Super-Absorb Multi Collagen Peptides Protein Capsules Hydrolyzed (Type I II III V X)

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Wholesome Wellness Super-Absorbable Multi Collagen Capsules with Herbs and Bioperine for Maximum Bio-Availability (90 pills, 2000 MG per serving) is a complete source of important bone broth and hydrolyzed collagen peptides type I, II, III, V, and X. Our special formula with herbs and Bioperine maximizes absorption and bioavailability for a stronger and quicker effect. Our advanced multi collagen pills supplement offers a high-quality blend of grass-fed bovine, chicken, certified wild fish, and egg membrane collagen to effectively increase your collagen levels.

– Herbs and Bioperine for maximum absorption and bio-availability
– Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides from Grass-Fed Beef
– Collagen from Chicken Bone Broth
– Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides from Wild Fish
– Clinically Studied Eggshell Membrane

Proudly made in the USA in an FDA-approved GMP facility, 3rd party lab tested and certified, and backed with a Full 100% Happiness Guarantee, no questions asked. Try risk-free!

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125 reviews for Super-Absorb Multi Collagen Peptides Protein Capsules Hydrolyzed (Type I II III V X)

  1. catchin

    To soon to tell. Have taken for two weeks. This review came too quickly for a true review. Doesn’t make me sick, nor any allergy outbreak.


    I took these for a month. My hair was falling out due to covid. After a.month it stopped and is coming back. My knees also feel much better.

  3. Gail N. Watts

    I find this brand the best pill form of collagen I have taken so far. I am not a fan of powdered collagen so I am always looking for either a tablet, gelcap, or gummy. This is the most potent option I have found and I only have to take a 3 a day for some benefit. I have ordered this several times now and will continue for now.

  4. Maureen

    I can see improvement in the firmness of my skin.

  5. penny fyt

    I thought the capsules would be better than the powdered form I had tried so I subscribed. Unfortunately for me the powdered form worked better and now I can not cancel. Where is the cancel button?

  6. Khatia

    the bottle was empty

  7. jdavid812

    I previously used Great Lakes collagen hydrolysate successfully for years, but stopped more than 2 years ago because I tired of the taste in my coffee. The arthritis in my knuckles started up again after most of a year, along with knees and ankles, so I looked for a capsule instead of a powder. By the third bottle of this product I was cracking my knuckles again and flexing with less pain. This works well for me. I’m feeling pretty manageable at 70.

  8. MaFer

    I like that it combines different types of collagen and that some of the ingredients are organic. My joints are feeling better, especially my knees.

  9. Renee C.

    Thicker softer hair. I was worried about thinning hair after menopause, and I have noticed thin spots when I pull my hair back are gone. Dry hair from mean pause has become softer. I also have noticed more energy and less joint pain. Thicker younger looking hair. Wavy again. Bought it for my two daughters as well. Less joint pain.

  10. PeasBWitcha

    I began taking this about a month ago. I find the pills, while large, are easy to swallow. I began taking this because I found that the collagen powder I was taking, while effective, tasted awful. I have many aches and pains and this does seem to be helping, although I began taking several other supplements at the same time so I can’t be 100% sure that the collagen is the only reason I’m feeling better.

  11. Joe

    69 y/o man looking to supplement weight lifting routine and help address skin issues. This just may be the ticket, although tempered with the knowledge that it may take awhile to see results. I would like to update this following a month or two of use.

  12. Michigan

    Just got them for first time will see how they work, but worth it try

  13. Ruben

    It has help with My heavy lifting no more joint pain

  14. MollyMcGee

    Since taking the pills (two pills daily usually before I go to bed) I’ve noticed a reduction in joint pain.

  15. Ann L. Navallo

    Since I hate taking pills, I was so excited to find this product advertised 2 capsules was the daily dose. However the bottle I received says 3! Haven’t opened it yet contemplating a return.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Great results

  17. love

    The product is enhancing the suppleness/smoothness in my bodily joints; pelvis, knees, shoulders and elbows. It has created an overall ease of life and relaxation for my joints.

  18. Christina

    Got this collagen pills just to ensure that I get all the right nutrition for my body. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that I had less hairfall whenever I take a shower and when I blow dry my hair. It just seems as if the strands became thicker. I also noticed that my nails have improved in such a way that they no longer break easily that they used to. Over-all, love this product. I shared my observations with my husband and now I kind of influenced him to taking these as well as he’s curious to see if it would improve his hair growth as he’s a bit conscious that he’s becoming bald. will update in few weeks to see how it does on him.

  19. Shelicia cumbee

    These Multi Collagen Capsules have been working great so far. The capsules have been giving me a lot of added energy and helping to curb my appetite. Not only did I notice a difference in my hair which seems to be stronger and thicker. It’s not thinning any more.My finger nails are growing back stronger and longer. They are no longer brittle. My skin appears to be more vibrant as well. No more acne or dark spot.

  20. Persephoine Murray

    I always used to feel bloated and let me tell you it doesn’t feel nice. I’ve always had an irregular bowel movement since I was young and being older didn’t change anything but probably made it much worst. I used to envy my friends with fast metabolism because even when they eat more than me, like way more, they would never feel bloated—lucky them! Because of my irregular bowel movement, sometimes I would only pass bowel movements once or twice a week. Imagine that? Passing bowel movement only once or twice a week. It was definitely a struggle because less movement means my digestion did not have a steady tempo and was prone to constipation. Good thing thats all in the past. Who would’ve known that collagen pills would help my digestion keep a steady tempo. Ever since I took these pills, I slowly forgot the feeling of being bloated. Now I can eat as much as my friends and wont have to worry about my digestion.

  21. alexandra

    I am no stranger to the benefits of collagen. Had started using it when I hit my 40’s as a supplement on top of my yoga routine to keep me feeling good and looking good. But this nagging issue about crow’s feet continue to annoy me. So far none of the different collagen products I’ve used managed to resolve this issue until very recently when I discovered this new product. I’d say the effects I wanted only came to be visible right around the 3rd week when I started noticing the lines that used to circle both my eyes started to smoothen out. I don’t have much lines below the eyes, as if my crow’s feet had just decided to group themselves on the sides of my eyes, something like that……. Can you imagine how happy that made me?! Finally, a product made for me! Now, halfway through my second bottle, it continues to work its magic not just on my crow’s feet but had already started to take its full effect on my laugh lines as well. I am just so happy with all the visible results that I am getting from using this product which I take 3 every morning before breakfast. In addition, this is unlike those other products I’ve tried in the past that got an icky after taste and didn’t go down easy. This product comes in 90- capsule bottle in easy swallow capsules, so 1 bottle is equivalent to a full month supply. When I shifted to this product, all I expected for it to do basically was to solve the issue I was having with my crow’s feet that other products did very little to change, so I consider it bonus that it also managed to take care of my laugh lines and frizzled hair. I am never going to try other collagen products after this one. This is really value for my money! And I want to take the guys behind this amazing product for their good customer service! I highly recommend this product!!!

  22. Erika Carroll

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 4 years ago, and since have not had the energy that I used to have to go out and hike and run around with my 4 kids. If I did, by the end of the day I would sit down and my legs and feet would throb so bad! About four weeks ago, I started taking these and already, I no longer have the fatigue or pain that had taken over my life. Having the fibro, my Dr. Had me on 800 mg Ibuprofen, and my stomach felt terrible all the time!! Now, that has a dissipated! I don’t even have to take the ibuprofen anymore. I also tend to have really dry skin that has seemed to clear up as well! Verry satisfied with this purchase!

  23. Kristin

    When people look at a person, they have personal preferences on which part they choose to look to. Others tend to look at your nails, if they’re clean then it says a lot about who you are and Others seem to be attracted with people who have great hair. I need to improve how I look and I needed a product which can help me have healthy hair and great nails.I surfed through the net for products that can make my hair and nails do better with added health benefits. I saw collagen capsules. I did a little bit of research and to my surprise it doesn’t just help me with my scalp and nails. It helps me with bone structure, better bones mean a stronger system and better joint function so that I could be more mobile. Skin can be healthier with the consumption of collagen, less fine lines and less wrinkles which nobody really likes right?I ordered this product and when it arrived, I immediately tried to take it after I ate my meal. I continuously took it for about a month and I really saw improvements to my health. I now have better skin and I really have the beautiful and long hair that I’ve always wanted, not to mention my nails grew and they weren’t brittle, this gave me a new found confidence. I don’t worry about wrinkles, painful joints, and nails that could just snap if you became careless, I now am a carefree person who can always face the outside without any worries. I can definitely recommend this product because it made me more confident to go out and face the outside not worrying what other people say about my hair and my nails.

  24. Amazon Customer

    Seems to be working. Easy to swallow and digest.

  25. Amazon Customer

    I started using Dr. Emil’s brand, but noticed that the color of the powder in the capsules was changing off & on from white to brown, bottle to bottle, each time I reordered it. I became concerned about the consistency of that brand/product, so I switched to this one instead. So far, no surprises with the product appearing different from bottle to bottle.

  26. Deb

    I have arthritis & bone spurs. I doubled the recommended dose and pain has decreased noticeably over 2 week usage. Am very happy I bought this & will continue to use this product.

  27. Izzy’s Mom

    I use a powdered collagen in the mornings mixed with coffee but at night that was a problem.I bought this brand for night time use and when traveling .This is a jell capsule , easy to swallow. I’m very happy and will buy again.

  28. naturelover

    I’m in my 50’s & have ran in running trails my whole life & use to body build & now I have extra weight ( so a lot of shock weight) from age & lack of hormones but still love to run on rugged trails. My knees apparently have less protection around them ( collagen, fluid,etc) than when I was younger & my knees would ache randomly on days after my runs. I would have sharp random pains in my knees especially when trying to sleep. They would hurt pretty bad too. The only things that have stopped this has been collagen or a mix of collagen & other supplements. This brand has been the cheapest I’ve tried & works exactly the same. When I take it no more sharp pains in my knees.

  29. Christy Meeker

    If you happened to be coasting along the 50-60 mid age bracket or so and have one of those with growing concerns about skin health like discoloration, pigmentation, laugh lines, saggy skin or wrinkles; chances are you haven’t heard of this ingredient multi collagen! To be honest, I don’t normally go gaga over a particular product but I have to make an exception for this one. And hopefully, I could try to keep in check my excitement, too! I used to feel disappointed whenever I see myself in the mirror. But that was before I started taking this supplement which, I am telling you is all you’re ever going to need to help you bring back the glow in your skin, strengthen your hair and nails. It also helps in drastically reducing wrinkles by providing your skin with structure. My hair seems to have thickened over the last 13 days and my flaky skin has not fully disappeared but it definitely decreased. The results will vary from person to person I guess, but like my friend who introduced me to these capsules had proven significant changes in her body and overall appearance in just a matter of days which is understandable because we are unique from one another and so is our body. Given the opportunity, I would love to become somewhat an ambassador for this product because I’m seeing the results!!! I can lay proof to all its wonderful benefits.I intend to be a younger and healthier version of myself I Just ordered 4 more bottles, will be back to review again in a month!

  30. Amazon Customer

    I have been using the product now for about 2 weeks and already notice a visible difference. Small knots in my finger joints have gone down, fibromyalgia pain has decreased and skin looks more youthful. Not the fountain of youth “just yet” however super impressed with the results so far!!

  31. breidi69

    Over the course of taking the product, my health has gotten a lot better. I was persuaded to buy collagen from my neighbour because he said it strengthens tendons, joints and ligaments. I thought that this product would have direct carry over to some of the sports that I play. The first change was my toenails had changed brittle to normal white colour. My wrists also made a recovery, I was able to load weight on them and move them without causing pain. Soon I will start playing in leagues again and this will definitely be useful to prevent injuries.

  32. Isabel Franco

    I have always had problem with thinner hair strands and nails ever since I was in my teenage years. It was concerning for me that I can’t grow my nails long without breaking them easily. They often crack and chip off if I was not careful enough with them and my hair fall was more unusual. I lose more hair when I wash them off in the bath and brushing them when they are dry. One time, I went to a hair salon to get my hair fixed and one of the staff recommend me a product she personally used. She recommends me these collagen pills and told me to take them regularly. In a few weeks, I saw a recognizable improvement on my hair and nails. My hair is thicker, healthier and stronger. My nails do not chip off easily. There’s less hair fall and less hair buildup on my hair brush and in my bath shower drain. The collagen pills were so effective.

  33. JBARB

    Prefer powdered.

  34. Wilson Puga


  35. kaya salley

    This product works great. Second time purchasing it. The smell can discourage you, but it works and does what it should. Be consistent. Amazon is the best way to purchase comes quick.

  36. Eamon

    I love the product. Make my skin feel smooth and tight, hair is fuller and more volume and my hairs grow so fast.On my third bottle.Thanks

  37. Nicole DiFalco

    I work all day on my feet, it has been killing me. I bought this collagen capsules thinking it would help alleviate the tendonitis I have with my ankles. My doctor recommended me to try it. He said that collagen helps synthesize the tissues in my tendons. In addition, he was right. Taking this product before work every day really helps me get through my days at work. I was also able to participate in more physical activity than ever before. I have now been using this product for 3 months and I rarely feel my pain or stiffness in my ankles anymore. This has truly been a very wonderful product. It not just helps with my tendonitis but I also get the other good benefit that comes from collagen like prevention of bone loss and boosted muscle mass. I’m really happy with all the results I received and will continue to patronize this product.

  38. Byanca Turcios

    I’ve always seen ads about osteoporosis growing up so I know that I do not want to be that hunched back grandma when I get to that age. I think it would be really painful to experience that kind of thing so I am determined to prevent it as early as now. I take milk and calcium supplements but I recently learned that collagen also helps prevent osteoporosis so I tried it. I actually liked it and I have been buying it since. I stopped taking the calcium supplements because I feel like collagen is enough. Since I started using it, I feel stronger and my bones felt sturdier. There’s no doubt in my mind that it is an effect of the collagen pills. I would definitely use it more and when I’m gray and old, I know my older self will thank my younger self for taking care of my bones through these pills.

  39. atalmadge

    Since using this product, I’ve begun to notice slight changes in hair, nail and skin thickness. Skin seems to be more elastic, with a good silky feel to it. It took nearly 3 weeks to notice the results, so if you are discouraged and think it is an instant fix to help with cellulite or dry skin, it won’t! Give it some time. I’ve since recommended it to my Mom and my friends. It gets 5 stars from me.

  40. Deb

    Tasteless, easy to swallow. Seeing improvement with hair, skin and nails.

  41. Alexandria

    I was looking up if cellulite can be reduced with the help of collagen. Turns out it actually does, so I didn’t hesitate and ordered these capsules. After a few weeks, I started to see improvements, and my skin felt a lot more hydrated and firm. The product really helped strengthen my skin I can see a noticeable change in the size of my cellulite in my thighs and arms. My skin also became smooth, and I have received comments from my peers about the changes they are seeing. They asked me what I did to attain such. I told them about this brand and they wanted to try it out for themselves. Now most of us in the office are using it. I am very thankful that I found this product and will continue to use it for months or even years to come.

  42. Christina

    I’m happy

  43. Mothershopper

    I reorder every time I run low. I ordered these on a recommendation from a friend due to arthritis in my knee. I have no pain 95% of the time now. These are a miracle pill for joints.

  44. Blackbear

    I was never a fan of milk so I have always worried about getting osteoporosis when I grow old. Now that I am in my 30’s, I feel like it’s the time to actually take things into my own hands. I found these collagen supplements and they are said to help with osteoporosis. I brought it and I have been using it for about 5 weeks. I don’t know if it really does help in terms of osteoporosis, but ever since I started taking this, I feel so much healthier in my joints!

  45. Amberf1979

    I bought these collagen capsules because after pregnancy, there was just too much hair fall. It has already been a year since I gave birth and yet I still have so much hair fall. I’ve been using it for 3 days and so far, this has helped me feel better. I can sleep better at night and the pill is also relatively easy to swallow! I also received this fast and in good condition. Looks like I have less hairfall when combing my hair but I’ll give an update in a month.

  46. Sidney B.

    I have always seen online how collagen can helps with the skin, especially as when we grow older. I am definitely in need of some collagen right now and i don’t think the topical kind can do anything for me at this point. I began taking this collagen capsule about two months ago and i mostly decided to use it for my skin. I’ve been seeing signs of aging like wrinkles and some sun spots here and there so I decided maybe some collagen can help. I also read that it helps with the joints so it’s all pros and no cons at this point so why not. A month later, my skin is so much smoother, less saggy, and just younger looking. I have noticed some fine lines to have been erased. And my joints feel healthier too! I will continue using it for a while to see more results.

  47. Grace Schmidt

    Very fast shipping, product is what is described.Does have a smell that I would describe like dirt. It doesnt taste like dirt if your worried about that.It has helped with my skin and nails

  48. Anne Ramos


  49. Karen Graham

    Working in the field and extensive exposure in the sun has left my skin dry, pigmented with liver spots made my wrinkles harder to remedy with a concealer and the stress on the project sites were just taking its toll on me. I work as a field inspector for a property developer which takes me from one city to the next. You can say that the sun, wind and pollution had all ganged up on me on all these travels! My busy schedules also deprived me of healthy servings of meal, and as I relied heavily on fast-food, the more my acnes become terribly active! Fortunately I have a friend whose hardcore deep into health, fitness, beauty and all that stuff. She gave me my first container of collagen and I’d been hooked on them ever since! Why not when it helped almost my skin issues go away!! Now, I don’t have to go gaga over which concealer I will use to hide my wrinkles because their depth had been enormously reduced! After just 3 weeks of using the product made my liver spots less visible. It’s done wonders, too, with my acne which has taken its longest leave so far, lol!!!! It’s fairly priced and hassle-free to use. By hassle-free I meant that you can just mix the powder in any or all your food and drinks without it getting in the tastes of your favorite meals!!! This product is really worth your every penny and will exceed your expectations on a supplement!!! Wait til you get the results!

  50. Andrew Yang

    This multi collagen by wholesome wellness is an absolute GAME CHANGER- BECAUSE of the AFFORDABILITY for a product in this class (compared to the other name brand red bottle from an awesome doctor that rhymes with bax). This is on top of the fact that of its 5 CHAIN types and additional Bioperine. I believe wholesome wellness has hit the nail on the head on this one. When I take it- I can see my hair and nails growing a lot faster and my gut sealing up… there is no question I will take this for the rest of my life no joke. The other cool thing about this particular product is that it is in pill form- since my father does not like to drink a smoothie with powder in the morning- these pills are a godsend so that he can obtain his collagen without making a smoothie. All he has to do is add these to his already lifelong pill routine that he is used to. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK WHOLESOME WELLNESS TEAM – from a huge supporter!

  51. Nathan Jonaitis

    This item came earlier than the estimated delivery date and was packaged nice. The product has been working great so far. It has been giving me added energy and helping to curb my appetite. I think this is a great addition to my keto diet along with exercise and will help me to reach my goal!

  52. Amazon Customer

    Good product .helping with arthritis discomfort.

  53. Ashley

    Been taking for about a month now and I feel like my joints are getting stronger! It’s been easier for me to do my hard-core workouts.

  54. Pierce Lemaster

    I loved how I know exactly what I am taking! The bottle is easy to read, and everything about it is exactly what I was looking for! I just tried it today, and it’s very easy to swallow, and can’t taste it at all! I can’t wait to see the effects that will impact, and improve my overall health!

  55. jakenwen

    I am a 57 year old mother of 2 in menopause. Over the tough years of being a mother, my nails has turned brittle and my hair a moming mess.The hairline on my head keeps growing off quickly and losing its strength and rigidity. Theres a lot more breakage now and the texture has weakened. My appearance has remain one of the things I stay most loyal to and this is the primary reason I why I went ahead with this purchase. I put in 2 hours of research and have narrowed it down to this product because of the positive reviews I”ve read, the reviews seems more genuine than the competitors prompting me to think it might actually work. I took 2 capsules as recommended and it has resulted in my ugly nails turning stronger again. The thickness is back!!! and my hair texture has changed back to what it used to look like 2 decades ago. I have now consistently taken the capsules for 30 days straight ,without missing a day and the results are all positive. My hair length also increased by 4 inches. Not to shabby. Will be buying another bottle for my mother. I think she”ll appreciate this one. Good night

  56. Christina h

    I like how the product has 7 grams of protein per serving. I have been taking this product for about two week I have seen the change it had done to my nails the pills make my nails stronger.

  57. Wendy

    Great product. Helped me a lot after my surgery. I have recovered faster and my hair and nails are mu h more healthier

  58. Aimee Webb

    I used to think I would never have the need to supplement and I’ve always had soft, glowing skin even when I had my first child. But, I thought wrong! Guess I’m not exempted from aging. It costs a fortune for me but at least I’m positive that it will do a favor for my health. I’m not getting tired of taking this, it might be an addiction for me. Kidding aside, it’s compelling to have this collagen pills. I do have wrinkles underneath my eyes but I notice that it’s gone and my skin looks softer. I also experience hair falls often, but I believe that it lessens that. One of the greatest things that this pill offer is the anti-aging effect that it had on me. My face looks exhausted because of stress at work, and it’s glowing now. Great product!

  59. Angela Kapisak

    Initially, I decided to study up on collagen because of how effective they are at preventing and treating joint pain as well as other certain types of body pain as in knees and the lower back because I’ve had troublesome pain of my own in my knees ever since I hurt them at a sporting event in my university. I tried a bunch of alternative medication and supplements to treat my knee pains, even those that were produced for the specific reason of treating pain and to my surprise, none of them worked. I’m not sure if it’s because vendors were not trustworthy but I was definitely dismayed by that terrible negative experience. With that said, this product on the other hand was nothing short of miraculous for me because of how vast and how well it treated my knee pain. I took the recommended dosage and it worked for me after 3 days of taking the pills consistently. I used to sleep with a compress on me in order to make the pain more bearable especially during colder nights but now, after 26 days of taking these pills I am pain and stress free.Along with already amazing effects, I am also experiencing a lot of different changes in my body external and internal. First of all I am feeling more energetic as if I was given a new lease on life. I don’t drink coffee or tea in the morning, but now more than ever, I am more lively and alert as if I was on a natural high. That’s a big help to me and the only different thing that I did was take these pills. Also, a lot of people have been complimenting my skin and hair! I feel like I’ve hit a second puberty because of how well my “new life, new me” change is and I definitely owe it to these supplements. I no longer regret taking those defective products from before because if it wasn’t for those disappointments, I would have never stumbled upon these pills and would have never felt this good, especially with my joints. I can definitely completely recommend these pills. They work really well and really fast. Buy them and give them 3 days to a week and see for yourself!

  60. Kristina Crisci

    I’m into fitness and health and I try to live a very active lifestyle. I partake in tennis, golf, basketball and even ice hockey whenever the opportunity arises but the biggest problem about aging is just that, aging. My body doesn’t react and feel the same it did 10 years ago and while I am only 35 years old, I can already feel the years creeping up on me and not in a good way. I started adding more nutrition to my diet by eating dietician ok-d alternatives to meat and the more sugary fruits but I thought I could do more by changing up my multivitamins too. I decided to upgrade with multi collagen capsules because I’ve been hearing really good things about this product. After a few days of steadily researching every similar product here on Amazon, I decided upon this one because it’s the most affordable and the reviews have been great, too.So I wasn’t really all that expectant because you can only do so much against mother nature, but I was wrong! I’ve never had a more natural supplement than this, you can almost feel how good the ingredients are because of how well it helped me cleanse my system and it even made my skin look better too. I used to have some acne on my face but upon taking these capsules, I was taken aback because after 28 days of this stuff, my face started clearing up, my body felt healthier and best of all, my joints and bones don’t crack and ache as much anymore!I’m very happy with this purchase and I can’t recommend this enough! If you live an active lifestyle, definitely try this out. If you’re not so active, then this is really important for you! Take my word for it! It saved me thousands of dollars in therapies and visits to the dermatologist lols.

  61. Amazon Customer

    i have been taking it for about three weeks and my joints (thumbs, wrists, hips, ankle) have been feeling better and movement is easier. my mental health has also been much better due to less pain and being able to get back to my usual activities.

  62. D

    I continue to experience several benefits from using Wholesome Wellness Multi Collagen with BioPerine, which go away when I do not take on a regular basis. (I also take vitamin-c at the same time)I have chronic pain and nerve damage, no other product has helped the numbness, lack of strength, and pain, as this collagen supplement does.Additionally, I have seen a decrease in my digestive symptoms and healthier gums.Joint pain is also less, enabling more energy during the day and a better night’s sleep. I definitely recommend it to all my friends and family. (I’ve purchased this product many times, and will keep buying it)

  63. Julia Mooney

    In the past, I had problems with my digestive tract. I easily get constipated whenever I don’t watch what I’m eating and it really bugs me to the point that I get stressed out every time I go to the restroom. I always feel bloated because of my food intake and it really is discomforting considering that there are a lot of food that can make you bloat and it’s really stressing me out. I needed something to help me.I tried this product with the belief that it’ll help me. So, I basically did my research and figured out that I can help me in a ton of ways not just with my problem but also with my health. My skin health will be better because it helps with the skin structure. Joint pains would be non-existent, for me to be more okay while moving. Anti-aging, healthier hair and yes better digestion.In about a week I noticed that my bowels were better now, I don’t feel bloated than when I was. I’m not constipated when I go to the restroom, my gut is feeling so relieved now and so I don’t have much problems regarding my work so that’s really great. I felt relieved because I’m feeling better and more confident because my bowel health was good and my skin is glowing too! It wasn’t stressful now since I’m good with what I feel. I noticed that my sleep was getting better because of it. Longer and continuous sleeping time is always good because I can feel refreshed whenever I wake up. This product remarkably made me better and it made my health better. My skin was glowing, my bowels are working better and my sleeping was long and strong, so this is a product that I recommend.

  64. Peperita

    I gave birth to my 2nd daughter a few years ago and while i didn’t get a lot of stretch marks with my first child, my pregnancy with my second child was just so much worse and i noticed that i had a lot of stretch marks now compared to before. To be fair, i also gained so much more weight this time around so that’s probably why i got more stretch marks, but now i have a stretch mark problem that i need to solve. Within the first two years, i tried using creams and lotions on my tummy and thighs to help me get rid of the tiger stripes. At first they seem like they’re working but in reality they’re not. Also, even after almost a year or so of using creams, my stretch marks remained the same. Now i switched to this collagen pills. I heard that they’re good for improved elasticity and whatnot and i heard that they can help with stretch marks. I began taking them half a year ago. Actually, i first started using collagen in powder form but when i saw that there were pill versions, i instantly made the switch. I just think pills are so much more convenient than powder because you just pop it and swallow. You don’t have to mix them in anything or wait for it to dissolve. Plus they don’t make your food or drink inedible or taste weird because you don’t have to mix them in those in the first place. Anyway, as mentioned, i began taking this about 5 months ago. Within the first two months, i already noticed an improvement in terms of my stretch marks. They have been lightened to a point were they were probably barely even noticeable unless you stare at it. And it only took two months!! I also noticed other improvements on my skin. It started making my skin look smooth and flawless. The wrinkles on my face seemed less prominent and my smile lines were not as deep. I was actually super surprised because it seemed to overhaul my haul skin, from the face down to my body. I am very happy with how this product reduced my marks and improved the appearance of my face. It’s very effective and it’s probably because it uses a lot of kinds of collagen and not just one kind. Absolutely recommending this

  65. Amazon Customer

    My hair & nails are stronger, my skin is more supple and my joint pain is definitely minimized!Thank you for this wonder combo. Collagen supplement.

  66. Constance Ferdon

    As a hormonal teen, I knew what to expect, mood swings and acne were just part of the norm but the acne never seemed to disappear no matter what I did and this persisted all the way to my 30s. I have come to terms with who I am as a person and I know that acne is a natural thing that I shouldn’t be ashamed of regardless of how weird I think it actually is. It wasn’t until I bought this collagen health supplement that I realized that it doesn’t have to be so bad, having acne that is but one thing I didn’t take into consideration was how effective this product could be because after just two weeks of using this product all of the acne on my face started clearing up and now my face looks cleaner than ever.

  67. Chelsea Alvarez

    These collagen pills are amazing! I’ve been looking for supplements that can help me with my gum problem for ages.I take extra care when brushing my teeth because my gums bleed easily.My dentist mentioned that gingivitis may also be caused by stress and low immune system which is why I considered collagen to address my gums and over-all health. I’ve heard about collagen. Good thing my sister recommended me this particular brand. Its been a few months since I started taking these pills and thankfully I did. My gums have been getting healthier and stronger now I can’t seem to wipe the smile of my face! I had minimal episodes of gum bleeding and I feel like my teeth are no longer highly sensitive on anything hot or cold. I’m on my 2nd bottle already and even bought an extra bottle to keep as a stock. Perfect solution!

  68. Dianne D.

    As you age you lose collagen. This product is helping to replace what I can’t do naturally

  69. Crystal

    I’ve been taking almost a month and my hair feels stronger. I’m hoping to notice an increase in length soon.

  70. ndeye wade

    I like this product so far i will purchase again

  71. Doby

    Insane results for a product that costs under $40

  72. Ns_mom

    I noticed a difference in about 2 weeks after I started taking it. Especially w/ my hair, it’s no longer dry, now my hair is smooth & promotes hair growth too (I have fine hair). I also noticed that my skin (face) is somewhat brighter & really smooth! I like that it comes in capsule form so I don’t have to bother w/ mixing the powder in my water, etc. I will be taking this on a regular basis.

  73. Melody Edwards

    I was so excited to try this. I ordered this morning and received it just now. However product arrived opened. The seal had been removed.

  74. Eric Johns

    This product has helped my hair from falling out as much, my nails grow faster and stronger and I have noticed that my joints feel great when I am taking this product.

  75. bsharley7

    I am cursed with RA and take a multitude of prescription medications. I was advised by my rheumatologist to take some sort of probiotic for my gut health due to my meds being so harsh on my stomach. I found this product in my search and was happy to see that it could help my joints as well. The hair, skin and nails were an added bonus.My stomach issues are greatly reduced and I am using my hands more and more everyday. I have started my teenage daughter on this as well, after checking with her doctor. She is very athletic, playing soccer, basketball and track, so needless to say she is in pain with her knees a lot, not to mention the stomach issues from taking so much ibuprofen. She has cut back on the ibuprofen since starting it thus reducing her stomach pain as well.I am excited to see how this works in the grand scheme of things. So far we are off to a great start!

  76. Debbie Dawes

    More energy, a feeling of wellbeing. Appetite reduced, less cravings.

  77. Sandra

    I started taking it as soon as I received it. About a week later my knees stopped hurting. I will continue to use.I can’t wait for the benefits in my skin.

  78. Sandra Minter

    I’ve been taking these collagen capsules as a skin supplement but I didn’t realize that it will give me so much more than just clear and glory skin!!! You see, I have sensitive teeth and my gums always bleed. My dentist said I probably lack some vitamins and minerals so I started taking vitamin C. It didn’t do much and my teeth are still pretty sensitive. That is, until I started taking these supplements. I didn’t notice it immediately, but when I did, I had no idea what lessened the sensitivity of my teeth. It took me a while to realize that it was these collagen capsules that made me less sensitive when brushing my teeth or drinking and eating cold treats. My gums also rarely bleed if at all. This is really something that was unexpectedly good and I have nothing but praise for these.

  79. timothy lentz

    About half a year ago, I started experiencing these small pains in my stomach. They started out really mild but eventually became too much to bear. It’s hyperacidity and I’ve started experiencing all the other symptoms associated with it. I heard that collagen supplements help with hyperacidity so I thought of giving it a shot. Now 3 months into taking these capsules and I can say that they really work well. I no longer experience hyperacidity and I just feel better overall.

  80. Eagle 1

    So far my skin is feeling much softer. I am hoping to see changes in my nails within the next few days also.

  81. Joyce Di Pardi

    The item was delivered within the estimated date and arrived in excellent condition. In just 2 days I felt a difference, after my baby was born (13 months ago) my hair kept falling and in 2 days the falls miraculously decreased, I also feel more willing and with more energy to exercise.

  82. Ashley wildey

    I heard collagen does great things to the skin and while I’m still in my twenties, I feel like I should already invest in things that will help me keep this youthful glow. Found these multi-collagen pills online and gave them a try. Did not regret my decision. In as early as 2 weeks, I can already see how much better my skin is doing. No more breakouts, no more sagging skin. My skin is just firmer and more elastic than ever. Best of all, I also feel healthier overall. I am honestly just out of words on how amazing this product has been to me. I have even started recommending it to friends who noticed my glow and they all like it. It’s also quite cheaper than the others I’ve seen online. ll definitely buy more of these pills when I run out.

  83. Maria Garcia

    Let me start with am 29 I have been suffering from tension alopecia since the age 14 and so far since I have been using this product I have seen slight changes since I have just recently been using this product am gonna continue taking them and can’t wait for the out come I have been waiting for something like this to long.I highly would recommend this product you would completely satisfied it’s also very good for the skin,nails and joints I work with my hands so much at work were I was dealing with very horrible pains in my hands were I couldn’t help the pain every night and morning now I get less pain in my hands thank to this product. Don’t waste more time and go check it out if you haven’t

  84. Andrew

    I was diagnosed to have a leaky gut. This condition made me very weak as I coast from having chronic diarrhea to constipation which made me lose a lot nutrients and considerable amount of weight. There’s no specific treatment for leaky gut rather than eating a well-balanced diet and limiting NSAIDs intake which at the time I have grown dependent on to manage pains that’s affecting my back because I have a herniated disc in my spine. So my mom and I, we were on a lookout for something that might help me balance out the issues with the leaky gut and the fact that I need my prescriptions for my back pains. The solution came down product. I’ve never felt more relieved in a lot months than when I started using this product which helped stabilize my digestive system and helped me not only to get rid of the constipation and diarrhea, but also with my bloating and gassiness.. I had less and less headache and fogginess as the day went by, enabling me to eat on time. I have less trouble sleeping, as it drastically lessened the number of times I fart and burp, especially burp because burping a lot makes me want to puke and that kept me awake a lot of times in the past, on top of having acid reflux. Right now, I am happy the way things have turned out and still continue to drink this product. It’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone! I highly recommend this product!

  85. Annette Marie Perryman

    This product does exactly what it says it does.

  86. Susi D

    Being using this for a while and I should say this is a great product . Being a mother of three I needed the extra vitamins to get me back on track on being health and give my body the extra help it needed. After working all day and coming home to do chores, my hands would often end up dry and cracked. Taking this product restored my hands to their previous state and prevents them from wearing down again. Definitely would buy again.

  87. Donna

    Collagen pills are pretty popular nowadays and I’ve tried some of the variants out there. I mainly take it to prevent osteoporosis but I have always been fascinated by the other benefits of collagen. I’ve tried powdered collagen before and I realized that I prefer pills because they are much more convenient. After all, you just pop it and go. No need to mix it into drinks or whatever like the powdered version requires. Also, as I mentioned, this collagen pills are very beneficial because aside from helping me prevent osteoporosis, it has also given me better skin. I’ve observed the improved elasticity on the skin on my face. My sleep quality has also improved so much! I can sleep better and fall asleep faster when I began taking this. Overall, this is something that i would gladly recommend and write a review for. It’s just so nice.

  88. Les Henry

    This is one of the easiest ways to ensure getting enough protein and amino acids, plus the 5 types of food source collagen: Type I, II, III, V & X especially when I am extremely busy and/or traveling. I use it for my entire body – hair, nails, joints, eyes, muscles, bones, … !

  89. mommybearo

    No offense to the people who prefer collagen powder (or protein shakes, or anything in powder to be honest) but I really dislike powder drinks because for some reason I always choke up because of the particles, but maybe it’s just my throat being picky or something. I dont know. I always knew I wanted more collagen intake but powder was never going to cut it, so I ordered some multi collagen pills from here because I’ve seen all the positive reviews so I checked it out and works like a charm. I dont know how much of this is placebo but I reckon that the pills are at least working at a 80% capacity so that’s still money well spent for me. I used to have irregular bowel movement but after trying this product, I have been having no issues at all when it comes to that area and I got rid of my constipation. Great product and definately a preferable alternative to collagen powder.

  90. S Thomas

    Love it

  91. JasmineBella

    a few months into taking these collagen capsules. As promised, they really deliver on the skin benefits and my skin has really improved a lot ever since I started taking these. Not only is my skin less oily and suffer from less acne inflammations, but it also has that naturally rosy glow that I believe these collagen capsules caused! I don’t think I will be needing make up anytime soon. Right now, my bare skin is enough.

  92. Margaret Skolos

    I loved this product! Made me feel healthier all over! My skin looked more vibrant, felt more elastic & looked younger. The product is also very portable and convenient because of the capsules. Would buy them again!

  93. Alyssa

    I know that our body deteriorates as we age so I try to always take care of myself. However, I recently read that most of our bones are made up of collagen and that when the collagen deteriorates, our bones do so, too. When I read that, I panicked. I do not know how to replenish the collagen in my body. How can I prevent this bone loss??? I found these collagen pills online and my mind was put at ease. Now I can easily replenish the collagen in my body to prevent bone loss and even make my bones and joints stronger than they already are. I always thought calcium was enough but collagen does more for the bones. True enough, I feel strong and young and my bones feel like new! Plus, it makes my whole skin glow from head to toe.

  94. Amy

    Wholesome Wellness Multi Collagen with Bioperine is a great supplement for those in need. Not only did I notice a difference in my hair and fingers nails, I noticed and increase in energy! My nails and hair have gotten a lot stronger, they are no longer brittle. Lastly, my skin appears to be more vibrant as well. I’ve taken it for a little over a month and have seen some nice results!

  95. Aimee W.

    I have been taking different collagen capsules because I love to experiment something new especially when I feel that the one that I’m currently taking doesn’t seem to work anymore. I’m in my 40’s so wrinkles and crow’s feet is definitely showing and that is the prime reason as to why I have to look for different collagen pills. With aging, the skin tends to become dry. But by taking collagen pills, this problem can be solved, and I have faith on that. I am a collagen pill user for almost a year now. But I still haven’t found the right one for me, until I find this collagen capsule right here. I just tried it for a week and I’ve seen much improvement with my skin. It feels lighter and it is glowing already. I cannot believe it that it doesn’t take long time for it to work, I’m also surprised that the crow’s feet that I have is starting to vanish!

  96. CHI

    I have been regularly experiencing digestion problems. it varies from simple heartburn, stomach cramps, and indigestion to the more serious IBD and IBS and chronic diarrhea. I have tried many remedies (both medical and otherwise) but nothing really seems to work. Most just hampers the condition, puts it to a temporary halt, but nothing has ever given a solution to the problem. I am getting tired of taking different pills. I have also tried proper nutrition, but still my condition continues. I have gotten various suggestions and recommendations but one thing stood out that caught my interest. My friend suggested a supplement called collagen capsules. I am aware of its beneficial capabilities on the skin, bones and joints, but wondered what it could do for my digestion issues. Eager to try anything that could possibly tackle my discomfort, I went ahead and ordered the product. I have been consistently using the product now for almost a month now and I must say that it performed pretty well! My 1st week of use put a stop to my stomach cramps and shortly after that I no longer had heartburn episodes. That was remarkable! The time passing without any of these episodes simply confirmed that the product has it taken care of. A little later and my diarrhea, IBD and IBS were addressed. For the 1st time ever a period of time has passed without me showing symptoms of digestion problems. My gut feels stronger and my bowel movement has never been so regular!! True to what my friend said, the product has indeed handled my digestive issues and it handled the issues well! All these in such a short period of time and as an added bonus, it has likewise fixed my joint, bone, hair and skin issues! Love the product and will continue taking it. In fact, I just confirmed my order as stocks are running low.

  97. OneCross

    Taking the Multiple Collagen capsules are very convenient way to get the benefits of this great supplement in your system.They are very easy to swallow and are absolutely flavorless.No yucky aftertaste whatsoever! I would and have recommended this supper to other people. Try it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  98. Pamela Kleba

    I’ve read a lot about collagen pills and was excited to try this product. I’ve only been using it a short time and the first thing I noticed is my knee pain is diminished. The pills are easy to swallow and I’ve not experienced any adverse effects. I believe this is a quality product and hope to continue to reap the benefits of use.

  99. Renee

    Love it. Been taking it for 7 months now. Easy to swallow. Has black pepper for absorption, which is important.

  100. Tuck

    So far it works pretty well. Does help with pain.

  101. Sally Chan

    This is the product that I’m really excited to take every morning and evening. As early as 1 week, you will see that it really hydrates the skin, you might already look like a Hollywood actress because of the obvious glow of your skin. I like that kind of effect so much especially when I’m in the gym, I can flaunt this glass-skin. I can also say that it is worth to buy because my friends, even my sister, tried this and they only have 1 feedback after trying this supplement for weeks. Their skin was glowing and they can feel the moisturizing effect instantly. The product is not just for the skin, though. It can be as great help for the hair, nails, joints, and bones. That’s the main reason why I take this before meals. Since I’ve been taking this religiously, everyone can already notice the change that it had on me

  102. Alice Caruthers

    Years of suffering from dyshidrotic eczema has left my feet looking like a tattered and worn out map route. Only instead of directional lines, mine is a maze of all the dried-up blisters that has made my skin thick and very rough to the touch. Plus, little mounds of newly erupted ones that were tremendously itchy and reddish. You got the picture? As if that’s not enough, there is no cure for this type of eczema, so the only option I have really is to learn how to manage it, well enough to lessen the discomfort and try to make them looking less ugly and repulsive. Thanks to a friend who recommended that I try out this multi collagen which at the time she was halfway through her third bottle. Even when I read the label that said, Anti-Aging Formula, Healthy Skin & Hair, Strong Joints, Bones & Nails didn’t give me much confidence that it’s going to change anything for me. I have tried a number of supplements and topical creams in the past, so yeah, I had my reservations. But what could it hurt especially when the recommendation came from a dermatologist- friend? So, yeah, I ordered for the capsules which, on the recommended dose of popping 3 pills before breakfast, should be enough to last me a full month. Lo and behold, significant changes had started to manifest after just taking the easy-swallow pills for 10 days! I have never felt this good about myself in a long time, and my confidence is just at its peak! This product helped lessen the itchiness of my eczema in both my feet and the palm of my hands. It made the old and new blister marks smoothened out and looking less repulsive and drastically improved my overall skin health. Definitely this was way too much of my expectations, as using the product also made my hair shinier, voluminous and absolutely fab! I was stoked! I just wanted to add my share of two thumbs up!

  103. Keaton Brock

    My parents have not been going along well or quite sometime. Being the only child, I got to play the go-between which in turn makes me absorb all the tension and is causing my acid reflux and acne break out! On fb, I saw this brand of collagen that’s been the buzz in more than a handful of threads, collagen complex. Without hesitation or second thoughts, I bought 1 bottle which at 3/day would be enough for me to try it out first. Should it prove successful as I would expect, I am definitely going to get another go at it. I appreciate that these easy to swallow capsules don’t have an after taste. That would have been really disappointing since I have to take them before breakfast. They work wonders in helping my stomach settle and do away with the acid reflux. I am seeing visible results that makes me really happy like, improved skin health- it’s making discoloration subside and it helped smoothen out some of my laugh lines. For me, this product helped not only with my acid reflux but also helped me regain back the quality and glow of my skin. Very happy with the results

  104. Elysia M.

    Listen, I don’t know why you guys pin “all” your hopes and expect to get a miracle by taking this product! I mean, seriously?!!! I came across this product called collagen complex which is supposed to have these all types of collagen in it. Reading up on it along with the reviews, it talked a lot about the wows and amazing effects it did to them. So, out of curiosity I bought 1 bottle just to see how it goes or if it really works as they said it did. Had already been with this one collagen product with bone broth and so far, so good, but what the heck it could do me harm to go for a try, right? Anyway, it costs even cheaper than the one I am using. You see there are days when I am completely and totally out of my wits when my back is troubling me. I have osteoarthritis on top of having a C- curve scoliosis. Yeah, well these bone problems seemed to like my back!!!!! These days I am talking about meant, from trivial such as being irritated at the slightest to worse, when I’d have shouting fits coz I wasn’t able to sleep the night before because I can’t find a position that suits me that’s good for my back. To cut the story short, When I started using these pills which by the way go in easy swallow capsules in bottles of 90 caps a piece, I notice a drastic reduction in pain so that I am able to have a decent sleep. I should have said, enough sleep as I needed but that remains to be seen if these pills will do that in the long run. As it is I am just about getting done with my first bottle which I take 3 in the morning before breakfast. Unlike others, I don’t expect to have shinier hair or what not, I don’t even expect to have glowing skin either. But, at this point I am happy that it’s helping me in the pain management department. It states it repairs reconnective tissues quickly. I am also feeling the pills positive effects on my joints and extremities. And I gotta tell you this, been on the other product and it didn’t do me nothing much but helped me with my joints issues on my knees and improved my brittle nails. Overall, I am choosing this product because I may not get all its supposed benefits, I am already glad to be getting what I did which is more than my expectation. So, yeah I am sticking with this one. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Will be buying another bottle to start for July!

  105. Fred P.

    I had a great deal of pain in my knees until taking this product. It started working fairly quickly and worked great. I will be ordering again.

  106. Joyce

    I purchased the capsules for my son. I used the powder with my green and protein smoothies.

  107. D. Spencer

    I’m going through menopause. My hair and skin had been looking dull and my nails were weak. I also have arthritis. After using Wholesome Wellness Multi Collagen With Bioperine (3 capsules, twice a day), I have seen significant improvement in my hair, skin and nails. My arthritis has been less bothersome . My menopause symptoms are barely noticeable. I’m very pleased!

  108. Alexandra Crawford

    My colleagues have been bugging me recently on how I keep my hair from going white. Others have resorted to dyeing their hair to hide the signs of aging but for me, it’s as simple as taking these collagen pills. Not only does it keep my hair as vibrant, smooth, and strong as ever, it also keeps my skin wrinkle-free to add to that youthful vibe. This is an amazing product that has kept me gray-hair-free for over a year now and I don’t plan to stop using it.

  109. Stephanie

    I have a combination type of skin and on the T zone it is really oil and for the other side it is natural sometimes and sometimes it is dry. I put on a daily make up every day, in the morning and I wear it for like 12 hours. I put on primer first before anything else to lessen the oiliness that I have and the reason as to why I do this as a routine because I do not have much confidence I do skincare as well, every night before I go to bed. I found this product on a social media group and it was highly recommended by a lot of people I never use this kind of pills before but I think this is worth trying since the people within the group is really trusted especially when they recommend something for the skin. Tried this for about two weeks now and I already see the progress. I’ll keep you posted if I notice other changes.

  110. Liz

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     I have been a longtime sufferer of constipation which means that I have a hell of a hard time especially when it comes to hanging out in the bathroom, in a manner of speaking that is. I am extremely grateful that these multi-collagen capsules worked like a charm and that they were more effective than I was hoping for because not only did my constipation disappear, my subsequent trips to the comfort room became smoother and more interesting as well because it feels as though my body is flushing out the toxins inside of it along with everything else. All in all this is an excellent supplement that is well worth its cost and you can be sure that I will continue to take this alongside my maintenance medicine so that I could live life a little bit better with each passing day.

  111. tricia king

    Easy to swallow capsules, not aftertaste , slowly seeing changes.

  112. Stephanie Lowe

    I receive the product a few days ago. I can already tell a huge difference! For one my skin feels so much softer. The next thinking I noticed was how soft my hair felt. I tend to have dry hair. From using heat tools. I can only imagine what my skin and hair will look like in the next few weeks. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to get that bounce back. Pink Shirt is before Camo shirt is after just a few days.

  113. Harrison Family

    I’ve been trying more organic methods to fix my brittle nails. I randomly stumbled upon this product when searching for nail growth products. After a year of continued use, my nails are looking much better than they ever have been before! I will occasionally break a nail or two, but it would not because of the quality of my nails. I tend to break them from prying open cans. If you used to be a nail biter, I’d recommend taking this to repair the damage!

  114. Hope Fein

    We all know that regular exercise does the body good, what it can’t do is remove the visible signs of aging which is where I believe science comes in. I have widespread pigmentation over the top of my hands, some on my neck and a lot at my back. My laugh lines and crow’s feet are becoming more visible and pronounced in the passing of days. At almost 40, I am now also starting to feel intermittent stiffening of the joints and lower back pains. Considering those worries, I still love where I am at. I had just started going out on dates again and I want to look and feel my best. Now that my only child’s away on collage, I can start taking the time to do things for myself and take care of myself. With so many choices, it could be very confusing. Glad to know that a friend of mine shares my enthusiasm so before I could even decide on what supplement I’d like to add on my personal journey to health and beauty program (some title eh?!), he told me to give this product a try. Turned out, he’s been using them for over 6 months already. I don’t know anything much about collagen rather than we have it in our system but the sweet gesture did manage to put aside any reservations I had. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t even know what they do or the kind of benefits these pills are going to give me. Three weeks after, I didn’t have to ask. My circle of friends had started commenting that I was looking younger. That I radiate this glow about me which is highlighted even more by my red curly locks. It felt good. I can no longer remember the last time I was called by any names aside from mom. This time I was being called beautiful and I am blushing like a teenager! Overall, happy with this product =)

  115. Brinda Martinez

    I am not a fan of supplements, be it multivitamins or herbal medication. I just never thought that they actually add anything to my life. But when my hair fall has gotten really bad, I had no choice but to take these collagen capsules at the recommendation of my friend. She said that as we get older, we get less collagen in our body so we have to take supplements for that. And that collagen is responsible for the hair and stuff do of course I ordered it. It has been about a full month since I began taking this and, oh boy, did it improve my hair! I mean, wow, within that first month, I have noticed less and less hair left on my pillow every day compared to the period before I started taking it where I had clumps of hair on my pillow upon waking up. That really bothered me alot, but now, not anymore because I only get a few strands. I also noticed that there’s not a lot of hair when I shower so that’s definitely a good thing. Aside from the obvious hair benefits, I also noticed that since I began taking these capsules, I have gotten less body aches, especially on my back and joints. Working in retail can really give you those achy parts but getting this collagen supplement really helped me deal with that even when I didnt expect it too. I also noticed that the pimples that I had dried up faster when I began taking this. It’s just pretty amazing. Overall, I am a very satisfied customer and I cannot wait to buy this again. It worked amazingly for me and I know that it will continue to do so in the future.

  116. Keenam

    This is an excellent product. Just started to take them. Very easy to swallow. No aftertaste.

  117. Maryanne Pennington

    I can almost watch hair and fingernails growing. So good for hair, skin and joints. Easy to swallow. Really like this brand. Will repurchase.

  118. Cristina

    This is an excellent collagen supplement. Super easy to take. I’ve been taking them for just over a week now and I’ve noticed my hair looks shinier, my skin is not as dry and my nails are so much healthier! Make sure you don’t take it on an empty stomach.

  119. ELIANA

    This stuff is amazing would recommendThese pills have been amazing my skin feels amazing and looks so clear my nails have grown so long I feel great overall..

  120. Julie S

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     I heard about collagen pills from my friend back in 2018 and he’s been taking it ever since then. He’s reported so much progress and positive results from his experience with the product after a few months of prodding, I finally decided to give it a try and this was back in September 5, 2019 so it’s been a few weeks since then. I can’t really tell for sure what this has done for me on a molecular level but I have noticed that my skin has looked so much healthier compared to before and my gums had stopped bleeding during brushing plus it doesn’t hurt when I eat cold food (ice cream for instance) and this only happened after I started taking collagen pills. Amazing value for money and I really regret passing this up a few months ago, I wasted so much time being unhealthy back then!

  121. Amazon Customer

    excellent source of 5 types of collagen, it can be taken in the morning or before th bedtime. It doesn’t upset your stomach or make you nauseous . i wound recommended this product as a daily supplement.

  122. Tekyria Davis

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     I used this product for hair/ nail growth and strength. I was surprised that it also curved my appetite and I lost weight

  123. Shenelle W.

    My friends have been bugging me about my secret. Like what have I been doing or taking to stay young. We’re all the same age but they say I look like I’m maybe 5 years younger than them. I’ve always hesitated telling them because I wasn’t actually taking something to improve my appearance or anything. I just happened to be taking these multi collagen supplements to keep my bones and joints strong and it just so happened to make my skin look good too. I finally told them two weeks ago and they all ordered bottle. Shipping was so fast and they all reported positive results, both health-wise and skin-wise. I can’t wait to see their results in person. Kudos to the team behind this pills on a job well done. Will repurchase again when I finish my 3rd bottles.

  124. Amazon Customer

    Good product, I noticed a difference within a couple of weeks.

  125. Tara

    what is one thing you can always expect from an athlete? Its injuries! As a gymnast, I always go home with a new bruise or sore muscles after training. You would think that after being a gymnast for so long you would get used to all the pain from the injuries. Well, thats not always the case, especially for me. Each and every one of my injuries negatively affects my performance. Sprains are the worst for me! They heal the slowest. Thats why I take these collagen pills. It seems as if they speed up the healing process and even strengthens my muscles. Athletes should add collagen pills to their daily supplements so that their performance will not always be affected every time they get injured. Because even the smallest sore and injured muscle can change an athlete’s performance. Injuries are inevitable. Thats why I helped myself heal my muscles with these pills. Definitely no regrets there!

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