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  • BEST VALUE LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C: Our product contains 200 vegetable capsules of 1500 mg of liposomal vitamin C per serving in each bottle for a full 100 day supply, Our pure formula includes 1450 mg of pure liposomal vitamin c and only 50mg of sunflower oil & lecithin phospholipids compared to other products with large amounts of filler phospholipids. Efficiently utilizing the phospholipids sunflower lecithin creates liposomes that help your body more effectively absorb the entire vitamin C
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT & FAT SOLUBLE VITAMIN C – Liposomal vitamin c complex supports your immune system. Help avoid downtime from work or vacations by taking these pills daily as a defense. Our powerful combination of sunflower phospholipids (the building blocks of cell membranes) and Vitamin C, creates the best antioxidant supplements that help neutralize harmful free radicals caused by stress, pollutants, and toxins.
  • ANTIOXIDANT HEALTH BENEFITS: Vitamin C (ascorbate) is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against free radical damage. It boosts the emergency immune system, supports healthy brain function & cognition, supports cardiovascular & heart health, supports blood circulation, energy, anti-inflammation, helps improve mood, contains anti-aging beauty properties such as minimizing skin wrinkles, supports bone density, helps decrease muscle soreness and helps increase absorption of calcium & iron
  • MEGA HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – Our super Liposomal Vitamin C Capsules are non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, organic nature, vegetarian, & dairy-free. It uses ascorbic acid & palmitic acid to create Ascorbyl palmitate (a fat-soluble form of  Vitamin C). When combined with a phospholipid such as sunflower lecithin, the capsule creates liposomal environment encapsulations which allow for exceptional absorption and better health benefits for kids, doctors, teens, adults, men and women.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If for any reason you aren’t fully satisfied now, we’ll refund your entire liposomal vitamin c capsules purchase with no hassles. Try risk-free! Made in the USA in a GMP manufacturing labs facility.

Fortifying The Body’s Defenses With Advanced Vitamin C Technology

Vitamin C deficiency is one of the most common forms of under nutrition faced by many today. Most animals make their own vitamin C in their bodies, even without consumption. Humans, however, lost this ability centuries ago, hence, consumption is necessary to maintain its level in the body and preserve immunity.

Vitamin C’s powerful immunity booster helps strengthen our body to help fight off pathogens. It is a staple and a household name in providing much-needed nutrition to maintain our overall well-being. However, the way we consume vitamin C plays a massive difference in how your body absorbs the nutrients. Yes, our diets include portions of vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals, but not all the time, it provides sufficient nutrition our body requires.

Liposomal Vitamin C is the latest revolutionary approach in harnessing the full health benefits vitamin C has to offer. It utilizes liposomes or phospholipids to carry the nutrient into the blood circulation effectively, allowing a much higher absorption rate for the body to use on various functions.

Our Wholesome Wellness Liposomal Vitamin C takes nutrition even further by taking advantage of new core ingredients like Sunflower Lecithin to boost its effectiveness. With 200 vegetable capsules per bottle our delivery expands to a full 100 day supply to power your body with the right nutrition.

Ingredients and Function

Magnifying Our Formulation’s Ingredients and Functions

Before you relish the amazing health benefits of our Liposomal Vitamin C, see how we improved our formulation to maximize absorption.


Ever wonder why your urinal liquid turns to bright yellow or orange after taking vitamin C supplements? Well, that’s because your body removes excess vitamins to maintain the compound’s concentration. Though that is not something to worry about, those excreted vitamins could have served a higher purpose if your body better absorbed it. Hence, to eliminate wastage of potential vitamin C benefits, we’ve transformed the compound’s characteristic from water-soluble to fat-soluble to allow the body to maximize the nutrients better. Adding Sunflower Lecithin as an additional core ingredient in the formulation reinforces a much higher nutrient absorption and allows the body to harness all its benefits.


Liposomes are cell-like, tiny artificial spheres used in administering nutrients to improve absorption, life-span, and distribution. The use of liposomes offers many advantages in the intake of vitamin C, primarily because it delivers the nutrients directly into the cells, without any energy consumption. Unlike regular supplementation, liposomes bypass particular transporters that slow down delivery. It protects the nutrient from digestion or oxidation, which could lessen the nutrient’s effect on the body. As a result, it improves the ingredient’s performance by binding directly with the small intestinal cells to force a much better nutrient release.


Before your consumed nutrients could play its function, it goes through a series of layers first. And as it travels in your body, these nutrients are susceptible to digestion or oxidation, resulting in a lesser impact. This is where Liposomal Vitamin C works in a better advantage, mainly because of phospholipids that encapsulate the nutrients in its core for maximum delivery. It functions as “nutrient containers” that protect the content against all the hustle and bustle in the body. This effect secures the delivery by allowing vitamin C to pass through the cell membrane uninterrupted. Hence, your body absorbs all the potential health benefits the vitamin offers.


Just like in food, Sunflower Lecithin is used to bind and prevent ingredients from separating. Generally, lecithin is a type of fat that is essential to the body’s cells, and of course, with its own set of health benefits under its sleeves. In the case of Liposomal Vitamin C, however, when Sunflower Lecithin is mixed in the ingredient, it transforms the compound from “water-soluble” to “fat-soluble.” To simplify, it acts as an emulsifier to prevent the product from mixing with other substances. Hence, when both core ingredients are matched together, it fortifies the vitamin’s effect, particularly on reducing wastage. It forces the compound to stay in the body and protect it from dissolve, reinforcing much-heightened nourishment.


The use of vitamin C is very apparent in the beauty industry. Its assistance is to fight off free radicals that cause the skin to age faster, along with other common skin-related problems such as acne, dark spots, etc. Vitamin C is an essential compound in the synthesis of collagen, a vital molecule for skin health.


Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties also play a crucial role in the maintenance of skin health. Vitamin C also helps improve the bone’s mineral density, content, and amount of collagen in the bone matrix for more robust overall bone health. Our body is susceptible to oxidative stress caused by harmful molecules in the surroundings. Oxidative stress causes inflammation that drives bone resorption or the condition where calcium is taken away from the bones, which results in the weakening of cartilage, bone loss, and other bone-related health problems. Vitamin C and its antioxidant properties protect the body from oxidative stress.


In general, vitamin C is an authoritative source of antioxidants, with properties that keep lipid membranes and proteins from oxidative damage. Liposomal Vitamin C introduces a unique delivery system that ensures the nutrient penetrates the inside and outside of cells to neutralize free radicals and its destruction. It is essential to balance free radicals and oxidants in the body. That’s because when the body sees an overload of unstable molecules and the body could no longer scavenge the amount, their accumulation generates oxidative stress that could lead to the development of various issues. Vitamin C reinvigorates these cells to alleviate oxidative stress and repair damaged molecules in the body to maintain healthy body functions from head to toe.


Aside from regular exercise and dietary consumption, supplementation is also critical to improve energy levels. As stated above, vitamin C is essential in various functions, including the synthesis of dopamine, which is an important neurotransmitter that helps mitochondria to keep up with energy production demand. Also, since vitamin C plays a critical role in the absorption of iron, regular intake of vitamin C reduces fatigue and, therefore, improves the body’s energy production.


It is our mission to provide you the nourishment you deserve to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Hence, we’ve extended our mission to deliver not just the benefits but also your safety in consuming our products.


As stated, we value the safety of our customers in consuming our product. Hence, we’ve partnered with third-party testers to ensure our products’ security and ensure no harmful chemicals are present that could jeopardize your overall health. We’ve made sure that our formulation adheres to the USP Good Manufacturing Practices.


As they say, the best way to achieve health is through nature. Therefore, we ensured that our products are 100% sourced from nature, without any animal byproducts for a clean and potent formulation.


Our Liposomal Vitamin C does not include fillers or any animal byproducts in manufacturing. We categorize our product as “vegan-friendly,” excluding the use of eggs, gelatin, dairy, caffeine, or any animal byproducts.


All raw ingredients used in manufacturing our Liposomal Vitamin C are sourced organically without the use of hormones and GMOs. This product is 100% vegan — from sourcing down to the packaging.



To make your quest to nourishment much more accessible, we’ve developed an easy-to-take product to make the experience fulfilling and exciting.

Super Delivery Technology

Understanding Liposomal Vitamin C’s Superior Delivery

Witness how Liposomal Vitamin C takes vitamin C nourishment at a different level in four basic steps.


Like a well-handled package, liposomes contain all vitamin C nutrients in its core for superior delivery. As previously mentioned, liposomes are microscopic liquid-filled spheres that enclose a substance advertently in its presence. Once it surrounds the nutrients, liposomes then act as transporters for the delivery of nutrients in the body. This effect protects all vitamin C nutrients against all the hustle and bustle to maximize its impact and performance once ingested.


As soon as Liposomal Vitamin C enters the body, no forces could stand along its way until it reaches its destination. Unlike regular supplementation, where consumed nutrients are automatically used in various processes, liposomes need to break into the cells first before they could distribute the nutrients. Through this action, vitamin C nutrients pass through without any difficulty, allowing the body to receive nutrition even in places where regular supplementation can’t reach. As a result, nourishment is maximized to support various bodily functions.


The primary advantage of liposomes as “nutrient carriers” is its ability to fuse with other bi layers such as the cell membrane. Since this “advantage” enables liposomes to bypass the standard mechanism of absorbing vitamin C, all active nutrients are protected against digestion and oxidation. The delivery of nutrients goes directly to the cells without any energy consumption; therefore, optimizing the body’s ability to harness vitamin C’s full benefits. In return, all areas that require vitamin C nutrients are reached and can perform functions relevant to maintaining a healthy body.


Liposomal Vitamin C’s unique delivery system ensures that the body absorbs the full benefits of the nutrient. Upon delivery, all nutrients remain intact, allowing the body to harness its effects to support various functions, such as mental acuity, cardiovascular health, and more. Through this cutting-edge form of nourishment, you’ll maximize the potential of vitamin C in strengthening your body to stay healthy and vibrant.

One Last Note Before You Go

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for your body’s defenses. Our diets nowadays can often fail to supply the body with the right nutrients to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle. Since our health depends on our consumption to maintain the recommended levels of vitamin C to regulate various processes, supplementation has never been more relevant. It is imperative to look after new and effective strategies to reinforce nutrition back in our system so that we can live a happy and healthy life.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Cindy - Verified Buyer

    A great boost of energy and lost 2lbs in 1 week!

  2. Customer - Verified Buyer

    Having read about liposomal vitamin C in the market has awoken my curiosity to find out why this is so special. I have been a vitamin C user since the day that I learn how to take a pill and reading about liposomal vitamin C has made me want to compare the two. Here it is.1. Price: Liposomal is way cheaper than the regular vitamin C. Other brands have also taken advantage of the current situation that they almost doubled their regular price!2. Packaging: Both products were packed and sealed superbly.3. Size: I prefer liposomal vitamin C as it is smaller (capsule form) than the regular vitamin C (tablet form) so liposomal is easier to swallow.4. Odor: Liposomal vitamin C has no odor, regular vitamin C has that “medicine like” smell.5. Taste: Liposomal has no taste or after taste, not harsh on the stomach especially when you have hyperacidity. Regular vitamin C has that sour taste and after taste6. Quantity: Liposomal has 200 capsules per bottle, regular has way lower number.Effects wise, liposomal vitamin C seemed more effective as in just a month of trying it, I have not yet caught a cold or gotten sick. I also didn’t have any upset stomach when I doubled the dosage for 3 day when I got really paranoid with this corona virus. With the regular vitamin C, I used to get sick for about 3 to 5 times a year. Liposomal has managed to fix my acne while the regular was not able to do so. Other benefits I’ve with liposomal that were not in the regular vitamin C were as follows:1. Skin improvement (clearer and softer)2. Nails are less brittle3. Got rid of the usual, unexplained joint pains4. Eliminated fatigue and exhaustion5. No more morning allergiesIt is during this hard time that such protection as the one offered by liposomal vitamin C must be acquired. I suggest you get your supplies to safeguard your health against this dreaded corona virus that has affected the world. It is always better to be prepared so that we can handle the virus appropriately and confidently. We always have the option to protect ourselves and our loved ones

  3. R.L. - Verified Buyer

    I read in an article that the body starts to dwindle down its production of collagen at the age of 25. As we mature, less and less collagen is being produced. At my current age, I better start looking for a supplement that will aid me in collagen production. As a woman, I put great importance my skin’s overall health. As much as possible, I want to keep its luster; I want to maintain its bounce and vigor. I want it to be as wrinkle free as possible. So, as I was now informed of the need to have a supplement, I wasted no time to look for the product that would give me the best of benefits.As I was conducting my “research” on the best supplement to aid in the production of collagen, I came upon this page for liposomal vitamin C; I was actually beginning to get interested when I read these simple words, “Good for collagen production and skin health”. That does it, I placed an order. While I must admit that at my current age I wouldn’t need it yet (for my skin), I started taking the supplement to boost my immune system and to promote and maintain the balance of good bacteria in my gut. There are certainly tons more of useful benefits that this product has to offer and I’m pretty much aware that as I continue to use this product, it will definitely aid me in my love for shiny, healthy skin.

  4. Michael Risse - Verified Buyer

    It has been a long time plan of mine to start exercising. I even bought a gym set so I can workout anytime at home. But maybe due to my lack of discipline (or overworked status), I just can’t seem to start my workout regimen. I kept on putting it off that it has been over a month already since I purchased the set and I have not used it yet. I tried so hard to convince myself to wake up and start exercising but it did not work. Being aware of this, I proceeded with plan B, that is, I will start to take vitamins to at least provide the nutrients I need and to protect me by strengthening my immune system. The vitamin I used was liposomal vitamin C.I was reaching my first week of taking the vitamin when I began feeling this surge of energy that has flown into my body. As I arrived at the office, my energy level was so high that I wasted no time and started to focus my mind to the work at hand. I finished the whole day being able to accomplish a lot and yet, I still have energy left in me. I arrived home, went straight to my workout room and exercised for a whole two hours! I can’t believe it! I actually managed to exercise! I know that I’ll be feeling sore the next day so I best exercise again tomorrow. As I more up the next day, my body was indeed sore but after I took my daily dosage of liposomal vitamin C, my energy level once again soared up and as expected, guided me to my workout session and my work in the office. As I continued to take the product, I continued to have that energy necessary for me to exercise.

  5. Hon Lau - Verified Buyer

    No one likes to take vitamins and end up suffering from side effects or allergic reactions, or worst-case scenario, it’ll stick with you for the rest of your life. That’s why before I trust a brand, particularly when it comes to supplements, I pay close attention to possible side effects build-up. I stay as meticulous as possible to ensure I don’t face the consequences or hear the words “I told you so.” So, trust me when I say this liposomal vitamin c is the best vitamin I’ve tried so far. Here’s the thing, I rarely recommend a product, and when I do, it means I’ve tested and proven that it works. My experience with this product is delightful — no side effects or any sight of allergic reactions. Taking this vitamin every morning is quick and easy, unlike those complicated multivitamins that require additional efforts. Effects-wise, I can see that it improved my energy levels and my body’s immunity against common diseases. I first got my hands on this product back in June, right after the flu season. I’ve been exposed to people with various conditions like allergies, colds, coughs, and other infectious diseases. Never I encountered that my body felt weak or ready to give in to any sickness. And that, I think, made me believe that this liposomal vitamin c protected me against health-threatening forces. Other markers proved this vitamin is the one for me, like good sleeping pattern, balanced stress levels, and even better bowel movements. Overall, I’ve witnessed positive changes in my body with this product. So, if I were you, especially in times like this, it’s better to be protected to prevent long-term sufferings. And this liposomal vitamin c is a great partner to achieve those goals.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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