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Our organic non-GMO plant-based dietary supplement is formulated for relaxation and happiness. Each herb included has been formulated with YOU in mind:

  • Natural Organic Non-GMO Plant-Based Herbs
  • 7 Powerful Organic Herbs: 7 natural herbs have been used for centuries. These herbs are Gotu Kola Herb, Rhodiola Root, St. John’s Wort Herb, Ashwagandha Root, Lemon Balm Leaf, Ginkgo Leaf, and Eleuthero Root.
  • The herbs included have many well known benefits
  • The collection of herbs works harmoniously together
  • Your Happiness Is Important: If our product doesn’t meet your needs in the way you had hoped, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee refund policy. Our product is made in the USA and manufactured in a GMP certified facility.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Lindsay Shrode - Verified Buyer

    One month later and I can barely recognize myself! Neither can my family or friends hahaha. These anti-anxiety pills are really life changing. Unlike other brands that I’ve tried in the past, they actually work for me! I’ve gone through a lot of supplements this year. I only switch every couple of months to be fair because I thought that some might just be taking a while to work but in reality, they don’t work at all. Actually some even had these awful side effects! Sure I didn’t feel anxious anymore but I didn’t have the time to feel nervous when I’m tired all the time, literally exhausted to the point where I barely have any energy in my system. One brand in particular also made my acne breakout worse when I’ve been trying so hard to get rid of it. Safe to say I stopped using that one right away.

    These anti-anxiety pills are the exact opposite of all those brands combined. My mood has been really stable and good these days. I don’t feel anxious and I don’t overthink as much as I used too. I’m gonna be a bit confident and say that I’m genuinely feeling happy these days. Still have things to worry about of course but I’m not as easily swayed by my emotions and I can handle them just fine now 🙂 My acne has also gotten better since I’m not feeling as stressed. My skin looks clearer than it’s been for the last 6 months or so, which is when I was the most anxious before. I recommend these anti-anxiety pills to everyone who is having struggles with stress, anxiety, or just mood swings in general! They’re safe and really easy to take. Can’t guarantee that they will work the same for everyone but personally I had a good experience using this. it might help you out too, so I think it’s worth it! you won’t know unless you try

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  2. Jesse Simms - Verified Buyer

    Let’s face it, beer is considered by most people (guys specially) as the universal agent for relaxation. While that may be true, there are other people that would prefer other things than beer. Some prefer a quiet walk in the park, some would love to go to the malls and others prefer to take naps as a means for relaxation. For me, nothing is more relaxing than having an ice-cold beer while listening to music. I have however, encountered instances that because of too much stress, tension or pressure, I can’t even think of music or beer or anything else. Because of that, I have become more uptight and edgy. This has been the case for me this past two weeks. For whatever reason, I am unable to bring my mind and my body to relax at all. I have tried various things even medicines but it does not seem to be able to provide the type of relaxation that the body needs. I have made searches until I saw this page in Amazon about a Happy Pill that promotes relaxation and good positive vibes. This seemed to be what I was looking for and so I made the order. I have not had a relaxing day in two weeks and so this would be the perfect time to try this product.

    I quickly took a pill upon delivery and hoped that it is acting as it claims to be effective. As it was the weekend when it arrived, all attention was on the effect of the pill and so far, it has not taken effect. A little while later, I was having the urge to sit by my audio system as I started to play my favorite music. A little later more, I was seating, enjoying music with an ice-cold beer in hand. This was it!! I was relaxing!! The Happy Pill actually worked! It set my mood for relaxation and so I started to listen to music. This is the type of relaxation that I was looking for. Now I know what to do next time I am troubled by tension, pressure or stress. Happy Pills is the answer.

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  3. Joanne Bilodeau - Verified Buyer

    Before I had my hands on this anxiety pill, my mental state is all over the place. Simply put, I’m always stressed, anxious, and uneasy whether because of a deadline or something unexpected happened, I couldn’t get my mind off.
    In other words, I’m consistently nervous about nonsense things, which eventually affected my productivity at work. But thanks to this anxiety pill, I’m able to calm my nerves down and focus on things that matter.
    This product provided me with peace of mind or that necessary relief to put everything in place.
    I could get enough sleep, and I always feel relaxed and composed in times of stress.
    I think what made this product so useful is its use of proven ancient herbal remedies.
    My parents use them right before these innovations in the pharmaceutical industry took place; hence, I’m convinced that this will work. And it did.
    Thanks to its fast-acting effects, I can ward off stress and put my 100% attention on essential things. Altogether, I’m more productive than before, and I can get things done close to perfection.
    Creative ideas kept on flowing, which eventually led me to my dream post now. I’m taking this anxiety pill for quite some time now, and never did I encounter side effects or reactions that I should worry about.
    The relief that comes with this product is worth every penny I spent.
    I’m on my second bottle now, and trust me when I say that this product works amazingly to keep those stressors at bay.

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  4. suzimom1212 - Verified Buyer

    I used to hate the holidays because it meant one thing: family gatherings, office parties, high school reunions, you name it. as someone who would rather spend my holidays indoors, sipping on hot chocolate and watching movies, gatherings are like hell. it’s mostly because interacting with other people is exhausting to me, it’s tiring to have to keep up a good face all the time when you’d rather be anyone else. my family literally calls me eeyore because i’m so gloomy and dark all the time lol. Gatherings are inevitable though and as much as I hate it, I don’t wanna ruin the holidays for my family. so I got these anti-anxiety pills off amazon to help with my situation. they seemed easy to take and straight to the point, I use them after every meal to improve my mood and reduce anxiety.

    i used them about a month now and here are my final thoughts. first, I thought I just woke up on the right side of the bed because i was in a good mood but then it started happening a lot more than usual. when the holidays came around, I didn’t really have any problems when I attended the gatherings. they were bearable, i’d even go as far as to say that they were actually kind of fun hahaha. i think my mood in general had a lot to do with it. since I’m feeling brighter and happier than usual, i think I’m able to enjoy these events like I should. I participated in the games, even helped out in preparing the dinner and entertaining guests since my family was hosting our party this year. the holidays were great. I’m hoping that these anti-anxiety pills will continue to work so I can do the same in then future!

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  5. Kasey - Verified Buyer

    While I have not yet completed a full bottle (30 day supply) I’ll definitely be ordering again! I am laughing more, am not as “serious,” and things that I can’t control that would typically stress me out/give me anxiety may still bother me but not nearly as much! The situation rolls off me and I recover from it much quicker. I also love that it being all natural, I have not had any negative side affects such as nausea, brain fog, GI upset, etc. 🙂

    1 product
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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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