Organic Probiotics 100 Billion CFU

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  • 100 BILLION CFU GUARANTEED, SHELF STABLE, 34 STRAINS: Our probiotic contains a guaranteed shelf stable 100 BILLION CFU & 34 STRAINS per serving. We saw a need for high-quality supplements that actually work and stand by their claims, our probiotics comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Professional grade NON-GMO vegan probiotics with NO: Binders, Soy, Gluten, Milk, Egg, Wheat, Peanuts, Shellfish, Additives, or Preservatives.
  • 100% RAW LIVE PROBIOTICS, ORGANIC PREBIOTICS AND DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: Our DR FORMULATED probiotic is made with genuine prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and probiotics based on clinical research. A complete once daily probiotic supplement for ultimate digestive health naturally helps to support the free stomach digestive environment biotics condition, and supports the natural stomach balance.
  • DOCTOR FORMULATED PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT: Our one-a-day whole food probiotic with digestive enzyme & prebiotic fiber is Dr. formulated for gut health, gas relief, bloating relief, constipation eliminator, leaky gut & flora, digestive health solution, weight loss, immune system, womens prenatal, yeast relief, sleep, intestinal health fortify, candida, colon defense, diet, mood thrive, metabolism, clear bowel, kidney care, dental, pregnancy, morning complete, vitamins, small & large intestine renew
  • BEST PROBIOTICS FOR ADULTS WITH 34 STRAINS: Our prebiotics and probiotics are HIGH POTENCY and intended now for use by you a female and male adult. Acidophilus probio with pre-biotic pills including 34 symbiotic good strains, fungus, & absorb cultures. Lactobacillus acidophilus, casei, paracasei, salivarius, plantarum,  bacillus, bifidobacterium lactis, bifidum, longum, saccharomyces, fermentum, boulardii, and more see full ingredients below. Easier to take than powder, gummies, liquid, & pearls
  • ASSURED STANDARD OF QUALITY & SAFETY: Made in the USA in a FDA, UL, GMP certified registered facility labs. Probiotic for women, probiotic for men, probiotic for adults – Gives 100 Billion CFU – More than products of 3, 5, 10, 13, 15, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 80 Billion CFU! Shelf stable non refrigerated platinum pro-bio-tic, pure no refrigeration pro-biotics, Lactobacillus acidophilus, ultra vegetarian probotics activated hyperbiotics supplement assist advantage.

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Raw Probiotics 100 Billion Probiotic is a Doctor-Approved 34 Strain Probiotic with Organic Prebiotics and digestive enzymes.

  • 34 proven healthy raw bacterial strains formulated to support digestive health,
  • Potent organic prebiotic fiber
  • Digestive enzyme blend
  • Delayed release, acid resistant veggie capsules
  • Patented shelf stable packaging


  • Support Digestive Health*
  • Boost the Immune System*
  • Promote Regularity*
  • Boost Nutrient Absorption*
  • Reduce Bloating & Gas*
  • Support Weight Management Goals*
  • Promote Healthy Cholesterol*
  • Improve Mood and Reduce Fatigue*


You’ve heard of probiotics. But you may not have heard of prebiotics. Prebiotics are fibers that your probiotics need to survive. Prebiotics are your probiotics’ natural food source. If probiotic bacteria don’t get enough food they’ll slowly starve and die off. A recent study showed Only 5% of probiotic products contain prebiotics. Yes, only 5 in every 100 probiotic supplements contain the food probiotics need to survive.


Most probiotic products lose significant CFU (beneficial bacteria) just sitting on retail shelves. After 6 months, probiotics can lose 50% or more of their beneficial bacteria, due to moisture, light, oxygen and storage conditions. And it only goes downhill from there. Clinical research shows anywhere from 80-99% of the generics probiotics will melt under intense heat from your stomach acid. Our bottles seal out moisture and ensure CFU survivability. Our bottles provide an impenetrable barrier against moisture, oxygen and light and ensures the capsules see virtually no moisture.

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6 reviews for Organic Probiotics 100 Billion CFU

  1. Coartney Schneider

    Absolutely love this best one I’ve been on. Completely cleared up my biggest symptoms with my gut issues. I’ve also lost 11lvs in a month of taking it. No bloating. No horrible cramping. No rrhea lol my stomach is comfortable again. Just ordered three more bottles and recommended it to my sister who also has stomach issues

  2. Jessica L.

    Love the quality! I started taking these and already feel an improvement in my gut. It has helped reduce ‘bloating’ that I get once a month too. Im 30 and this has helped boost my mood and help with sleep. I also really wanted to start taking a probiotic but what is amazing is this has the probiotic AND prebiotic with digestive enzymes all in one. This makes for a strong immune system which I strive for-especially these days! The capsules are tasteless with no aftertaste. I have had no side effects-just great results! Easier to take than powder or gummies. Also shelf stable so I don’t need to refrigerate like I did before. Highly recommend Wholesome Wellness Probiotics!

  3. Angela

    Seems to help with digestive issues. My problems have been greatly relieved. Will be ordering another bottle.
    Thank you!

  4. Linda

    One of the BEST. I use these everyday and so does my husband. I noticed a difference in my abdominal discomfort after 2 days! I have lots of GI problems and this has helped me enjoy my day.

  5. Sterling R.

    Recovering from COVID19 and severe GI symptoms. This product was THE ONLY probiotic to make a difference (along with Previlli – which I recommend highly as well)
    Taking one in the AM and one in the PM. THE BEST.

  6. Dana

    This is by far the best probiotic I’ve taken. I think the digestive enzymes were key to helping my digestive issues. I’ve tried so many and finally found one that works for me and works well. I didn’t realize they were organic as well! Wow!

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