption, we’ve designed our product with the right nutritional artillery needed to empower the gut’s health. Our formulation contains four essential vitamins, such as vitamins B, D, C, and E, including probiotics and digestive enzymes, to heighten the stomach in dissolving food for overall nourishment.


Maintaining your prostate’s health is more than just to secure healthy reproduction; it is also necessary to lower the risks of developing prostate problems that go along with aging. Currently, prostate health is a growing concern among men, and prevention mostly circumvents on keeping a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, including regular exercise to reduce the possibility of developing complications. An excellent example of this diet is the Mediterranean, wherein it incorporates high levels of healthy oils and fiber and low levels of saturated fats. The problem, however, not everyone has access to such a well-rounded menu daily. And since adopting healthy eating habits plays a crucial role in the prevention of developing prostate problems, one of the best ways to mitigate this concern is supplementation. Our WholeFood Supplement packs a complete list of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants crucial to preserving the prostate gland’s integrity and supporting its overall health. The right nutrients added in our product creates a positive effect in maintaining the prostate’s function.


Nothing can beat a healthy heart — both emotionally and physically. Hence, it is equally essential to supply it with the right nutrients to protect its precious beats. Indeed, maintaining a healthy diet can improve the odds of living long and well, but the million-dollar question is: are you getting enough? Tons of food help promote a healthy heart, such as leafy green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, to name a few. But, what if you’ll pack all heart-healthy food sources into one? That’s where our WholeFood Multi-Vitamin Supplement takes a better advantage. With the abundance of essential vitamins and minerals that are known to reinforce heart health, you’ll double the amount of protection. In other words, your heart remains happy, healthy, and full of love from all the nutrients it receives.


Our brain is a complex organ filled with great dreams and endless pursuits. It comes up with creative ways to express thoughts and feelings, recall memories, coordinate movements, and even perform the most bizarre things you don’t even think are possible. But those incredible powers can be quickly taken for granted, and before you know it, it starts to decline or fritz. There’s no magic pill to prevent the brain from dwindling; however, that doesn’t mean we can’t slow down the inevitable. The most emphasized strategy to sustain the brain’s healthy function is following a healthy dietary pattern, including foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and antioxidants. Other vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, CoQ10, and calcium also play a vital role in fortifying the active vitamins and minerals to perform their function and supporting various bodily processes that contribute to the brain’s healthy functioning. With that being said, to successfully attain all brain-supporting nutrients in one go, our product contains all these essential nutrients to avoid disparities from affecting the brain. Through this initiative of sustaining the brain’s nutritional needs, we can hold up the development of brain-related problems that could pose as a hindrance to an active and happy life.


“Eat your carrots; they’ll help you see better.” That’s probably the most favorite phrase your mom used to say at lunchtime. Though that doesn’t make any sense to you before, the point is, eating the right food that benefits the eyes serves as a protective function. But to give your mom’s wisdom better enlightenment, carrots are rich in beta-carotene and other fruits and vegetables like orange hue, sweet potatoes, winter squash, and more. Beta-carotene is a type of vitamin A known to help the retina and other parts of the eye function correctly. However, vitamin A is not entirely the nutrient you’ll need to protect the eyes’ health. You will need the right blend of nutrients in your diets, such as omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamins C and E, to safeguard better eyesight. To make these nutrients available 24/7, our WholeFood Multi-Vitamin Supplement is loaded with the perfect blend of eyes-supporting nutrients to maintain visual acuity.


The liver and kidney are the “toxic busters” of your body. They keep everything balanced and cleaned, from the conversion of nutrients to the

regulation of mineral content. In a sense, both play a crucial role in the body’s sophisticated nutrient delivery system to ensure all recipients get their share of nutrients. Hence, you need to treat them right so they’ll stay healthy and perform their jobs correctly. And what better way to complement their prominent work by feeding them with the right nutrients. Adding our WholeFood Multi-Vitamin Supplement in your daily diet keeps your liver and kidney happy. By delivering a complete list of renal vitamins and minerals to protect both organs’ vulnerable state, it relieves the possibility of developing liver- and kidney-related complications to maintain overall health.


As they say, metabolism is the holy grail of all weight watchers. Some inherited excellent metabolism, while others need to take the extra mile to burn calories. And truth be told, that people with poor metabolism often sort to grueling diet reduction. However, eating less doesn’t answer the calling of losing weight — it is more about the attention you give to the nutrients you consume to support your metabolism to burn your way to fitness. That’s where our WholeFood Supplement takes a better advantage; by supplying the essential nutrients needed to assist your metabolism in processing food for a much effective weight loss program. It contains weight-supporting vitamins and minerals that you don’t often consume in your diet to help you achieve your dream body.


There are tons of recommendations you’ll see in the ever-extensive list of the bro-science bible. From binging all thy proteins to differentiating the micros from the macros, you’ll surely get yourself lost in all kinds of gaining and training advice. But one thing’s definite; you can change your body’s composition through proper diet and nutrition. As they say, “commit to the 80% nutrition – 20% fitness rule” to see the best results. Our product packs a sizable amount of nutrients built to assist in achieving those guns. With the perfect blend of protein and other muscle-building vitamins and minerals like calcium, biotin, omega-3, and more, it reinforces a large-scale form of nutrition for better muscle functions.


Diet and mental health are synonymous with each other. That’s because the food we eat affects not only our physical stability but also our positive state of mind and overall wellbeing. Choosing the right food helps sustain the mind of its peace against stressors that exist around us. The nutrients it receives from the diet we consumed daily are its basis, whether it’ll stay energized or worried. To keep your mind balanced against unpredictable life circumstances, our WholeFood Multivitamin Supplement helps you maintain the right nutrients to preserve your mood, mental clarity, and relief.


The secret for longer-lasting energy is to eat foods that help increase the body’s energy levels, not just to fill the belly. Slow-release foods are a type of nutrition that contributes significantly to preserving energy after eating since it avoids lags or is absorbed by the body slowly. Our WholeFood Multivitamin Supplement is enriched with the nutrients found in foods like whole grains, high-fiber vegetables, and healthy oils. Plus, it aids in the digestion of nutrients to maximize absorption, which results in better distribution of energy.


Inflammation is both a friend and an enemy. First, when your body faces an attack from foreign invaders, your immune system takes action and contains these pathogens, microbes, or chemicals through the process called inflammation. However, when inflammation persists even without an attacker, that’s when it becomes a problem. The best way to balance inflammation is through anti-inflammatory diets that could reduce the risks of developing sickness. But, mind you, there are also foods present in your diet that could induce inflammation, such as sodas, refined carbohydrates, and more. Our WholeFood Multivitamin Supplement contains the essential vitamins and minerals found in anti-inflammatory diets that preserve and balance the body’s inflammation. It includes a mixture of healthy greens and plant-based antioxidants that could reduce inflammation levels to attain overall health


Here’s the list of ingredients used in the formulation of our product, including its source and purpose, to better understand the life-changing benefits it provides.

Natural Food-based Ingredients:


  • Vitamin A – Sourced from natural beta-carotene found in pigmented plants and fruits like carrots and colorful vegetables. Vitamin A is essential for cell growth, immunity, and vision.
  • Vitamin B12 – is found in animal products only, but our WholeFood Multivitamin Supplement sourced vitamin B12 naturally from active Methylcobalamin. Vitamin B12 keeps the nerve and blood cells healthy.
  • Vitamin B6 – found naturally in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, we sourced our formulation from natural Pyridoxine. Vitamin B6, along with other B vitamins, helps turn food into energy and maintain brain health.
  • Vitamin B Complex – is the building block of a healthy body. Sourced from fermented alive probiotics, it plays a crucial role in regulating energy levels, brain function, and metabolism.
  • Vitamin C – We source our vitamin C from Organic Acerola Cherries, which is known to possess high levels of natural Ascorbic Acid. Vitamin C is famously known as the immunity superstar that protects the body. It is also essential in the growth and repair of tissues, including skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels, to maintain its youth and integrity.



  • Vitamin D3 – Sourced from natural Ergocalciferol, vitamin D3 is essential to keep the bone strong and ensure its healthy development.
  • Vitamin E – is a common nutrient found in most foods today. In supplement form, it is listed as natural d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, which is the non-synthetic form of vitamin E. Vitamin E nutrient is a formidable antioxidant that protects the tissue from damages caused by free radicals. It also plays a significant role in the maintenance of the immune system.
  • Vitamin K1 and K2 – Vitamin K1 is sourced from leafy greens and vegetables, while K2 is from liver and meat. Vitamin K1 and K2 are essential in preventing excessive bleeding. It is also seen as a competent bone supporter the precludes the development of osteoporosis. Multiple Minerals Essentials (Plant-based):
  • Calcium – Natural Calcium Carbonate derived from Algae, which is the healthiest option, unlike crushed rocks. Calcium is essential to maintain strong bones and support the muscles’ movement for better mobility.
  • Magnesium – Sourced from organic spinach, tamarind, edamame, and more, magnesium is necessary to maintain the body’s proper function. In fact, over 300 chemical reactions depend on magnesium to operate, such as the heart’s healthy rhythm, balancing of blood sugar, keeping the cartilage’s integrity, and more.
  • Selenium – Sourced from naturally occurring amino acid or L-selenomethionine, selenium is essential to make a particular protein called antioxidant enzymes that prevent cell damage.
  • Zinc – Sourced from organic grains, zinc helps in fortifying the immune system and promotes cell growth and division. It also plays an essential role in wound healing and the breakdown of carbohydrates.


Strong Antioxidants


  • Turmeric/Curcumin – Sourced from organic Curcuma longa root, known as a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
  • Ginger – Sourced from the organic ginger root extract used for holistic treatment of nausea, muscle pain, lower cholesterol, and more.
  • Gingko Biloba – A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps relieve early signs of anxiety and depression, along with other conditions including blood pressure, neuropathy, PMS, and more.
  • Grapeseed – Organic grape seed extract is known to aid poor circulation and promote brain health.
  • Green Tea – Organic green tea contains healthy bioactive compounds that are well known
  • Ceylon Cinnamon – A herbal medicine used to reduce spasms, stimulate appetite, and fight infections.
  • Lycopene – Tomatoes are sumptuous in lycopene, the most potent antioxidant that improves heart health.
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin – Sourced from Marigold flowers, this unique antioxidant contributes to the maintenance of healthy cells in the eyes.
  • Rutin – Source from organic black olives, rutin is popular to strengthen the blood vessels.
  • Astaxanthin & CoQ10 – Derived from plant-based Algae, this compound is known to contribute to the skin, heart, and brain health.



It is our passion to deliver nourishment — the healthiest and most convenient way. Here’s how we create our formulation to give you a clear picture of its safety and effectivity.


To ensure your product’s safety and efficacy, we’ve partnered with third-party testers to obtain an honest and unbiased evaluation of our product. It is our mission to provide you only with clean and guarded nutrition through adhering to the USP Good Manufacturing Practices.


To ensure the safety of the product, we’ve extended our expertise on delivering nutrition clean and pure, as if it’s plucked out straight from nature’s soil. We believe that proper nutrition can only be achieved through nature’s goodness, etched in the history of humanity. Therefore, we’re proud to say that over manufacturing is 100% free from harmful chemicals like GMOs or hormones to secure your way to nourishment.


One of the reasons people stay uncommitted to wellness is hard to swallow, unpleasant taste of supplements. To make this experience friendly and exciting to you, we’ve designed our product to cater to all people, regardless of how picky your taste buds are. We ensure that our WholeFood Multivitamin Supplement is easy to take and 100% no taste.


Nothing can beat a quality product, and we know it is essential for you to know where your product is sourced. Hence, we’re proud to let your know that our manufacturing is 100% USA made to ensure the highest standard in bottling nourishment.


You are what you eat. Your food choices reflect the outcome of your overall health in the future. And if you take it for granted, you’ll surely reap what you sow. Inaccessibility should not be an excuse to compromise health since nature has the abundance of “free” goodness designed to keep you healthy and strong. All you need to do is have an open mind to make radical changes and the bravery to commit.

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124 reviews for Whole Food Multivitamin for Men

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    Great vitamins loaded with wholesome nutrition. Only problem is they are pretty crumbly and taste like a vitamin. Great for nutrition, not so much on taste.

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    Only have taken them for one week so kinda hard to review but my bowel movements started out green the same color as the vitamin but after about 4 days they are normal now. Big vitamin and really don’t like taking twice a day too much like a medication regimen. Can’t totally review good or not so good at this point.

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    Best multivitamin I have ever ordered . Easy to swallow and I feel great and energized when I am keeping up with my 2 year toddler. I’m 54 years old and Wholesome Wellness multivitamin keeps feeling awesome. I recommend it to all my friends and family.

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    The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of the price. I love the ingredients, and am an advocate for “whole food” supplements as these are. But I likely will not reorder again because they are really expensive compared to the previous brand I used (but that brand has kind of disappeared.) I will be keeping my eyes out for a more affordable alternative.

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    I’m so glad that I found Wholesome Wellness Whole Food Multivitamin for Men! My doctor has recommended a multivitamin with iron because I’m slightly anemic. All of the other big name brand multivitamins for men don’t include iron in their formulations. I’m so glad that Wholesome Wellness has a formulation based on Nature’s balance for a man’s body. I’ll definitely be ordering more!

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    This whole food multivitamin is incredible! I got the women’s version for myself and for my mom and the results have been surprisingly impressive. So I HAD to get the men’s version for my dad, and it’s improved his overall focus, motivation, energy and health. I LOVE the natural, organic whole food ingredients and the immune-boosting herbs and probiotics. Incredibly, it’s improved my mom’s osteoarthritis hip pain, my dad’s leg pain and my overall chronic pain.I’ve recommended this multivitamin to so many people and I’d recommend it to you too! The tablets are a little on the large side, but not bad at all. Try it!

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    Before I used to have palpitations and I tire very easily so my doctor advised me to take nutritional supplement to keep my heart in the pink of health. True enough this product, with all the right vitamins and minerals in it made me feel less stressed out and fatigue which helped my heart become stabilized, unlike before when it was being forced within its limits to cope with the stress of my body which strained my breathing. This also helped me get the number of sleep I need for healthy blood circulation which was what my heart needed to get going properly. I tell you, this is one good product that won’t put a dent in your wallet!! Highly recommended!

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    I was very happy with my last multi-vitamin. During my search, I located this Wholesome Wellness multi-vitamin and was very impressed by the reviews and even more impressed with the fact it is 100% organic and 100% vegan. I’ve been taking for about 2 weeks so far and no complaints. While I prefer softgels because they are easier to swallow, I understand tablets allow the most nutrient-dense vitamin.It will be good if they figure out how to take less product from 4 a day to maybe 2 in AM and 2 in PM seems to be too much. Another option here could be to provide a 60 or 90 day bottle.Move away from tablet and move to a capsule. A capsule is more easily digested by the body vs. a tablet.Not many supplements have a noticeable difference, however, I really do feel a difference both physically & mentally…..and it feels good !I can say that I am happy with them. And have suffered no negative affects from stomach upset. The ingredients are great and Vegan too. Not synthetic as well.I love the fact its 100% organic and made with real fruits and vegetables. I have tried one other brand that compares to this but I honestly prefer this brand will be buying again in the future!

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    I’ve tried a handful of brands already, but I still go back to this! Why? It just has way more ingredients than the other brands on the market. As a fitness enthusiast, I follow a clean diet, and I always exercise, no excuses.Supplements are a great addition to my lifestyle and It took me some time to realize this is probably one of the best in the market because of the ingredients it contains.Here’s what I have discovered about the product…● Food-based. The supplement label has everything you need. I like that I get a hint of everything from swallowing 1 pill. Fruits, vegetables, omega-3, antioxidants, and more make up the entire product. There was a time that I went for synthetic, and I didn’t like it. It smelled funny…● Brings out energy in me and helps me get deeper sleep. It took some time for the results to be noticeable but it eventually did. When I started taking the pills, my mind is more crisp because of the better quality sleep. I feel energized even after work. 9 pm gym sessions after a work day? no problem… It was a lot easier to multi-task too● It can shed weight. As I’ve said, I’m on a diet always before the summer time, and this works well with my body type I switched to other products, but came back to this. The results are rewarding● Normalizes my metabolism consistently. I used to suffer from constipation 3-4 times a day, and it has been a problem for years… After taking this product, I only go once a day now.Here are its imperfections.● Hard to swallow without water or beverage. This is usually the negative side of taking supplements. What I did to fix this was instead, I mixed it with fruit juices or smoothies. I make sure it’s flavored so I won’t taste the pillI wouldn’t trade my wholefood multivitamins with any synthetic nutrients. All in all, I am glad that I found this product.

  32. Joelle

    I’ve been using this brand of wholefood multivitamin in the past before I was pregnant in early 2018. After my baby girl Leah came out, I resorted to these capsules for an entire 5 month postpartum. I am quite a unique person, I am severely allergic to shrimp and shell fish. I needed to find a product that can work with my body. These capsules fit the bill exactly with all the organic fruit blends they offer in the product, along with COQ, Zinc and other healthy ingredients. I haven’t experienced any yellow color’d urination which made me feel all the better. My energy levels have gone to super mom levels recently since taking 5 months of these capsules consistently. Before taking these, I’ve been crashing around 10 pm throughout the week. These pills have elevated my energy levels so much I am falling asleep at midnight… but still I am able to wake up at my desired 8 am feeling fresh and ready to take on the day! I was also worried the prenantal would give me unwanted hair growth after I stopped taking them but this prenatal has allowed my body to not deplete nutrients so my hair has not been shedding as much! It’s amazing to see these results. I didn’t notice it in the first few weeks, but definitely after using it for 2-3 months, you can feel the nourishment. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quality product. It’s been effective for me so far. Will be back to report in a few weeks!

  33. brian

    I don’t feel any different but I think it does what it does.

  34. River coke

    Super awesome multivitamin, lots of great stuff stuffed into such an easy to get down tablet, I even chewed a few and the flavor isn’t bad, cant wait to see what else this Conpany has to offer.

  35. Barmanmiami

    I have been taking vitamins since I was a kid and it has been a part of my routine. I used vitamins to provide me with energy, protection, and as a source of diet. At first, what I take are the regular multivitamins you can find at local stores. Just recently, I happen to run into an old friend. We had a long talk and that’s where he told about the whole food multivitamins. According to him, it is way better than the usual vitamins that I have been taking. He says that whole food multivitamins can provide the much needed bioavailable nutrients because they are made with the most natural sources.Having discovered this, I decided to give it a try and switched to whole food multivitamins. Since I started using this product 2 weeks ago, I have felt considerable improvement on my body. Full disclosure, I live a healthy way of life (I diet, I exercise, I do not smoke, drink the occasional beer once in a while and I make sure I have enough sleep) but I never had a liking to vegetables. I do eat some but if I can, I don’t. So basically, the whole food multivitamin is perfect for me.As I said, after two weeks, I felt like I have more energy in me, I can accomplish more things (considerably), Usually after my daily workout, I just want to rest and relax to get back the energy that I spent. Now, I not only have extended my workout time, but after it, I am still able to accomplish many more tasks. This is a wonder vitamin! To top it all, since I seldom eat vegetables, I have very little fiber in my body and therefore, I do have some problems with my bowel movement. A few weeks into my new whole food vitamins and it’s like I never had problems in bowel movement. My digestion has never been this good. Going to the toilet is no longer an issue, I don’t have to spend a long time cleansing my gut and relieving my stomach Perfect!I feel confident with my health as I rely on this multivitamin for my daily source of nutrients. This product is 5 stars for me!!

  36. Tanya74

    I work long hours in the field and always depend on my multivitamins to help me go through my days. Around a month ago, I read an article about the difference while food and synthetic vitamins and it really opened my eyes. I’ve always been taking synthetic ones. I’m a no fuss kind of gal and thought if I take my vitamins, I’m fine. For the longest time I thought I was taking the best already.My job is physically and mentally demanding. Most of the time, I can’t get a decent meal in and when I say decent I mean health. While at work, I always go for quick meals like fast food because I want something more convenient. In short, I relied on my multivitamins to give my body what it needs. Until I read about the Whole Foods vitamins, what it’s made of and what it can do for me, then I decided to make the switch.Three weeks in now, I can say this is the best multivitamin I’ve tried. I though whole food was just a marketing term but seeing the results for myself, I can really say there a big difference. I have invigorated energy, I’m mentally sharper, and overall, just feel better physically and mentally. I must admit though, this is more expensive than the bottle I used to take, but it’s not a big issue given the results.Believe me, multivitamins are not all the same! I’ve learned that the hard way, seven long years! I recommend this to anyone who really needs the energy as well as those who have hectic schedules and can’t always eat healthily. Although for me, I’ve also been eating better to really maximize the effects of these vitamins. I hope the good effects continue working on me!

  37. Amazon Customer

    Have been looking for a multi -vitamin that has fruits and vegetables as ingredients . Feel it greatly increases how it will be absorbed . This is all organic and quality . The hard part is reading the label . Keep finding more ingredients as I study label.

  38. Zafarjon Bozorov

    So far so good. It’s been 2 days since taking these tablets and I feel great already. Let’s see my overall health after a month.

  39. Sam neace

    My best friend and I have been called the Bash Brothers.  This is not because we bash or hurt people but we do eat and drink a lot that gives the impression that we have bashed the whole place because of the volume of what we ate and drank.  My parents, having been aware of the toxic items I eat and drink have actually pushed me to take Wholefood Multivitamins to at least protect my liver and kidney from my constant abuse.  At first I never really gave much attention to it.  At a young age of 28 years old, what could possibly happen to me?  Yes, I was arrogant and stupid.  Good thing my parents would never take no for an answer and so they made me say yes to their silly idea.  They ordered the Wholefood Multivitamins as I continued to do my thing; eat and drink. When the product was delivered, through my parent’s constant watch, I was forced to take the vitamins religiously.  While I did feel some improvement on my overall feeling, I still did not make a big fuss out of it and during one of our night out of eating and drinking my friend was not feeling good so we had to go home early.  The next day I checked on him and he was having abdominal cramps, nausea and fatigue.  When he had himself checked-up, it was confirmed that he has a liver disease.  As I think of it now, it was a great thing that my parents made me take those multivitamins regularly because now I feel that it has saved me from that mishap that happened to my friend.  True or not, I now feel the benefits that this wholefood multivitamins had given my body and I am thankful to my parents for pushing me to take it regularly.  I think it’s about time to do some changes in my routine.

  40. Calvin B.

    It’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t. Perfect.

  41. Christopher

    I think this is a great product

  42. kevon dupont

    Very good vitamins. Really like the amount of ingredients that go into the pills. Pills are very easy to swallow. Smaller than some other vitamin pills I’ve tried. Only downside of these is having to take 4 a day to get full nutrients. Overall highly recommended.

  43. Ryan Muring

    I have medicines that keep my sugar levels at bay, with the right food, exercise and maintenance pills, I regulate and keep my BP normal. But for my brain health, I do not have the slightest idea. I have seen many products but I don’t know what will be the best for me. There are hundreds of them. Luckily, I have an aunt that takes brain supplements and she recommended Wholefood Multivitamins For Men. Looking it up in the internet, I saw how this product has been highly praised by reviewers. This kind of triggered my curiosity and so I ordered a bottle to give it a try.When the product was delivered, I immediately started taking the wholefood multivitamins. I was really hoping for this product to work so that I no longer have to scout for other products. My aunt has been a very reliable person so I’m keeping my hopes up. By the end of the first week, I started noticing that my concentration has begun to dial up a notch. Now when I focus on a certain thing, I stay focused on that thing! As days passed, now I notice that I learn much faster and that my level of comprehension has improved!! Months have passed and still, my brain health is at its optimum condition!! What’s more is that aside from improving my brain health, I feel great and now I have more energy!! I can do more things and I no longer get tired easily. It sure has provided so many health benefits to me in general. I guess this proves it. Once again, my favorite aunt has made the perfect recommendation. I have actually improved a lot when it comes to brain health with this wholefood multivitamins. I am so satisfied with this product that it is now a part of my daily diet.

  44. nikki preis

    I have been down in the dumps, especially much recently with everything that’s been happening around me influencing my moods, as well as my personal and professional life. I was recently informed that the lack of nutrition and care I’ve invested in my body has resulted in my hormones going bonkers which is what’s been causing my depression as well as my low self-esteem and my almost sluggish nature. I was caught awry at these findings because while I don’t take special care of my mental state, I do make it a point to eat healthily and get in some exercise at least once or twice a week, so hearing this about me was very surprising indeed. I consulted my neighbor who is a good friend of mine on what I can do to remedy the situation because I can’t get sick or become unavailable due to the nature of my work and I was advised to try out wholefood multivitamins which are supplements that are made with non-GMO and quality ingredients that are similar in nutritional value to more traditional vitamins but with the added benefit of having minerals that are beneficial to people with anxiety, depression and unstable moods. It fit my needs to a tee so I committed to trying these vitamins out for a month or two, which I think is a fair assessment of any multivitamin product. On the very day of taking the vitamins, I immediately noticed that I was feeling a little bit more alert than usual and after 3 hours, I noticed that I was feeling much lighter, as if the cloud hanging over my head decided to move somewhere else. Everything else seemed brighter and I definitely felt healthier – if that makes sense. I’ll continue to test these vitamins out and I will update my review if anything changes.

  45. oscar

    So far it’s been great after a few weeks of use no upset stomach. Will continue to use the product.

  46. Rakesh

    I have been taking multivitamins for over 20 years. This is first multivitamin I have bought made from fruits & vegetables . I like the taste of these vitamin tablets. These supplements truly supplement deficiency of many vitamins one may not get in daily food diet.

  47. Iceprincess231

    I’m not exactly what you would call a multivitamin connoisseur, at the very most I’ve probably at least attended a Herbalife conference because the recruiter was a little cute (hahaha) but I do have some modicum of experience with a few brands of multivitamins but most of them were made for kids. I stopped patronizing multivitamin products once I reached college and let me tell you that that period in my life was the peak of unhealthiness. There were dozens of late night cramming “parties” that we used to have where we’d go to each other’s dorms and copy each other’s homework. Anyway moving forward to the present time, I have been pretty sickly recently because I work two jobs and I barely have the time to rest, much less cook a nutritionally balanced meal at any given time of the day but what I can do about it, really, since that’s just how life is. So anyway, one day I just collapsed and I was brought into the hospital and everything and the worst part about all of this is that it was just a case of malnutrition and a lack of rest. The doctors recommended that I take in some vitamins via IV but they also gave me an alternative in the form of wholefood multivitamins which have recently been making waves in making people healthier, at least that’s what I’ve heard. I procured some of these wholefood multivitamins online and based on what I read, they’re filled with all of the vitamins and minerals that other multivitamins products have, and the general consensus is that this product is an acceptable substitute for eating healthier. I haven’t noticed or experienced any drastic changes but I have felt much better recently. There’s still a lot to be determined but I have concluded that the quality of my life has improved somewhat significantly ever since I started taking these multivitamins.

  48. Cristina Pereira

    This product covers everything I need from a multi-vitamin. It’s organic and made from real fruits and vegetables. It includes plenty of the essential vitamins the body needs (Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron etc.). I also like that it includes vitamins/minerals/herbs to support immunity, boost metabolism, support heart brain and prostate health, help with vision, digestion, includes strong antioxidants etc. In the past I would buy separate tablets to cover everything, now this covers what I need.

  49. Phil Gorman

    Just started taking this and I have already noticed a difference. When you have better ingredients you have a better product. It’s just that simple. Why can’t everyone else who makes and sells vitamins understand this? You will not go wrong with Whole Food Multivitamins that are made with real fruits and vegetables. I take the ones for men which gives me natural support for my prostate, brain, heart. eye and gut health. Love my 100% organic Whole Food Multivitamins!

  50. Roseanne Stahlberger

    I’ve been taking multivitamins my whole life and I know a good supplement from a bad one. I’ve experienced drinking the equivalent of nothing because of how poorly made the capsules were but this one is special because of how great it is and how awesome I’ve felt recently. This multivitamin is specially formulated to contain all of the essential vitamins and minerals that you can find in other multivitamins but the main difference is that they also contain probiotics, digestive enzymes and micronutrients that other companies often sell in different packages. This is truly an all-in-one solution because it literally has everything a person would need in order to be healthy and it is very affordable too.P.S the box and bottle looks very premium.I’ll be buying one for my kids too.

  51. Rich J.

    Whole Food Multivitamin for Men – Natural Multi Vitamins is the real deal. I had taken GNC Mega and other brands for years and years after taste and stomach pains. Whole Food for Men is the best Multivitamin I have ever tried.

  52. Heath Gates

    This product is very comprehensive and contains everything you could possibly want in a multivitamin! Also the added fruits and vegetables is great! Would definitely be choosing these in the future.

  53. A hiker

    My husband has been taking this multivitamins for 3 weeks. He started to show more energy. I don’t take any supplements for myself because I eat well. These things are for poor eaters.

  54. Tyler

    Whole foods vitamin, I feel confident that what I put in my body is truly good for it.Pill is a little large, but I don’t mind it because of all the nutrients.

  55. Michael

    I’m not really a fan of supplements and drinking medicine in general simply because they have never really worked for me, not when I was a child and especially not when I reached adulthood. So in short, I’ve always thought that supplements like multivitamins were a sham, scam or plot, whatever you want to call it. So see this is where I make my case as to why I am recommending this product to you, I’ve always had a cold in the morning. I don’t know what it’s called and I never really got it checked but whenever I wake up in the morning, I wake up with a slight cold. To my knowledge, it’s not contagious and my wife and kids have always been okay even with me sneezing up a storm in the house.So out of curiosity, I looked up what wholefood multivitamins are and to my surprise, I was impressed. See, what really got me to distrust multivitamins is how a majority of them are unabashed about how filled with chemicals their products are. I don’t care if the chemicals are “good” chemicals but I’m someone who only goes for products that are all natural. No chemicals, just nature!And so, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that wholefood multivitamins are basically a truckload of vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B12 and whatever letter of the alphabet vitamin that they have. I just know that those vitamins are good for the body and for them to come from all natural sources convinced me that I should give this a try, see and feel for myself if it can help strengthen my immune system. I’m not gonna lie, the effects weren’t instantaneous and after two weeks and almost giving up on wholefood multivitamins, I realized I no longer sneezed during the day because of my allergies, which have always been severe at this time of the year… and I feel brighter in the morning too, which lead to my increased productivity and engagement with the team, to their shock. So I’m not sure how effective this product really is but I feel that it’s helped me and so I’m going to stick with it. I highly recommend this product. See for yourself, maybe you’ll find more noticeable changes than I did.

  56. william robbins

    Fantastic vitamin I feel great

  57. Samantha Wright

    I bought these vitamins for my husband to try. He needs good vitamins for his lifestyle and had been using cheap off brand vitamins from the store. So after buying these he decided to give them a go. Even after one day he felt a difference. He loves the ingredients in them and how he gained more energy just after one day. We will be keeping these on stock in our house.

  58. Kevin K

    Been taking for 3 weeks now. I personally do not feel any changes yet, but I like the natural ingredients and will continue to buy. I’m hoping to stay away from pharmaceuticals as I age!

  59. MJB

    I’ve had a “picky eater” problem ever since I was like seven or eight years old and nothing anyone could do could ever convince me otherwise. If it’s green or if it came from the Earth, then it stays away from my plate. The most vegetable-like food that I can tolerate eating are potatoes and even I can admit that that’s not healthy at all. One of my “fondest” memories of being a picky eater is causing a ruckus at an Arby’s because someone left a lettuce (or was it a tomato?) in my sandwich and it caused everyone present a round of laughter instead of displeasure because I was crying at the time, begging for them to remove it lols. So fast forward to me becoming somewhat of a responsible adult, which is about a month ago, July 18, 2019, I finally decided to have more vitamins and minerals in my system because I felt that it was somewhat getting harder to breathe and I was getting a mild case of meat sweats so I knew I had to make a change. Thankfully, I haven’t ever and probably won’t ever be considered obese but the amount of oil and fat in my body really needs to be culled a little so I decided to try out these wholefood multivitamins. Some of the people around me have noted these supplements to be an excellent substitute for eating actual vegetables and fruits and you basically get all of the benefits WITHOUT eating the greens, which was a very attractive prospect for me.Like I said, it’s been a month ever since I ordered these multivitamins and I am definitely feeling much better compared to before and right now I have stopped having the meat sweats, I feel as if every time I go to the comfort room my body gets cleansed because of how much toxins it is excreting. Right now I feel like a hundred percent, my breathing is much more normal now and my blood pressure and everything has normalized. I wasn’t expecting the vitamins to work this fast but it did so I have nothing to complain about. Great product.

  60. Ali Tuama

    I like the productIt makes me feel more energetic.

  61. DonG

    I could feel a difference in a couple days. Ive got more energy and sleep a little bit better. I have been spreading them out when I take them. At first it seems like I was urinating a lot of the product out so I take four pills throughout the day.

  62. Anonymous

    Great vitamins. I’ve been using them for several weeks and have noticed an overall improvement in well-being & skin. I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night — with magnesium. These are pressed, no gelatin. I’d like to see more mushrooms in the mix, but overall very good.

  63. David

    I love this product. It has beneficial ingredients that are hard to find together in other multi-vitamins. It is a 90 day supply so it will last awhile.

  64. D

    i have eye allergies and one of the things that cause my allergies to flare up is dust. my eyes get puffy and tired. i have medicated drops from the doctor but it only helps temporarily and it seems like every week i’m having to deal with this. i’ve read a lot online of people trying different things that worked for them and one of those was taking a multivitamin that specifically says it aides in eye health so i figured i’d give it a shot not really confident that it would work but figured why not. i tried a couple from amazon that had good reviews and they helped a little but nothing to go bragging about until i tried this brand. it had good reviews so once i again i said why not? i’m glad i did because they have helped immensely with my allergies. i have had them for about 2 weeks and not a single flare up. feels like i finally found something that works for me and it’s been a huge stress reliever. so far they are the best ones i’ve tried and i plan on making them part of my daily routine.


    I think this will help my overall health, but I’ve only been taking them for a week. Time will tell if I will make a followup order.

  66. William Peterson

    I was so happy with this product that I purchased another bottle after my first. I take multivitamins for overall health, and I was looking for one with quality clean ingredients. After narrowing it down to two different products, I went with this product. I couldn’t be happier. I feel like this product works well for me and gives me that energy and vitality that I wanted. I think that the benefits from the whole food ingredients are truly amazing.

  67. avisx2

    I am an insomniac. Or at least, I used to be. But now I can sleep well and I don’t experience any trouble with falling asleep at night. The secret? Well, it’s no secret, but ever since I began taking this whole food multivitamin, I began feeling better about myself as a whole. I feel healthier and happier. I don’t get sick quite as often, I don’t feel stressed. My bowel movement is great (I don’t get constipated anymore!!! Ok, too much information there, LOL). And best of all, I don’t experience allergic rhinitis as much anymore! And yes, all that is because I began taking this multivitamin. I honestly didn’t expect much from this. It’s just a vitamin after all. But one week after taking it, I just realized that I no longer had dark circles under my eyes and that I have been getting such restful sleep the past week. That was when I began noticing all the benefits that I have been getting from the vitamin and i thought I should share it to the world.

  68. Tanner Layton

    I feel good. Everyone should take vitamins and this is a complete one that has all the things anyone would every want in a whole food multi vitamin. Full of fruits and vegetables and great for all health aspects.

  69. Kristina

    I needed a multi-vitamin that gave me energy and kept me regulated. After trying Whole Food Multi-Vitamin, I feel more energized, I’m not tired all the time and my digestive system is working better. I’m definitely buying this product again!

  70. Jerron Lewis

    This product reminds me of Naturelo’s but with the additional omega and minerals. It has tremendously improved my digestive system which was horrible to begin with. It has also aided me natural energy without crashing, I feel detoxed, my vision is clearer and I can focus and concentrate better. At first I underestimated this product because I usually get results faster with other multivitamins (1 week avg) but the Wholesome-Wellness WholeFood multivitamin definitely works NATURALLY, slowly but surely.

  71. Gary Pekoe

    I am not one for believing vitamins like this can be different from each other. However, I love this whole food multivitamin! The results have been surprisingly impressive, as I expected it to be just another multivitamin. It’ss improved myhis overall focus, motivation, energy and health. I LOVE the natural, organic whole food ingredients and the immune-boosting herbs and probiotics. I recommend this multivitamin!!

  72. love

    Before the product my energy level was lackluster and now after 8 days of use my body is filled with exuberance, super vitality, grounded state of being..all body functions are harmonious.

  73. Vikas Tarade

    I had joint pains and also felt lazy and sleepy towards evening. After taking these tablets 4/day, I have seen a boost in energy and reduction in joint pain. I would like continue this tablet.

  74. John Neset

    They’re pretty big pills & taking 2 2x per day with meals seems like alot. With just 2x once a day I pee neon green with them! Otherwise they look fairly natural given the green color/texture & grassy taste.


    have not used to know if they help. good company.

  76. S. McCarty

    I’ve only just started taking these, but so far they’re as advertised. The pills smell like greens like you would expect, and they’re chock full of good stuff. I’ll update in a few weeks…

  77. THP

    Whole Food Multi-Vitamin is a great and easy way to get my nutrients. A couple times a day with food, easy, no problem. I love how everything is in one shot. Its important to take hold of your health as much as possible, with this, its guarantees that I have a good amount of vitamins in my body. I keep them on my bathroom counter so I remember to take them everyday. I recommend them to my family and friends.

  78. Arif Siddiqi

    I just started using the product and taking only half dose, 1 pill in the morning and 1 in the evening but I have started seeing some measurable improvement in my strength and focus just in a few days. Previously I was using another famous organic multivitamin brand for almost 10 yrs but Whole Food one not only has more nutrients and ingredients in one single serving the then other brand but only requires me have 4 pills instead of 8. Definitely will continue to use it and highly recommended

  79. Jorge P.

    I am on a carnivore diet so I’m using this product to fulfill ALL my body’s needs that the diet doesn’t fulfill. I love it! I feel more energetic now and I have pretty much given away all my other multi-vitamins and mineral supplements to my friends because this has such a high variety of things that it covers all my basic body needs. I no longer need to buy B-complex, or potassium etc. The fact this is organic and whole food based simply puts it at the top tier of all other multi-vitamins on the market. I want what is best for my body and this is what is best!

  80. Socks

    Believe me when I say that I’ve tried everything in the market, from well-known multivitamins to more obscure products from across the Pacific and nothing comes close to this Wholefood Multivitamins product here. Now I’m not saying that the other products or brands don’t work but when I compare them to how effective these are then they’re not worth mentioning at all. I can definitely tell the difference when it comes to how the products were made simply because the materials that they use feel fresher and more high quality than anything else in the market. You’re not going to be able to tell at a glance but you will be able to after a few days or even up to two weeks of continuously taking these multivitamins.I’ve always had trouble with my stomach and food doesn’t really get along with my bowels often. So suffice to say, after a few weeks of drinking these wholefood multivitamins, I started feeling some changes. I felt like I was passing food better, food was burned as energy more efficiently and I felt that in my day to day activities. I feel stronger and I feel healthier and it’s all because I stuck by these pills after a few days with nothing happening. In the end, I was rewarded with peace of mind and a healthier colon.

  81. Roger

    For me now, it has been a month and I love this product ! It helps me stay calm and energized through the day.

  82. Mohammad Fawad Azimi

    It is my first product review on Amazon, and I want to be honest about this product. This product is really worthed.I have tried some other Multivitamins before, and I either had stomach issues, or I didn’t feel anything. I have several bottles around my home which I don’t take them anymore.I started this wholefood Multivitamin around three days ago, and now I can’t get exhausted on my elliptical machine. Today I did 75 minutes and burned 1160 calories, and each morning I am ready and refueled with energy. I could barely do 35 minutes of elliptical machine workout before taking this multivitamin.I should mention that this is very digestive friendly, and I take them with meals, I have zero stomach issues.Thanks to those making this product…. Excellent Job ! 5 Star+

  83. M. Conter

    I love how it makes me feel. I have not been sick since taking it and many people around me have been ill. I think it has built up my immunity and has made me more healthier over all!

  84. Melly Kahookano

    Good Multivitamin taste earthy like vegetables unlike some which taste like chemicals no aftertaste on Digestion. i feel better eating something natural and wholesome. 2 a day I’ve been taking and feel some good energy combined with a healthy lifestyle.

  85. Hyunsik

    I like the quality and quantity of the ingredient, even compared with other brand’s multi-vitamin pills

  86. Chuckie

    Not many supplements have a noticeable difference, however, I really do feel a difference both physically & mentally…..and it feels good !

  87. Canni07

    I’ve gone through numerous brands of multivitamin supplements in powdered form, capsule form and even gummy form but none of them have worked as well with my body or supplied what I needed like these whole food capsules have. My preference for this product stems from the fact that it was carefully made with all-natural and non-GMO ingredients and materials. That really helped me a lot in the decision making factor of ordering these for my husband and my family. I always take these pills right before I leave the house in the morning and I keep a spare bottle at work in case I need to quickly energize myself for a quick meeting or two. I have never been disappointed by how effective these capsules are in providing me the energy that I needed to get through the day and the vitamins and minerals to keep my body healthy and strong. The same goes for my family because ever since I started on these supplements, they stuck right by me in drinking these supplements and they have never been sick since. What that means is that my children can now freely attend school without the fear of getting sick and missing classes or any of the precious memories that they can only make while they are in this stage of their development.My husband is a happy camper with these pills too because of how he’s stopped suffering over his morning allergies. He couldn’t stop sneezing in the morning before we started on these capsules and ever since then, he’s been perfectly fine pollen and all! I’m pretty much content with these pills because they work for us, they’ve kept us healthy and they’re allowing to live the most of our lives. Because of this, my family and I have decided to stick with these whole food supplements for at least a year and if the positive side-effects continue until August 2020, then we’ll stick with these pills for as long as possible. It’s effective so far

  88. SHAWN W.

    This product is amazing! It has a great profile and blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs, mushrooms, omegas and probiotics! After the 2 days, I felt a huge surge of energy and well being. I highly recommend.

  89. Michael -chicago

    I like that I can get my vitamins from natural sources. This vitamin helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle

  90. Chris B

    started taking less than a month ago and feel like I have more energy than I usually do. I have arthritis and seem like it is helping me not being as stiff in the morning. My digestive system seems to be less irregular than it used to be. My skin is not as dry during the winter month than it was a month ago. I saw some of the reviews on the product and was skeptical of what was written but I have became a believer. Someone wrote that your pee looks like it glows in the dark toxic waist. I think it is from the b vitamins. Seems to work well for me.

  91. Brittany summer peck

    I bought these for my son in law who struggled with finding good quality vitamins that actually make a difference. This is what he said …..I’m one of those very conservative people to the point that I’m often labeled indecisive, but I really don’t find that insulting. I did some research because I really wanted to be healthy even if it meant taking multivitamins for the first time and so, I was interested with wholefood multivitamins because it was natural and could also help my body supply the vitamins I miss throughout my everyday life. Personally, I was shocked at how each pill was with vitamins and minerals that help boost metabolism, immunity, protection of the skin and even function well as antioxidants. I really felt happy when I noticed the differences that my body was undergoing. I felt less stressed and healthier, considering I was getting the right amount of nutrition I needed. I always take them after my meals, Like one after lunch and one after my dinner. It really helped me and it’s a product that I can recommend.

  92. Kelvin James Moore

    Gives me great energy throughout my day. Unfortunately they’re out of stock.

  93. Emilie H

    Good multivitamin. I wish that a serving size wasn’t 4 pills though, that seems a little excessive. But it is understandable because they pack these vitamins with so many whole foods, herbs and supplements that other vitamins don’t have.

  94. Heather

    I’m going to go straight to the point. This wholefood multivitamin product is extremely beneficial to me as someone who needs a lot of vitamins, nutrients and detoxification because I want to live a long and happy life. I’m almost 35 years old but I’m already having a hard time with swallowing multiple tablets on a regular basis which is why I was relieved to know that these come in capsules which is what I absolutely need at the moment. The best part about all of this is that I no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars on buying multiple supplements because this contains everything that I already need!10/10 product for me. Has all the right essentials.

  95. Kevin Wallace Emilus

    Like most kids, I am not fond of vegetables. I really never had. Except, I am not a kid anymore, and at this age, I am still not a fan. Ribs or broccoli? Ribs of course! I am also not a fan of multivitamins….or any medicine for that matter.Age though is inevitable. It will come and sometimes it will come in a bang. Lately, I have started to feel these minor pains introducing themselves to me and my body (headaches, muscle tension, joint pains, etc.). So in order to combat this feeling, I started taking vitamins to help me combat the situation. While very little has improved with the vitamins, I did the unthinkable and switched to a healthy diet. I added Wholesome Wellness Multivitamins as it was advertised to be made of natural food based ingredients and is a perfect supplement for men’s health support. I know I said I am not a fan of medicines but at this time, I need this to combat the signs of aging.As the product was delivered, I readied myself to the fact that I might have a hard time swallowing it because of its size and taste. I opened the bottle and thankfully, the pill was easy to swallow and truthfully, there was no strong taste to it. It had a great effect as I started to feel good. My headache was gone and so were my tensed muscles and joint pains. It has provided me with more energy, mental clarity and has aided my digestion. Many more benefits were listed that as time passes by, I am starting to take notice. My immune system is much better as I no longer get sick easily; it improves my mood and relieves my stress. With these benefits, I do believe that the product promotes heart, brain and eye healthI have waited for a month before I make a review to be sure that the benefits I have felt were true. It has been a month and a half and I can say that I am still reaping the benefits of this Whole Food multivitamins. This will definitely be a permanent addition to my diet.

  96. Hank VanBaalen

    I was hesitant to try these as I thought they were a bit pricey, but I am very glad I switched. They are easy to take, taste good and are much more beneficial than my standard vitamins. It is especially reassuring to know they have natural ingredients! Will continue to use them daily!

  97. Night Owl

    I’ve been taking for about a month. I cannot say that anything “miraculous” has happened in such a short time. However, that is not typically the reason you take vitamins. But I can say that I am happy with them. And have suffered no negative affects from stomach upset. The ingredients are great. I like that it is a “whole-food” vitamin. Pretty solid seeming product.

  98. Sevensixtwox39

    Never in the history of my adult life have I encountered any multivitamin products that weren’t made with artificial chemical ingredients that basically “force” vitamins into the human body and I think that while that does work for some people, I would rather have something that is perfectly natural, akin to a really healthy meal or at the very least healthy and natural ingredients. I just heard about wholefood multivitamins and how it’s been taking over the homes of healthy Americans in the past few years but it wasn’t until 2018 when multivitamins levelled up with the introduction of true non-GMO, non-soy based and all-natural ingredients that made wholefood multivitamins that much better compared to the chemical-based that you would normally buy from a store or even online. I have been taking these multivitamins for over three months now and there is only three things that you need to know: I have remained to be in perfect health in the three months that I have been taking these vitamins, my moods have been much better and my mind has never been this alert before. During these past three months, I have been forcing my body to NEVER REGISTER PLACEBOS by meditating and so, I believe I have maximized the potential effects/benefits that these multivitamins may have and this is why this my new favorite brand. I don’t trust other multivitamins products aside from this one and you can be sure that I will continue to patronize this for years to come. Not only does this product work, it is also the most affordable wholefood multivitamin product in the market and each capsule maximizes the amount of nutrition that you could get per dollar and it is still more affordable than the other brands out there. Terribly great product. Love it very much.

  99. PhillyBoyJ

    I like the medium sized tablets vs. the “horse pills” my old vitamin came in. These vitamins actually smell like vitamins whereas my old brand had no scent at all. Happy with my purchase and will be buying again!

  100. Paul Blose

    Staying awake all day. Thinking clearly all day again. Sleeping better. all after only 1 week. It can only get better from here. I really like them!

  101. kent ornido

    I feel great after taking this supplements. i know it works coz my pee turns yellow after i drink it

  102. V Dela Cruz

    What I like about this product is it works for me. I can feel a renewed energy after taking it continuously for a week. Plus knowing that it’s ingredient comes from natural sources and you can see them on the label. I’ve taken different multivitamins from different companies but this one seems to give me additional energy and at reasonable price. It could be mental but so far it’s working and I’m sure it also boost my immune system. I highly recommend this product.

  103. ryan kulesa

    I began taking these multivitamins just over a month ago, and have already ordered my second bottle, which should be arriving today actually. I’ve definitely noticed a marginal but overall positive increase in my focus, productivity, mood, and my body really just feels great. Sometimes I don’t take all 4 per day, but have 2 or 3 throughout the day, unless I’ve had particularly unhealthy food or something else in my life is off. I don’t have any health conditions (thank God), but have been taking these simply to sustain & enhance my current state of health and I am more than pleased. I love that the ingredients are naturally sourced from whole foods and not loaded with chemically extracted ingredients or fillers.

  104. Jon Jon

    I recently decided to switch my multi-vitamin because my previous brand drastically raised their prices. I was very happy with my last multi-vitamin. During my search, I located this Wholesome Wellness multi-vitamin and was very impressed by the reviews and even more impressed with the fact it is 100% organic and 100% vegan. I’ve been taking for about 2 weeks so far and no complaints. While I prefer softgels because they are easier to swallow, I understand tablets allow the most nutrient-dense vitamin.

  105. Danielle Poenisch

    I’ve never really been a believer in the whole “eat vegetables and fruits” and be healthy and so as you can imagine, my diet hasn’t really been the healthiest. In fact, my parents described my aversion to fruits and vegetables to cause my eventual demise. Obviously, I took all of that in stride and I laughed at their jokes even though I knew they were right because I’m constantly sickly and you can just imagine how horrible my digestive health is. Like I said, I don’t eat my veggies so my consumption of fiber is close to 0.I decided to make a change and since I knew I absolutely could not stomach eating vegetables, I decided to try out these wholefood multivitamin, you know, because they’re made from healthy food and stuff. I never really felt any effects, negative or positive, with other brands and products but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon this product that I started feeling healthier.I started being more sociable, I started feeling more energetic and I started doing better at work. I don’t nod off during the downtime hours and I can now safely say that I feel stronger. I don’t know much about the science of this all but if it works it works right? I forgot to mention the customer service was great in answering all my questions. It’s probably what prompt me to write this review. Keep up the good work Nancy!

  106. Blue Sky

    I Love the quality of the ingredients. I have definitely felt more energy and clarity with this product.

  107. Joey Genco

    I have taken this product for a few weeks now. A good quality multi-vitamin to add to your daily protocol. Whole food based organic supplement.

  108. Alfredo Varela Jr

    I’ve taken the vitamins for about a week. Everything seems good so far. No funny taste, I have a good amount of energy while taking them. The ingredient list is above average.

  109. Aaron

    I’ve been taking this product for about a week now and I can definitely see a change in my self .. I have way more energy then I did before I started taking it .. I really love how natural the supplement is with all the fruit and vegetables

  110. Jane

    I have tried several Multi-Vitamins but I love the fact its 100% organic and made with real fruits and vegetables. I have tried one other brand that compares to this but I honestly prefer this brand and the price factor is a HUGE plus for me. Love this product and plan on buying a couple more bottles and get my elderly father to try them.

  111. Jeremy

    Great mixture of vitamins have been vegan 5 years and I love taking this you really can feel the energy boost

  112. Zach Northway

    I like the fact that the dose is 4 per day. This provides a quarter of a recommended dose at a time. To avoid overdoing my levels (depending on nutritional intake) , I typically take one in the morning, lunch, afternoon, and or at night. I notice increased energy levels. These pills are easy for swallow and do not have an aftertaste.

  113. Jonathan Wood

    I feel like that the vitamin gets absorbed more in the way that it is made. Being a vegetarian it is necessary that you get the correct amount of nutrition your body requires and this feels like the perfect product to get the job done.

  114. Albert Saenz

    These vitamins are nothing less than amazing. Everything that you need is in this supplement. They’re easy to swallow and just by looking at them you instantly can tell the ingredients are all naturally. Definitely telling everybody I know.

  115. Louis Schwarz

    I believe in natural vitamins and supplements so this may be the right one for me. I will follow up after my blood work in January 2021 and see how my blood report comes out.

  116. Duc Hong Nguyen

    I have compared the ingredients of this product with other multivitamins for men which I have tried, the percent daily of ingredients are equally or even higher. Good product!

  117. john raymond

    This product is great! I have had a wonderful experience. I just turned 40 this year and I really felt my age! After taking the men’s multi-vitamin for a few weeks, my energy level has been through the roof. My focus and concentration has been a lot better also. I will keep using this product for as long as they are available. Thanks

  118. Donna

    I grew up in an Asian household and a majority of our after meals is filled with the sound of crackling medicine boxes as we scramble to consume each and every health supplement lest we suffer the wrath of our parents if we dare to not drink our meds. I didn’t really understand or appreciate the concept of drinking supplements back then but when I think back to my childhood, I was never sickly nor have I ever been to the hospital aside from the regular checkups. It occurred to me that I lived a blessed and happy childhood because I’ve always been drinking supplements. So do I consider myself an expert in drinking these meds? Yes, most definitely.I thought I’ve seen every product in the market and believe me, I tried, but when I discovered these whole food multivitamins I was surprised because I can’t understand how they made the most complete supplement in the world! It has all of the good stuff that other multivitamins have, plus they managed to cram in stuff like citrus blend and probiotics to boost the immune system with! I am honestly surprised!I decided to forego all of the other supplements that I have been taking ever since I was younger in exchange for this single bottle and I haven’t felt a hangover yet ever while on these supplements! Drinking alcohol doesn’t seem to give me the same pounding hangover the next day… Definitely going to stay loyal to this brand.

  119. Mendy&sury raab

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of the dramatics or the moving stories that they show on Lifestyle or whatever but I really mean what I wrote in the title: Don’t save your money. Save your life. It’s as easy as making a change, like I did, 42 days ago when I decided to include this supplement into my diet. I found out that I was starting to develop muscle atrophy due to a severe lack in Vitamin D in my body. I have always been a very sheltered person and I preferred to stay in the dark even when I was younger and this carried on to my adult life and this seems to have “screwed me over” as they say. Not only are my muscles dying, I found out that I was also vitamin deficiency with most of the common vitamins out there because of my poor diet (mostly instant noodles, snack cakes) and my body was paying the price. While I am by no means poor, I also can’t afford the vitamin therapy that my physician was recommending so I asked if I could take in vitamins the natural way i.e. ingesting them. The physician said that I could but it might cost a pretty penny because I would have to buy the really good stuff, at least in terms of multivitamin supplements so I checked out Amazon until I found out about wholefood multivitamins. The first seven days were pretty boring as I felt no drastic change in my body or anything like that. The next seven days, I started experiencing some improvements. I felt that I could move my limbs better and that I no longer felt sluggish, at least by a small percentage. After a total of 42 days, the good news is that I am no longer in permanent danger but the bad news is that I have to keep taking these vitamins – which I planned to anyway. I saved my life a few weeks ago just by adding this to my diet. I recommend you do the same, even if you have no immediate need because this works great.

  120. Steve Chambliss

    I am a vegan and was beginning to feel the effects of some vitamin deficiencies. After just a week of using your men’s multi-vitamin, I feel much better. I am no longer noticing the effects from the lack of certain vitamins thanks to your product.

  121. Nyerah Frazer

    I really enjoy working out, in fact it’s one of the few past times that I enjoy. Not only do I get to keep my mind off of things while working out, I also get to be much healthier just for repeating a set of motions for a few minutes every day and I think that this is a win-win scenario where I win whatever I do so long as I continue with my routine. I even eat the healthiest food possible at any given time which is made easier by the fact that I really love cooking too. I committed to taking wholefood multivitamins to give me the energy boost that I need when I work out and when I eventually go to work right after and so far this stuff has not disappointed me at all. Not only can I finish my workout with energy to spare, I can still also get to work and be productive without yawning or feeling tired even late into the night. This amount of energy in a single person’s body may be a little too much but it isn’t all that bad because it has never affected my sleep so far, not even once. So not only can I continue my healthy lifestyle, I can still sleep and rest enough to repeat the same process all over again the very next day and I’ve been at this for over two months now and quite frankly, I think I’m addicted to this feeling because I feel happiness, competitiveness in that I want to see how much energy I can expend today and relief in the fact that this product that I bought isn’t useless, in fact it’s quite the opposite. I really think that this is an excellent supplement especially for people who maintain an active lifestyle.

  122. Running Wife

    Overall high quality ingredients. easy to swallow tablets with lots of good antioxidants. Arrived quickly and overall great quality product.


    Super happy I found this multivitamin. I’ve been on the search for a decent one with organic ingredients for awhile & this popped up on my Instagram feed. I’m 3 weeks into using it & feeling better than I have in awhile. I think I was lacking some much needed vitamins in my diet. These pills are 25% smaller than the last wholefoods brand I was buying & definitely easier to swallow. Will be buying again in the future!

  124. terry Lane

    great product and easy to swallow and the best bang for your buck. I am telling all my friends and family. I have a two year old son and I am 54 years old. This multivitamin keeps me moving and feeling young. It helps me keep up with my young toddler. I love it!

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