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  • HIGHEST QUALITY DESICCATED BEEF LIVER: Pasture raised in New Zealand, grassfed and grass-finished, undefatted, hormone-free, pesticide-free, GMO-free. 100% ULTRA PURE means no fillers, no flow agents and no magnesium stearate. 100% FREEZE DRIED to optimally preserve heat sensitive nutrients, co-factors and biological activity.
  • NUTRITIONALLY DENSE SUPER FOOD: Very high in preformed Vitamin A, B12 for energy, proteins, peptides, CoQ10, Choline, Folate, Hyaluronic Acid and Bio-Available Heme Iron. Provides all the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, K & E) in highly usable forms, and meaningful amounts of copper, zinc and chromium.
  • NOURISH YOUR WAY TO HEALTH: For healthy teeth, gums, skin and hair. Supports energy, mood, metabolism and methylation. For strong joints, connective tissue and healthy collagen. Supports heart, brain, blood, and liver health. Supports a strong immune system and glutathione status (the body’s master antioxidant).
  • WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENT: Get the advanced nourishment that only whole foods (and whole food supplements) can provide. Get all the co-factors, nutrient synergy and biological activity that makes liver so amazing for you. Paleo Friendly… Primal Friendly… Ketogenic Friendly… Support vital high energy bulk demands for an active liquid lifestyle.
  • STILL NOT SURE? DON’T WORRY! – As a small family business, we fully understand the uncertainty and risk of trying new supplements products. This, together with our confidence that you will be happy with our Beef Liver Pills, we offer you a Full 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, no questions asked. Try risk-free!

Powering Your Body With Nutrient-Dense Superfood

For centuries, we humans depended on nature’s resources to fulfill the demands of life. From the food we eat to the air we breathe — our lives revolve around the human-nature relationship we’ve established to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Modern life biddings, however, caught us slipping away from a life of vigor and vitality. Our nutritional consumption fails to meet our bodies’ dietary needs to live a life that is health-giving.

Beef liver is a nutritional powerhouse packed with essential vitamins and minerals that can supply more than your daily dietary requirement. It is recognized as one of the most nutrient-dense foods in existence, worthy of the title “Superfood.” An ounce of beef liver supercharges your body with large amounts of vitamin A, B12, C, , zinc, copper, iron, protein and more.

With the advancement of technology, we have found a way for us to consume this “Superfood” without eating it in its true form, this has allowed us to create a capsule version of this wonderful product without losing any of its nutrients.

Beef Liver

The Blueprint Of Our Beef Liver Excellence

We sourced our product (nose to tail) from New Zealand to promise the most organic livestock production — from pasture-raising the cows to freeze-drying to ensure top-notch preservation of nutrients. Our partners adhere to global standards of raising the livestock, taking into account the importance of raising the cows in a green pasture. We ensure that the livestock is grass-fed, receive plenty of sunlight, and, most importantly, without pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics to ensure you get 100% natural whole food supplements to nourish your body.


We’re confident about the upbringing of our product from start to finish. Since our mission focuses on providing you nature’s treasured food source, we strive to maintain quality and ensure you’re getting the nutritional needs organically.

● All cows used in manufacturing are 100% grass-fed and raised in a green pasture, without the use of pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics that could pose detrimental effects in your body. Our livestock is closely monitored by New Zealand’s leading biosecurity system to ensure quality raw ingredients in manufacturing.

● We freeze-dry all meat to preserve its color, nutrients, and aroma to ensure the balance of nutrients remains uncompromised and to deliver the same nourishment that nature provided.

● NO ADDITIVES. We make sure that you receive 100% natural ultra pure components — we eliminated the use of stearates, lubricants, binders, fillers, or flow agents in the manufacturing process.

● Our products pass through mandatory licensing, auditing, and certification to ensure confidence in use.

Beef Liver

The Health Benefits That Awaits You

Beef liver supplements introduce an innovative way of keeping your body vibrant. Most people tend to look to fruits and vegetables to supply the body’s need for essential vitamins and minerals. Although there’s nothing entirely wrong with that, the diet might be insufficient in terms of nutrient content.


Beef liver is a good source of vitamin B12 (including other types of vitamin Bs), A, folic acid, zinc, copper, and selenium — the necessary vitamins and minerals to support immunity at a cellular level to combat free radicals.


The proper nourishment of your joints, ligaments, and tendons is essential to improve its strength and flexibility. Beef liver supplements are rich in protein, which in turn produces collagen and elastin, which helps in keeping your tendons and ligaments strong. Aside from that, it also provides other essential vitamins and minerals needed for the development of stronger joints, ligaments, and tendons such as vitamin C, A, E, and calcium.


Beef liver supplements can help support the strong development of teeth, nails, and gums by providing the essential nutritional building blocks for dental health. Vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamins D, C, A, K, potassium, and phosphorus.


Beef liver is rich in vitamins and minerals that keep the bones healthy, such as calcium, vitamin D, and K2.


Your Kidneys and Liver require necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain its good performance, alongside keeping a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Your beef liver supplement provides a significant amount of vitamins A, D, E, iron, and renal vitamins that help ensure your body functions properly and remove toxic waste substances from the body.


There are five essential vitamins and minerals needed to boost energy metabolism: vitamins B, D, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Beef liver supplements provide a substantial amount of these vitamins and minerals to ensure your body breaks down food and nutrients better.


Liver meats have the highest concentration of vitamin C. Its antioxidant properties, the ascorbic acid, supports collagen synthesis that improves skin health, increases muscle mass, prevent bone loss, and relieve joint pain.


With large amounts of B vitamins and iron, you’ll have longer-lasting energy levels. B vitamins, particularly B12, helps in transforming food into energy that cells can use. At the same time, it keeps your body’s nerves and cells healthy, preventing issues that can make you feel weak and tired. Iron, on the other hand, boosts your body to make hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the body’s tissues effectively.


Research proves that vitamins and minerals such as calcium, folate, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and vitamins B6, B12, and D help in combating depression and promote long-term happiness.


Methylation is an essential biological process that happens in every cell in the body. It is involved in many activities such as the nervous, cardiovascular, and immune system activity, as well as in energy production, detoxification, and DNA repair. In the context of methylation, it should be balanced to help our body operate mentally and physically. Beef liver is a good source for methylation nutrients to ensure optimal function.


Beef liver supplements provide an abundant amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and vitamins A, D, and E — the essential vitamins and minerals needed to keep your heart, brain, and liver healthy, respectively. A 3 ½ ounces of beef liver provides 609 milligrams of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is good to reduce triglycerides (a type of fat) in your heart. B vitamins like B6, B9, and B12 keeps your brain healthy by breaking down homocysteine and produce the energy needed to develop new brain cells. Meanwhile, vitamins A, D, and E help in preventing dysfunction in your liver to ensure a better break down of foods and nutrients to distribute energy to your other organs.


The Expertise Behind Every Bottle

Liver sourced from pasture-raised, and grass-fed cows are 100% safe to consume. Research proves that the liver is a nutrient-dense organ meat that packs essential vitamins and minerals that are good in the body. There’s a misconception that meat liver contains toxins. This is a false claim. The liver does not store toxins; instead, it filters these toxins and expels it via urine. We promise that the consumption of meat liver from healthy animals is safe and nutritious.


Our products are manufactured purely, without any fillers or flow agents to preserve its formula, color, and taste. We aim to supercharge your body the natural way.


Take four-six capsules per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.


Magnesium stearate has a laxative effect if ingested too much. It irritates the mucosal lining or causes bowel spasms. We promise that our product is made 100% organically without any chemicals that could endanger your health.


We believe that natural is safe and that natural is better. As such, our process includes using ingredients that are not in any way genetically modified. All components of our product is made from natural and organic substances that are safe and effective.


With only the highest standards of practice in mind, our product is manufactured right here in the USA. Our facilities are in compliance with all applicable good manufacturing practices and regulations. The strictest quality control and guidelines are followed as we perform rigorous testing on each lot to ensure safety and effectiveness.

NO TASTE & NO SMELL – Like many of us, if you can’t stomach the taste of liver, no problem! our beef liver capsules are virtually taste/odorless


Keeping up with your nutritional intake is the best and most effective way to prevent issues. Like most people would say, it is our actions today that plots the conclusion of our story. Therefore, to live a vibrant and fulfilling life, don’t hold back with what keeps your body healthy and capable. You see, nature has crafty ways to help you achieve your goals. All you have to do is look and experience its power.

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110 reviews for Grass Fed Beef Liver Capsules

  1. Amazon Customer

    I take liver for energy. It provides a measurable energy boost as I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.There are no additives or other ingredients! Very good rpoduct!

  2. BradS

    After a bout with a bleeding ulcer my iron and hemoglobin were low. I saw a video on youtube about how good grass-fed beef liver was so I went on Amazon and looked at all of the brands. Glad a chose wholesome wellness because after being on your grass-fed beef liver for a 10 days I feel like a new man. Definitely can notice the difference in energy. This supplement is like a multi-vitamin because it has so many nutrients in it in their natural form. I highly recommend this product.

  3. Christine Wilkins

    This is a great option for those with mthfr and low iron. I take these first thing on an empty stomach with no problems at all. I have more energy. I would recommend this product and continue to buy it. Thank you.

  4. KittyK

    I feel pretty good. The daily intake is 4-6. I have been taking 2 daily for about 2-3 weeks. I am starting on 3 daily for the next few. I feel pretty good. Not sure what the difference would be, but the price is fair and I am not having any health issues so it must be working. Easier than eating liver which I will not do.

  5. J. Haubert

    I have a family history of Celiac and Hashimoto’s diseases and have spent the last 2 years trying to heal my leaky gut as well as manage autoimmune symptoms through diet and supplements. I know how good organ meats are for me and how many nutritional benefits they provide, but I can’t seem to stomach actually eating them. I put in a lot of research before buying this product, since family history as well as growing up in an industrial agricultural area with heavy pesticide and animal-antibiotic use have contributed to my health issues. It was important that this supplement be from a grassfed source and free of hormones and GMO-/pesticide-treated grains. I also love that the capsules are free of starch, magnesium stearate and other fillers, since many of them aren’t. I’ve been taking the beef liver capsules (along with my normal collagen/MCT blend, zinc picolinate, D3+K2, and L-Glutamine) for several weeks now and have noticed in particular that my nails and hair are shinier and growing more quickly than usual. I’ve also been able to tolerate adding small amounts of food that usually cause digestive issues or immune responses back into my diet (nightshades, alcohol, high-histamine foods), which means that my gut health is slowly improving. I’m glad I found this product and will continue to purchase it in the future!

  6. Charles Houbre

    Great product!!! I’ve always been high on organ supplements (and hate liver). This one hits all the markers for me. I have great energy, recover a bit better from my workouts, also helps with my skin health and fights dryness. Price is super competitive as well

  7. Amazon Customer

    I wanted to add liver to my diet for the health benefits, but I can not stand the taste or texture. I am sooo glad I found Ancestral Beef Liver. Grass-fed. High quality. Almost immediately I noticed more energy. Customer for life!

  8. Grace

    I feel a lot more energy after taking the beef liver pills. Once I increased the amount from 4 to 8 pills daily, I also noticed my acne went away almost COMPLETELY, which I never even dreamed would happen. I will definitely continue taking these, as I do love the sustained energy and acne improvement!

  9. Thumbs up

    The grass-fed beed liver capsules give me a lot more energy and stamina within an hour after taking 4 capsules. They eliminate fatigue. I take take them with at least 4 grams of fat (1/2 cup whole milk, 1 tsp. Olive oil, 2 cookies, etc. Read the nutrition label on packages to learn how much fat is in food). Some nutrients in liver, like vitamin A, will only be absorbed when taken with at least 4 grams of fat.

  10. Tupperbetty

    I eat very little meat, even less now with the virus. My energy level seems better since I started taking these liver pills. And they haven’t upset my stomach, which can be an issue for me. I am 75 years old and highly recommend this product!

  11. Jeff Rojas

    At the age of 37, I’ve started to show signs of balding. My hairline has started to recede and every now and then i see hair fall on my pillow. My hair is quite thick so I did not really bother about. I usually think that there’s a lot of it on my head so a few falling hair shouldn’t be much of a problem. From then on, I did not even bother thinking about it. The one day, as I was having a haircut, the barber mentioned about circular bald spot at the top of my head. He took a mirror and tilted it at an angle where I could see. There it was. A somewhat circular bald spot at the top of my head. It wouldn’t be seen if I were simply looking at the mirror but anyone at my back can see it easily. i was so shocked that I had a picture taken of the bald spot. I went home thinking about it and what I could possibly do to make my hair grown again. My daily browsing over Amazon has led me to this product, Beef Liver Supplements. Based on the write up and customer testimonies, it is quite effective as a hair grower and so I gave it a dry.It was delivered quite quickly (to which I was impressed) and after reading the instructions, I took 2 tablets as instructed and drank it. I did this religiously for two weeks now while constantly checking any signed of hair growth on the bald part of my head. Of course I understand hair wouldn’t grow overnight but I can’t help it, I was excited. Sure enough, nothing has really materialized it. I was so busy for something grow I did not notice that something has stopped falling. It was later when I noticed that I no longer have hair fall on my pillow. So I guess this was really working. I was about to reach my first month when finally I noticed It!! I saw patches of hair finally growing on my bald spot!! It’s just small patches of hair but that means a lot!! This development has given more determination to continue the beef liver supplement in the hopes that it will bring me hair growth.

  12. Kandice

    Sharing my hair and nail status after taking beef liver for a month. I’m a health fanatic for the longest time and I’ve recently tried this beef liver capsule. I was surprised that it didn’t have a strong smell. Knowing that this is way different than other multivitamins in the market as this is animal based, I’ve set my mind to expect the worst. But, I was wrong! It was easy to take these capsules, no strong smell or taste. I’ve read about it’s benefits and I was particularly drawn to what it can do to my hair and nails.About 4 weeks after I had started taking the product, I saw and felt that my hair grew thicker with more bounce. It was healthier as I have seen less and less falling hair. I’m going to continuously monitor my hair progress but so far I’m really loving the fact that when I run my fingers through my hair, I don’t get much strands falling off.My nails were thicker, less brittle and less yellowish. Nowadays, I don’t mind going out without a nail polish as I’m loving the natural color of my long nails. I used to have gel type nail polish because my nails were really brittle, they easily chip off. So far, I haven’t had any gel polish for a month and I’ve had no nail damages. <3Oh, what added observations did I have? My mood has adopted a more positive outlook and now, I have more energy than before. Before I started taking the beef liver supplement, I get extremely exhausted right away that all I want to do when I reach home was to crash in my bed and sleep. When I started taking this beef liver, my body still gives me a chance to sit, relax, listen to music, watch a movie or read a book. I can live a fuller life and enjoy my free time! It improved my mind and concentration as now I am able to tackle issues calmly and in an analytical way. This product practically takes care of my overall being. You will no longer need to take other supplements. This product is a one-stop-shop! Definitely recommended!

  13. Laura Carson

    This is easy to take, and I’ve noticed an increase in my energy and overall improvement in vitality as I am entering menopause.

  14. Jim

    I look for food supplements that come from real food. Liver has tremendous nutrients–both vitamins and minerals–in a form that can’t be found in plant foods or muscle meats. But I just can’t stand the taste of liver, These grass-fed beef liver capsules have no taste, are easy to swallow and sit well in my stomach. I really appreciate that they come from grass-fed animals, to avoid the risks of sick, feedlot cattle. A great product I wish I’d found earlier!

  15. Rachel Lykins

    I bought this product to help me with my keto journey and my hypothyroidism. I have always had low iron and I had seen this on an Instagram feed and looked into it. I have sore legs/joints due to hypo, have only had this product for a little over a week, I go in a few days for blood test so I’m excited to see if it has helped. I will post another review on that later. I do love the easy to swallow there is a small smell but nothing bad and no taste at all. I take one in the morning and one at night. So far only two a day I will up it slowly. I’m excited to see the results from this product.

  16. SSKnapp

    I’ve heard about the benefits of Beef Liver and have only tried it once before. I’ve been struggling with different problems with my feet for several years now. I hate taking steroids but the topical cream is the only thing that keeps the extreme itching and raw areas from reappearing. I’m trying to get off it and decided to try Wholesome Wellness capsules. I’m not fully there but I’m down to about 1 application per week of the steroid cream and now hoping I can discontinue completely. I’ve been taking 3/4 capsules daily for about 3 weeks now and hope I continue to improve.I love that you offer 180 capsules instead of the standard 120 and that yours is 4500mg vs 3000 which most other sellers offer. This makes it more economical and a bottle lasts longer.Thanks for a wonderful product.

  17. RK

    I have always been a big fan of taking in multivitamin products in order to supplement whatever nutrient or vitamin that my body might need. I don’t believe in the silly talk that vitamin products just make “expensive pee” because I know for a fact that I have never been sick and I have always been as healthy as a human being should be and that’s a fact. Another fact is that my health is managed by very simple things that anyone could do: An hour of exercise every hour day, restraint in my diet which means I still eat what I want but I at least regulate it to a certain degree, and finally, I drink my vitamins in the morning. Hulk Hogan was right you know – at least I listened to him when I was younger and I have been healthy since haha! I decided to try out Beef Liver Capsules because of how there is so much good things going on around this relatively new product lately. I noticed that the very first thing about this product that might repulse people is its smell or taste but I didn’t feel any of that as each pill is pretty much similar to whatever supplement I was taking in the past. Secondly, I immediately felt the difference in quality an hour after taking my first supplement, I felt like I was stronger and sturdier already. I can safely say that this is a great product and that it worked great for me. I’m not sure if I can take this with my other multivitamin product but if I had to choose between the both of them, I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick Beef Liver Capsules because of my first impression on it. I recommend it to people who are looking for a really affordable way to take in vitamins and minerals!

  18. David & Nicole Mathis

    It all came in one by one so I didn’t really think of them as symptoms. Instead, I treated them as separate incidents that are not related to each other. The very first thing I noticed was that I was quick to getting exhausted. This I thought was just a way of my body saying that I slow it down a little. Then I started to get headaches and lightheadedness. Again, I dismissed this as just stress. While I hadn’t noticed that my skin has started to become pale, my older sister did and because of that, she accompanied me to the doctor to get looked at.The moment the doctor saw my pale skin, he immediately asked if I get easily exhausted and have headaches or the feeling of lightheadedness. When I answered yes, she said that I am iron deficient and that I should start using beef liver supplements to get right back on track. As soon as we reached home, my sister placed the order of beef liver supplements at Amazon and upon delivery I started taking the supplements. It was so fast acting that not long has past and my headache and lightheadedness have started to dissipate. I have started to regain my energy little-by-little and my skin is slowly going back to its usual color. In just a few more days and everything has gone back to normal. Never wanting to experience that predicament ever again, my sister and I agreed that I will continue to take this beef liver supplement daily in order to assure that I always get the required amount of nutrients for my body.

  19. Susan Marie Smith

    I have been taking supplements and other health-related products for over half a decade now but none of them have had any positive impact on my body except for beef liver capsules which have made my internal organs so much stronger than they have been before. I also feel so much healthier than before because beef liver capsule targets the body’s organs before it targets anything else and out of all of the previous vitamins and minerals supplements that I have taken in the past , this is the first and only time where I have ever felt untouchable – but it’s not a literal feeling of being untouchable but rather it’s one of having enough confidence and assurance about oneself. I wasn’t really expecting to run into any problems with this product ever since I ordered it online alongside my friend a few months ago but now that I can confirm one hundred percent that this product is effective even for people my age then I am ready to give it a shot and finish this bottle fair and square even though I really prefer drinking medicine or supplement in powder form. I will make an exception for this product though because this is some really good stuff and I don’t think anyone would pass up the opportunity to take this product, myself included. To summarize what I just wrote, this is a product that I have been taking for a few months now and I have since become stronger and healthier because of it. It’s a great product and I will continue to buy it from now on. I guess its portability, efficacy and low price point are why I love taking this beef liver product even though I don’t really enjoy taking supplements in capsule form and instead, I prefer taking them in powdered form like a shake or a juice.

  20. Diane Smith

    I was using vital proteins beef liver as my preformed vitamin A source but I saw that Wholesome Wellness has the same potency of 750 mg per capsule but 180 capsules instead of only 120. And for a slightly lower price! At this quantity, potency, and price, I may be able to afford to increase my serving size from 4 capsules to 6 capsules daily. I can’t tell if these work better yet, though. What I can say is that my vision has improved since I have begun to use a natural source preformed vitamin A product.

  21. C. Blair

    My wife has taken this product for 60 days now. At two capsules per day, her energy is up a bit and she’s sleeping a bit better. We were being cautious on the dosage, so she will now increase it to 3 or 4 per day. The bottle does suggest 4-6 per day, so she is expecting to see continued improvements. She began taking these because her iron was low on her last blood test. After we up the dosage to 3 or 4 per day, she will get another blood test (six months from the first test) and be able to compare her iron levels. The pills are easy to swallow and there are no indigestions issues from them.

  22. Tashanna Johnson

    I bought this product as I recently had been having low blood pressure. Whenever my blood pressure goes way down below normal, I feel the effects of being light headed and absent-minded at work. I just can’t focus as much… I guess it’s because of my work schedule as I have been getting switched from day time to graveyard shifts often for the past 14 months. I’m not used to staying up late at night and now this has taken its toll on my body as I am not getting the rest I need, period. Something else that’s alarming is how easily I’ve been catching colds this year compared to the prior year. Our companies physician recommended for me to look for an iron supplement to address my condition and to help with this fatigue. She mentioned that the beef liver is a very good source of iron and other vitamins and that this brand has been helped her in the past. I took her advice, and purchased it. As soon as it arrived, I started taking it religiously. I even set an alarm so I don’t forget. After the first 5 weeks of using this product, I have begun to notice the problems I’ve had before has slowly regressed or disappeared. I do not feel as light headed as before, but I still get from time to time. The frequency definitely has gone down, from my usual 3-4 times a week of feeling fatigue, since using this, I problem only get light headed 1-2 times every 10 days now. The results at the laboratory are showing good signs and healthy increases to my iron level. I am 12 g/l away from my target! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to effectively boost up your iron levels!

  23. Krissymomma

    I chose to wait a few weeks before writing this review so I had a chance to take it and see if it was really that beneficial. For years, I’ve been having issues with major hair loss (thyroid). My doctor was lost and did not know how to help me cure this embarrassing problem. I was losing shedding handfuls of hair in the shower every week and ended up with a  “developed” a bald spot. I was truly depressed to see this happen to myself. Since taking this for the last 6 weeks, I am without a doubt seeing noticeable changes slowly. For one, I stopped losing as much hair as I once did. That handful of hair every week lost in the shower, decreased to about 1/5th of what it once was. The length of my hair actually didn’t continue to shorten but instead grew 3 mm in length. My bald spot on the side of my head has grown some small patches of hair too. These small changes are giving me the confidence to say this product is actually working!! Pretty incredible to see this as my doctor wasn’t able to cure this, but some beef liver brand off of Amazon did! I will be ordering these supplements for a long time and I am really happy with the results. I don’t often write reviews, but for this product, I just had to share this. Buy with confidence I would say.

  24. BPalulis75

    I put in hours and hours of extensive research into how I can once and for all get rid of this nagging thyroid pain. Scouring through amazon, I stumbled and selected this product because of the pricing and the overall positive review. I took 2 capsules every day, religiously and never missing a day. What happened after my latest trip to the clinic?The blood exam results came back and it revealed a surprising, NORMAL LEVEL OF THYROID READING! The TSH counts were exactly in the normal range of where I was prior to my years of pain before I was diagnosed with this illness! Man, I said… this all worked and cured it? All under $50, and it actually showed more positive results than all the prescribed medication my family doctors been asking me to purchase over the years? I am sold. Technology, research and development has gotten better over the years but never did I thought I’d find magic in an Amazon product. Thank you. Will recommend this to anyone dealing with a similar nuisance in life.

  25. Scarlet Overlin

    I was given a recommendation by an old friend on the on the use of beef liver supplements to aid in enhancing the strength of my gums. I noticed my gums to be bleeding every time I brush my teeth. I told my friend about it and that started my relationship with beef liver supplements. It has indeed done its job because in just less then a week use, My gums no longer bleed when I brush my teeth. Being highly satisfied with the effects it has brought on my teeth and gums, I have decided to make this beef liver supplement a part of my daily regimen. I have been using this supplement for almost 2 weeks already and it was only then that I was able to connect things together. I was so preoccupied and focused on my teeth and gums that I had noticed right away but ever since I started taking the supplement I had the increase in entry level that I havent felt before period normally, a days work would leave me tired exhausted. Now, I cant feel that there is still energy left in me to go on. As the days passed, I learned to maximize the energy in me and had made me more productive as I am able to accomplish note things at a faster rate. The best thing of it all is that now, there is still some left for me to enjoy after a hard day’s work. A little quality time for me to watch TV, listen to music or read a book is all I need to make my day complete and now I can do it courtesy of beef liver supplements

  26. L.E.

    On my second bottle of these and I am a firm believer. I fully believe that they have been helping me retain lean muscle. I cannot remember the last time I got sick, but certainly before taking these capsules.I work full time and cannot afford to get sick and by the power of grass-fed cattle, boy, do these do the trick. I only take 4 a day. Don’t be fooled by the other companies forcing you to take 6 a day. They are just trying to sell more product. 4 caps a day is plenty enough.

  27. Amazon Customer

    My wife has an iron deficiency and low energy levels. We knew this from her last pregnancy as the doctor told us. Long story short I was doing research and I came across this product and not even 2 days into it she’s got a pep in her step and feeling great.

  28. AABell

    It has been helping my joints. I have bad knees and I feel they have been better since taking this product. I like that it is all natural without a bunch of fillers. I also have m.s. and I feel that this product has helped strengthen my immune system.

  29. sam

    I bought these after seeing the reviews. I only take them a few times a week, usually three at once. My nails are already stronger and growing faster. My skin feels better. I highly recommend and I will buy again.

  30. rbh

    My wife and I are long time users of grass fed beef organs. We recently came across Wholesome Wellness Grass Fed Beef Liver. We are very pleased with the potency and effectiveness of this product. We have noticeable improvement in stamina and endurance throughout the day. We will continue to use the product daily. Very good value for the price. You won’t be disappointed.

  31. Nhan N.

    This is my natural multivitamin. Beef liver is the most nutritious food on the planet. I feel really good and full of energy taking this everyday as a supplement. I’m a carnivore. I eat mostly meat because of it’s health benefits. Organ meats are the most nutrient dense part of the animal. I do my best to incorporate as much animal foods as possible into my diet. It makes me look good and feel good. Thanks for making and forming this health product for us =]

  32. Angie

    I purchased this to help boost my immune system during the covid pandemic. I feel pretty healthy, haven’t gotten sick at all. I have also noticed that my nails are longer and healthier. I also notice that I have more mental energy and alertness.

  33. Cubanlover

    I love the hardness of my nails. They are finally growing as you can see.

  34. Cathy Thelen

    I bought these for my husband. No aftertaste, that’s a win.

  35. Josh Biehl

    My dad has been egging me to eat beef liver since I don’t know for how long now. And you won’t believe how he would just rant about in in continuous monologue, he drove me crazy! I’ve always thought of animal internal organs as kind of yucky, to the point where I’d imagine it tasting gross in my mouth! Well, that was before I ‘ve discovered that they come in this easy swallow capsules and even smelled a whiff of chocolate somehow! In the latter part of my last semester as a law student and with so much to read, I’d always find myself cramming to the point of panic. Good thing all those seemingly endless nights of studying for the bar paid off and I was able to graduate with flying colors. But now without some complications. I had acne break outs, I was slightly anemic and was having difficulty sleeping somehow which made me very sluggish. To this day, I still remember all the benefits of beef liver from all of my dad’s speeches, lol and I was considering the thought of having a go at it. So, I searched for an alternative and found them on amazon. The recommended dose was to take 2 in the morning and 2 at night which I followed religiously. And before I knew how else it was working its wonders (as my dad claimed!), I was already feeling positive changes! My face suddenly became clear, literally as if all the acne just decided to steer clear off of my face! Sleep came in easy so I was able to regain my strength…and, while all of these changes were just continuously happening, I was just a breeze of energy! I am proud to have discovered this product, my only regret is not taking the initiative earlier on! I can see myself using this product for a very long time!!

  36. Anonymous

    Bought this to get my iron levels up during pregnancy instead of taking typical iron supplements, which give me constipation. At the full dosage of 6 capsules a day, it got my iron levels to within the lower end of normal range. These don’t give me constipation and I can just take all 6 capsules in one sitting instead of having to remember to take them multiple times a day.

  37. pe

    So far I think the product has helped me with digestion and elimination. Also, it seems to help with my fatty liver issues and not being so bloated.

  38. Shannon Emery

    I suffer from a mild form of myoclonus which to simply put means occasional twitches and spasms due to my muscles involuntarily jerking for no reason. This happens to a lot on people when they’re asleep and it happens to a number of people when they’re awake and I’m one of them. My myoclonus is caused by iron deficiency which I deigned to solve with iron supplements. I’ve been taking a different brand of iron supplement and it really hasn’t done anything for me and I can’t really say it’s done anything at all because it feels like I’m being forced to consume dregs of whatever that’s left from expensive multivitamins. I looked and asked around for alternatives and one of my more health conscious friends referred me to a YouTube video that spoke about the benefits of Beef Liver and how it could help with overall muscle health. There was even someone who suffered from a similar case which was reportedly fixed by the regular intake of some all-natural iron supplement. I did my own research and I ended up here on Amazon after I joined an alternative health group on Facebook and the kind people there referred me here. I ordered some pills and instantly I could tell that these pills were better than I was hoping for because it had no after-taste. I was told that inferior beef liver products would have a horrible after-taste and I was looking out for that but luckily, nothing like that happened so I waited and waited and eventually, on the seventh day, I finally felt it.. my legs started jerking less and less and now that I’ve been taking these supplements for over 3 months, they hardly jerk or spasm anymore and my muscles have felt stronger ever since then. I think this may be some sort of side-effect but I also feel that my bones have become much sturdier, especially my nails. I used to have dull looking nails but now they look like they just came out of the spa because they look shiny and lively. In conclusion, I think that the supplement works and it’s definitely not just placebo. I can feel myself getting better and better and with how cheap these pills are, I’d be happy to keep buying them on a monthly basis just so I can maintain this level of health and comfort.

  39. john yesberger

    I think it is a good clean product . I have no aftertaste and it settles well . I am looking for extra B12 and beef liver contains that . My nails have been stronger since taking this and i feel my gums being healthier .

  40. Jan O.

    I have to admit that I haven’t really been all that good with pressure or stress, not even in my childhood but before I took these supplements, I felt that my problem with stress was elevated to an almost unrealistic level because of how jumpy and quick to anger I was and it was beginning to affect my inter-personal relationships as well as the quality of my work, which I have so much pride on. I have all of the usual symptoms such as sweating, headaches, confusion and anger and my heart rate is quick to dial up to a hundred and according to my doctor, this is just my fight or flight response dialed up to eleven and I need to balance my hormones if I want to live a normal, stress-free life, so I did my best to do just that and I consulted my friends who were in pharmaceuticals at that time as to what non-addictive medicine or supplement I could take to remedy that and they both quickly recommended that I tried out beef liver capsules which are apparently the best supplements in the market right now for its cost and its amazing benefits which help in calming down the nerves thanks to livers being filled to the brim with all sorts of vitamins and minerals that are good for the body and the mind. It took me three months in order for my hormones to normalize thanks to proper dieting, exercising and never forgetting to take the beef liver capsules in the morning and in the evening and right now I’m as fine as anyone can be and I haven’t had an anger-fit in ages. I’m glad I tried these out and I recommended that you do even if nothing is wrong with you or your family.

  41. purplebookworm88

    I am a mother of small children and I greatly notice a difference in energy throughout the day since I have been taking this supplement. I also understand that there are many benefits that are taking place internally that I am not able to see, but the energy alone is worth it to me to repurchase this product.

  42. Amazon Customer

    This is a great product. I’m using it for my postpartum recovery when organ meats provide deep nourishment but I can’t realistically eat them everyday. I would also recommend them during pregnancy! No bad taste or aftertaste. I noticed more energy right away.

  43. Amazon Customer

    This product is helping with our carnivore diet, getting important organ nutrients. My nails and hair are growing more than ever before. Overall we feel great!

  44. C. Rivers

    I have iron deficiency anemia and highly interested in replacement. I’m a big supplement taker, it was very happy to be able to stop taking all the other goodies that come in this supplement as well. I will be a repeat buyer.

  45. Robyn

    My mom religiously had us sit down to a dinner of liver and onions. The worst meal EVER! Grass-fed Beef Liver is proclaimed to be beneficial to a variety of ailments. So, after researching the many benefits of beef liver, I was hopeful that it would diminish fatigue and body aches due to early onset arthritis. After starting these supplements, I do feel as though I have more energy and generally, feel better. I’ve also noticed that it acts as a flush for the system. I’m hesitant of taking pharmaceuticals, so I was looking for something natural. I’m more comfortable with these vitamins being completely organic. They don’t leave an awful aftertaste and are easy to swallow. I will definitely keep these as my daily regimen.

  46. Aimstre

    About 7 years ago, my immune system was compromised which brought me severe allergies to certain food and nutrient deficiencies as a result of a leaky gut disorder. I decided I wanted to really gain some knowledge and educated myself on calculated approaches to proper healing through trial and error and sheer determination since no family doctors were able to help me. I need to find a solution that worked for my body. Researching all these different types of products on Amazon only made me realize how many bad products there are. I needed something that can really boost my iron level as my body really lacks it. I often cook my own chicken and beef liver broths. After finally making my decision and using this product for a whole 41 days. I went to the nearest lab and tested my iron levels again. They have increased about 65% since I’ve first started taking it. That’s not a bad start I remember telling myself! These pills are easy to take and doesn’t smell funky. I never liked taking iron pills but this is, for me, is a gentle alternative.If you have a similar sensitive system like myself, with a poor immune system and a nuisance gut problem, I would highly suggest starting with one pill a day like I did and slowly working your way up to the recommended dosage gradually.The price is a little bit on the pricier side but I also understand that paying for a superior product will be way more effective without all the cheap fillers and toxins from inferior products. Great product!!

  47. Lydia

    I feel as though I’ve been put through the ringer recently because of how much tiredness I feel every single time I go to the office and every time I can go home, I don’t even feel like spending time with my spouse and our children because of how tired I am. I definitely love them and think of the world of them but my tiredness is too strong to overpower. Initially I thought that coffee would do the trick but it didn’t help, the only thing it gave me is more reasons to visit the bathroom, and some slight heart palpitations which isn’t something that I was looking for in a solution, truth be told. Right now I am taking these beef liver capsules after I watched a video on YouTube where chefs were talking about the benefits of eating liver and other internal organs. I don’t really have any reason to doubt it so I tried it out because they promised that it’s a good source of energy and alertness for the mind and so I bought some capsules and after a while, I noticed that coming home was less of a chore and it was something that I was beginning to look forward to again, after a long while. I feel as though this has definitely solved my energy problem and I feel as though the night time isn’t just for sleeping any more, it’s for spending some time with the family.If it wasn’t for these supplements, I probably wouldn’t even be able to have the leeway of thinking like this because of how tired I would always be lol. I really love this product and I highly recommend it to everyone whether they’re old or young, if it worked for me I hope that it can work for you too!

  48. Tiyonna Smith

    As a 30-year-old woman, I feel a lot of age related changes in my body, my skin, my eyes, my nails, my hair, my whole being. For 20 years now I have been taking around 21 different herbals every day for anti-aging, for stamina, for healthy heart, kidney, liver, etc. I tried every product I could find in the market but there seems to be of no real help on me. For a long time now, I have been suffering from broken, brittle nails and teeth. My gums are tender and my eyes are often blurry which makes it hard for me to focus. My memory is not as sharp as before. Getting up in the morning is an ordeal as I don’t have the strength due to sleepless nights. Ordering all those herbals is making a huge dent on my savings and I still don’t get the benefits I was looking for. One day as I was browsing on my amazon prime, I came across the Grass-fed Beef Liver capsules. I read that it’s made from natural materials and ingredients and the products promises a lot of benefits for health issues that I have. I had nothing to lose so I gave it a try.My bottle arrived the next day and I excitedly popped 4 capsules at first and for the 2 weeks that followed. My nails started to grow hard and strong and they weren’t as brittle as before. My teeth and gums are no longer sensitive to either cold drinks or hot foods. My morning migraines disappear completely and my energy shoot up to levels I have never imagined is possible to ever happen to me again. I am so happy that I am now sleeping like a baby and i don’t feel sluggish, weak and tired when i wake up in the morning. I am truly grateful for now I found a product whose quality is by far the highest for proper nutrition and health benefits especially when I compare them to the rest of the products that I have tried before which are vastly superior when compared side-by-side.All in all, I can guarantee completely that this is a genuine product that works as advertised, is made with great ingredients and it really helped me out with all of my problems so far. be back to review again soon

  49. Carmen M Hansen

    I became extremely weak and ill after giving blood two months ago. I ended up in ER twice. I have been trying to get my iron levels up since then. It became difficult to walk. After taking this product for two weeks, my energy level has increased. I was able to walk my dog around the block today. This was a wonderful feeling. I am so grateful for this product!

  50. Dorothy

    After using this product for several weeks I have found a marked improvement in the appearance of my skin – it appears to be moister and is certainly softer. I have also noticed an increase in energy. I have no doubt that the many vitamins and minerals in the desiccated beef liver capsules are contributing to my health and strengthening my immune system. I had the sniffles all of the time until I started using this product and they have disappeared!Anyone who wants to improve their health MUST use this product. It will be a part of my health regimen for the rest of my life – that’s how good and important this product from Wholesome Wellness is.And, their customer service is outstanding. Other companies would do well to emulate Wholesome Wellness’s customer service.

  51. Beth Millward

    This isn’t something that I’ve been thinking about for a really long time or anything but I did decide that I needed to have more iron my diet because of how I’m almost in my 40s and I’ve yet to take my health seriously. I initially wanted to just take some multivitamins like a normal person but I decided that I also had to get some liver in me too because of this documentary that I watched which described beef liver as one of the absolute essential food that you should eat because of how much vitamins and nutrients are crammed in there. I don’t really eat a whole lot of meat so as an alternative, I bought this beef liver supplement product just to try it out. It doesn’t have any weird taste, I haven’t felt or experienced any side-effects that could be said to be negative and I guess most importantly is that I haven’t felt the need to throw these away yet because I’ve been loving them. They’re not filling because these capsules are pretty small considering how much vitamins are crammed into each capsule and I do feel significantly stronger especially when I compare to the version of me who hasn’t taken these capsules yet. I also feel healthier recently as if I won’t get sick anytime soon and I have had fewer joint or muscle pains which I think is an extremely good sign that this product is working better than I had expected it to. I’m not sure if this is safe enough to recommend to children below 18 years old yet but I do feel safe in recommending this product to you people who are interested in it in the first place. I think that it works and that it’s worth every buck you intend on spending on health supplements and take my word for it, I love my life even more now that I am feeling more youthful and stronger and healthier thanks to this product.

  52. April Soriano

    Let me get straight to the point, what this does for the human body, as far as I’m concerned, is giving you the energy boost that you need to perform at your absolute best from day to night, as well as the added benefit of energy your food so efficiently that you’re up and at them for so long that you wouldn’t know what to do with all of the energy that you have. So I’ve been anemic pretty much my whole life and I believe me when I say that I really know how it feels like to be weak during the day, with the added threat of fainting whenever I exert too much energy. Because of my condition, I am often lacking in essential vitamins like B12 which is pretty much necessary to be energetic especially for anemic people. Simply put, Vitamin B12 is important for people who feel weak and tired often. Anyways, I tried out the pill and I felt great. I tried to go without the pills for a week and to my surprise, I started feeling weak again. So I’m now back on these pills and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. I feel more energetic and healthier ever since I started taking these beef liver capsules and I plan to continue taking these pills for the foreseeable future. Live longer and prosper!

  53. beautifulday

    I have always been anemic or borderline anemic. I don’t eat red meat, so was was hesitant to try this product but desperate to find something that would work quickly the last time my energy crashed. I felt sick the 1st day I took it, so I started slow only taking 1 a day, now after about 6 weeks I’m up to 3 a day and it’s enough for me for now. I have never had so much energy, it’s made such a difference in my life. I can keep up with my 4 kids with no problem. I used to be exhausted all the time. Thank you!!

  54. Andrea

    I have recently been experiencing problems with my gums these past few days. Everytime I brush my teeth my gums start to bleed and then after that there are parts of my gum that has redness and swelling (see picture attached). This has been going on for almost a week now and I am starting to get worried over my condition. I have decided that I will try to cure it first at home and only after nothing has worked will I go to the dentist to have it checked. I have been asking around and I have been researching for a possible cure for my condition in the internet and it has always led me to this Beef Liver Supplement product. Even my best friend has recommended the same product to me when asked. Seeing it to be credible enough, I placed my order.I started taking the product as soon as it was delivered. It hadn’t taken over a week when I noticed that the swelling has started to subside. In another day or two, it was gone. After a week and a half, the redness that a part of my gum had had gone back to its normal color and in just a week and a half, my gums have stopped bleeding completely. It was so fast acting that I was truly impressed by its capabilities. I was fortunate enough to have known this beef liver supplement and tested the benefits it brings (thanks to my best friend) as continuous use of the supplement not only promotes gum health but it also promotes other healthy and helpful benefits like teeth and nail health, stronger joints and bones, added energy and many!!!

  55. CampFJ

    I have been researching the benefits of eating liver. I wanted to add it to my diet but after several failed attempts at making it so that I could handle the taste and texture. I gave up. That’s when I found this product and realized I could get the health benefits of eating liver without having to taste it. This really delivers.

  56. CheZzmom

    Like every normal person in its younger years, I’ve had my fair share of adventures and misadventures. I’ve in one way or another tortured my kidney and liver with the drinks and food that I have taken during the “carefree” period of my life. When I look back at my younger years, I’m actually amazed that both my liver and kidneys are still functioning up to this day. That’s already one reason to be thankful for. So now that I’ve become more “mature and responsible”, I’ve decided to give back to my liver and kidneys and this time, try to protect them and keep them healthy. What better way to fortify the liver and kidney than of course, with beef liver capsule supplements.This product not only aids in reinforcing both the liver and kidneys but it also benefits my body by collagen production but it also supports the brain and heart health. As soon as I started taking this supplement a month ago, I have never felt healthier as I feel now. I have always tested normal on all my lab tests for the kidneys and liver, I never run out of energy thereby making me finish my tasks with ease and my bones, muscles, joints and tendons are in the best condition (for someone my age). This beef liver capsule supplement has really been an important part of my daily regimen and I intend to use this as long as I live. With this product, I’m confident that my body is well protected.

  57. Cheyanna Williams

    I purchased the Beef Liver Capsules because I am currently on a Carnivore diet and realized that organ meat is super important because of the vitamins it contains that regular muscle meat does not. Liver is hard for me to eat because of the taste, so I went looking for the highest quality liver pills and came across this product. Since taking the pills, I’ve had a noticeable increase in my natural energy, and my mood has improved as well. I also no longer experience any pain or cramping during my menstrual cycle and I believe the liver pills have helped with that. I 100% recommend this product not only for the benefits but because of the quality and the reasonable price point.

  58. Kristen Turner

    This stuff is pretty good! I’ve been putting my body to the limit in preparation for a tournament coming up and I quickly noticed a difference in how sore I got and how quickly I recovered. My knees pop less walking up the stairs, as well as other little things I’ve noticed. I will say that this product was not the only change I made so I can’t contribute all the glory to it, but it was one of the changes I tried and have found success!

  59. Jennifer C. Perry

    I like that this vitamin is organic and doesn’t have a bunch of crap in it. I am anemic and needed to boost my iron. While it did help boost it a bit…I literally cannot get past the taste of these. These literally taste and smell like dog food. I’m sorry, there is not other way to describe these. I’ve almost brought them right back up on multiple occasions. I guess my search continues.

  60. CC

    I train with weights three times per week and consider myself advanced in my training regimen.This is day seven on Beef Liver, and I’m currently off creatine and pre-workout supplements Both of these products I cycle and then decided to try liver tablets, I have taken liver tablets years before, old school bodybuilders supplement, but they were huge and hard to swallow. After seven days, I feel very good and have productive workouts with this product along with a post workout protein drink. I take 6 tablets per day at 2 per meal. I great a great pump as if I was on my pre-worked and still can push heavy weight.I will continue too take this product and may defer to going back on creatine and pre-wokout supplements.

  61. Amanda G.

    I love this product! I struggled with fatigue following treatment for breast cancer. My workouts were suffering too. Once I started taking the capsules, I noticed my energy level returning and my results in the gym were improving because of having more energy and just feeling better overall. Absolutely a must!

  62. VassarPeeps

    We have been taking it as a family to boost immune function as well as increase energy. We’ve been taking it two weeks now and my husband in particular has noticed an increase in energy and mood.

  63. Penny

    I am anemic and my Dr told me to take iron supplements but it didn’t work for me and I wanted something without the side effects so I started taking the beef liver I no longer have to have multiple naps a day and my heart is much happier!

  64. Tovia Bowman

    I ordered this product because my doctor told me that according to my tests, I have iron deficiency. Let us rewind and start from the beginning.A few weeks ago, my officemates and friends noticed and informed me that I look pale. I confirmed this and added that I also feel weak and that my headaches have become regular (almost daily) and accompanied by dizziness and/or lightheadedness. Although I already felt that way, I still shrugged it off thinking that this can be handled by rest and a few painkillers. Days have passed and my symptoms continued and now additional symptoms joined in. My nails have become brittle and I started experiencing fast heartbeat. This triggered my concern and so I set an appointment with my doctor. By just looking at me and hearing my symptoms, my doctor said that I may be suffering from iron deficiency. He ordered a blood test and was confirmed the next day that I do have iron deficiency.My doctor stated that I should eat liver and vegetables to complete my iron requirement. I was grossed out with the thought if eating an actual beef liver (yeah I’ve attached a picture of it for visual reference). I mean, who wouldn’t? When I advised him that I do not eat both, he recommended that I take beef liver capsules instead as I really need that to address my low iron count. I did what I was told and ordered Beef Liver capsules.I am been taking the supplement regularly now and my symptoms are now slowly but surely being addressed. My fast heartbeat has returned back to normal, my nails are no longer brittle, and I slowly feel that I am starting to regain my strength back. Although I am still a little pale but at least now my skin color is slowly coming back. Thanks to this supplement, I have started to go back to my normal self.I would like to commend this brand as the capsules do not smell or taste weird. Easy to swallow too!10/10

  65. Kassi

    This product was first introduced to me by my family doctor. She recommended me taking these beef liver capsules to fight all the bad problems I am facing since giving birth to my beautiful Joyce last October. My body has felt fatigue, my muscles still cramping and my anxiety levels are still here since having my first stillborn. With Joyce, I was hemorrhaged after having her and required 3 blood transfusions. My goal originally was to look for a product that can help restore my iron levels back to where it once was. After taking these liver supplements for 3 weeks, I am overly impressed with the noticeable changes in my body. I’ve never experienced this sort of super mom energy before, I am so more full of energy. I knew my b12 levels were low, in the 200’s, so being and feeling sluggish was a part of my life, now if you go ahead and add my deficient iron levels in addition to that, you’re getting a recipe for chaos. This product helped turn this recipe around and has given me the energy I need to be a good to my child. I no longer get anxiety anymore thinking of the still born I had too. I am proud to say this product worked and is helping me get to where I need to be in my life, and helping me with my responsibilities. I can take care of my little one without feeling tired and exhausted both physically and mentally. This product has allowed me to take on my day with confidence and for this I will give it a 5 stars. 2 thumbs up from Joyce and I. Thank you. Will be back to review again in a few weeks!!!

  66. stefanie montgomery

    My doctor recommended me to eat more beef/chicken liver to build up the nutrients needed for higher iron levels. He said my iron deficiency is quite high. I knew I needed to make a change other wise I will risk being sick again, my body won’t be strong enough to fight off pneumonia or other illnesses. I scoured Amazon for all the different beef liver supplements and came across this one. The reviews all check out, and this brand seems to be credible as they are third-party certified. I also notice the beef comes from New Zealand, grass fed and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, no antibiotics or hormones. Fast forward almost 41 days, and I notice my skin is silkier, smoother than before. I didn’t have as much dead skin exfoliating when I use the sauna, and my skin seems to be more vibrant. Am I looking younger I asked? The biggest thing I noticed was the wrinkles in my hand were not as noticeable, I am actually looking younger I told my self. My friend of 6 years came to visit from out of town and instantly said I had more of a glow when I first saw her. Anyways, this has convinced me that taking this product can keep my iron reserves at a healthy level and will help to prevent me from being sick in the future. My last col/flu was before I started taking this product. I have not gotten one since. This deserves my 5 stars!

  67. Shayne Utter

    These are a must have to boost immune system! They ship quickly, are potent and have the highest quality ingredients that I have found! Definitely the liver pills you’re looking for!

  68. MaineMommy

    In just one week, I’m noticing increased energy without any side effects. Because of past gastrointestinal surgeries, absorption and digestion of needed nutrients has been challenging when using standard supplements. It seems I’m absorbing this bio-available formulation more effectively than many other supplements tried.

  69. Hayley Seymour

    Recently I celebrated my 52th birthday, one of the gifts I received was, curiously, a bottle of liver capsules. Lately, my 2 children had been buying and giving me all sorts of vitamin supplements to try. They didn’t have to tell me that they were worrying about me, I knew. I have always known that deep in their hearts they’re hoping that I won’t have to go through what their father had, bless his soul. My husband happened to pass away 2 years ago, but before he did, he suffered from Alzheimer’s for a number of years which made it really difficult for me and the children. Now, I can understand how that changed all our perspective about health and having our loved ones know how we love them while we still can let them know. I don’t know with the rest of the people my age, but my issues include having indigestion, blurred vision and arthritis. My life greatly improved when I started taking these liver capsules. Now I rarely get constipated and that awful feeling of being gassy, the inflammation on my knees have subsided and my focus and memory had both improved. I’ve postponed my appointment to my eye doctor to have my prescription glasses looked at because my eyes seemed clearer nowadays. I know it’s all about these pills. It’s good that thy come in these easy to swallow capsules or I would have had any issue taking them. I am not sure how many new bottles Ralph has gotten me this time, he gave me 2 the last time. See, I remember that one. Nowadays, I seemed to be remembering a lot of good memories with my husband which I think this product has a lot to do with. This is a good product which. I take them 2/da, 2 each morning and 2 at night. I would recommend this product to anyone over 40+ years of age!

  70. Tereasa Brady

    honestly, ever since i gave birth to my beautiful twin baby boys,i have suffered from depression and anxiety. i also suffered from a minor case of fatigue probably due to some complications during the birthing process but after ordering and taking these beef liver capsules at the behest of my husband, i started feeling much better- maybe even more so before i gave birth. the main benefit of taking these pills for me is that i have so much energy that i can do all of the chores at home,take care of my children and my husband and honestly,i just feel so fulfilled as a mother right now. i just knew that things had to change when my doctor told me i was severely lacking in vitamin B12 and iron,which led me to these beef liver capsule sin the first place.suffice to say i feel better and stronger and i am definitely happy with my purchase.i highly recommend that you try these pills out for yourself if you are suffering from the same things that i gets your mind off the negative things.i feel the surge of energy every day! i hope these helps.

  71. loveA2Z

    I’m following the Root Cause Protocol which includes either eating liver or taking a liver supplement to cover Vitamins A & B (among other nutrients) in the program. Initially, I took another liver product, but soon, had to find a less expensive alternative, since I’m on a fixed income. This product is a perfect alternative for me – so much so that I currently have it on subscribe & save via Amazon!I’ve noticed improvement in my health after being on this protocol, which includes taking 1500mg of liver twice daily. Anxiety and brain fog have diminished tremendously, and energy increased. Swelling of the feet diminished after 2 weeks. Because of the great results, I’ve religiously reordered all supplements on this protocol, and therefore am very grateful that I found this product to rely on, at a price point that really helps me (and now my family) to remain on this protocol.I hope this product is never discontinued – ever…

  72. Ashley Smith

    It all started one day while I was brushing my teeth, when I had to spit out the toothpaste while gargling; I noticed some blood on it. Thinking that I just brushed too hard, I dismissed the thought to be nothing. Then I accidentally bit a chicken bone while IO was eating and I felt my tooth start to move. That one caught my attention as I asked my mother about it. She inspected the tooth and confirmed that it was indeed wiggling in its position. My mom being a retired nurse suggestion that I start taking beef liver supplements to help strengthen my teeth and gums. Upon hearing this, I quickly logged-in at Amazon and ordered the supplement.As my tooth is just slightly loose, there is still a chance for it to tighten up. I just have to avoid biting hard food with that tooth or eat soft foods until it tightens up again. Aside from that, I have also started to use the beef supplement. After a week’s continued use, my gums no longer bleed when I brush my teeth. I also started to notice that my loose tooth has slowly tightened up! It’s a good thing my mom has recommended beef liver supplement. I had no idea that it can strengthen teeth and gums. Actually I did not know anything about beef liver supplements until now. I really have to be extra careful next time. I guess I’d be adding this supplement from diet now.

  73. Andrew Yang

    This wholesome wellness product is a lifesaver. The ingredients are extremely high quality and I feel the effects quickly. If I skip a day, I can instantly feel my body say “Hey- you haven’t gotten all the nutrients you could have”. Things heal faster, I have more strength and energy. This is a silver star product because of the combination of the price and quality compared to the other #1 brand which is absolutely STELLAR. This is no doubt #2 overall worldwide and more people need to know about the wholesome brand because if the extremely high quality combined with an affordable price. I am a fan for life. Keep up the phenomenal work guys

  74. GM

    Super product. Makes me feel like I’m in my twenties. I take 8 a day due to being 210 lbs. Can’t wait to keep this as part of my daily regimen.

  75. Manda

    These pills will be a staple in my household from now on! I feel so much better since starting. Me and dog take them every morning! My dog has more energy and is somehow less scared of life since starting these. She also eats them like a treat, so that’s nice.

  76. Amazon Customer

    My gums were really sensitive, and my skin started to glow,my energy was better not needing a nap after a 8hrs of sleep at night. I am taking this now for 3 months. I took it and then stopped taking it just to see the difference. my sensitive gums came back, my skin wasn’t glowing. I started to need to take a nap when i stopped taking this. I also noticed I don’t get any pimples. This stuff is amazing

  77. Hammer

    Ok so first off I wouldn’t take the dosage it says on the bottle. I work a few different angles with it. Full dosage was giving me pains in my stomach. See a doctor first if you’re unsure About/how to take this. First I think it is great.SO I tried the first dosage it told me on the bottle. The first day was fine, But the second-day father taking it gave me uneasy feeling and pain in my gut area. Maybe I wasn’t as low on iron as I thought. So I decided to try just 1 in the morning. And then a second one at noon when I snack at lunch. And then one at dinner time.This way was the best way for me. I tried 2 in the morning and 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner. Still gave me really bad stomach pains. So I tried it several ways for it to work for me. and I feel great with the 1/1/1 throughout the day. I am also a heavyset guy like a 365-pound guy. This stuff is potent. So work with it to what’s best for you. Anyway, I hope that helps. It sure has made me feel better and awake during the day,s

  78. Cecollins

    I suffer from Narcolepsy (sometimes called Chronic Fatigue System). I have been using prescription medication that is in the methamphetamine category for several years in order to function for my daily activities. I did some research online and saw that Beef Liver can help to improve energy levels, but I was hesitant to actually try eating liver. I kept researching and found that they make beef liver capsules which have all of the nutrients of the liver in a convenient little capsule! These capsules have no offsetting smell or taste, and are packed full of nutrients! I’ve only been using this product for a few days so far, but I feel like my energy levels are in the normal range. I can’t wait to see what happens after using this product for several months, and if it helps with my breakout-prone skin, that will be an added bonus!

  79. Marteka Fulmore

    I’m someone who suffers from chronic anemia and this has been with me for as long as I could remember. I remember feeling weak at times and having to be rushed to the infirmary at school and sometimes even just plain passing out at work in my latter years. I don’t really know why this has been with me for the longest time and our family doctor was stumped too. I’ve done a lot over the years such as eating food heavy with iron, trying out different coagulants to make my blood thicker (at least in practice) and even drinking some supplements that never really worked.One of the things that I dislike about my anemia is the feeling of constant fatigue weighing down on me which prevents me from doing stuff that I normally enjoy like playing Sudoku or crocheting and if I do try to do them forcefully, I usually end up dead tired which isn’t really something that’s good especially when I’m hanging out with my girls. I have been trying to get my iron fixed by eating a lot of liver and other organs rich in vitamins but they don’t really tickle my fancy as they don’t taste good and secondly, they are very troublesome to prepare.I tried looking for an alternative and I found out about this brand of beef liver capsules on Instagram. I somehow ended up here on Amazon but I think that’s for the best because I have some experience in purchasing stuff online from here. I’ve been loving these beef liver capsules because I don’t feel as weak as I did before. I don’t think this is simply a placebo or whatever because I have tried other products in the past but right now, I am positively feeling better and better. I also don’t need to worry about preparing liver as a food anymore because I can get the nutrition that I need from these capsules without having to worry about anything else. These capsules are stress-free, all-natural and one hundred percent effective I can guarantee it. I recommend this product especially to those who are thinking of adding some iron in their diet or body.

  80. Gonzalez Fam

    I’ve always had weak gums. At first I thought that I was just brushing too hard, but when I already changed my manner of brushing and still my gums have been bleeding, then I was sure that it was something else. I tried this special toothpaste for sensitive gums but alas, it did not to anything. I’ve tried so many different brands but sadly, nothing seemed to work, plus, I never really liked the taste. I started to be more alarmed when my bleeding gums began to swell and some of my teeth became loose. I started to ask around for possible remedies and the most common answer I got was Beef Liver capsule supplement.When my order got delivered, I quickly started taking the supplement to see if this recommendation was really legitimate. I was amazed as aside from promoting stronger teeth and gums, this supplement also offers other helpful benefits that can be of great use to me. I said to myself that if this beef liver supplement can solve my gum problem, I’d make this supplement a regular thing for as long as I live. I got more impressed with the product because it hasn’t been a week yet and I have already seen a considerable decrease in the swelling and bleeding of my gums. It only took the supplement a week and half to fix my loose tooth. I have been taking the beef liver supplement for a month now and I’m happy to say that my gums are now healthy, my tooth is no longer loose and there is no more bleeding when I brush my teeth.

  81. Alex Lopez

    I got these because I was looking for an easier way to supplement iron without drinking something that makes me gag constantly. These come in gel caps so they are easy to swallow and there is absolutely no taste. Awesome!

  82. renee f.

    Coming off of alcohol I knew that I had to depleted a lot of my vitamins and nutrients so I decided to feed my liver what was taken from it! In a short time I have more energy and better moods. My skin and teeth are looking healthier. I have tried other more pricey liver supplements with the same effects. Love this product and the price! Looking forward to trying other products from Wholesome Wellness in the near future!

  83. MsC

    I had bariatric surgery (DS), I have MTHFR gene mutation effecting my absorption of B vitamins, my Vitamin A is very low, and so I thought I’d give this supplement a try. I cannot eat liver but this pill has no real taste. I do feel better since taking it and some other new methyl folate supplements. I will continue to take for a couple months.

  84. Macqenna Perry

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I’m that type of woman that gives great importance to how I look. I’m meticulous at everything, from my clothes, shoes, bags, make-up, nails, hair, etc. I make it a point that every time I go out, I go out looking good. Lately, I have been looking for a way to further enhance my skin tone. While I have seen many formulations that you have to use on the face, I don’t want that. I prefer something that need not be applied. As I continue with my search, I ended up on this page for beef liver supplements. It’s a pill that I can take which according to its write-up and many testimonies can enhance skin tone and promote thicker hair growth. The very two things I need…in one supplement. Add to cart. Checkout and wait.It seems that I do not have to wait long as after just two days, the package was delivered to my apartment. I decided to make a before and after video to show and capture if this product really works. This is my skin tone now and this is what my hair looks like. As I started taking the supplement, I immediately began feeling the energy it provides. I haven’t finished a week and already, the supplement has started to provide me the extra energy allowing me to do more things. After two weeks of use, I started to see improvements in my skin tone but not so much with my hair. I have once again documented it to show the effect it brings. A month after, the improvement on my skin tone has been awesome! Here it is on video. Even my hair has started to grow thicker as I’m sure you’d notice from my previous video. What more can I say? I’ve never been happier with the results provided by this beef liver supplement. It has lived up to its promise and in gratitude; it has earned my loyalty and my endorsement. I’d definitely recommend it to my friends.

  85. Shiva Hari

    I suffered from a complex form of Pallor due to anemia and hypothyroidism which really put a strain on my quality of life. I wasn’t allowed to do a lot of things, I wasn’t supposed to eat a lot of things and I wasn’t supposed to exert myself much, all of this done with the idea that I was some fragile creature that needed protecting from the outside world- and that’s at least half-true somewhat. Due to my myriad of conditions, I am prone to catching colds and migraines which is why I am often found sitting in the dark, reading a book or working on my office stuff quietly. The people around me were aware of what I was going through and everyone, from my friends to my family, were all really supportive of what I was going through and they respected me as a person first and as a medical study second haha.I was often sick or at the very least, feeling unwell so a majority of my time was spent recovering over the weekends which means that I couldn’t really go out and live my life the way I really want to but back then I didn’t really have any regrets, I just wanted to get better. It’s not as if my condition was fatal or anything, it was just troublesome to cure. I was watching a documentary on Netflix and I was surprised to see them talk about how people from an ancient civilization would dry up beef liver and dissolve it into powder to be taken as medication and back then, it apparently worked because most of their people were robust, strong men. I knew there was a science to it so I did my own research and I found out on Twitter that Beef Liver Capsules are the modern equivalent of whatever they did in the past and that it’s seen a lot of action and helped a lot of people over the years. I asked around and this was the undisputed best product that the people close to me recommended so there I was, ordering my first bottle over the web. I didn’t see or feel any results until after my first month taking these supplements and right then and there I knew how much better I started to feel. I started feeling less anemic, and the colds and the fevers came less and less! I definitely feel much better now but I will continue to see how much I improve. I will do my best to return with more feedback after 3 more months!

  86. Crystal and Joshua

    Started taking 2 capsules per day regularly with meals and the results have shown after using this for 29 days.My thyroid levels are normal and back to what it was 6 years ago, my TSH counts have improved to what it should be. The blood test showed that I am once again back to being healthy! My face isn’t as puffy, my skin is less itchy and my muscles are feeling a good 100% again. This is what I am seeing after using it for nearly a month.I am very surprised to see a bottle under $35 dollars can help so much. I have tried a few different prescriptions in the past, and they costed me over $200 dollars and yet did not prove to work one bit.I will be back again in a few weeks to update my review. Good luck everyone!

  87. John Ward

    The Beef Liver Capsules are just what I have been looking for. They provide the supplementation every carnivore eater needs.They are easy to swallow and have minimal odor.You can’t go wrong.Love these.John

  88. rastacane

    We all know real grass fed liver is the way to go but these capsules go down way easier, and no messy cleanup. I started with 4 caps daily, then 6 shortly after. Your ramp up may need to be more gradual. I thankfully don’t have any health issues, and after about 2 weeks of taking these my overall well being increased. Slept better, mind clearer, energy level high. Research and my N=1 experiment shows that organ meat is key to good health. Get your daily organ meat in with these capsules.

  89. Mo Brown

    I have not had a bone density test but I’m quite sure that my bones are kinda weak. It’s just something inside me that tells me that my bones are weak. It’s not that kind of week that a small bump would break it, but I’m pretty sure that it can break easily with force. I’ve been telling my daughter to get me supplements but instead she insisted on me having a bone density test. Although I know what the result would be , I indulged her as we made our way to have my bone density test. As expected, my bone density was a step lower than normal (which was actually a surprise for me as I was thinking it to be lower than that.) I was given suggestions on some weight-bearing exercises to strengthen my bones, was asked to eat food rich in Vitamin D and Calcium, and was recommended to take supplements, beef liver supplement to be exact. So on the way home, I was bragging to her that everything I did sat was correct and we both laughed at it. As soon as we arrived home, she placed an order for Beef Liver Supplements, she fixed the spare room as my exercise room and she went out shopping for food rich in the necessary vitamins and calcium.The supplement was delivered to our house and from there started my new regimen. I made an agreement with the doctor that I will be back after two months for another Bone Density Test. I religiously followed my routine (exercise, diet, supplements) and by my first week, I have started to feel positive changes on my body ( more energy, stronger joints and good mood). This routine continued for a month as I battled my way to keeping myself fit and getting ready to develop stronger bones. As the two month mark was approaching, I have that feeling of confidence that my bone density has improved and that my test will definitely show good results. True enough, as the results came out, the doctor was pleased to say to me that my bone density test has yielded great results and I should just continue to do my regimen in order to protect my bones.


    after taking this, I did notice a boost of energy, alertness, and focus. all effects seem to be positive.

  91. Mike M.

    Seems to work as good as more expensive brands. Tasteless and easy to swallow. I feel better with more energy.

  92. cafeavila

    I’ve been taking these for a little over two weeks and am 33 weeks pregnant. I’m trying to make sure my iron levels are optimal before going into labor and needed some extra energy. I definitely feel the difference from taking these daily. Also not sure if it possibly has anything to do with it but over the 2 weeks since I’ve been taking it my nails have grown very quickly and my hair is falling out less. I know that can be attributed to pregnancy but I haven’t experienced it until now.The smell is kind of odd (but as expected for what it is), so I just quickly drink them and there’s no flavor at all. So easy to take!Just had my iron levels drawn about 4 days ago and the results were great. Higher than I expected and I’d like to think these pills had some part to play in that.

  93. Noelle

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I’ve decided to give this beef liver supplement a try 3 months ago. I’ve done my research and all. I tried an actual beef liver but I couldn’t stand the taste and the thought that I was eating a liver. Also, while I was looking forward to experiencing the benefits of it, I surely couldn’t stand eating beef liver as frequent as I should just to get the nutrients it offers.Anyway, I’ve taken a regular multivitamins in the past but seemed like my body got used to it that even though I was taking a regular multivitamins, I still feel less energetic and I do get sick easily.  My skin appears to be less vibrant, although I’m pretty sure I’m not anemic.Personal Experience with this beef liver supplement:TASTE and SMELL. This is definitely the first thing I checked out because I would like to ensure that there’s no strong taste to it or no bothering after-taste especially when I burp. So yeah, I liked this product in terms of its taste and smell. It doesn’t taste weird or gross. Capsule size is easy to swallow too. :)PACKAGING. Every time my order arrives, they are in good condition. We’ll sealed. The parcel is well taken care of, no damages or anything.CONSISTENCY. Unlike other supplements I’ve tried in the past, this manufacturer is very consistent in terms of the quality of the product.  All 3 bottles I’ve ordered in the past 3 months have the same color and capsule size.BENEFITS. My skin gained color, I no longer look anemic, stressed or tired! I’ve got zero episodes of bleeding gums whenever I brush my teeth unlike before. I’ve also noticed that my hair started getting thicker again. They are growing faster than before and they appear to have more volume.Check out my video review of this product. 

  94. Linsay Dennis

    At 37 years old, I was already diagnosed with low bone density. This is when I started to use Beef Liver supplements to aid in boosting my bone density to go back to normal. I have to get my bone density higher so that I can be safe from osteoporosis or from my bones from breaking. It was also during my diagnosis that I seemed to notice my skin being dehydrated and wrinkly, my hair thinning down and falling and my nails getting brittle thereby breaking easily. I have long since forgotten about those as I concentrated on increasing my bone density. As I started to take the beef liver supplement the more I forgot to address my other issue. My nails, my skin and my hair. I was so focused on my bones that I totally forgot about the others.After 2 weeks, I could feel my bones getting stronger. As I continued on my supplement and exercise, I have become more confident that by my next doctor’s check-up, my bone density will be normal. When the one month mark came, I proceeded to the doctor and had my BD Testing. As expected it was normal now. Arriving home happy and elated, I started to change my attire. There I noticed that there is a certain glow to my skin. It looks hydrated and young. The sag was gone! Could it be true? I checked my hair next and ran a hairbrush in it. No hairfall! Even my nails look stronger and no longer breaks easily! I was trying to remember what I might have done to merit these improvements. I vividly remember that I took nothing else except the beef liver supplement as I was engrossed in resolving my bone density. Then I guess that’s it! This beef liver supplement also handled my hair, skin and nail problems! Isn’t that a wonderful surprise? I’ve actually hit two birds with one stone. To this day I still continue to use this supplement to maintain my bone density and to keep my skin, hair and nails improving. Since then, my wrinkles are almost all gone, my hair is thicker and stronger than ever and my nails no longer break easily. Thanks to this beef liver supplement.

  95. C. Kudym

    I frequently perform long duration running and cycling and I have been looking for a way to supplement my diet with healthy, natural sources. I found this product on Amazon and I have been taking it for about three weeks. I feel that the liver nutrients help perform better, recover faster, and decrease inflammation.

  96. Jennifer M Gutierrez

    I was not expecting that at my age I would be experiencing this already. Every time I go up a flight of stairs or stand from a sitting position, I always hear this crackling sound on my joints. It’s not painful but it’s irritating, I remember the first time I heard it, I was filled with panic thinking that my joints would break. I later on found out that crackling sound is nature’s way of saying that I am starting to get old and that my bones and joints need help to maintain their strength.I was looking at Amazon trying to find a supplement that would be good for me when my roommate suggested that I try her beef liver capsules. After explaining to me the benefits and assuring me that it is practically tasteless she was finally able to convince me to give it a try. As I started to share the supplement, I was hoping that it would work so I don’t have to look anymore. The first few days were basically uneventful, but as I started to near the one week mark, I started to hear less and less crackling sound when I move my joints. I no longer have that feeling that my joints might break anytime soon. As I continued to use the beef liver capsule supplement, I feel my joints getting stronger as I am able to move freely now. Guess I found the right supplement for me. I ordered to bottles for me and my friend. I can now relax as I got myself covered and protected.

  97. Whitlee Johnson

    I’ve had a huge huge problem with hair fall for the past three years and it’s been getting really scary because every time I shower, I have a slight fear that my hair will just fall off if I scrub my head and scalp too hard. I have been using those “sensitive” shampoo products that doctors prescribe to people suffering from hair fall but even they don’t really work for me because it doesn’t stop hair fall on an acceptable level. Do note that I have been consulting doctors and other specialists for the past three years and none of them have been able to completely resolve my problem thus far. I was thinking about undergoing something like hair implants but I didn’t think it was necessary unless it becomes necessary eventually but upon consultation with a new doctor who’s more open to experimentation, we both agreed to try for me to consume liver on a daily basis. The only problem with that is I’m vegan and I can’t really stomach consuming any form of meat so I compromised on taking liver capsules, at least. So I ordered some online and taking the capsules for two weeks, I noticed that the hair fall that occurred during showering became fewer and fewer until it was barely negligible. After a month of taking in liver capsules, I no longer suffer from hair fall and my skin and hair have never looked better. I am especially happy that I no longer have to fear going bald because I actually love my hair very much. I am also relieved that the problem that plagued me for three years was resolved in a measly two weeks! Now that’s bang for your buck! I highly recommend this product to men and women who want to have a healthier scalp and hair and I guarantee you that it works. I’m not sure about people who have gone bald but it should help you out so long as you eat healthily and exercise at least an hour a day when possible!

  98. Jthomas

    I’ve been looking to buy grassfed liver capsules as I can’t stand cooked liver and I need the organ meat as I prepare to start a carnivore diet. This pill is very day to swallow with no flavor. It does have a minimal liver smell but since it’s in pill form no taste on the way down. The absorbency must be good because 3 pills in the am and I feel a steady energy particularly in my legs.

  99. Elizabeth

    I feel like it has helped strengthen my immune system. It is cold season, and I usually always have a little bit of a cold this time of year. However, within the past couple of weeks I have not woken up feeling congested. I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, lean meats including chicken and fish, and sometimes eggs, but mostly egg whites. I rarely eat red meat, and never eat organ meats. I feel like I have been missing out on some of the B vitamins (B12) and bioavailable vitamin A (not as beta carotene). This helps!

  100. regib

    I love that this product is pure, organic and no additives. I know that liver is packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals, but I find it very hard to eat. This pills allow me to get the benefits without the bad taste!I am 52 and have had hypothyroidism for 20 years. After reading about the success that others have had taking this to help thyroid issues I had to give it a try. I have been taking this for a few weeks and my symptoms are already improving. I have more energy and much less brain fog.I feel that this is a great value and it is a huge bottle of 180 capsules.

  101. BubbaMoto

    I got it to raise the iron levels in my blood due to a low count. My health care professional recommended an animals based source. Started taking it and it has increased my iron levels and my overall energy has improved

  102. Melanie

    A must have if you struggle with low energy! I have taken 2pills/ day for three weeks now and I feel a huge difference. I no longer have that mid afternoon crash!

  103. jean matthai

    HAVE ALL MY FAMILY USING ITGIVES me energy that last several days

  104. Kindle Customer

    I have lyme disease and it seems to help with my energy levels. I only take one pill a day, because my system is very sensitive. Along with the right multivitamin and bone broth, I have been feeling better! My health totally is reliant on outside supplements, and this is one of them that actually helps! A lot of supplements I have tried don’t help at all!

  105. Rebecca

    I just had my second child three weeks ago and was having a lot of postpartum bleeding and was told that my iron levels were now pretty low. I was initially looking for a liquid iron supplement to take, but as I’ve taken them in the past and not really noticed much of a difference, I was interested when this product was recommended to me on Amazon. I know liver is a great source of many vitamins and minerals, but have never eaten it before or considered it as an iron supplement. I’ve been taking this for almost 2 weeks now and I can tell a difference in my energy levels and my mood, and I am not bleeding as much anymore. I really love that it has more than iron in it, it has a bunch of vitamins needed to recover from labor and help me nourish my child as well. I love that this product is all natural and grass fed and the amount of capsules for the price is also really great. I take 2 capsules after I wake up along with my other supplements and I’m excited to see continued results hopefully in the form of helping with postpartum hair loss and keeping my skin nice and healthy.

  106. Dajah Carlisle

    I have been suffering from night blindness, which makes it difficult for me to drive or go places at night without any companion guiding me. My doctor recommended to eat food rich in vitamin A and while researching for foods with the highest amounts of vitamin A, I came across liver and almost everything I read talks about it as a nutrient dense food. I want to incorporate that in my diet but I don’t think I can eat liver every single day so I decided to look for supplements and I am so happy to find this beef liver capsule. I like the fact that it is from grass fed beef as opposed to corn fed beef, so I know the extracts are pure in quality. It’s easy to swallow and I don’t get stomach upsets like the other supplements I’m taking. I do a lot of research on almost everything I eat and drink since most food nowadays is GMO’s or grown with pesticides. I am glad to have found this beef liver capsule that is pesticide and GMO free, it also doesn’t have any additives or fillers that waters down the potency of the liver.I have been taking this supplement for months and I can say that my night vision improved. In the past, when there is low lighting I would have to pull over and it was difficult when I’m driving on the freeway. I am hoping to reverse my night blindness that’s why I am religiously taking this every single day. I am so excited to see improvements especially when I drive at night. I also noticed some changes in my body specifically my hair and skin. My hair is fuller and I see a lot of regrowth and it just looks healthier overall. My skin became suppler and softer and this is the only new supplement I’ve been taking when I noticed the changes.Overall, I really like the capsule since it made positive changes in my body. I have recommended this to my friends and some of them started taking it since they know of my previous vision problems at night and now they see the difference in me when we go out. This is now a staple at my house and even hubby started taking it.

  107. Ahmad

    Not really a supplement advocate, but this one I highly recommend. The perfect multi-vitamin, crafted from nature. Feel a lot more energetic.

  108. Virginia D

    I was having shortness of breath I believed was made worse by my anemia. I have no confirmation of this, just a feeling. I do know after taking this my energy and breathing improved.I’m not a Dr or medical personnel. Please have yourself checked out of your having issues.

  109. Claire S

    I recently switched from a ketogenic to a carnivore diet. As a result, beef liver is a staple in the diet, but I am not accustomed to eating it at this point. I added in the Grass-Fed Beef Liver supplements, and it’s balanced out my nutrition and I have more energy during the day and for my workouts.

  110. Bri

    Update 19Sep19:Guys, I feel so much better! I could cry right now. My hair is growing back, my nails are finally growing and not brittle. I am not cold all the time and not randomly getting nauseous as much. I’m not as tired and feeling frail. I feel better! I used to feel so sick and cold I was scared. Downside, I do get more breakouts that usual.—————————It has been 10 days and I’m not cold anymore. My nails are also growing faster and over all, I just feel better. I have been diagnosed with anemia, but rather than taking the prescribed iron pills I opted for a more natural route.

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