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  • ✔ BEST VALUE LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C: Our product contains 200 vegetable capsules of 1500 mg of liposomal vitamin C per serving in each bottle for a full 100 day supply, Our pure formula includes 1450 mg of pure liposomal vitamin c and only 50mg of sunflower oil & lecithin phospholipids compared to other products with large amounts of filler phospholipids. Efficiently utilizing the phospholipids sunflower lecithin creates liposomes that help your body more effectively absorb the entire vitamin C
  • ✔ IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT & FAT SOLUBLE VITAMIN C – Liposomal vitamin c complex supports your immune system. Help avoid having to take sick days off from work by taking these pills daily as a defense. Our powerful combination of sunflower phospholipids (the building blocks of cell membranes) and Vitamin C, creates the best antioxidant supplements that neutralize harmful free radicals caused by stress, pollutants, and toxins.
  • ✔ ANTIOXIDANT HEALTH BENEFITS: Vitamin C (ascorbate) is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against free radical damage. It boosts the emergency immune system, supports healthy brain function & cognition, supports cardiovascular & heart health, supports blood circulation, energy, anti-inflammatory, helps improve mood, contains anti-aging beauty properties such as minimizing skin wrinkles, supports bone density, helps decrease muscle soreness and helps increase absorption of calcium & iron
  • ✔ MEGA HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – Our super Liposomal Vitamin C Capsules are non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, organic nature, vegetarian, & dairy-free. It uses ascorbic acid & palmitic acid to create Ascorbyl palmitate (a fat-soluble form of  Vitamin C). When combined with a phospholipid such as sunflower lecithin, the capsule creates liposomal environment encapsulations which allow for exceptional absorption and better health benefits for kids, doctors, teens, adults
  • ✔ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If for any reason you aren’t fully satisfied now, we’ll refund your entire liposomal vitamin c capsules purchase with no hassles. Try risk-free! Made in the USA in a GMP manufacturing labs facility.

Fortifying The Body’s Defenses With Advance Vitamin C Technology

Vitamin C deficiency is one of the most common forms of under nutrition faced by many today. Animals make their own vitamin C in their bodies, even without consumption, to remedy sickness naturally. Humans, however, lost this ability centuries ago, hence, consumption is necessary to maintain its level in the body and preserve immunity.

Vitamin C’s powerful immunity booster helps strengthen our body to fight off common sickness. It is a staple and a household name in providing much-needed nutrition to maintain our overall well-being. However, the way we consume vitamin C plays a massive difference in how your body absorbs the nutrients. Yes, our diets include portions of vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals, but not all the time, it provides sufficient nutrition our body requires.

Liposomal Vitamin C is the latest revolutionary approach in harnessing the full health benefits vitamin C has to offer. It utilizes liposomes or phospholipids to carry the nutrient into the blood circulation effectively, allowing a much higher absorption rate for the body to use on various functions.

Our Wholesome Wellness Liposomal Vitamin C takes nutrition even further by taking advantage of new core ingredients like Sunflower Lecithin to boost its effectiveness. With 200 vegetable capsules per bottle our delivery expands to a full 100 day supply to power your body with the right nutrition.

Ingredients and Function

Magnifying Our Formulation’s Ingredients and Functions

Before you relish the amazing health benefits of our Liposomal Vitamin C, see how we improved our formulation to maximize absorption.


Ever wonder why your urine turns to bright yellow or orange after taking vitamin C supplements? Well, that’s because your body removes excess vitamins to maintain the compound’s concentration. Though that is not something to worry about, those excreted vitamins could have served a higher purpose if your body better absorbed it. Hence, to eliminate wastage of potential vitamin C benefits, we’ve transformed the compound’s characteristic from water-soluble to fat-soluble to allow the body to maximize the nutrients better. Adding Sunflower Lecithin as an additional core ingredient in the formulation reinforces a much higher nutrient absorption and allows the body to harness all its benefits.


Liposomes are cell-like, tiny artificial spheres used in administering nutrients to improve absorption, life-span, and distribution. The use of liposomes offers many advantages in the intake of vitamin C, primarily because it delivers the nutrients directly into the cells, without any energy consumption. Unlike regular supplementation, liposomes bypass particular transporters that slow down delivery. It protects the nutrient from digestion or oxidation, which could lessen the nutrient’s effect on the body. As a result, it improves the ingredient’s performance by binding directly with the small intestinal cells to force a much better nutrient release.


Before your consumed nutrients could play its function, it goes through a series of layers first. And as it travels in your body, these nutrients are susceptible to digestion or oxidation, resulting in a lesser impact. This is where Liposomal Vitamin C works in a better advantage, mainly because of phospholipids that encapsulate the nutrients in its core for maximum delivery. It functions as “nutrient containers” that protect the content against all the hustle and bustle in the body. This effect secures the delivery by allowing vitamin C to pass through the cell membrane uninterrupted. Hence, your body absorbs all the potential health benefits the vitamin offers.


Just like in food, Sunflower Lecithin is used to bind and prevent ingredients from separating. Generally, lecithin is a type of fat that is essential to the body’s cells, and of course, with its own set of health benefits under its sleeves. In the case of Liposomal Vitamin C, however, when Sunflower Lecithin is mixed in the ingredient, it transforms the compound from “water-soluble” to “fat-soluble.” To simplify, it acts as an emulsifier to prevent the product from mixing with other substances. Hence, when both core ingredients are matched together, it fortifies the vitamin’s effect, particularly on reducing wastage. It forces the compound to stay in the body and protect it from dissolve, reinforcing much-heightened nourishment.


The use of vitamin C is very apparent in the beauty industry. Its assistance is to fight off free radicals that cause the skin to age faster, along with other common skin-related problems such as acne, dark spots, etc. Vitamin C is an essential compound in the synthesis of collagen, a vital molecule for skin health.


Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties also play a crucial role in the maintenance of skin health. Vitamin C also helps improve the bone’s mineral density, content, and amount of collagen in the bone matrix for more robust overall bone health. Our body is susceptible to oxidative stress caused by harmful molecules in the surroundings. Oxidative stress causes inflammation that drives bone resorption or the condition where calcium is taken away from the bones, which results in the weakening of cartilage, bone loss, and other bone-related health problems. Vitamin C and its antioxidant properties protect the body from oxidative stress.


In general, vitamin C is an authoritative source of antioxidants, with properties that keep lipid membranes and proteins from oxidative damage. Liposomal Vitamin C introduces a unique delivery system that ensures the nutrient penetrates the inside and outside of cells to neutralize free radicals and its destruction. It is essential to balance free radicals and oxidants in the body. That’s because when the body sees an overload of unstable molecules and the body could no longer scavenge the amount, their accumulation generates oxidative stress that could lead to the development of various issues. Vitamin C reinvigorates these cells to alleviate oxidative stress and repair damaged molecules in the body to maintain healthy body functions from head to toe.


Aside from regular exercise and dietary consumption, supplementation is also critical to improve energy levels. As stated above, vitamin C is essential in various functions, including the synthesis of dopamine, which is an important neurotransmitter that helps mitochondria to keep up with energy production demand. Also, since vitamin C plays a critical role in the absorption of iron, regular intake of vitamin C reduces fatigue and, therefore, improves the body’s energy production.


It is our mission to provide you the nourishment you deserve to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Hence, we’ve extended our craftsmanship to deliver not just the benefits but also your safety in consuming our products.


As stated, we value the safety of our customers in consuming our product. Hence, we’ve partnered with third-party testers to ensure our products’ security and ensure no harmful chemicals are present that could jeopardize your overall health. We’ve made sure that our formulation adheres to the USP Good Manufacturing Practices.


As they say, the best way to achieve health is through nature. Therefore, we ensured that our products are 100% sourced from nature, without any animal byproducts for a clean and potent formulation.


Our Liposomal Vitamin C does not include fillers or any animal byproducts in manufacturing. We categorize our product as “vegan-friendly,” excluding the use of eggs, gelatin, dairy, caffeine, or any animal byproducts.


All raw ingredients used in manufacturing our Liposomal Vitamin C are sourced organically without the use of hormones and GMOs. This product is 100% vegan — from sourcing down to the packaging.



To make your quest to nourishment much more accessible, we’ve developed an easy-to-take product to make the experience fulfilling and exciting.

Super Delivery Technology

Understanding Liposomal Vitamin C’s Superior Delivery

Witness how Liposomal Vitamin C takes vitamin C nourishment at a different level in four basic steps.


Like a well-handled package, liposomes contain all vitamin C nutrients in its core for superior delivery. As previously mentioned, liposomes are microscopic liquid-filled spheres that enclose a substance advertently in its presence. Once it surrounds the nutrients, liposomes then act as transporters for the delivery of nutrients in the body. This effect protects all vitamin C nutrients against all the hustle and bustle to maximize its impact and performance once ingested.


As soon as Liposomal Vitamin C enters the body, no forces could stand along its way until it reaches its destination. Unlike regular supplementation, where consumed nutrients are automatically used in various processes, liposomes need to break into the cells first before they could distribute the nutrients. Through this action, vitamin C nutrients pass through without any difficulty, allowing the body to receive nutrition even in places where regular supplementation can’t reach. As a result, nourishment is maximized to support various bodily functions.


The primary advantage of liposomes as “nutrient carriers” is its ability to fuse with other bi layers such as the cell membrane. Since this “advantage” enables liposomes to bypass the standard mechanism of absorbing vitamin C, all active nutrients are protected against digestion and oxidation. The delivery of nutrients goes directly to the cells without any energy consumption; therefore, optimizing the body’s ability to harness vitamin C’s full benefits. In return, all areas that require vitamin C nutrients are reached and can perform functions relevant to maintaining a healthy body.


Liposomal Vitamin C’s unique delivery system ensures that the body absorbs the full benefits of the nutrient. Upon delivery, all nutrients remain intact, allowing the body to harness its effects to support various functions, such as mental acuity, cardiovascular health, and more. Through this cutting-edge form of nourishment, you’ll maximize the potential of vitamin C in strengthening your body to stay healthy and vibrant.

One Last Note Before You Go

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient needed to maintain your body’s defenses, especially considering the situation of the world we live in today. Our diets nowadays often fail to supply the body with the right nutrients to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle. Since our collection depends on our consumption to maintain the recommended levels of vitamin C to regulate various processes, supplementation has never been more relevant. It is imperative to look after new and effective strategies to reinforce nutrition back in our system so that we can reassure ourselves that we have all the nutritional artillery we need to survive the tests of time through this initiative.

111 reviews for Liposomal Vitamin C Capsules

  1. KellyW

    I Am really liking this Vitamin C product. Unlike other Cs I have taken, I feel like it is providing me with what I need throughout the day. Other Cs, when taking a similar amount, have produced stomach or intestinal upset. This has not and does not (for me, at least). I am very pleased with the product and it’s quality!

  2. Taryn

    I work in a construction company and you would not believe the hazards of our job. Two weeks ago, out of my own carelessness and stupidity. I accidentally hit my thumb with a hammer because I got distracted by this cute broad that was doing yoga at the penthouse just across the building I was working on. It’s a blessing that I just hit my thumb with a hammer. With the way that chick was doing yoga, I could have fallen off the building. As expected, within minutes, my whole thumb was so swollen and in so much pain. No amount of cold compress or NSAID’s could take away the pain and swelling. It’s a good thing our foreman had liposomal vitamin C on hand as he instructed me to take a pill everyday for the pain and swelling to subside. I’m just three days I noticed that the swelling has actually subsided and the pain has become more tolerable than before. In just before a week, it has completely gone and I have never felt better. I can work naturally again and I no longer have to worry of it being painful and all that stuff. Before I had returned the bottle though, I have already ordered two more bottles for me and my foreman. With the benefits I have just experienced, there’s no way that I’d be stopping taking that liposomal vitamin C. I plan to take it regularly from now on. This liposomal vitamin C should be a part of every active man or woman in their diet.

  3. Leslie

    Let’s face it, at my age 67 years old, my immune system will grow weaker and as such, I will be prone to getting sick. That is why now, I eat healthy, I exercise regularly and I take walks to calm myself. This however was not enough. Vitamin supplements are recommended to give the added boost in energy and immunity. Because of this, I started to take liposomal vitamin c. I have not yet reached a week on taking it and I already feel the extra energy in my body. Since I began to feel energetic, I’m assuming that it is also working on strengthening my immune system. I continued to use the product regularly and without fail as the product continuously supplied me with energy while improving the health of my skin, hair and nails.It has been over a month now and I started to fell my joints becoming stronger. I no longer hear those crackling sounds on my joint as the supplement has taken care of it too. Either way, I have been so focused on identifying the various benefits that liposomal vitamin C has offered that I failed to notice that ever since I have started to take the liposomal vitamin C regularly, I have not been sick with the cough or a cold! I feel great, I am well and I have been healthy! This is the first time in a long time that I have been completely healthy! Thanks to liposomal vitamin C, the supplement that made it all happen!

  4. Kathy H. Prebble

    I was categorized by my husband as a flu and cold magnet. This is because there was never a year that I did not get the usual flu or cold. It has become a regular thing for me. I used to have flu 4 to 5 times in a year! My flu has everyone beaten, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. All happen once a year only, my flu happens 4 times at the least. To make things worse, my flu symptoms are getting worse and worse every year. Because of this, we have decided that I get myself vaccinated against flu yearly.It is so sad to say but the vaccine did not work, I still had the flu 5 times last year. I am starting to feel disappointed and desperate. Imagine, being confined to my room for at least a week and at least 4 times a year? That is not my idea of living. In one of my routine check-ups with my doctor, I opened to him my dilemma and asked for an alternative that can be done. This is where he suggested that we try to strengthen my immune system instead. He prescribed me to take Liposomal Vitamin C. Willing to try anything, I agreed and placed my order.Hopeful that this product will be the answer to my annual and irritating problem, I started to take the vitamins regularly. I have not had any flu yet so I guess now is the right time to test if the vitamin will work or not. The first few weeks were flu free and course, while I do not want to get my hopes up, I am quite happy that I am still free of flu and cold. I have noticed however that my energy level has somewhat increased. Another notable change was my sudden good mood, no, my great mood! I am well on my way to 2 months and still no cold, no flu. I am beginning to have my hopes up. My skin now looks healthier with less wrinkles and it looks fresh. The same still applies to my energy level and superb mood.Update!!It’s exactly 4 months now and I can safely safe that I am now flu and cold free! For the first time ever!! All thanks to my doctor and of course Liposomal Vitamin C! This product can literally speak for itself!

  5. heather

    I have been using nearly a week and have already found my appetite to be lessened and more energy. I have been taking with breakfast and don’t desire as much food at lunchtime. I’ve taken 500 of regular Vitamin C in the past, but never tried such a high dose or liposomal vitamin c before. These results have been a welcome change in the midst of pandemic life where I am constantly juggling work and childcare. Despite a difficulty swallowing large pills usually, these went down with incredible ease and have no sour taste or after taste.

  6. don

    A few long months ago, I was a target of colds and flu, I was so sickly that I cannot even join my friends outside because I was either sick with flu or with the cold. I’ve been told to take vitamins but nothing seems to work. It’s either the vitamins I chose were not of good quality or my immune system was just really very week. Either way, I’m getting tired of this condition. I was alone sick in my apartment when my mom visited me bearing good news; she claims she has found the perfect supplement for me and gave me a bottle. It was liposomal vitamin C. Desperate on putting an end to this situation, I took the bottle and gave it a shot. It’s been almost a month now and so far so good. I’ve been able to join my friends who were so amazed at my quick change of aura. They kept asking what happened and I just smile at them.I have been flu and cold free for almost two months now as my friends kept on bugging me as to what I did to rebound such quickly from being sickly to being cold and flu free. As they would not seem to stop questioning me, I decided to tell them the truth. That the answer to my very old problem was liposomal vitamin C. As I am already about to finish off my supply, I have already prepared my order to replenish my stock.

  7. brittsp4

    Today, it’s essential to boost your body’s immune system to ward off diseases, especially the virus. I opt to choose this Liposomal Vitamin C instead of the conventional vitamin Cs’ in the market since it provides the most support and fastest results. Unlike other brands—where vitamin C often goes to waste—this product from Wholesome Wellness maximizes the nutrient’s delivery in my body for better absorption. In other words, boosting my immune system and improving my overall health is attainable with this vitamin’s help. Yes, the benefits I received from this brand are evident in my daily undertakings. Numerous positive health markers prove I’m healthy and protected, such as: waking up every day feeling refreshed and energized, better-looking skin, and, most importantly, free from common sickness. This vitamin provided me the support I needed in this pandemic and kept my family and me away from diseases. I highly recommend this Liposomal Vitamin C to everyone who wishes to save themselves from contracting the virus. Your overall health is more important than other things. Invest in quality vitamins like this one. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

  8. Shannon Ellison

    I’m a wound magnet. This is basically because I play sports a lot. Every weekend, it’s soccer, football or basketball. I play really seriously so every weekend, I’m sure to have a new wound somewhere on my body. I have a scratch here, a cut there and a bruise anywhere else. There is one thing that bothers me though. It takes a long time for my wounds to heal. I’ve tried so many products but the results are still the same. My teammates have noticed it and are quite as perplexed as I am. They have given out additional recommendations which I have tried all but still, the results were the same. Finally, I received a suggestion which to me was an unorthodox recommendation. I was suggested to take Liposomal Vitamin C. Thinking that I have already tried almost everything, why not give this a try too? Maybe I’d get lucky. After reading about the product, I made my order at Amazon for this particular brand.As soon as the product was delivered, I immediately started using it. In just after a week, I have started to feel a lot better overall. My long time wounds have healed-up and the more recent ones have started to show signs of recovery. Even my energy levels have started to increase as I feel more alive and I am now more active than ever. After three weeks, all my wounds, bruises, scratches and cuts have all healed!! This liposomal vitamin C is one impressive product!! My wounds have started to heal normally, I feel healthier and now, I have more energy than ever!! My teammates have been really very happy and intrigued at the level of energy I have been playing and started branding me as a work horse. I gave them my secret and as I see it, we’re all taking the same liposomal vitamin C brand now.

  9. Amber M. Simms

    I have always had this notion that I am a strong healthy man. I seldom get sick; I have this great stamina that seldom makes me feel tired. This has gone on till I was well on my late twenties. When I reached the age of thirty, I started getting sick (not the serious stuff) but I am still strong. One time, I had this scratch on my arm by getting myself accidentally caught on our fence. I started to worry as it had been a couple of weeks already and the wound has not healed yet. Then I started to have dry skin and I get tired easily (something that never happened to me). I started having joints pains that also never happened to me before. I had myself checked and one look from the doctor and she out rightly said that I have vitamin C deficiency. She gave me a prescription for Vitamin C and sent me on my way.Upon reaching home, my sister recommended that I order Liposomal Vitamin C instead, claiming that it works faster and is more beneficial. I did what was suggested and upon delivery, I started my treatment and took my liposomal vitamin C. The next day, my fatigue has gone and was replaced by energy, allowing me to do lots of things. A few more days passed and the usual glow of my skin has returned and it is no longer dry as it was before. Finally, my wound has started to heal. It seems to me that this liposomal vitamin C has indeed solved my deficiency quick enough. With this kind of benefit, I’ll be adding this supplement to my diet from now on. Better to be safe than sorry. As I learned just a while ago, I ain’t as strong and as healthy as I thought I was.

  10. Dana Goldberg

    This one is BY FAR the best product I have seen in the market. Trust me, I have seen a lot.Since the Covid-19 outbreak, I tried nearly 10 different brands!I tried pills – pills are usually HUGE and hard to swallow. The largest dose in pills is 1000 mg. If you want to take 3000 mg it’s hard work.I tried 3 kinds of powder – they were hard to digest, led to diarrhea, and heartburn.These pills are actually capsules and it is just perfect! They are easy to swallow, with 1500 mg each.Consuming 3000 mg is easy breezy because you need only 3 pills, not two, not six.Also, you get more for your money: 100 servings of 1500 mg each.And last but not least: The customer service is outstanding. The product was delivered but stolen. The company immediately sent another one, no questions asked. Although it had a delivery confirmation from UPS.Thank you, guys! you are awesome!

  11. Anita Dale

    I’ve purchased these twice! Excellent price, excellent product.

  12. Erin

    It has been a few years since I started to take vitamin C.  I can say that it has done a great job as it has protected me from harmful elements that can really make me seriously sick.  I still get sick, don’t get me wrong, but at least I don’t get sick as often as I used to before. I was about to replenish my stock, I was at Amazon website when I saw this astonishingly familiar product.  Liposomal vitamin C.  The word liposomal has aroused my curiosity and so I checked further and studied the difference between regular and liposomal.  As it turned out, liposomal vitamin C is way so much better than the regular one.  Always looking for a product that would give my body better benefits, I tried liposomal then.   At first, it was really hard to tell the difference in effect between the two.  All I can say is that it has given me more energy to tackle the day and that it has been some months already and yes, I have not been sick at all.  Even an allergy, none.  In the span of time that had passed, if I were using the regular vitamin C, I would already at least get an allergy, a small sneeze.  With liposomal, nada.  Oh by the way, did I mention that it takes care of sore muscles too?  Yes it does and it likewise promotes better brain health and cognition too.  Now I understand why this is better.  I’m glad I made the switch.

  13. Giustino Valenti

    Lately I’ve noticed that I haven’t been very active. Everything that I do both in the office and at home always makes me very tired. There were even times that I was too tired from work that I can no longer do anything at home but sleep. This has become normal for me during weekdays that I lost weight for not eating dinner…and sometimes breakfast. While I am so in favor on the losing weight part, what bothers me is my lack of energy. My greatest mystery is how come my energy level is so low when I have been religiously taking liposomal vitamin C? Isn’t it supposed to enhance my energy level? Feeling that my liposomal vitamin C is not working, I decided to look for another brand. This led me to this product.I have not even reached a week with this new brand and I can instantly feel the added energy it has provided my body. I am no longer easily exhausted and now I still have energy left to do personal things (like cook dinner) whenever I arrive home from work. Now this is the authentic product. It provides for my needs and as such, is worthy of my loyalty. One cannot just go and switch brands specially if the brand has been performing well. Like in my case, I will never ever switch brands knowing that what I have now is not only effective but is fast acting too.

  14. sushi618

    Just what I was looking for. A nice dose of vitamin c in an easy to swallow capsule.

  15. MjmoSerr

    Reasonably price for a good vitamin C to keep immune system strong. Highly recommend during this time to keep immune system healthy.

  16. Angelina

    I’ve been wanting to try lipsomal vitamin C for a while now and I’m so glad I did. I feel like it truly helps with my energy level. I was taking regular vitamin c prior but I am fully converted. Highly recommend!

  17. Hon Lau

    No one likes to take vitamins and end up suffering from side effects or allergic reactions, or worst-case scenario, it’ll stick with you for the rest of your life. That’s why before I trust a brand, particularly when it comes to supplements, I pay close attention to possible side effects build-up. I stay as meticulous as possible to ensure I don’t face the consequences or hear the words “I told you so.” So, trust me when I say this liposomal vitamin c is the best vitamin I’ve tried so far. Here’s the thing, I rarely recommend a product, and when I do, it means I’ve tested and proven that it works. My experience with this product is delightful — no side effects or any sight of allergic reactions. Taking this vitamin every morning is quick and easy, unlike those complicated multivitamins that require additional efforts. Effects-wise, I can see that it improved my energy levels and my body’s immunity against common diseases. I first got my hands on this product back in June, right after the flu season. I’ve been exposed to people with various conditions like allergies, colds, coughs, and other infectious diseases. Never I encountered that my body felt weak or ready to give in to any sickness. And that, I think, made me believe that this liposomal vitamin c protected me against health-threatening forces. Other markers proved this vitamin is the one for me, like good sleeping pattern, balanced stress levels, and even better bowel movements. Overall, I’ve witnessed positive changes in my body with this product. So, if I were you, especially in times like this, it’s better to be protected to prevent long-term sufferings. And this liposomal vitamin c is a great partner to achieve those goals.

  18. Michael Risse

    It has been a long time plan of mine to start exercising. I even bought a gym set so I can workout anytime at home. But maybe due to my lack of discipline (or overworked status), I just can’t seem to start my workout regimen. I kept on putting it off that it has been over a month already since I purchased the set and I have not used it yet. I tried so hard to convince myself to wake up and start exercising but it did not work. Being aware of this, I proceeded with plan B, that is, I will start to take vitamins to at least provide the nutrients I need and to protect me by strengthening my immune system. The vitamin I used was liposomal vitamin C.I was reaching my first week of taking the vitamin when I began feeling this surge of energy that has flown into my body. As I arrived at the office, my energy level was so high that I wasted no time and started to focus my mind to the work at hand. I finished the whole day being able to accomplish a lot and yet, I still have energy left in me. I arrived home, went straight to my workout room and exercised for a whole two hours! I can’t believe it! I actually managed to exercise! I know that I’ll be feeling sore the next day so I best exercise again tomorrow. As I more up the next day, my body was indeed sore but after I took my daily dosage of liposomal vitamin C, my energy level once again soared up and as expected, guided me to my workout session and my work in the office. As I continued to take the product, I continued to have that energy necessary for me to exercise.

  19. R.L.

    I read in an article that the body starts to dwindle down its production of collagen at the age of 25. As we mature, less and less collagen is being produced. At my current age, I better start looking for a supplement that will aid me in collagen production. As a woman, I put great importance my skin’s overall health. As much as possible, I want to keep its luster; I want to maintain its bounce and vigor. I want it to be as wrinkle free as possible. So, as I was now informed of the need to have a supplement, I wasted no time to look for the product that would give me the best of benefits.As I was conducting my “research” on the best supplement to aid in the production of collagen, I came upon this page for liposomal vitamin C; I was actually beginning to get interested when I read these simple words, “Good for collagen production and skin health”. That does it, I placed an order. While I must admit that at my current age I wouldn’t need it yet (for my skin), I started taking the supplement to boost my immune system and to promote and maintain the balance of good bacteria in my gut. There are certainly tons more of useful benefits that this product has to offer and I’m pretty much aware that as I continue to use this product, it will definitely aid me in my love for shiny, healthy skin.

  20. Customer

    Having read about liposomal vitamin C in the market has awoken my curiosity to find out why this is so special. I have been a vitamin C user since the day that I learn how to take a pill and reading about liposomal vitamin C has made me want to compare the two. Here it is.1. Price: Liposomal is way cheaper than the regular vitamin C. Other brands have also taken advantage of the current situation that they almost doubled their regular price!2. Packaging: Both products were packed and sealed superbly.3. Size: I prefer liposomal vitamin C as it is smaller (capsule form) than the regular vitamin C (tablet form) so liposomal is easier to swallow.4. Odor: Liposomal vitamin C has no odor, regular vitamin C has that “medicine like” smell.5. Taste: Liposomal has no taste or after taste, not harsh on the stomach especially when you have hyperacidity. Regular vitamin C has that sour taste and after taste6. Quantity: Liposomal has 200 capsules per bottle, regular has way lower number.Effects wise, liposomal vitamin C seemed more effective as in just a month of trying it, I have not yet caught a cold or gotten sick. I also didn’t have any upset stomach when I doubled the dosage for 3 day when I got really paranoid with this corona virus. With the regular vitamin C, I used to get sick for about 3 to 5 times a year. Liposomal has managed to fix my acne while the regular was not able to do so. Other benefits I’ve with liposomal that were not in the regular vitamin C were as follows:1. Skin improvement (clearer and softer)2. Nails are less brittle3. Got rid of the usual, unexplained joint pains4. Eliminated fatigue and exhaustion5. No more morning allergiesIt is during this hard time that such protection as the one offered by liposomal vitamin C must be acquired. I suggest you get your supplies to safeguard your health against this dreaded corona virus that has affected the world. It is always better to be prepared so that we can handle the virus appropriately and confidently. We always have the option to protect ourselves and our loved ones

  21. Cindy

    A great boost of energy and lost 2lbs in 1 week!

  22. Lucie

    I’ve been using this liposomal vitamin C for a month and I am really liking it. I was using before Ester-C but after I learned about the benefits of the liposomal form decided to switch. I will continue using this supplement.

  23. N.M.

    I’m a huge fan of megadosing on Vitamin C, as it cures many ailments. Had to switch from the Vitamin Shoppe brand to this liposomal because my stomach couldn’t handle the distress from regular ascorbic acid. I know this product is legit because when I dose my vision is sharp, my skin is flawless, no allergies, and no gland swelling post-workouts. The only thing I have noticed when I’ve consumed a significant amount of this is mild heartburn. But that’s my personal threshold and I know I need to back down. Definitely recommend!

  24. Mark D Salmans

    They are easy to swallow… because they are capsule there is no taste at all. I will more than likely repurchase.

  25. Toquesha

    In this generation of supplements and diets I have been constantly persuaded by friends to either go on a diet program or take a vitamin or supplement. Just so they would stop and in line with what has been happening to the world lately, I decided to start on taking liposomal vitamin C in order to boost my immune system and keep me from being infected by any virus or bacteria. I really don’t need to go on a diet as weight wise; I am within my recommended weight. I logged in on my Amazon account and ordered the Liposomal Vitamin C.As it got delivered to my door step, I opened the package and started taking my vitamins. After a week of this daily routine, I started noticing that my morning allergies were gone. This vitamin is fast acting. I’m almost into a month of using the product and todate; I have not caught a cold or cough. I feel healthy, I feel energized and I feel great! I kept saying to myself that I have indeed made the correct choice in choosing this product. One time, while I was applying make0up, I noticed one thing that not only surprised me but also made me very happy. I have been battling this wrinkle that has formed around my eyes for a few months now without any success. Now, as I was applying make-up, I noticed that the wrinkles have slowly been fading away! Was this because of the liposomal vitamin C too? I hurriedly checked the box of the liposomal and read the accompanying printed material. Indeed! This product does provide benefits to the skin too! Think about my luck! I bought this liposomal vitamin C to boost my immune system; little did I know that it would at the same time handle my wrinkles too! Nice! Thanks liposomal vitamin C!

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    The corona virus pandemic has affected the whole world. We are all thinking how long this would last? Who else has contracted the virus? Is my family safe? What would happen after this? How do we survive this pandemic???As an elderly man, I am not that worried about the corona virus, I have been taking vitamins for so long that I can no longer remember when I started, I have been eating healthy, I have been exercising and I practice social distancing. I have been very careful. Lately though, I switched my normal vitamins to liposomal vitamin C. Why you may ask? I’ve found out that Liposomal vitamin C has a higher absorption rate because it can deliver all the nutrients the body needs at a faster time. Why did I choose this brand? Well, a bottle of this product contains 200 capsules which if taken twice a day can bring you 100 days of liposomal vitamin C coverage unlike other brands that carry only a small quantity per bottle. This product is best suited to fight corona virus as this product strengthens the immune system, and it has powerful antioxidants that fight against viruses and bacteria. I prefer to boost my body with vitamin C nutrient because aside from having better immune system, it also supports my heart and brain health, ensures good blood circulation inside my body and relieves me from muscle soreness.I have made my switch a few months ago and I can now feel its promised benefits. I no longer get sick easily, I feel stronger and healthier than ever. My muscle aches are gone too. I am so satisfied that even my wife and my son and his wife are using this product now.During this pandemic and due to increasing demand for vitamins, other brands have increased prices. Unbelievable! This brand has not and therefore it is not only the wisest and beneficial choice but it is also the most economical. There are lots of stocks available to ensure availability of product. Seems like it’s prioritized in terms of delivery as I got my order in 2 days! As for the capsules, I find it so easy to swallow and it does not leave any after taste. To top it off, it does not upset the stomach and it causes no allergic reaction. This is one product that is worth purchasing

  28. LinYi Lee

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    This product is fantastic! With all of the germs flying around now days, I look for any way that I can boost my immune system. This product is the ticket! It helps me feel healthy and energetic. This is a perfect addition to my morning routine!

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    Maybe I’m just too tired, or maybe I’m just too stressed, but lately, I feel that I am not who I used to be. I never really had any problems with my cognitive skills until recently. I’m finding it very hard to focus, it’s taking me a while to understand anything and I tend to forget easily. This has caused me much problem and my business partner is becoming more and more concerned about my situation. She’s been asking me to have myself checked but I just don’t want to. He recommended that I take liposomal vitamin C but I keep putting her off in the hopes that I might one day get back to my usual self.Unfortunately, instead of going back to my usual self, I started to feel that I’m getting worst. I got so alarmed that I asked my business partner what the name was of the pill that she wanted me to take. When she said liposomal vitamin C, I immediately asked her to order a bottle for me. When the product finally got delivered, I quickly popped a capsule and started my road to recovery. It was already a week since I started taking the capsules regularly and so far, it seems to be doing fine. I am now able to focus a little and I am starting to easily understand things…little by little. A few more weeks I guess and I’ll be back to normal. By the second week, my focus was back to normal, my memory is starting on the right track and my comprehension is almost back. A full month of liposomal vitamin C and I’m finally back to my old witty self. It felt like that the product has actually jump started my brain. As to the reason why that happened, I’m still dumbfounded about it. But at least I’m back to my usual self and to me, that’s all that matters.

  33. Nikki

    I have been bothered by my sinus for several days already. The pain is so bad that it has pretty much affected my day-to-day activities. A slight turn of the head can cause so much pain that I am finding it very hard to move. Although I take over-the-counter pain relievers, it does not really do that much as after handling the pain for a few moments, it comes back once the effect of the medicine has dissipated. And it’s back to square one. Having the pain for several days already, my classmates have noticed my dilemma. One even suggested that I go and try this supplement that her mom takes called Liposomal Vitamin C. Dying to put an end to this painful problem, I decided to go and have a look at the product. Seeing that everything looks so promising, I made an order.My first take of the liposomal vitamin C looked assuring enough as it had managed to lessen the pain from unbearable to tolerable. There is still pain but at least now, I can move a little and able to finish some work. I am hoping that in the next day or two, the product can finally put an end to the pain and discomfort of my sinus. As expected, the product delivered and in no time, my sinus has been rid of that blockage that has given me pain and discomfort for the past couple of days. A vitamin supplement that aids in clearing sinus problems aside from boosting the immune system is a product worth promoting. Because of what it did for me, this [product has earned by completely loyalty. There is nothing in this world that can make me go and change products. It would be very hard to rival this product’s benefits and capabilities.

  34. bigrock

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  35. Sandra

    I never took any vitamin in my life. If I can cure anything the natural way (resting and chilling), I would do so. I only started taking it when I felt a cold coming on; afraid to go to the doctor and get prescribed with medicines, I thought that maybe I should take a supplement. I’ve done quite an intensive research before finally settling down to trying this liposomal vitamin c. My order came the next day so I was literally able to put this to test to see if it was going to work! I could not believe it but just after a few hours of popping this capsule, I started feeling better and I had more energy. The discomfort on my tonsils, as of it was going to start swelling, has gone away the following day. I was so impressed by the quick result of the product. I’ve been sharing this supplement with my husband and the biggest result my husband and I have felt is having more energy than before to do things. Also, we felt that since taking the product, our immune system has gotten better and stronger. I work 4 to 5 times a week and my husband has just started a regular workout routine. Now, I don’t find myself getting tired in the afternoon like I used to. We both have been pretty healthy these past weeks. While everyone else at the office has been getting sick, we have been staying healthy! My husband has had issues with high blood pressure in the past, I’m curious to see how it is helping with that. I will have to ask him and report back to you. As our stock is running out, I just placed a large order today. I realized that it would be better to order more at one time. We have been spreading the word about your product because we wanted to share the benefits we experienced using Liposomal Vitamin C.

  36. trenno tye

    I have only used it for three days so I will have to hold off on this but I can say I have had no problems with it

  37. Pamela Zenns

    I’m just in my second week of using Liposomal Vitamin C and I must say that this is one of the most effective and fast acting vitamin supplement that I have ever tried. Regular vitamin C doesn’t stand a chance with this product’s capabilities and added benefits. Liposomal vitamin C has been integral in my body’s collagen production. In just a short time of use, the crackling sound that I hear in my joints has reduced considerably. My immune system has been greatly reinforced too. My morning allergies have stopped and since then, I have not caught a cough, a cold or flu. Other benefits that proved to be beneficial were my energy levels. Since I have started taking this product, my energy level has always been high. I have never had that feeling of exhaustion and I am always able to accomplish so many things. My brain has never been healthier as my cognitive functions have improved. This product has in a way taken care of my sore muscles and has contributed to blood circulation. Lastly, this liposomal vitamin C has also enhanced my mood making sure that I have a great day ahead.Everything about this product is a display of professionalism. From packaging to logistics to overall performance, this product has led the market and its competitors consistently. Although I do hear from some people that it tends to be pricey. Since it has awoken my curiosity, I tried to look for an answer to reverse the claim. There it was staring directly at me. One bottle of this liposomal Vitamin C contains 200 capsules. If one were to use it as instructed at 2 capsules a day, it will take a total of 100 days before a person has to re-order. Compare to most of the brands that only have 180 capsules at 2 capsules a day, it will only take 90 days then another order will have to be made. It isn’t that much but in the long run you will see the savings made

  38. Nataliya Dmytriyeva

    I have a sensitive stomach and usually cannot take vitamin C because it causes stomach ache, but this liposomal vitamin C is great and easy to digest. I am really happy I have found this product, especially in COVID times. I am taking it every day and it helps my immune system to stay strong.

  39. Michelle

    With everything going on nowadays, I’m always looking for an immune system booster. This bottle contains 200 capsules, which come out too 100 servings, and 1500mg. They’re also made in the US, which is a big plus for me! With everything considered, the price is fair. I’ve been taking them for a few days and I think they do the trick!

  40. Angie Nikole

    Gardening has always been my favorite hobby.That is why my garden is my pride and joy. Some people collect comic books,others collect records,and I collect plants,flowers,fruits and vegetables. The hobby though comes with a price. I tend to get bruises while working on my garden. Sometimes I’d hit the fence,sometimes I’d get scratches. But one thing is sure , I never work in my garden without me getting bruised by something. I did notice though that my bruises do take time to heal which is very unusual. What usually takes weeks at the latest takes months for me and I find that very intriguing. My friends have noticed that and have recommended liposomal vitamin c for me to use. Having heard from them time and again that it is very effective,I finally agreed and ordered a bottle for me.I started taking the pill as the product got delivered. The next day,I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as I noticed that after just one day of taking the liposomal vitamin c ,my bruises have started lighten up.That was fast acting. Continuously use of the vitamin has likewise provided me with a stronger immune system as I feel healthier and I have never gotten a cold or flu and it has been a month already. I don’t usually go a cold-free month. I had a wound the other day as I tripped in my garden and I have observed that with Liposomal vitamin c , wounds and bruises heal a lot faster. It looks like I have hit the jackpot with this product and I intend to continue reaping the benefits that this liposomal vitamin C offers.

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    I’ve been an avid soccer fan. I never miss to play a game with my friends every weekend. Three games in two days every weekend. We have games every Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning. Playing soccer regularly will make you healthy as an ox but will also subject you to bruises and wounds as can be attested to me. What bothers me though is that my bruises and wounds take a long time to heal. I remember a collision I had with a teammate where we both suffered wounds on our leg. His wound has long since healed while mine is still there. So the more I play and get bruised up, the more wounds accumulate on my leg. This has caused me to think of a remedy for my condition. It was actually my husband that saw this product as we ordered it and I started taking it. The product is no other than liposomal vitamin C.I started taking is since I received it a week ago and based on my observation, it has been performing great!! The wounds I have been saying that have been there for quite some time already have started to fade away. My legs have started to be rid of those wounds and bruises. What’s more is that this liposomal vitamin C has likewise given me more strength and energy allowing me to accomplish more things even if I just arrived home from a game. My wounds are healing faster as it seems that this liposomal vitamin C is a perfect fit to the wounds and bruises that I get every game. Finally, a fast acting solution to my weekly battle scars.

  42. Lily P.

    I originally got this product for Vitamin C and immunity during Covid19 but found that it also helps with metabolism. I like that it is fast absorption & works as an antixodant as well!

  43. Molly

    I’ve been taking these daily and notice a difference in my energy and health! Affordable and useful.

  44. Anna K.

    Powerful immune booster


    Great product. Highly recommended. Will purchase again.

  46. Heidi Mecham

    As soon as I got a job in the city, I have started to live on my own. The first few months were really very hard as I was in the process of adjusting to my work. Also, as I was a probationary employee I am the target of requests and other additional work. Everyday has not only been stressful but it has been very tiring too. There were lots of times that I jusy use my apartment for sleeping and nothing else. I have lost a lot of weight as I have not been eating most of the time picking sleep over eating. I have not even come to visit my parents as I have been working everyday. I remember when my mom would call and say that I’ve been too tired again to go and visit my parents. I understand if my parents have been very upset. I started searching for vitamins to solve this lack or energy problem of mine and then I discovered liposomal vitamin C.The first time I took a pill I already knew that this was it. There was this surge of energy that I feel. The day went on like a blur for me but I got praises from my boss on how well I have worked. When I left the office, since it was a weekend, I went straight home to the surprise of my parents. I told them of the liposomal vitamin C that I started taking and that somehow, it has given me the energy that I needed to complete my day. After dinner, I started getting my turntable, equipment and records to which my mom jokingly said, “Aren’t you going to get tired setting that up?” To which I joking answered, “Who says I’m tired?”

  47. Marissa Olson

    I’ve been taking liposomal vitamin C for a while already but still, I’ve had my share of fake ones during my early days. I remember ordering my very first brand of liposomal vitamin C only to find out that I had been faked. I was already religiously taking the liposomal straight for two weeks already and yet my morning allergy was still there, I still catch the cold and yes I still feel exhausted the whole day. This is where I decided to try a new brand which led me to this brand. As the writings were all the same, I proceeded and place my order.The package arrived well ahead of the committed time; the package was well packed complete with seal. As I opened the package, I saw that it came with the complete leaflets and instructions. I started taking the product and I actually gave myself a week to determine if it is authentic or if I wasted again my money on fake products. After two days, I noticed that I did not have that episode of morning allergies. To top it off, it was the second day that I felt that my body was full of energy. I maximized that one and was able to accomplish so many things. Everyday that I take the liposomal vitamin C and everyday my body is brimming with energy. I have been constantly taking it for a month now and it has also been a month already that I have not gotten sick. No allergies, no coughs, colds or flu. This is indeed an authentic product. I’m so thankful that I got this right away after I trashed the fake liposomal vitamin C. Now, I have a brand that I can trust.

  48. Maryann

    I have seen improvement in my skin and improved immunity

  49. wb

    I was bred to grow up by my mom to be a loyal vitamin C user. My parents (mom specially) made sure that I get my dose daily without fail. This, I still continue to do up to today. I am thankful as vitamin C has done a great deal for me especially with my immune system. I still get the occasional colds but that is a once in a blue moon incident. One day, as I was checking my stock, I saw that my vitamin C supply was about to get depleted so I went to Amazon to re-order. As if by fate, my browsing led me to this product’s page. Liposomal Vitamin C. Shocked to see yet a different kind of vitamin C, my curiosity taking over, I read the page and made my comparison. After hours of studying, I came to the conclusion that this Liposomal Vitamin C is indeed a better product than the regular one. I ordered this product and later proved my conclusion to be true. This is indeed superior to the regular vitamin C.Since I first tried Liposomal Vitamin C, I have been using it regularly for three months now and it has never failed to provide me with more energy than I need in a day. Regular vitamin C provides me with energy but as the day comes to an end, I can feel the energy being depleted and I start to take a rest, to charge up. Liposomal Vitamin C’s energy not only allows me to last the whole day without feeling depleted, but it allows me to go on thereby making me accomplish more things both for work or personal. It boosts my immune system a few notches higher as I still have not gotten sick to this day. This is it for me. Glad to have made the change.

  50. Mike Glover

    With everything going on with the world with the Covid – 19 junk, extra vitamin C does not hurt! I always have my kids take them especially around cold and flu season anyways! I have always been a fan of taking Vitamins and Vitamin C. I have learned recently more than ever sometimes the Natural way/Vitamins are all you need. It’s all your body is lacking.These were easy to swallow. I sometimes have trouble taking medication. No problems what so ever with these.Great price!✅Speedy shipping ✅No complaints ✅Will purchase again ✅

  51. Tatiana

    I’ve been taking Liposomal vitamins for quite some time now, and it seems that I will be sticking with these vitamins as long as possible. I’ve noticed an improvement in my health since I’ve started taking them. I have so much more energy now than before and it’s exactly what I needed for my body. I highly recommend these vitamins to anyone looking for the right brand, you won’t be disappointed.

  52. Deborah Comeau

    Easy to swallow.

  53. happycustomer

    I definitely prefer this form of Vitamin C over the regular one. It has more health benefits so I’m glad to have tried it and made the switch. I have noticed more energy, not a huge boost but enough to notice it.

  54. C. H.

    I have made myself a promise when my dad died that I will never bring my mom to a retirement home.  I promised her that I will take care of her till the end.  Specially now that I’ve got me a great job, I’ll just hire a nurse to take care of here in the days where I have to work and that was what I did.  During the weekdays, the nurse would take care of her and I assume responsibility at night time and during weekends.  One thing that we both noticed with my mom is that she has been very sickly lately.  She’s inactive, sickly and very quiet.  I’ve checked and she has indeed been taking her medicines daily and without fail.  Even her vitamin was up to date.  Her condition has been a mystery as I had her checked-up and everything was ok.  Her doctor suggested though that I change her vitamin to liposomal vitamin C.  When we got home, I quickly placed an order for a bottle and as soon as it arrived, I made my mom take it instead. It has been very joyful to see my mom start to be back to her lively old self in just a few of since we changed her vitamins to liposomal vitamin C.  She has been very active and has gone back to doing her daily walks in the park and she has been quite joyful too.  She has started to participate in discussions with me and the nurse and you will just see her enthusiasm over things.  She is no longer frail and sickly and in fact she has become healthy and has gained some weight.  There was a time when I went home and my music room was blaring with The Beatles music!  She was listening to my records with the nurse as they both sat and drink coffee (for the nurse, milk for my mom).  Nothing is a better sight than this.  I called the doctor, reported to her my mom’s developments and thanked her endlessly for introducing us to liposomal vitamin C.  Now, I’m using it too.

  55. Cash Money

    Gave me so much energy!

  56. Yeo Jin

    This Covid 19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise that it has actually put the whole world to a stop. What I did not feel important before I have been thinking about it now. I have no belief whatsoever on vitamins and supplements, for me, as long as I take care of myself, I exercise and eat healthy, nothing can touch me. Then came Covid 19. Because of this, I was able to order liposomal vitamin C to fortify my immune system and to protect me from free radicals (like Covid-19) that seeks to harm my body. As soon as it was delivered I started taking two capsules one in the morning and one in the evening. I have been taking it for almost two months now and the fiest thing I’ve noticed was that I have not caught either a cough, cold or flu since the day that I have started taking it. But what’s more surprising is that since I started taking liposomal vitamin C, I have noticed that my skin kas started to look young and healthy. It’s elasticity has come back and it is no longer dry. Even the wrinkles have started to fade away! I did not know that liposomal vitamin C can do that! It was indeed a welcome surprise for me. I guess that taking vitamins for the first time would really make me miss on those important features that vitamins have now. All the while I only knew this vitamin to build up a person’s immune system.

  57. Kristen

    Trying to save up on cost, I was in the market looking for a supplement that has powerful antioxidant properties and boosts immune system (vitamin C), aids in digestion (probiotics), helps joints and skin (collagen) and decreases muscle soreness (CBD). Purchasing each and every supplement would be too costly for my budget. During my surfing of products, I happen to come upon a product called Liposomal Vitamin C that impressively claims to provide all of the above listed benefits. Although sounding too good to be true, I have to give it a try. I would surely want to know first-hand if the product is true to what it advertises.The product was delivered promptly and the time has come for me to test its capabilities. If it was indeed legitimate. The number one priority here is its digestive benefits. It has been quite some time already but I have been encountering problems with my gut. I tend to experience stomach cramps, and my bowel movement has been so irregular and constipated. I have not yet reached week 2 and already, my bowel movement has come back to normal, my stomach cramps have stopped and my gut feels fine. My immune system has definitely been reinforced as I no longer catch colds easily. Muscle aches are being handled as they have become more tolerable than before. While I am pretty much confident that my other concerns like healthy skin and nails will being taken care of, having fixed my digestion process was enough to make me continue taking the product and re-purchase once my stock has been depleted.

  58. nadine

    When the whole pandemic started, I somehow felt confident and secured that my body has been well prepared! Who would have thought 4 months ago that we’d have such world health concern? I am so glad I’ve been on liposomal for the past 8 months. Unpredictable! So, while everyone else is in panic and procrastinating in keeping their health in check nowadays, I was able to do my body a favor by preparing for this Corona virus! Well, I knew that keeping myself healthy is a lifestyle that I needed to adapt rather than a one-time thing. I mean, you can’t say you’re healthy if you’ve only taken 3 days worth of vitamins, right?Let me share why I preferred this brand.This has been my way of keeping my immune system in defense all the time. I take this product 2x a day and I never missed a day since August of 2019. The reason I switched to this liposomal type of vitamin C is because I’ve read that it allows our body to absorb the necessary nutrients FULLY! I have felt its fast acting effects as a few days after I have taken the product religiously, I have felt this surge of energy in my body that allows me to do more things with ease. It has definitely strengthened my immune system as I no longer get sick easily. I even hadn’t caught a cough or cold this fall-winter-spring season yet! I’m a survivor! Just kidding. Don’t want to sound like I’m bragging but it feels good to know my body is well equipped for it if anything happens…Out of the available liposomal vitamin C in the market, this one offers the most number of capsules per bottle. 200 tablets in each bottle. So technically, it has 100 servings which will last me for 100 days. I’m really loving that fact as I don’t have to keep on purchasing this product frequently! I feel that this is important especially now that we have high demand supplements. Everyone else is showing out of stock and even local stores are running out of supplements while others are just taking advantage of the situation and selling their products at a very high price! But with this brand, a bottle of this can last me 3 months. This brand seems reputable, but I’ll be back for a review in a few weeks. Everyone, take care of yourself, and take care of your families by staying strong and social distancing!*Note : I’m really glad that their customer service is very prompt to answer questions. Anyway, I did reach out to them and asked them if there’s enough supply throughout this pandemic. I’m really confident that this brand would be able to keep up with the high demand in the market.

  59. Ambyr Kae

    I have been dealing with my runny nose for almost a week now. I have tried various cold medicines but nothing seems to work. I have started to look for other possible remedies that can put a stop to my runny nose but it seems I cannot find any. I was about to quit when I saw this page in Amazon about this liposomal vitamin C. Further reading has convinced me to give it a try as I went ahead and purchased a bottle.It did not take long as my order arrived overnight. Upon receiving the package, I immediately opened it and took the capsule. It was so easy to swallow unlike the various meds I have tried before. I was quite surprised because in just two days of continued use, my runny nose had stopped! Honestly speaking, I tried the product because I just don’t want any stone left unturned, but I wasn’t really expecting any results. That is why when after two days of use my runny nose was cured I was overwhelmed! This was indeed a worthy product! It’s so effective but most notable is that it was so fast acting! What makes it more impressive was that after it cleared my runny nose, I have decided to continue to use it and since then, the changes I have felt were so awesome that I couldn’t believe it myself! Since I started to use the liposomal vitamin C, I have never again caught a cough or cold. Even my early morning allergies were gone! I have more energy in my body that allows me to do more work and still have the power to go on. This is definitely the one for me!

  60. Kmae12

    I think you know by now that vitamin C is an effective way to prevent yourself from acquiring the virus. It boosts your body’s immune system to ward off unseen forces from taking over your life. In my case, instead of the regular vitamin C in the health section at my local store, i stocked up with this liposomal vitamin C. What’s the difference? Well, simple, you’ll harness the full potential of vitamin C, most especially your immune system. Think of more health benefits at lesser wastage since you body maximizes the vitamin in maintaining healthy bodily functions. And that is synonyms to extra protection since your body’s defenses are at its prime 24/7. So far, this liposomal vitamin C proved to work wonders for me, mainly when one of my workmates tested positive. I was scared, but later on, tested negative. Following health protocols, of course, lessen the possibility of contracting the virus, but having an extra set of protection (internally) made a massive difference. Nowadays, it pays to be extra cautious, most notably with our health. I’m thankful that I have my hands on this liposomal vitamin C on the onset of this pandemic. Value-wise, it works at a much lower price then your regular vitamin C that is somehow priced the same yet offers lesser support. I urge you to keep yourself protected by making sure your body gets the right nutrition. Now is no the time to get sick, and this liposomal vitamin C is your best partner. I recommend this product 100%!

  61. Joanne Bilodeau

    This is the year that our health should be given extra importance. With this pandemic stretching until the middle of the year, we have to be extra careful not to get sick. This is the time that we have to work on strengthening our immune system in order to be able to fight the battle against all and any kind of virus. We should all start to plan on how we can fortify our bodies against all foreign matter. We have to eat healthy, live healthy and start taking supplements that can prove to be helpful. Our family has unanimously decided to add Liposomal vitamin C to our diet in its drive to be essentially healthy during this period. It being more potent can definitely provide more protection for the immune system, it has the capability to reach and bring nutrients to parts of our body that cannot be reached by regular vitamin C. In other words, it can provide better protection and benefits. As I’ve already been taking the product, it also provides me with the much needed energy for me to accomplish more work in little time. It also supports my bones and joints and keeps them strong. It supports my cardiovascular health, it aids in my cognition and brain function and many, many more! Overall, this Liposomal vitamin C is vital to the improvement and protection of our health. It is important even without the threat of the corona virus, it is more important with the threat of corona virus.

  62. anothereview

    Just branding. There is no cavitation of vitamin C created by a gel of sunflower lecithin. Should look like a gel. These are all dried materials. Just purchased Asorbic acid. The label claims its sunflower lecithin. Hope it is dried out sunflower lecithin.

  63. mariana diaz

    I like that is only one capsule a day. I’m good at swallowing pills but my son isn’t, so I open a capsule and add it to his water bottle., and it’s a tangy flavor. Now more than ever our immune system needs to be in good shape. I believe in prevention. I take daily Collagen as well, and with this product it’s easier for the body to absorb.I’m confused about something; I was using Sprout’s Fizzy Vitamin C and the box says it contains 1000 mg of Vitamin C (from Zinc & Ascorbic Acid) and says is 1667%per serving. And Liposomal says 1450 mg and 1611%. How can that be?

  64. CC

    This pandemic has really done a number to the whole world. It literally froze down everything. With lockdowns, quarantines, and suspension of work, life has been a standstill. I have not even started talking about the economy. Our world’s current condition has likewise brought fear and worry to all the families worldwide. I remember during the start of this pandemic, chaos happened in groceries and supermarkets as people started to buy, stocking up on alcohol, sanitizers and even tissue!! My family on the other hand started to prepare to strengthen our bodies to fight off this virus. We worked more on stopping cough cold and fever (the three warning signs of a virus). Were started to search for more potent vitamins that can really protect us from getting sick. Our research has brought us to this liposomal vitamin C page. Reading its write-up and reviews, it looked promising enough to give it a surprise.When the package delivered, I started instructing the family to take the pills regularly. It has only been a week and I was already ordering two additional bottles of liposomal vitamin C. The energy it gives my family was just a bonus. Every since we started using this product a week ago, we have been feeling so good and healthy. It has strengthened our immune system as we have not been sick. We have been very much alive and active. As it also prevents iron deficiency, so we can be sure that we would not need additional vitamins for this. We no longer hear sneezing and coughing in the family which before, it was a part of our lives. This liposomal vitamin C has proven to be an essential part of our family’s diet and we are so glad that we have made it apart of our lives.

  65. Sharon L Fulford

    Best overall absorbing.

  66. salim Ouassou

    Good product easy to swallow. Will continue to use !

  67. mtl

    hoping it helps my body to absorb my other vitamins and meds.

  68. HealthyInTn

    I appreciate the high quality ingredients in this product

  69. Alexandra Edge

    Seller was quick and efficient.Very satisfied with product

  70. Joyful1

    Absorbs quickly & tastes great

  71. Juanita L

    Liposomal C fast absorption is a great component along with other vitamins in the body’s continueance to heal itself.

  72. Maryann Carmichael

    The it very much very healthy feeling from it.

  73. aksweetb

    I wanted the high mgs to help boost my immune system. Liposomal vitamin c is absorption rate is significantly higher and is beneficial to joints and collagen

  74. Amy

    Liposomal Vitamin CI have been taking Liposomal Vitamin C capsules for over a week now and I already felt a difference in my energy level. I also work in healthcare and was looking for a product like this to add to my daily intake of vitamins. I am constantly around different illnesses and know the importance of supporting my immune system. I am so glad I started taking it and will continue. I will definitely reccommend this product to family and friends.

  75. Jmosiman14

    I will list several things this has been helping me with. I haven’t been taking this for very long but already seeing a big difference. 1. More energy – no mid-afternoon slump anymore 2. Haven’t gotten the cold that others around me have 3. I’ve been sleeping better! I feel like a new me! I will continue to take for sure! Vitamin C is very good for strengthening your immune system. I like that this absorbs quickly and gets right to work. Love it!

  76. Sherry Matney

    My body has started to show signs of ageing. My skin has gone dry, my teeth have become weak and bones, cartilage and joints have not only become weak but they have now started to give up various kinds of noises. From creaking and crackling to pops, it has become one annoying series of sounds that I only started hearing now. To make things worse, it has become very hard for me to move around. A lot has really vanished now that I’m become one of the “seniors”. I’ve been recommended with various brands of products ranging from collagen powders to capsules but what I’m looking for is something like an all-in-one package. That’s when Liposomal Vitamin C came out. Having read every material that ever came out regarding liposomal vitamin C and actually being impressed by it, I made the purchase.It did not take long and the product was delivered to me. Full of excitement, I unboxed the package and started using it. After a few days, the liposomal vitamin C has started to show its strength. My teeth have become stronger and healthier; my skin has regained its glow and is no longer dry. It has once again looked young. In three weeks, those annoying noises I’ve been telling a while ago? They started to fade away and be gone. They have become stronger as I can now move with mobility and speed (a little). Gone were the days wherein I could not even move at all because of the pain. Liposomal vitamin C has taken care of it and now I feel so much better. Also, ever since I started with this product, I feel stronger, better and healthier. I have become more active and more alert. This is what I have been looking for in any supplement, one that can address my concerns and still have many more benefits to offer. This is Liposomal Vitamin C.

  77. Jamie Snyder

    I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with melasma, to those of you who aren’t, melasma is a skin condition brought about by birth control pills, pregnancy, hormone therapy, stress and thyroid disease.  This condition causes dark, discoloured patches in the skin particularly on the cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose and the chin.  While this condition is more common on women, men too may have this.I am one of those who were fortunate enough to have melisma and it’s on my cheeks.  While it has not been established as to how I contracted it, I’m betting that this is more stress related than anything else for I don’t take birth control pills, I’m not pregnant, have no thyroid disease and I am not under hormone therapy.  My dermatologist prescribed me with a cream (that did not work) so later on she had to prescribe me with topical steroids (also in cream form).  Since I have a fair skin, I also use make—up to hide those dark patches specially when I have to go out of the apartment or go someplace else.One day, while my friend and I were enjoying our coffee, I really can’t remember what we were talking about but she suddenly told me that I should try Liposomal Vitamin C, that maybe; it might help with my melasma.   I thought why not?  In case it did not work, there are still a lot of health benefits that vitamin C has to offer plus I thought that it was about time that I start taking vitamins to supplement my health.  I have been using it consistently for over two months now and guess what?  It’s working!  My skin pigmentation has improved by 70%!  I have been constantly checking myself in the mirror and then I finally noticed it.  I was so happy that just in case it did not improve my skin in any way, and it did not go back to its usual color, I will still continue to use this product!  Ever since I started to use this, my melasma has improved, my immunity has improved, my skin has improved and looked better than ever, I am always in a good mood, I think with more clearness and it is like my body is in great condition!  I have then decided to promote this product because of the numerous advantages it has provided me.My parents are already using the product, but that’s a story for another day.

  78. Cassandra N. Hinnen

    Smooth capsule and doesn’t get stuck in my throat like the one I used to take and less expensive too!

  79. Matthew

    I’ve been enjoying them very much! They are easy to swallow, and they work very good for overall health, espcially under this Covid 19 situation.

  80. Elizabeth

    I have been hearing so many praises for this brand of liposomal vitamin C. Whether it is by personal testimony or by write-up, I have heard or seen nothing but compliments to this product. I have finally found a supplement that will (I hope) help me with my problem. I have a very weak immune system that I never had a day without either a cough or cold. Discovering this liposomal vitamin C had somehow given me hope.As I started to take the product, I likewise started to feel the energy that has made itself felt in my body. I have started to become lively and healthy. The cough and cold that I have when I first started the product were now gone. I no longer feel fatigued and my movement was starting to become faster. I have been taking the liposomal vitamin C for weeks now and I feel healthier than ever. Even my skin, nails and hair have become healthier and no longer dry and brittle. Now, I feel I have gotten immune to both the cough and the cold as I have not had it in weeks! I am so thankful that I have been patient enough to study each brand thoroughly or I would never have discovered this brand of liposomal vitamin C. It has been so beneficial in so many aspects that I have even started recommending it to my friends as I know that I will not lose face to my friends. In fact, I’m confident that they will thank me for it.

  81. Anne CB

    I am a new user. So far, it’s okay. I like the product.

  82. Kiki

    Like most kids, my brother has been the target of bullies at school. This was because he is so frail, sickly, quiet and not at all athletic. Because of his sickly nature, he’s the kid you’d see playing fantasy role playing games both on the computer and in board games (like Dungeons & Dragons). Though we have been trying various vitamins and/or supplements, nothing seems to fit for him. Sometimes I feel pity for my brother because of what the other kids do to him and perceive him to be. It’s the exact opposite of what I was when I was in high school. Nope, I am not a bully (our parents did not teach us to be that way). I will try anything just to give my brother some improvement on his condition. Just an improvement on his being sickly would be great. One day, my fiance arrived home smiling and with a package on hand. We drove to my parent’s house and gave the package to my brother. It was liposomal vitamin C and she instructed my brother to take it regularly.We managed to check on him daily by phone and on weekends during our family lunch. By the second week, we noticed that there is indeed something new with my brother. Our mom told us that he hasn’t been sick since and that he has become lively and active. By the first month, there had been considerable changes to my brother as he has grown some meat in that frail body of his. His health has never been better and he has started to lift weight and guess what? He’s learning to play ball!! I told him to just continue everything but most importantly, never forget his liposomal vitamin C. It has been a year since he started with the liposomal vitamin C and it has been many re-orders since. A great transformation has happened as he has grown to 6’0 flat, muscular and his immune system had been great as he has not gotten sick. What a product this liposomal vitamin is.

  83. Sarah

    Like everyone else, we do our best to stay healthy. That is why we all work to strengthen out immune system. I must admit that I have a weak immune system. I always catch either the cough or the cold, there is always a time in a year that I get the flu, I get stressed easily and yes, I have digestive troubles. Because of these, I often have this gloomy, not-so-great mood that is coupled with anxiety. These are recipes for failure and I must act to neutralize it quickly.I have asked friends for recommendations and the most common reply I get is liposomal vitamin C. Seeing that this tops the list, I proceeded and made the order. Now I can see why everybody recommended this product. I am just on my third week and yet, I already feel that my energy levels are way off the charts! I can finish a lot more work! Gone were the days where I feel tired and wasted, my mood has changed dramatically that I now enjoy my work and the company of my officemates; and even my digestive troubles (bloating and irregular bowel movements) were attended to. I no longer worry excessively and I have not yet had any cold, cough or flu for weeks! This product is so fast acting that it will be very hard to not be impressed. As I have stated in my title, this is the perfect fit for me! Because of the great things that it can do, I have already made another order just to make sure that I have stocks on hand and not skip a day on taking it.

  84. Mila

    Nice addition to daily supplements:)

  85. Dragonsleeve

    Unlike standard vitamin C, the liposomal form from Wholesome Wellness can get directly into the bloodstream for maximum protection. This, along with vitamin D3, zinc and quercetin are the recommended supplements to boost your immunity.

  86. Flowers

    It’s to prevent this covid virus and so far it’s working!!!

  87. Reva Rincon

    With the current situation i couldn’t see my self NOT taking this product every day. It is consider the most powerful vitamin on the planert.

  88. Sandi

    Due to my illness, my doctor has advised me to take blood thinners and BP meds. I can say that I’m a good patient as I strictly follow my doctor’s advice. Except of course on certain occasions that the circumstances warrant me to “forget” just for a day the doctor’s orders. By the way, I may forget my doctor’s advice but I sure do not forget to take my meds.It was one of those days where I’m supposed to forget my doctor’s advice (it was the wedding of my cousin) when in the middle of a few rounds of beer, one of my cousins asked me what my maintenance meds were. As I told him my medicines, he stopped me and said that since he has started taking liposomal vitamin C, he never had to take those BP meds and blood thinners ever again. He suggested that I give it a try and if it doesn’t suit me, I can go back to taking my meds again. Challenge accepted.When my order was delivered, I started taking the supplement and waited on what the result might be. With constant use of the product, I have monitored my blood pressure readings and delightfully enough, it has stayed at the normal range that my doctor has advised me. I have been using liposomal vitamin C for over a month now and all I can say is that my BP has stayed normal and that I am no longer worried of blood clots ever again.

  89. Becky F

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Better than other vitamin c that I have taken. I have noticed that I have not been had getting sick with a cough or flu since taking this. Also seems like my healing time is faster on injuries. I have had my husband start taking this as well and his energy levels are incressed.

  90. N. W. Chan

    It’s common to believe that vitamin C helps improve our skin and control breakouts, such as acne. That’s because it is a powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals that could damage skin cells. This knowledge led me to believe that vitamin C is the missing piece in my acne-fighting regimen. However, previous experiences with other brands did more harm than good, not until I found this incredible Liposomal Vitamin C. Indeed, it’s true that prioritizing how your body absorbs vitamin does more results. And that’s what happened with this product. Honestly, I witnessed the positive effects of this vitamin in just two weeks. I noticed that my skin is improving since it’s not as oily as before, and the scarring significantly reduced. Further, I rarely get breakouts. It’s as if my skin finally settles with whatever I’m using both inside and outside. Overall, this vitamin C delivered that missing piece to manage acne. I’m pleased to say that this Liposomal Vitamin C works to improve overall health, immunity, and skin health. The benefits that come with this product is beyond what these expensive skincare products can give. I recommend this product to everyone who is looking for the right nutrition for their skin.

  91. Tyler Boda

    I’m a diehard baseball player and during a game, I make sure to give my 101%. This is probably the reason my manager likes me alot. I am ready and willing to do anything for the team, win or lose. To make sure that I am always play my all in a game, I am taking liposomal vitamin C to protect me from getting sick, to keep me mentally healthy and provide me with the much needed energy. One time we were in a very important game and the game was tied. As always the manager approached me, asked me to steal a base and run home. Cutting a long story short, I stole a base, scored, and won a game a suffered a huge wound on my leg during the slide.I was expecting that with such a huge wound, it would probably take 3 weeks to a month to heal. As I nursed my leg back to health, I continued taking the liposomal vitamin C. To my surprise, after the second week, my wound has tried up considerably making me wonder how the heck did it heal so quickly. Then it struck me, the only thing that I was using was the liposomal, I’m pretty sure it must be it that caused my wound to dry up and heal so quickly. Now there was very little left of the wound that isnt even noticeable at all. I’m so lucky to have taken liposomal vitamin C. It always got my back.

  92. Jordasaur

    About 3 months ago, I noticed that my gums have become more sensitive. They just easily bled! I’m not sure if it was caused by too much stress at work, lack of sleep, or whatever! I just knew it was really bad! I even changed to softest bristle brush I could find. I was too paranoid that I might have gingivitis so I made an appointment with a dentist. Well, apparently, I lacked vitamin C. The dentist mentioned that my teeth are clean and I didn’t have gingivitis (whew!)! But, he told me to dose up on vitamin C!! I remember the first time I ordered this product, it came right the following day! I thought it would give me a hard time given that I have another supplement to take but I’m glad this liposomal vit. C is in easy to swallow capsules. Tablets are just a NO-NO for me because I could literally feel it going down my throat!! My vitamin C deficiency which causes my gums to be sensitive has been resolved in about a week (if I remember correctly). This is really a MUST product and that’s why I continue to use it even up to this day. I also noticed that my skin has been a lot better! I don’t get those huge acnes and my pimple dries up in 2 days! Even in days when I didn’t have time to moisturize my face or whatever, my skin still feels soft and I feel like it has that certain “glow”.I’ve just placed another order as I don’t want to run out of stock. Who knows how long this Corona virus could last. I’m really glad that this product is available here on Amazon and thankfully, they are prioritizing on the delivery of health related products such as this liposomal vitamin C.Even with the pandemic issue, I’m really glad this brand didn’t increase in terms of their price, unlike other brands! <3

  93. Chun


  94. Hannah Gaddy

    I like the fact it’s smooth and easy to swallow. Its also good for you and helps grow hair and keep you healthy. I would definitely recommend it.

  95. Melissa H

    Have been taking these for almost a year. No side effects. Love them.

  96. Mike

    These are great. The most dramatic results from adding these to a diet is most noticed on my fiancée, who bruises like a peach, has a compromised immune system, and does not like taking pills that are difficult to swallow. As Vitamin C in general helps with the first two issues, the capsules mitigate the third. We will absolutely be ordering again.

  97. kristin

    I pride myself with having a sharp mind. I love reading books to nourish my brain, I do puzzles and any mind exercise to keep my brain healthy. It has worked well for me at my job as an analyst. One thing that I neglected to do was to rest and relax my mind. I have always put it to work but I can’t remember a time when I actually rested it or let it relax. It was when I felt it become sluggish and different that I actually realized the neglect that I have done to my brain. Instead of adding to its health, I was actually draining it. Now, my brain just happened to shutdown automatically. I find it very hard to concentrate, to stay focused, to understand, to remember and most importantly, to analyze. I can still do those but it has taken more time and energy and by the time I finish, I’m just too tired to do anything else. This has caused alarm to my team as one came by my office and suggested that I take liposomal vitamin C. She explained everything that it can do and it made me intrigued so I ordered.Wasting no time, I immediately used the pills and prayed that it works as I really was having a hard time. It was before a week when I noticed that my brain has somehow improved as I do not feel so mind-drained anymore. As I continued to use the liposomal vitamin C, so did my cognitive abilities continued to recover. By the end of the second week, it feels like 80% of my brain’s capabilities have come back and even before the third week came up, my brain and its entirety was back to normal. I really have no idea how long it would take my brain to go back to normal without the liposomal vitamin C. I’m just glad that it was introduced to me and that it had worked perfectly. I’m continuing with this liposomal vitamin C to ensure that everything goes well from now on.

  98. Deanne

    I am hyperactive. Because of that, I always get bruised daily. Sad thing is that when I do get bruised, it takes quite a while before it heals completely. My parents had me tested for diabetes but the results came back negative. It takes my bruises a lot of time before they heal completely. Before taking this product, I had this wound under my right toe, and for some reason, it was taking longer to heal. My friend who’s a medical practitioner suggested for me to explore liposomal vitamin C. She told me this product boosts immune system strength and therefore can protect me from any infection that my slow healing wound might be exposed to.After 3 days of taking the liposomal vitamin C, I noticed my wound had dried up completely. Was it because of the vitamin C? I’m guessing it is as it was the only new thing that I’ve taken. Its has left me surprised and excited. What more can this supplement do? Eager to find out its other wonderful benefits, I trained myself to be extra observant as I was continuously the vitamins daily. True enough, this product did bring forth many other benefits. Since starting a few weeks ago, I have noticed that I have not been getting sick lately, and my energy levels have gone up a notch. I seldom feel exhausted and there is always this something extra that has allowed me to be more productive. I have more endurance as lately have been staying in the gym a lot longer. I cannot do all these before. Now, I can do them always and with ease. Oh, just a few days ago, I noticed a bruise on my left leg after an extreme workout. Guess what! It’s fully gone now. This liposomal vitamin c product is really right for me. I’m surely keeping this liposomal vitamin C as part of my diet from now on. Not only is it a benefit filled supplement, it’s super affordable too.

  99. Dori

    Very easy to swallow

  100. Rachell

    Love these already! Took one tablet and already notice the energy! I’m so thrilled to find something to boasts my immune system especially during the spread of the covid virus!

  101. Fara

    I have always dreamt of becoming a lead guitar player in a band. I got my very first guitar when I was six years old and after that, there was no stopping me. I learned to juggle my studies and my love for music and as I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, my band has been regularly playing gigs three times a week in a 5 star bar in the city. I have been blessed to have a very intelligent mind and a razor-sharp memory as these two traits were very essential in my studies and my passion. I have memorized (and can play very well) at least 5,000 songs and counting from Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Rush, to the newer ones like Tame Impala, Coldplay, and Gojira. I have made it a point to know as many songs as that is a very useful advantage in the market. This is also one of the reasons why I have been working hard to find a supplement that can actually protect my memory. It would really be bad if I lose all that right? A co-philosophy major classmate of mind has been egging me to use liposomal vitamin C for memory protection. When I finally managed to squeeze it into my schedule, I gave it a quick read and satisfied with the information I got, ordered the product.It has been my third week of taking the liposomal vitamin C and aside from me being able to memorize song chords so much faster than before, I tried randomly playing songs that I have learned throughout all the years that I have played guitar and yes! Everything is safe tucked in my hard disc of a brain ready to be retrieved anytime. I have likewise tried my reading comprehension and it’s still as good as ever. I visited my friend who recommended me the liposomal vitamin C in school (she’s a professor now) and thanked her as I saw our Department Chairperson who actually offered me a job as Professor when my musical days are over. Now that’s a welcome offer. I better stock-up on liposomal Vitamin C to ensure that my brain stays as healthy as ever so I’ll be ready when I decide to change careers from musician to professor.

  102. AJ

    I like this vitamin C – been taking it for a month, excellent quality and easy to swallow with any drink. Recommend it.

  103. Linsay Dennis

    It really sucks when a person starts to age. While there are others that age gracefully, I look like the tow truck “Mater “in the movie Cars (though much worse). I’m rickety, rusty. Old and tattered and I have an oil leak. In human language, my joints are crackling, I’m old and slow and I’m in pain. I have just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I’m telling you, the pain I’m currently feeling is not good. In terms of movie ratings, my pain ranges from a rated R to a rated X. Not to mention the inflammation I get from both knees making it all the more painful and all the more harder to walk. Actually, there were times wherein I literally cannot move at all. The pain relievers, diet and exercise given to me by my doctor does not seem to work. Sometimes, it even worsens my condition. Many of my friends have given their recommendations but one product seems to be suggested/recommended in more times that I can remember. It’s liposomal vitamin C. I’m not that scientific as a person, but I can’t think how a vitamin C could help with my condition. However, since it has been recommended a lot of times, they should know something that I don’t so I purchased a bottle.I have been taking the liposomal vitamin C for two weeks straight and my friends were correct. The product has somehow managed to reduce the degree of inflammation of my knee joints allowing me to have more legroom and power to move around. It has likewise managed to reduce the pain too making it more tolerable. Something like a rating of PG-13. The good thing is, the more I use liposomal vitamin C, the more the pain and swelling gets reduced. It’s still there but at least its way better now than before. Thanks to liposomal vitamin C, I can at least move around the house now unlike before that I was immobile. I’m still no Lightning McQueen but at least now, I’m mobile. Forgive the Cars references. That was the last movie I saw with my granddaughter.

  104. Khalid

    First time to try Liposomal Vitamin C , it is amazing and feel big difference comparing with other regular Vitamin C Ever since I starting using this product I wake up so energized and ready to take on the day. I have already recommended this product to many of my friends and they see improvement in their energy boosts too. This is a great product and I will be using it for a long time.

  105. Amazon Customer

    I have been giving my teenagers high doses of C to build their immune systems to fight off Viruses. They like this brand a lot and they are easy to swallow.

  106. Ermila Watts

    This is an amazing product for the price! We got it quicklyand take it to boost up our immune system!

  107. Carol O. Conner

    Very good product. Noticeable difference compared to other products.

  108. Juliane L.

    Can’t say too much about vitamin c but i was actually sick with the Covid and started taking a lot of vitamin c. I will continue to take this protect to protect from future sickness. -Aaron the hubby

  109. MJV

    This is the first time I’ve taken liposomal Vitamin C, and I can actually FEEL a difference! I have taken ascorbic acid vit C for years, and wondered why people spoke as though it made any difference in their immune health. I have a high viral load, and so I take this regularly, but also with zinc picolinate and other antivirals anytime I travel, am exposed to a lot of people, or feel like I might be coming down with something. So far it has stopped whatever was coming my way. Like a bouncer at a party–this has kicked out the uninvited guest every time so far!I am pleased with this product, and with its price! I am buying more today.

  110. PTA

    Liposomal is where it’s at. I purchase almost everything liposomal for better absorption.My natural acerola powder just didn’t give me enough vitamin c to fight these viruses. I need to go up to a few thousand, Up to bowel tolerance. It wasn’t easy with my former supplement. This product makes it easy. Plus, it has minimal added ingredients. No gluten, soy, milk, sugar, preservatives. That’s a big deal to me because I am trying to stay paleo. It’s also made in USA!I will definitely purchase again!

  111. Beth Babcock

    Everyone knows that nothing can actually beat a good night’s sleep. No matter how long you sleep during the day, the best sleep is still the one at night time. Sadly for me, I have just been promoted to manage the graveyard shift for our company. I have allowed the proper sleep adjustment so I’d get ready for my first day. I thought I was ready, unfortunately for me, I felt my whole energy was used up at halfway through the night and that I have nothing left in me. I was so tired after my shift. I tried to remedy it using energy drinks. Well, it did work but when I told my mother about it she said that it’s not good for the body. She recommended liposomal vitamin C instead.When my order arrived, it was then that I once again proved that mother’s know best. I just took a capsule and it has not even been that long when I started to feel myself so awake with my energy levels through the roof! I spent the whole night teaching, assisting and giving my staff answers and pointers. I was so active the whole night that I did not even notice that it was already time to go home. When I arrived home, I even had the energy to report to my mom everything that I did the whole shift. That surge of energy that has enveloped me the other night has been with me ever since. No need for energy drinks when you have liposomal vitamin C. To that, I give credit to the very first woman I have ever loved…my mom.

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