Women’s Raw Probiotics 100 Billion CFU Organic With Prebiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Whole Food Fruits & Vegetables, & Women’s Health Ingredients

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The Miracle of Good Bacteria

Probiotics are the good bacteria that can be found all over our body. These good bacteria are responsible for keeping the balance of the microorganism in our gut which means that when the probiotic levels are high and the good gut bacteria outnumbers the bad gut bacteria, we can keep digestive problems at a minimal by decreasing the growth of harmful bacteria*. This may help the human body with women’s health, ph balance, improving metabolism, improving symptoms of menopause, improving skin and beauty, reducing diarrheaaiding in digestionabdominal crampinggas relief*, skin conditions, bacterial vaginosis (bv), boosting immunity, yeast infectionsimproving fertility, clearing up skin problems and fend off UTI’s*.

Our diet, lifestyle, and exposure to different environmental influences can cause changes in the balance of helpful and unhelpful bacteria* in our stomach. Regular use of probiotics can support stomach’s digestive function and the body’s ability to absorb nutrients that can help influence many things in our body including weight*mood*inflammation*, and immunity*.

Specifically designed for today’s active woman, it includes added benefits like treatment from UTI’S*, aids in the improvement of fertility*, rejuvenates skin and hair* and treats and provides support from vaginal yeast infections*.

We can get probiotics by consuming fruits, vegetables, and fermented products like yogurt, pickled food such as sauerkraut and miso, and some cheeses like gouda, parmesan, swiss, and cheddar. However, these might not have enough probiotics in them to provide the immediate results that we want for our bodies.

Our Raw live Probiotics contains 100 billion colony forming units, 34 different strains of probiotics, 5 types of prebiotics and 9 different kinds of digestive enzymes, whole fruits & veggie blend, and proven urinary tract protective ingredients.

34 Strains

Enhancing Maximum Potency by Matching 34 Unique Probiotic Strains For Women

We believe that the bigger the company of strains, the merrier the benefits would play. Hence, we’ve matched 34 unique probiotic strains to expand further the positive effects of this good bacteria in the body. Below is a list of some of the strains we’ve added in our formulation and their respective benefits.

B. bifidum: may treat constipation*, diarrhea*, IBS*, certain infections, pouchitis* may improve overall health*

B. breve: may help fight yeast* and/or bacteria* that can cause infections in the gut and vagina* may aid the body in fermenting sugars and breaking down plant fibers for better digestion*

B. longum: contains antioxidant properties; found in the gastrointestinal tract* may help break down carbohydrates*

L. acidophilus: similar to B. breve, may help digestion* and may fight off vaginal bacteria* found in yogurt and fermented soy products; found in the vaginal section and small intestine

L. rhamnosus – displaces and prevents adhesion by intestinal and urogenital pathogens*. It is also used to support lactose intolerance*, or vaginal yeast infections*

Lactobacillus fermentum – this strain offers a number of potential benefits include boosting immunity*. It is also one of the few strains particularly beneficial for dealing with issues more prevalent in women, like yeast infections and urinary tract health.

L. brevis: may support nk cell activity in adults; may improve gastrointestinal health* may help battle infections*

L. bulgaricus: may calm down skin inflammations such as rosacea and eczema*

L. helveticus: may help regulate blood pressure* may improve sleep quality*

L. paracasei: may promote oral health* may protect against bacteria that cause tooth decay*

S. cerevisiae: may boost immune system* may support hair, skin, and nail growth* may improve glucose sensitivity*

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are unique plant fibers that act like fertilizers to help the good bacteria that grow in your gut. They can be found in many fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Increasing prebiotic fiber intake may help promote immunity*, bone density*, digestive health*, weight management*, regularity*, and brain health* They may also contain many other benefits like increasing your body’s calcium absorption*, changing the body’s glycemic index*, and keeping the gut lining cells strong*.

What are Digestive Enzymes?

Digestive Enzymes such as protease, amylase, and lipase are chemicals produced by our bodies to help us digest food better. They may help break down the proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, to help our body better absorb the nutrients into our bloodstream*. Having enough digestive enzymes in our body can help us avoid digestive problems such as gas*, diarrhea*, and stomach aches*, among other things*.

Women’s Health

A woman’s love and care is something that all people are lucky to have and experience. That is why our company, recognizing all the hard work that women do, has come up with a probiotic supplement specially tailored to suit the need of keeping the urinary tract and genital health in peak condition*. Our probiotic for women contains strands of Lactobacillus that operates by producing lactic acid that lowers the pH level in the vaginal area* and urinary tract* making it impregnable for dangerous microorganisms to attach to*, keeping it safe*. This makes the environment unreceptive for infectious agents* and maintains optimal yeast levels*.

Women Friendly Probiotic Strains

Probiotic strains that are deemed essential in treating and fighting UTI* are Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus fermentum and Bifidobacterium breve.

Proven Urinary Tract Protective Ingredients

Aside from the ever useful Lactobacillus strains, our product also contain D-mannose, Cranberry Extract, Hibiscus Flower and Dandelion Root.

D-mannose upon ingestion passes through the urinary tract where it attaches itself to the harmful bacteria there. As a result, the bacteria can no longer attach itself to the cells and cause infection*. It later on gets excreted out in the form or urine without it causing harm to the body*.

Cranberry Extract contain A-type proanthocyanidins which interfere with the bacteria’s ability to the bladder wall, reducing the likelihood of infection*.

The Hibiscus Flower, aside from its many health benefits like regulating blood pressure*, lowering cholesterol* and triglyceride levels*, boosts liver health* and is also a powerful ingredient that prevents UTI from infecting women*.

The Dandelion Root is another powerful ingredient that is full of antioxidants. It helps in boosting the immune system*, helping with inflammation*, controls blood sugar*, lowers cholesterol*, and is a powerful liver cleaner*.

Together these agents have been shown to inhibit the activity of a host of microbes responsible for Urinary Tract Health

Organic Whole Fruits & Vegetables

Our Raw Probiotics use only 100% organic probiotic strains from organically grown produce. This way, you can rest assured that the probiotics that you are consuming are 100% organic, and safe.


The Indisputable Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics have a lot of known benefits, most of which are tied to the digestive system. These include possible relief from constipation*, diarrhea*, abdominal cramps*, as well as infections*.

Constipation: Constipation is a normal occurrence for anyone at any given time, but it can be a chronic problem for some. Luckily, probiotics with strains of B. Lactis are known to reduce the occurrence of constipation*. Similarly, strains like B. longum, S. cerevisiae and a combination of L. acidophilus, L. plantarum, and L. rhamnosus are also believed to possibly address constipation-based IBS*, as well as problems with bloating and gas*.

Diarrhea: Probiotics may help relieve irritation in our digestive systems such as gastroenteritis* and food poisoning* which are the most common causes of diarrhea. Antibiotic use can also disrupt the balance of microflora in the gut and cause an irritation in the stomach. A combination of several Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are found to be especially effective at dealing with diarrhea* as well as diarrhea-based IBS*.

Digestive Health: The balance in gut flora may help with digestion* and even result in weight loss*. Specific probiotic strains may cause a reduction in the amount of fat and calories absorbed by the gut*, thereby promoting an optimal balance of gut bacteria*, resulting in possible weight loss* and decreased belly fat*. These strains include a combination of L. rhamnosus and B. lactis.

Brain Health: Gut and brain health are strongly connected. Short-chain fatty acids produced by the colon through digestion may help nourish the gut *and improve brain health* and maybe improve symptoms for conditions like autism*, and poor memory*. The strains known to improve brain health* are B. longum, B. breve, L. helveticus and L. rhamnosus.

Immunity Boost: A shift in the gut bacteria may help promote an increase in the body’s defenses against infections* and allergies*. B. bifidum and B. longum have shown significant results in this aspect.

Overall Health: More than just targeting specific conditions, probiotics may also help boost overall health*. Intake of B. bifidum may help boost the production of beneficial short chain fatty acids for the improvement of overall health and immunity*.

Shelf-Stable & No Refrigeration Required

Our raw probiotics are shelf-stable and require no refrigeration. Certain strains of probiotics are used as stabilizing ingredients, making the product shelf-stable and removes the need for refrigeration.

Shelf Life

Our raw live probiotics contains strains that enable it to have a more stable shelf life, and makes it better suited to withstand environmental factors, while also enabling it to have greater potency when consumed.

Best Probiotics for Women

Our probiotics and prebiotics has some of the best potency and mix of ingredients that are suited for female adults. Our acidophilus probio with pre-biotic pills includes 34 symbiotic good bacterial strains, fungus, & live cultures. Strains such as lactobacillus acidophilus, casei, paracasei, salivarius, plantarum,  bacillus, bifidobacterium lactis, bifidum, longum, saccharomyces, fermentum, boulardii, and more. It is easier to take than powder, gummies, liquid, & pearls. And way more potent than other 5, 10, 13, 15, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 80 Billion CFU probiotic supplements.

Top Rated Probiotics for Women

With over 15,000 reviews on our website and Amazon we are one the top rated probiotics for women.

Easy to Take – Two Capsules Once Per Daily, 60 Pills Per Bottle

Probiotics are meant to be taken orally on a daily recurring basis. This formula works best on a cumulative basis over time to support overall digestive health and immune function.

Carefully Crafted In America 

Made in the USA in an FDA, UL, and GMP certified registered lab facility. With only the highest standards of practice in mind, our product is manufactured right here in the United States. Our facilities are in compliance with all applicable good manufacturing practices and regulations. The strictest quality control and guidelines are followed as we perform rigorous testing on each lot to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Organic, Non-GMO and Vegan Friendly

We believe that organic is safe and that organic is better. As such, our process includes using ingredients that are not in any way genetically modified. All components of our product is made from organic substances that are safe and effective. It is also vegan safe and makes use of no animal by-products.

A Message From The Wholesome Wellness Team

When it comes to “living beautifully,” don’t let nervous butterflies in your stomach stop you from trying endless possibilities. That’s because the quest for “a happy and beautiful life” comes in various shapes and sizes — even in the form of bacteria. It is said that our understanding of what a well-conditioned body and mind feels like stem from our very own experiences. So, give yourself a chance to forge your own narrative and anchor this belief in evaluating what beautiful living feels like for you!

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Customer Reviews

  1. Dion Mahan - Verified Buyer

    I didn’t think this product was going to be any help to me at all, but boy was I wrong it helped me a lot. I had a B.O down stares, acid reflux, and bad breath that wouldn’t go away, after a week of taking this product all those problems are now gone.

  2. SAF - Verified Buyer

    Keeps my bowels regular and healthy. I have tried many different brands.

  3. Misskapibara - Verified Buyer

    If you are looking to buy a probiotic product- this one is the best I’ve tried so far. It’s great quality, formulated specially for women, has added prebiotics and digestive enzymes. I am very satisfied! It’s part of my self-care now.

  4. Rachel Patrick - Verified Buyer

    I would compare it to garden of life, but less costly. I don’t get impressed easily by probiotics because they never have enough strains or CFUs. This product has 100 Billion CFUs and plenty of strains with shelf stability, enzymes, and prebiotics. You can’t get better than that people. And the bacteria definitely survives on shelf because as soon as it started hitting my system, I could feel the benefits immediately.

  5. Jessie - Verified Buyer

    So far i really like these probiotics. Definitely improved my digestion as I feel more energized. I like that they are shelf stable and have probiotics and enzymes as well. I used to take a pre and probiotic as well as an enzyme and UT health blend. I have switched to just taking this with my daily multivite. Thank you for saving me time and money by conveniently bundling these ingredients.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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