Super-Absorb Multi Collagen Peptides Protein Capsules Hydrolyzed (Type I II III V X)

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Wholesome Wellness Super-Absorbable Multi Collagen Capsules with Herbs and Bioperine for Maximum Bio-Availability (90 pills, 2000 MG per serving) is a complete source of important bone broth and hydrolyzed collagen peptides type I, II, III, V, and X. Our special formula with herbs and Bioperine maximizes absorption and bioavailability for a stronger and quicker effect. Our advanced multi collagen pills supplement offers a high-quality blend of grass-fed bovine, chicken, certified wild fish, and egg membrane collagen to effectively increase your collagen levels.

– Herbs and Bioperine for maximum absorption and bio-availability
– Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides from Grass-Fed Beef
– Collagen from Chicken Bone Broth
– Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides from Wild Fish
– Clinically Studied Eggshell Membrane

Proudly made in the USA in an FDA-approved GMP facility, 3rd party lab tested and certified, and backed with a Full 100% Happiness Guarantee, no questions asked. Try risk-free!

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  1. Amazon Customer - Verified Buyer

    My hair & nails are stronger, my skin is more supple and my joint pain is definitely minimized!Thank you for this wonder combo. Collagen supplement.

  2. Peperita - Verified Buyer

    I gave birth to my 2nd daughter a few years ago and while i didn’t get a lot of stretch marks with my first child, my pregnancy with my second child was just so much worse and i noticed that i had a lot of stretch marks now compared to before. To be fair, i also gained so much more weight this time around so that’s probably why i got more stretch marks, but now i have a stretch mark problem that i need to solve. Within the first two years, i tried using creams and lotions on my tummy and thighs to help me get rid of the tiger stripes. At first they seem like they’re working but in reality they’re not. Also, even after almost a year or so of using creams, my stretch marks remained the same. Now i switched to this collagen pills. I heard that they’re good for improved elasticity and whatnot and i heard that they can help with stretch marks. I began taking them half a year ago. Actually, i first started using collagen in powder form but when i saw that there were pill versions, i instantly made the switch. I just think pills are so much more convenient than powder because you just pop it and swallow. You don’t have to mix them in anything or wait for it to dissolve. Plus they don’t make your food or drink inedible or taste weird because you don’t have to mix them in those in the first place. Anyway, as mentioned, i began taking this about 5 months ago. Within the first two months, i already noticed an improvement in terms of my stretch marks. They have been lightened to a point were they were probably barely even noticeable unless you stare at it. And it only took two months!! I also noticed other improvements on my skin. It started making my skin look smooth and flawless. The wrinkles on my face seemed less prominent and my smile lines were not as deep. I was actually super surprised because it seemed to overhaul my haul skin, from the face down to my body. I am very happy with how this product reduced my marks and improved the appearance of my face. It’s very effective and it’s probably because it uses a lot of kinds of collagen and not just one kind. Absolutely recommending this

  3. Julia Mooney - Verified Buyer

    In the past, I had problems with my digestive tract. I easily get constipated whenever I don’t watch what I’m eating and it really bugs me to the point that I get stressed out every time I go to the restroom. I always feel bloated because of my food intake and it really is discomforting considering that there are a lot of food that can make you bloat and it’s really stressing me out. I needed something to help me.I tried this product with the belief that it’ll help me. So, I basically did my research and figured out that I can help me in a ton of ways not just with my problem but also with my health. My skin health will be better because it helps with the skin structure. Joint pains would be non-existent, for me to be more okay while moving. Anti-aging, healthier hair and yes better digestion.In about a week I noticed that my bowels were better now, I don’t feel bloated than when I was. I’m not constipated when I go to the restroom, my gut is feeling so relieved now and so I don’t have much problems regarding my work so that’s really great. I felt relieved because I’m feeling better and more confident because my bowel health was good and my skin is glowing too! It wasn’t stressful now since I’m good with what I feel. I noticed that my sleep was getting better because of it. Longer and continuous sleeping time is always good because I can feel refreshed whenever I wake up. This product remarkably made me better and it made my health better. My skin was glowing, my bowels are working better and my sleeping was long and strong, so this is a product that I recommend.

  4. D - Verified Buyer

    I continue to experience several benefits from using Wholesome Wellness Multi Collagen with BioPerine, which go away when I do not take on a regular basis. (I also take vitamin-c at the same time)I have chronic pain and nerve damage, no other product has helped the numbness, lack of strength, and pain, as this collagen supplement does.Additionally, I have seen a decrease in my digestive symptoms and healthier gums.Joint pain is also less, enabling more energy during the day and a better night’s sleep. I definitely recommend it to all my friends and family. (I’ve purchased this product many times, and will keep buying it)

  5. Amazon Customer - Verified Buyer

    i have been taking it for about three weeks and my joints (thumbs, wrists, hips, ankle) have been feeling better and movement is easier. my mental health has also been much better due to less pain and being able to get back to my usual activities.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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